Monday, October 19, 2015

The most important book

He was an ideal for many people who adored and respected him for his highly strong character.His position in his family and society was acknowledged  highly respected due to his well presented personality and social work .His dress was always neat and which symbolized the purity and cleanliness of his character,

In  his addressing and speeches he was eloquent and fundamental .Religion was his most favorite topic and he always used to define for others that how can one make his God happy by performing   his religious duties  in correct manner and serve humanity ,His library was packed with lots of books mostly religious ones.

So he was living a perfect life among the society and family ,in family and especially in his home everyone has certain respect and kind of fear for him and felt forced to show these both feelings when mostly he is around.He used to take special treatment in the manners of meal  and decision making due to his position.

yet inside the family there were people who were aware of the darkest side of his personality and those were the women of his house ,his sister and daughters in laws his own sisters and daughters who been facing constant sexual harassment from him.Though his own wife knew everything  but covered it always as she was forced by his strong status in family and society .

But as we know that each evil has a time limit and God has his own plans to reveal and dishonor it one day.So at one night his youngest daughter shouted and ran from her room and came to her mother in law ,told her that his father in law got on her bed and tel her to shut her mouth and even if she will shout no one will trust her and she will be insulted by all.

Instead of helping her mother in law told her to keep quite as if thing goes out of family the honor of family will be destroy ,the poor girl ran to her relatives who live in neighbor she slept their as his husband was at night duty.Next day she told her husband everything who became so angry and destructive   ,first he called his eldest brother who listened and advised him to keep his mouth shut as it is good for the honor of their family i have beard it and you should also do the same  said the eldest one ,that time the husband of victim remain silent but later ,late night he attacked  on his father with knife and almost killed him .

.BUT that shameless man survived the time when i heard it i got disappointed but now i think life for him is a better punishment rather then life ,because he has become like a roadside dog now,dropping from the very high place on the ground hurt how hard i can see from his dirty looking face ,i know him little closely as he is kind of from my in laws,i never felt respect for him when people followed him madly  ,his stinky dirt can be felt easily through his dirty eyes and time proved me right.

I am glad that he finally got what he really deserved ,he rad all the book but he ignored the most important book in the whole universe THE BOOK OF NATURE  which delivers us the count less messages of our creator and we dont have time to look ,read and understand ,.Nature's book has laws and among its all laws there is one very openly displayed that we reap what we sow.

thanks for taking time and reading dear friends ,take good care stay calm and focused ,God bless you all.  

Sunday, October 18, 2015

holiday with baili

hey friends ,hope and pray that changing mood of the weather is affecting your mood too and the hot look of burning summer has changed in peaceful gentle look with positive smile which encourages whoever receives  it  ,after completing first month of my job delivered me sense of achievement joy.

 Joining it in begging seemed  as i  got on suddenly on a fast running train full of voices and faces and scenes through windows are changing very quickly, before  i can focus on one other replace it hurriedly ,yet inspite of all kind of hurdles i enjoyed this ride ,though missed spending time with family  and being away from house chores ,

Holiday made me feel getting off this fast moving train and sitting by the peaceful lake surrounded by lots of flowering plants, with empty head which can not think but can only feel ,can feel the glitter of  soft and slightly cold touch of  fragrant breeze,heart touching song like sounds of birds and slowly crawling over the surface of lake the golden rays of sun.

valley is looking like a glass full of all colors of life and i am taking a sip after sip with the sense of gratefulness for my creator who not only bless me with his blessings but above all the sense of realization of these blessings,

 i saw after looong time baili again ,she was running through the fields happy and free of all kinds of  fears as bird fly in the deep blue sky with its all cheerfulness and sense of freedom ,as it is about to discover the other side of universe and truth is is being its strength like air for wings,

she swing and her shiny bright eyes reveled the true meaning of life,being with her again is making me strong  and may be in my remaining breathes i wll be able to explore myself one day,
stay calm and focused guys dont wait for happy moment make your moments happy by putting you own effort ,god bless you all.

Saturday, October 10, 2015

rules of simple life

hey friends ,

hope and pray that you guys are enjoying whatever  life has chosen you to  do ,me either following the same idea that whatever we do we should give it our  100 percent and then rest should leave upon God .since beginning of my life i tried to follow this rule  and found it fruitful and effective.
In today's life we often see people complaining about problems they are facing in their daily lives but when we dig it little we find that most of our problems are created by our own attitude towards life  and towards people around us .We  mostly  cannot dare to imagine ourselves at other's place and most problems starts from here,
To me to make life beautiful and enjoyable are  required few really simple rules and first of all is to live a  simple life, choose a simple way of living ,a straight path which gives you sense of  gratefulness and    leads you towards the experience of  being successful  creature .
To live a simple life Honesty is the Best policy .if you are honest with yourself  and have respect for your existence then obviously you will have to be honest in your all relationships and respect their obligations .
Second rule is truth ,though i know it is a hard part for those who listen brain more then their heart  yet this fact cannot be denied that people who listen their heart more are happier then whom who prefer their brain.Being truthful in your all kinds of relations makes your life easy and simple and these both qualities creates beauty and peace  in life.
Before hurting anyone if you replace him or her in your imagination you will never dare to even think of hurting is true that we cannot like everyone and cannot be liked by all but it does not mean that one who is not a friend is an enemy ,treating all on humanity basis is a best quality of a modest person.
without having a sense of love for humanity and love of our creator we cannot be able to follow such rules which are essences of Blessed life ,my god give all of us dare to follow these rules and live a happy life amen, take great care friends and stay positive and blessed.


Saturday, October 3, 2015

window's new opening

hey friends ,hope and pray that in spite of  all side affects of life you guys are facing the all ups and dons of  it with great courage and by a brave smile on your face as life is all about having problems and finding their solutions ,

after along time i got chance be in touch with all of you again and it is making me feel like opening a window of  of tightly closed room after very long and breathing in a fresh air with a sense of  joy and gratefulness ,

the first month of my job is almost going to be complete ,sometime being busy gets  one out of  feeling hanging in space and having strange emptiness deep inside the heart,now i filled the glass of my day completely with business  and left no time for such negativity which had start tore me after the death my parents,

i getup early in the morning and at 7 30 leave for school ,where teaching kids and watching them playing and moving carefree makes me happy and full of life ,when they learn something new with my effort it gives me sense of  achievement and pleasure ,as Aristotle said that learning is a only source of pleasure so i learn life from my job,

after getting back  home lots of  house chore keeps me away from any kind of lowness and when in the evening i get sometime to sit and relax it brings me relief and revelation of  my own self,

want to share more but don't want you guys to get bore with the length of it,so please take great care of yourselves  and stay positive  in every mean,have a nice and productive day,god bless you all.

window 's new opening

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