Thursday, December 30, 2010

happy new year a poem!

hello dear friends and happy new years to all of you hope and pray that we live each moment of new year with the deep sense of gratefulness to our creator ,and spread love and happiness to ourselves and our love ones ,god bless you all,

i am knocking , knocking at the door ,

please open it ,for me little more ,

want to step in ,in your beautiful world ,
let me fly , fly like a bird ,

its been life ,sticking with the nest ,

i did try ,almost gave my best ,

gathered strings and made it very strong ,

felt so tired ,but kept all along ,

wind was often hard on my wings ,

looked for cure ,that your love could bring ,

you been kind ,very nice indeed ,

but do you know ,its not all we need ,

thanks for blanket ,it is quiet warm ,

very warm but ,not like your arm ,

waiting for you under trembling roof ,

mend it for me ,will be enough proof ,

wont be leaving, it is my nest ,

i am founder, i am not a guest ,

time is running ,life is moving away

lets not waste the ,beauty of moment hey ,

we have many beautiful memories along ,

we can sit and share for very long ,

it is not must, that see each other 's eyes ,

but together, we can look at any side ,

Thursday, December 23, 2010

be a Santa

be a Santa ,be a lover ,

spread the love and joy all over ,

lets not be cruel ,lets not be fight ,
forget all the anger , and hug each other tight,

hello dear friends ,hope and pray that every one is having a wonderful and warm Christmas , spending it with the deep sense of gratefulness and enjoying it with love ones without forgetting whom who may we not love but we are bit responsible for taking care of them ,who don't have much to celebrate this beautiful day .if we are a normal human , as god made us we can see that on such a little home Earth we all are a family and family exist with care and respect not just sharing piece of land or material together.

i never met a Santa but i love him sooooooo much as he never gets tired of his giveaways,though
we never thank him or try to have as big heart .i believe that each single tiny thing on this earth is based on love ,we do have lots and lots of love in our hearts for each other and lots and lots of care for our home land but we just forgot that we have it ,it is just a thin weak layer of ice who freezed us for while ,ice of ego and little selfishness ,but trust me front of REAL US it is nothing,it need just little push of love and humanity which is still alive in all of us ,

life is very short ,passes like a dream which leaves no signs behind,

we live only one breath which is our last one ,it remind us all the especial moments of our whole life ,lets try that it must be only nice and peaceful and should not say bye with some regrets or shame ,
god bless you all.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010


she was sitting in a ,with no door and window ,

looking at the wall clock ,which was not moving even slow ,

there was a calender on the wall, older then her prison ,

thick layer of dust, was lying on every season ,

she was away from the sun , from the fragrance ,

apart since centuries from the moon from the rainbows ,

cold veins of darkness , came over her all,

sat in the middle like a breathless white doll ,

crawling lizards on the walls ,creatures in the webs ,

but she was as fearless as blind or a deaf ,

with the long hard work of some ,hole appeared in the roof ,

so in her dark prison ,start sunlight coming through ,

she looked up at the hole ,and rays touched her frozen eyes ,

even sun received a wave of coldness ,had countless silent cries ,

sense of the life stepped in her ,deeeeep,

i want to feel it ,her heart gave a beep ,

she threw away all veins of dark ,and stood with the fight ,

accepted rescue of the sun ,and hold tight the robe of light ,

climbed on it and crawled out ,of dark room ,

blooming scenes all over ,took away her many gloom ,

life was here , full of beauty and joy ,

smiling flowers on the ground,flying birds on the sky,

hope all will turn her cries ,into smile ,

and she won't find that room better .......after while ,

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

some time .................

some time pain crosses its limit, and becomes healing ,

some time we feel as much, that stop feeling ,

some time we show way to all, and teach them alot ,

some time we think as perfect, so ignore our fault ,

some time we are as close, cant see over all ,

then ego comes in between ,like a highest wall ,

some time we run very fast ,to win the race ,

and we leave ourselves behind and loose our grace ,

some time we try really hard and face quiet run ,

we win it then realize ,was not the one ,

some time we stay in the light for very long ,

and just forget the dark ,we really belong ,

some time we are very nice ,to every one ,

but cannot please them all ,and so got non.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

whats the difference

hello friends hope and pray that every one is trying to locate the answers of strange question which we face often in daily life .
i was watching a drama serial last night in which a husband was married with three women to have a child but could not have it due to he is the one who has problem ,but he and his family dont want to take man for check up because it will be embarrassing for that man and family that he is not able to be a father .so they are putting the all blame on women married with that man.i think for woman sharing his man is most painful experience but it happens in life often ,as a human being i truly consider both equal and want equal place in life for them,

in history books or movies we read about kings who used to have hundreds of wives and even female servants too,it seems there is no end if a man has financial power to support such life style ,we read and take it as a normal thing ,but what if we find out such facts about a woman ,we will definitely feel
uncomfortable and will not call her a modest person ,

these things makes me uncomfortable and so many questions stick around my head ,i wiil appreciate if you guys will help me to find out answers for them.

god bless you all.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Be Conqueror poem

feeling light ,like a feather ,
flying up in the air ,
its so easy ,get your heart ,

Into love and don't think what got ,
sow the pleasure ,cut the joy ,

forget about  what and why ,

get treasure by giving away ,

have peace ,remain in pray ,

come on get up ,look in the mirror ,

there is no wold that you can't conquer ,

want to taste ruling the world ,

then first learn ,ruling
over yourself ,

Friday, November 19, 2010

life is beautiful any way

sun just slipped away behind the hill , light and darkness were mixing in each other in a very beautiful way . sky was changing its colors every moment , voices of the birds who seemed in pretty hurry were making slight waves in the deep and still sea of silence ,

i was almost laying on my chair putting my head against the chair as still as the sea of silence ,eyes are stuck on the highest branch of my neem tree which seemed to receive a good news from air and could not hide its joy .
previous some days were quiet busy for me as we celebrated our yearly Eid ul zuha festival on Wednesday and shopping ,cooking and serving guests were the main tasks to face ,today when guest left my kids reminded us our promise that we have to take them out for visit but i was so tired and asked for one day rest. thank god that they are agreed, in my business i just forgot about invitation attending a marriage ceremony , which received from my staff teacher from my previous job where she became a good friend of mine .thank god she accept my apology and i promised to visit her soon.i just love this life when i breath i take it as a precious gift and feel deep joy and undefinable peace ,my health condition is trying to get me down but it still could not make me feel low .i think life is beautiful in any ,any way ,god bless you all dear friends ,take care

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Internet disturbance and a poem (eyes)

hello dear friends hope every one is welcoming the new beautiful changes in your beautiful lives
and saying goodbye the bitter memories of past because real life is hidden in your running breath and in present moment which we usually waste in regrets and crying on past or our previous mistakes . making mistakes in life makes us learn more then avoid mistakes but i should not be mistaking by slipping away from the topic that its been more then a week that i cannot even sit for while front of the computer and visit to my own blog or my friend's blogs,actually in our area internet and land-line service is getting worse by the time and complains get no response.

once in a while ,

when she smile ,

i see moon light in the day ,

i feel fragrance,

in the sun ray ,

looking in her eyes ,

melting like a ice ,

having whole life ,

in one breath,

thinking about the treasure,

black rocks have beneath ,

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

i had fight

hello friends hope that everybody is breathing deep and trying to be relax while facing the daily routine problems of life ,let me share with you that i just had a tiny fight with my elder son for the mistake which is not seeming much worthy to fight now when i already made a mistake ,
actually he went to submit his form for entry test but took almost four more hours then the returning time he mentioned before he left ,i was so much worry as i thought if some thing happened to him or what i could not feel easy till he arrived ,and when he came he seemed relax and told that he met his friends they had lunch and chat so he got late ,now i am feeling that it was not a big deal and i wont be as angry if he does same next time but it was first time and i was not ready for such thing.

when i get inside myself i feel really happy that i have very nice and friendly son who has some nice friends too .in over here nice kids mean Away from usual bad habits like taking interest in opposite sex before their right age ,not or less rude to their parents , helpful to family and positive towards life ,we used to be best friends till now ,i always made him share his thoughts and problems with me and tried to give advice for better when ever he asked for ,

but now i know he is moving to the practical life and i have to let him go,today i promised myself that it wont happen again,
thanks for being here for me friends god bless you all.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

flue wersuse business

little bit sick and little bit old ,

having flue and feeling cold ,

busy in the daily task ,

shaky hand and shaky walk ,

enjoying the beautiful day ,

singing birds and soft sun rays ,

thinking about the children too ,

who are right now in their school ,

hope they are playing in safe ,

finishing lunch and studying ok ,

thinking when i will be free ,

will sit in the yard and have some tea ,

but i know its hard to do ,

day is small and lots to do ,

sun is seeming pretty fast ,

jungle of the business and i am lost .

Thursday, October 21, 2010

ride with friend

hello dear friends hope all of you are enjoying the recent pleasant change in weather except friends who already live in cold areas ,in my area summer is not ready to move away yet ,so i am really enjoying the in between kind of weather here cause peak of both seasons makes me uneasy to live normal life ,

life has become more busier since i got my niece to look after but its true that these are some of most beautiful moments and i will really really miss her when she will not be here any more ,her mom told me that she is coming in next month and after staying bit long she will go back to her home, i am also preparing for my exams for first semester of my B A. some days back i got pain in my arm i took pain killer but next day same pain felt in my leg so my husband took me to doctor who said that due to weakness and work load my bones have become very weak and i have to complete course of medicine in next six months and should add some rest in my routine life,i was not happy to hear that cause i cannot bear to stay away from work it like life to me it help me to forget the pain of loosing my dreams ,i know myself i will never give up with them but some time i feel tired which frightens me ,

this new sickness news made me think about more about my nice husband who is always there for me ,for the very first time i offered him to go out with me so he chose his favorite ride motorcycle and we pulled out an hour from bucket of time,i really felt peace sitting beside him and having beautiful ride.we chose the place to have cup of tea where the atmosphere was calm nice and not so shiny and crowded,we enjoyed tea while looking at the sky who was also happy to have a company of moon among stars.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

looking at the river standing on the sand poem

robe of the time is slipping away from my hand,

looking at the river i am standing on the sand ,

river is smooth and it is wide ,

trying to tell me stories of life ,

which he had to face in the race ,

but still did not loose its grace ,

bearing unbearable makes a diamond from coal ,

by playing hard you can make some goal,

feeling the painful distance among both sides ,

hearing the sorrowful silence of evening's eyes ,

receiving a friendly smile from moon ,

forgetting the hard look of sun at noon ,

Monday, October 4, 2010

new entry

hello friends hope all of you are facing your new morning with well come smile and excepting the challenges of it , i been pretty busy with my new sudden responsibilities ,my sister left for USA some days ago ,before leaving country she came to me for two days and requested to have her one year baby doll for some period of time so she can go usa as she has some important business there and she cannot take her daughter with her ,i had no choice even i was happy to have my niece for while cause i dont have a daughter and she is daughter to me ,i thought it will be quite hard for me cause she is too young to get away from mother but many thanks to god that she is a very calm and active child . i am real happy and enjoying fulfilling my duties towards her but my busier life has become busiest friend ,and one thing is making me bit worried that my youngest son seems little disturbed with new change and i am trying to be fair with both sides ,i want to share some pics too it is hard to bring nice quality due to not have powerful camera ,my two elders are also having great time with their new baby sister and i really wish that the third one can join too

Monday, September 20, 2010

sorrow of the night

sorrows of her heart all the time being shower ,

tears of the
night on the faces of flower ,

accent of the air has deep wet feel ,

ever will be back season of the heal ,

journey has arranged wounds on the feet ,

time has played always with cheat ,

rivers of the eyes changed in plane ,

clouds are vacant after regular rain ,

holding the last breath looking at you ,

waiting for the
moment when you say i do ,

Friday, September 17, 2010

whispers of the evening poem

are you listening whispers of the evening,

what is silence of trees trying to say ,

why has stream has contrast its made waves ,

why are the stones on the bank looking as sad ,

what kind of pain is seeming in the bird's song ,

all was well while ago ,then what went wrong ,

why is the sun crying in the hill's arms ,

is this because of the air hide in the corns ,

i am trying to look in the eyes of sparrow ,

there was still a little hope of tomorrow ,

i said good bye to the sun with a smile ,

then got shining star on the sky after while ,

it is amazing too,and that was a beautiful scene ,

after a deep sadness i felt happy again ,

Friday, September 10, 2010

Happy Eid

hello dear friends hope and pray that all of you are having blessed lives and feeling the real
beauty of life ,

in my dear country today
every one is celebrating a eid day which is one of the most beautiful gift dear god to his loved ones .

i always find this day so special and most amazing and exciting day of my life cause on this day i feel extreme peace and joy to think about all of people who are feeling as happy at the very same moment .

i am sharing the excitement of this day with all of you friends
shopping starts month before which makes the each moment remembered ,girls love to wear bangle on this day i love their voice especially which they create in the beautiful wrists of girls.

morning begins with prayers ,which includes deep sense of gratefulness and asking for more blessings .

meeting and visiting each others is most important part of eid day ,at this day
people forgive each others even greatest fault and make their heart refresh with new warmth of love and relationship.

children enjoy this wonderful day more then any one else .
they receive eidee from elders and almost rule this day.
sweet dishes are most important part of meal on this day ,and woman love to cook and serve especially on eid day to their families and guests. this beautiful day comes once in a year but leaves wonderful memories for whole year.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Lets Go For Walk (Poem)

taking time from busy day ,

lets go out for a while away ,

from the noise and from the race ,

from the voice and from the face ,

holding just each others hand ,

walking on the endless way ,

talking over pleasant things ,

heart beat sings as sweet bell rings ,

should leave all the words behind ,

having speech of other kind ,

let the silence
talk between ,

sharing hearts ,which have not been ,

i have packed my tears all ,

and now waiting for your call ,

Sunday, August 29, 2010

surrounded by you Oh Lord! Poem

there is some thing in the air ,

i can feel it ,i just swear ,

what am i thinking in this while ,

i dont know but have one smile,

may be i am thinking about you ,

i dont plan but i just do ,

all your love and all your care ,

makes my life so nice and fair,

how can i thank you for this ,

but if i wont then i will miss ,

pleasure of soul and peace of mind ,

blessed with eyes and being as blind ,

leave my body ,but on my soul ,

oh my lord you always rule ,

i am yours and it is true ,

oh my dear god i love you ,

Monday, August 23, 2010

beautiful morning

hello dear friends hope all of you are feeling the beauty of the moment you just have right now ,just like me it is beautiful airy day today sun does not seems in bad mood ,plants in my small garden and so happy as they have got their favorite company of naughty air ,my neem
tree is also looks happier then ever and seems dancing around ,when ever in the morning i hold cup of tea in my hands and sit beside the garden i think of swing in my mother' house on which i used to swing while having cup of tea or some of my favorite book,it was tied with a big tree in our front yard ,and its ride was smiler to mother 'arms ,while swinging i used to take deep breath and enjoy looking at amazing scenes of my lovely village as our house was at the hill and from there village looked breath taking ,holding cup in my hands i was thinking about my younger one too who is very good in his studies but some time says things makes us smile for long ,as i was playing with them hide and seek and it was my turn to find them so i waited in yard and let them hide in rooms ,when i was looking for them my younger one whispered from room beside me and he was really serious ,'mother mother dont search here i am not here i am in the other room front of you ,and his seriousness made me laugh that time ,

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Elves And The Giants

where we were sat we could see that how life turn into worse when something gets unbalanced some where ,we were on the piece of soft cloud which was floating over the planes which were full of greenery and smiling faces just few days ago ,but now they were under the brown muddy cover of water who does not seems friendly,he came over like uninvited guest and pushed and threw away the life so cruelly,as a human i should feel sorry and may be cry too but you know i am not such emotional fool but i forgot that baili i was stuck now.

it was quite while that we met after and i was hoping so much fun and excitement but instead of it i was bearing her so much noisy silence, watching her still face and painful eyes,i could see lots of water in her eyes too which was not brown but Cristal,if she would have move her eyes even slightly these pearls could have fell down on her cheeks,

that's not fair ,i said ,
hum; she said and looked at me then pearls of her big eyes broke down the prison , ran over her cheeks and jumped in and disappeared into her slight blue dress,
i mean ,why are you so absent ,i avoid word sad .and that time i could not bear questions and complaining of her eyes and ran my eyes over scenes below ,i think these are the situations where we cannot do any thing ,then why wasting time in such un profitable emotions,
you know you are lying ,she said this time her voice had revolution.she added ,god made humans better and mentally powerful then other creatures so they can live their lives with more comfort and to be useful for others and the atmosphere too,but it has become the game of power and
ok stop please donttell me the old same story again,dont you see that we are safe then why should wasting our time in worrying about some thing we dont even belong,cant you celebrate the beauty of this beautiful moment singing a song or ,i think she tried to smile this time but could not succeed,she said i know you like to live in fairy tales ,listen this one,

there was a small green valley ,a shiny stream passed through it happily , on the left side of stream there was a little village of elves and on the other side was a huge palace of giant who was cruel and selfish,once heavy rains fall for long time in valley and stream over flowed because the right side of stream was down so water start to gather around the huge palace of giant,it could not harm it cause palace was very strong but giant could not bear it he just moved his just one finger and made a big cut on the left side of stream ,suddenly angry water attacked on the tiny houses of elves,and vanished away their whole village in seconds ,on the other side giant was smiling at their damage once again he succeeded to harm these innocent creatures.

meanwhile i think i got a string in my eye.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

wish me luck friends

hello dear friends ,hope each one of you is not forgetting to smile and relax while attending pretty hard period of miss LIFE .please dont cause every thing related to life seems pretty when we think that it all will not happen when we won't exist any more.i been facing depression since i left my job cause it was like honor to me as i went to join as teacher but selected as principle ,i wanted to do so much but not aware that there is third party involve called frenchies
who will invest in the institution and run it according to their own wishes which were strange,company should have handover such important in place in educated and wise hands or not in illiterate people.
but i am happy that i did well in such short time. and school got targeted admissions . And i gained lots and lots of confidence as a person.i a
am trying to create some new ways for my life so i can be more helpful to my kids and family,i want all of you to wish me luck for it and keep praying for me that god may help me to get my targets ,wishing all of you very very best of luck for each target of your lives .god bless you all.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Don't Wake Me Up (poem)

i am dreaming ,i dont know may be ,

world has become ,full of joy and
peace ,

autumn is turning into the spring,

try to listen even stones are singing,

sky is sewing wounds of her heart,
earth is happy ,she wanted ,she got,

she is smiling ,smile is very bright,

life is showering in limits of my sight,

i am safe as i have got shelter,

don't want to think about bitten of water,

don't take me wrong and don't think me selfish,

take joy as sea and consider me fish,

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Unforgettable experience

hello dear friends i hope and pray that all of you are in great blessings of dear god and enjoying your each single breath ,i used to be happy in all my life but today 's happiness seems really describable ,yesterday i went to my in laws where wife of my nephew gave birth to a baby boy who decided to come in outer world so early i mean he stayed inside his mom only for seven month .after coming in world he was dangerously weak so kept him in a machine ,after two weeks parents brought him home so i went to see him and his proud mom
,there were other guests too who came to congratulate parents ,when i saw baby i was surprised cause it was my first experience to see such small baby ,he was very small and weak and felt not much active like two week older babies used to be normally, her mom seemed worried and sad too i tried to feel her better with some positive talk and examples and suggest her that dont put him in much warm clothes and give him bath too as he can feel better cause it is too hot here but she said that he is so weak i have to keep him warm etc, after spending some time with mom and baby i went to another room where my friend was waiting for me,in our talk time ran away fast ,we had tea and then i got up to get back my home ,before leaving i again went to baby's room his mom was lying and baby was wrapped in clothing covered with extra cloth ,she said it is more then hour that he is sleeping ,i got strange uncomfortable feeling and insisted to unwrapped the child ,she opened his clothing and people in room saw that baby was completely move less his color was white and body became like a tiny stone her grand mother and i checked his heart and breath but he was gone all women started crying and his mother was louder then others ,i was like shocked and thinking that what has the new mother done to her first baby,suddenly i put my two fingers on his tin chest and pressed it slightly but nothing happened then i send small amount of air in his lungs through mouth and pressed again and this time he just chocked and start breathing it was unbelievable for me i did it almost 25 time and each time he felt bit better ,then after while i cleaned him with wet cotton he became active with it ,whole family was so much happy and surprised too because in our area nobody knows or believe in C P R thing,from some days i am trying to learn it with help of you tube videos ,and paying many thanks to dear god that he made my first attempt successful ,i wrote lot today,thanks for letting me sharing my heart with all of you such great friends god bless you all,
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