Wednesday, June 29, 2011

last good bye (poem)

it was beautiful rainy day,

the road was empty,long and grey,

i was walking all alone,

listening to the air's tone,

which was sharing, its all joy,

sometime bold and, sometime shy,

drops were trembling from the trees,

birds were swimming in the breeze,

every thing was so perfect,

but i dont know what i did missed,

could not take even one breath,

which could make me bit happy,

felt huge burden on the heart,

couldn't realize from where it got,

feet like had iron shoes,

tried but hardly i could move,

then i saw a lake and sat,

taking bit rest was not so bad,

i saw reflection in lake,

it was tired unfresh face,

it took moment to recognize oh,

it was me, but changed a lot,

where was that, sweet little girl,

where were the eyes, shining like Pearl,

where had the innocent, smile gone,

did storm of time, has everything blown,

then i heard a slight cry,

like quite far from it came by,

i looked back and found her far,

walking away along her charm,

it will happen,i had no thought,

finally we were being apart,

this time i did not say, stop,

as strangers do not talk,

Friday, June 24, 2011

here i am

hey dear friends,

hope you all are defeating pretty well the hard punch of season,and enjoying the still blooms of spring and relaxation period of vacation,

its been more then two days that my PC got back in home but it was occupied by my elder son who missed his online studies while the PC was out of order,so i beard it happily because his work is obviously more important then mine,

it's quite hot out there,these days sun is showering all its burning rays on the heart of lovely earth,but dear earth is taking it with its wide arms and loving attitude as she knows that it is the same sun which bring warmth to her soul when she gets so cold and deliver her a lashing green smile when she about to get brown and almost lifeless.

yes friends it happens often in life when we get some unexpected and rational behavior from our same loved ones who used to give us love and care all along,but it is life which always hold surprises for us,

so if something happens like this we should give the benefit of doubt first and then we must look for the reason that may be there is something wrong which is disturbing her or him,

but one thing should not slip from our mind that she or he is the same person with whom we spend lots of best moment of our life.

Friday, June 17, 2011

me and my problems

hey dear dear friends ,it is really wonderful feeling to be back to you all,

i really missed being connect with you friends,

hope and pray that all is going well in your beautiful worlds,

i was away from my PC because its motherboard and processor had some problem and i got nobody to take it to the repair shop because my husband was and is so busy with construction work in our house,

even today i am writing it from another PC which belongs to my husband's office,who brought it for while just for giving us favor,

i am honored and glad to found your kind words in comments ,hopping that will get my PC back soon and will be able to be with you friends,

stay happy and realize your blessings always,

have a blessed life
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