Sunday, March 27, 2016

A Visit To A Mehndi Function

Hi friends hope and pray that everything is going smooth and fine in your lovely worlds,and if there is any tiny miny problem comes in your way you  overcome to it with you wisdom struggle and strength.

Each participant  of  this function  and especially bride  must have this  color of  Mehndi on their hands ,isn't it so beautiful .                                                                                                                                      

                                 For this dance function a huge area near  house   is  used .

Today i  went to attend a Hina ceremony which  is almost first  part of long wedding procedure here.My sister in law's daughter is getting married and the wedding will go on for eight days usually it goes on for six days but my sister in law added tow more days just because of me as i can attend it only on Sunday.During these all days the different traditional function will be held which obviously i will not be able to enjoy.

               On the way  saw this lovely pair of ducks   enjoying  their evening  floating  
MY sister in law lives in a small village about 40 minutes drive from our town.  It was great fun to be in such a big colorful and vibrant  crowd with so much loud music and dancing.I wanted to share photos but family belongs quite  to conservative part of society they did not allow me to share especially picture of bride.But glad  that you can  imagine the liveliness of the function through this sensational second pic above  where on the beat of  drum women are having lots of fun in their traditional way.     

View of a restaurant   by the canal  ,in some of my next post  will  give you its  insidious look which is great as we often go there for dinner . 

we stopped on the fly over situated few minutes away from our home and took a pic of look below. 

                           This train  was passing  under the bridge when we stood there.

you can see the lots of dates tree across this  small canal .dates are the main source of income for  this  warm  part of the country .

Thnk you for your kind visit and words dear friends .Have a blessed  and beautiful life each moment.amen

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Sudden Impact

Hey  dear  friends hope  and pray that  all of you are facing the new challenge of life with great courage and  confidence.

  five yea old this photo  reminds me the day when my eldest son left for other city for his graduation.  

I had  quite busy today  like every Sunday.Right now feeling very happy as just  just talked to my  eldest son on Skype.It was after quite long time due to really busy routine of my son  and mine too.watching him on computer screen  was very pleasant moment  for me as mother and joy was coming in the form of tears in my eyes  though i tried best to control it.

Today i have again a good news to share with  you guys as just two days ago when i arrived in my school my principal called me in her office and told me that she has promoted me as a headmistress  for the second branch of  her school.That school is only one year old and has only three early classes from nursery to grade 2.There are only few students and two teachers.

When i heard it suddenly that i had to go there immediately it was quite shocking for me because i was really enjoying my job there.I just got used to be with my 31 students  and with lots and nonstop work burden.Moving from such busy plate form to a place where you have less to do with less company around is like getting off from the rushy running train  and sitting on a  bull cart .

But what  gives  me the motivation to join my new school with positive energy is that i always wanted to start and open my own school  and  this new job can provide me an experience to run an institution from its beginning.Now i have responsibility to change this bull cart in fast running train and imaging that day is giving me pleasure.I want  best wishes from all my friends like you to make it happen successfully.

Stay Calm and Focused in all odd situations friends .God Bless You All.amen     

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Marriage and Family are source to feel Complete ?

Hello dear friends  hope and pray that your heart are having same blooms as your gardens  now  a days .

Few  months ago  in my in laws it was a death anniversary of one of my Hubby's  uncle.He  died  almost  seven years ago. He was the  eldest brother of my father in law and had strongest  financial  condition among his all four brothers.

      youth ,beauty  and power is not forever,sow some seed to turn into a tree ,may be one day you will sit under its  shad.

His name was  Amir but everybody called him Amboo uncle.After my marriage when i moved here i also called him baba amboo..My hubby told me that he was  extremely handsome and charming in his youth and was called ladies man.He never got married and always make fun of people who take such huge responsibility and  make such long commitments.

He used to think that  life is not for bearing such pains but just to  enjoy yourself  and celebrate life everyday with new view of it's.When i came here after marriage i lived for many years with my in laws  as over here people then mostly prefer joint family system then.At that time  baba amboo was  about to reach his seventies.

                                             don't  leave your desk alone and empty 

Though he was nice man with kind heart who keeps smiling mostly  and was economically independent  but i always saw in his  eyes  a  painful emptiness  which revealed his dissatisfaction and restlessness.He was very kind to me and  once he offered me that he wants to give me a huge   plot to make  a separate house when he saw my mother in law unkind to me but i did not agree because i did not want my relationship with him any worldly reason as  i got  a bad habit to  be kind and friendly with all my relatives and friends or even people who i meet first time i can't help it.

In  whole big family i was the one who look after him in his last days,when  he many times cried and said that he made wrong decision i should have get married and make family ,i  have everything but still i feel incomplete and the biggest pain of my life is that i am leaving along with this incompleteness and can't remove the heavy stone of regret from my heart.

                                           Leave  someone behind to chase your footsteps 

When he  died it was 2 30 am he took his last breath with great hardness and then his body  became still.It was December 's night  i knocked the doors of other family members's door and told about his death i still  remember that night when everybody heard it with no care and no one came out of his room to see him except me and my husband.I was very shocked to see such ruthlessness.He was very kind and giving to everyone but after his death all their warmth was gone  as it was  all fake .

                    family  makes you complete  because it is the demand of nature 's process 

That was the night when i decided to take separate home and and few years  we moved from there .In my mind that question comes repeatedly that do you think no mater how beautiful and luxurious life you live  at the end of the day  why do you need a partner and kids .does it make you feel complete and without it you feel lost ?

have a lovely spring everyone.

Sunday, March 6, 2016

Along The Spring Came Good News

Hey friends  hope and pray that all is going nice and pleasant in your beautiful worlds.

In my tiny world all is fine by the grace of my creator.I was little upset because climate was getting hotter since last few days but then it rained  here and weather became pleasant again.In my garden flowers start to bloom quickly which i will share with you later inshaallah.

My heart is filled with great gratefulness to my dear God who blessed my eldest son with one more achievement and  success as he called three days age and told me that he got selected for the scholarship in abroad .

There are three countries where he can be sent  for studies  for  two year  Masters U.S.A ,China  or Turkey.Where will have to go it  is not confirmed yet. Being mother i am glad for him as he wanted to do masters in abroad and here God made his dream come true.Though i will be missing him sooo much but my happiness is in his joy.

I will be praying and waiting for him friends .God bless you all. 

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