Saturday, June 15, 2024

Photos Shared By Eldest Son From His Trop To Greece

Hey precious friends !

Hope and pray all is well at your corner and enjoying the changing weather thoroughly !

Our June has been extremely hot despite windy . We were excited that will manage to spend July in Islamabad but as hubby's sudden transfer order has made it impossible for us we are trying to survive harsh days by staying indoors mostly under the fan during daytime and ac at night .It took few days to feel recovered from trauma that we are not visiting our native town this year. Our Eid Ul Adha will be celebrated on 17th June .Government has announced three holidays but my younger son is not coming as he says it will be hard for him to travel during hot weather for few days when living at home time will be two days hardly. He promised to join us in August for ten days  before his next semester starts in September hopefully! It will be our first Eid without both of our sons actually :( 
On positive note my eldest son returned from Greece trip with his best friend . They stayed there for the four days and according to my son the drives were long from one island to another but heavenly and they so enjoyed the 30 pus temps and sunny sky as London has gray sky throughout the year which makes him feel depressed sometimes.
Sharing photos that my son shares with us. I instantly fall in love with stunning blue sky!

 can't say if it is same but my son adored most his stay in a small village where it was hard to decide what was more awesome meals or views 

Gabriel is the name of this young elegant lady who is friend of my son . According to my son she is a wonderful and intellectual person . They have started to date since few months and we are hoping for the  best for them as parents with heart full of best wishes and prays! hope things can lead them to beautiful future together soon amen!

this orange tree fills the image with it's vibrant presence ,everything looks calm ,sunshine and clear sky are magical indeed 

                                         shots from the roof top of restaurant probably 

                     scrambled eggs with feta cheese and tomatoes ,must be fulfilling without bread  

                              sorry i did not ask him what is this place .museum it can be or so 

my laptop screen has such desktop image with  a lady running on beach ,i loved this similar sight 

                                                         Gabbie  has delightful smile i feel !

  such driving can be so liberating  and full of fun ,my son told he drove for hours without feeling tired 

                             meals on roof with spectaculars scenes  around is priceless always 

                                       i wonder if it was sunrise or sunset but beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you so much for bearing with me dear friends !
i will be trying to keep up with you all as much as i can during Eid days .
Health ,peace and joy to you and to all you love ! 


Monday, June 10, 2024

Milk ,Water And Fennel Water's Miracle

Here we have milkman who drops milk daily at morning time . But it is customary  in cities only. In village customers go and buy milk straight from the house of milk sellers. I did this back in village till my early teens (12 probably) . Since the packed milk arrived in the market many advertisements are shown to discourage buyers from buying whole milk direct from the buffalo owners by revealing how unhealthy it can be for people . I don't know advertisement in your part of land but most common and true sounding one here is that the water that milkman adds to the milk can be contaminated and life threatening .Even it could not convince us for buy packed milk instead of whole milk that we think is most nutritious and complete meal. As we both belong to times when whole milk was most trustworthy food item among all .It seems tough to switch it with something new and unknown thing. All original qualities of milk are extracted before packing it as so called milk actually which makes it scary and useless for those who seek genuine and simple things.  

Since sometime milkmen are being tricky and demanding. They ask to raise the price each one or two month and still supply milk full of water. We used to make  curd or yogurt with portion of milk we take daily. If the milk has more water the yogurt would not form at all or properly. It's happening frequently now and even we are paying their favorite prices it seems impossible to get better milk .I did not use the word  the word "pure milk" because there exist no such thing here anymore.

Our milkman stopped our milk supply few months ago despite we paid what he wanted .He said this is the season when all buffalos are with child so it will be temporary. It never happened before in thirty years of milk purchasing actually. 

I have watched in old English  tv shows how milk bottles were dropped on the door of houses by van man. It would bring pleasant feeling regarding milk supply system there in my little mind. My father would tell sometimes that unlike eastern people , western people like cow milk more. I would listen and continue to focus on show without asking any question. I think i regret that carelessness little bit now. I wonder if same milk supply is available still in your area and with same standard of milk ??

We were missing taking milk before leaving for bed these days when one night before dinner i put three cup of water on stove after dinner and added one and a half table spoon funnel to it. I covered it on slow heat and turned off the stove when it was boiled for ten minutes at least. Three of us took one cup full of Luke warm funnel water .I felt lot better next morning surprisingly. When i mentioned this to hubby he agreed to it that he felt his head clear and lighter than any previous day. Since then funnel water has replaced milk in our routine and i think you must give it a try too .Please share if you feel the same or anything else .I think it is worth trying and miraculous. What else one can ask for if the head is light and focused in morning as to get on such head or mind state one have to wait for long time and sometime it is beyond approach all day completely.

Thanks for being with me precious friends! 

Your kind comments are always appreciated and mean lot to me.

Health ,peace and joy to you and to loved ones!


Sunday, June 2, 2024

Miracle ! And A Note

 It is always hectic morning when kids and hubby have to leave for their office and college . She was always full of positive energy and a strange enthusiasm for one more day as "alive" being . It's not that intense facts of physical reality did not impact her ever but there was certain flow of contentment and tranquility within her spirit that kept her uplifted despite everything. 

The physical world was full of challenges. Her body was showing signs of decay on many inner and outer levels with age . Sometimes it seemed that cup of her body was mostly filled with various issues such as aches and diseases. Few of them were obvious enough to come into notice and get treated on time ,many were like confusing energy blocks springing here and there within like bubble in the fluid that fail to reach the surface for some reason. 

She had inherited this weird or carefree attitude from her mother who would not let such physical problems take her soul down . Throughout this constant inner fight with unknown enemy within she has realized one thing clearly that giving thought to dim doubts intensifies them and bring them into powerful reality .She was little right about this probably because she had recovered from many symptoms because she learnt to stick on positive side while practicing physical and mental exercise regularly. She felt utterly grateful to mother Nature who has given full control to every single being for his well being. She was happy she could access this process and achieved inner peace finally.

Days were long gone when she had thought that life will be easier once kids are grown ups. She did not realize that problems also grow older with age . Life was never shaped up to live happily ever after actually. It was designed as an abrupt and full of obstacles way leading us to some unknown dimensions. To keep us busy and keep learn till senses go off eventually (probably)

To her life was an emotion far larger than life . She has experienced depth and power of "emotions" throughout her life. It was really hard for her to carry this enormous burden on her tiny shoulders at the beginning .

She often wondered why she was given such huge and incontrollable thing to cope with ?  

It was like a toddler a was given an aero plane to fly or a paper boat was thrown into stormy waves of ocean to float .But those crushing and heartbroken years have passed eventually when she felt she was walking in the desert  bare feet under scorching sun in hope of some shady tree. She felt this way until her confusion regarding her emotional energy kept her imprisoned and miserable . 

But as they say every tunnel has a way out . She found that way because she had liberated soul strengthening her from within always. Encouraging her to stay strong ,to have faith and keep moving like an eager and joyful child in wonderland.

This is natural that we keep things that we can adjust in the house. Physical things are easy to adjust because they have limits. Emotions are spiritual things . They belong to unseen world, a world that is beyond our physical approach but we see how it moulds our reality in everyday life. An invisible thing that control and shape our reality silently ,do we realize this ?

She was given emotion larger than capacity of her physical world. It was hard to adjust it so she can feel settled . She saw how this thing kept her behind on many levels in material world. But thankfully she had least care for materialistic success . But it does not change the fact that she had no idea how to solve this problem . It was necessary for her spiritual serenity which mattered for her most.

She was born with strong sense of  connection with everyone and everything around. This was like you have antenna that catches signals from whole universe. Like although you have limited physical senses yet you feel like your soul linked with divine flow is encompassing the eternity .It was exhausting at first and for long.

This connection was as strong that she could not discriminate anything at all . It was not her fault but she could not make others understand it sadly.

For ages she thought that emotion she was given was her curse. But it was until she was taking this emotion as objective fact . It was an undefinable subjective feeling instead and when she realized this  she realized that it was her gift actually, like everybody has his own gift. She has her gift of  "love" 

She thought often what is "love" ?

A flow of connection ,power of  creation swirling through the veins of divinity ? 

Nothing else came in her mind . 

Except that "love" is an explicable struggle of Divine to rediscover Herself ? 

It reminded her cat of her mom who would chase her tail round and round . But then it would make her laugh only . She missed that carefree approach of childhood.

Today when everybody left and she put her head on pillow for rest for while . She felt like a drop of water dropping back into it's ocean. She felt this was the most desired feeling throughout her life. The sense of completion made her eyes wet. She closed her eyes and let herself sink in this feeling of peace . It was blissful feeling that she could experience . She had thought she would have to wait for such feeling until she would take her last breath honestly. But here it was ,an ecstatic feeling of fulfilment .A feeling when a baby is cradled in the lap of her mother . 

The physical definition can ruin the beauty of what she felt . There was no sign of physical realty left just flow a smooth and an endless flow within Divinity .She felt at home .She knew she won't lost this connection ever now!

Note precious friends thanks for being with me . my younger son took laptop of my youngest son as his own is out of work so mine is occupied by youngest son as he is giving his exams these days. 

trying to approach you all via my phone as my new tablet is not working for some reason as well .

Thinking of all of you with heart full of best wishes and prayers!

God Bless You ALL!!!

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