Friday, October 27, 2023

Truth Or Dare (poem written by me)


Hope you know me i am man 

playing this game of loss and gain 

Tickled by fanciful rituals it has 

Running madly within puzzle of maze

In the beginning when i saw 

World was rough and life was raw

I was born with curious heart 

Always after what i have not 

My restlessness made me grew 

Always chasing unknown "due"

I created explored and carved 

To change older things with new 

I opened up ground's crest 

To get all what it had pet 

Going through hardship so cruel 

I obtained raw forms of fuel 

I refined  and  distribute 

To lay  civilization root 

 Sea or desert or spooky caves

Always had something to gave

Some metals with value high 

As their prices reaching sky 

Some naive but of subtle rank

Delved into air as airoplane 

When i looked at water untamed 

Thought it's needed to be framed 

By overcoming it's speed and waste 

Controlled it to facilitate 

Beautified with bridges and dam 

Nothing could stood in my aim

My eyes when saw Forest dark 

Realized it's hidden spark 

Embellished world with wooden feature

Architecture and furniture 

Everything i saw unbaked 

Picked it up to trim and shape 

I am proud how i  advanced

On the rhythm of need when danced 

Don't mind if it looks like  brag

It has been exhausting drag 

Now i wanna feel good and free 

Leaving behind all the creeds

Untying humanity from all  chains

Unfamiliar of whining or blames

So everyone can follow his heart 

By overlooking but ,if ,what 

Some say what i did is cool 

Though there are some naive fools 

Who give preference to "rules"

Talking about "order" and "ques"

What the point in making all" plain"?

When i forgot what is main

They think like a everything else

My mind needs refinement as well 

Waking and strengthening  Soul

Can be way that lead to goal

Trimming down trees of wish and dream

That are too much wild and extreme 

Bringing order in the thoughts 

Can save me from hurting others lot

Reconsidering priorities 

Can bring earthers lots of ease

I would say it's easiest thing 

Teaching others how to sing 

But when it's to catch the tune 

Sending wild beast to saloon 

Conquering world is easier bask

Fighting one's ego is hardest task 

Acknowledging own's flaws 

Travelling against gravity laws

Can i make this happen ever 

Says conscience  now or never 

Starting war is difficult 

Fighting  against inner ugly cult 

Reigning my head since i am

Ruining the original gem 

In the body soul was sowed 

To sprout up and grow 

From the rock 's core doomed 

Gently appear innocent bloom

What i did to thing subtle ? 

Imprisoned behind the grill 

Grill made up of lust and greed 

Despair was her only feed

Can i make her live again ?

To sit on throne of my brain 

Making him realize that he 

Must understand reality 

That his thoughts are "energy"

Like branches out of tree

Growing fearlessly free

That's what energy meant to be ?

Always up to something true 

But Oblivious how to do!

It's on soul to show it path

What to choose and what to not

Because brain is body's slave

Captivated in it's cave 

Reacting to chemical flee

Carrying orders momentary 

Giving physical senses drive

So it's  master can survive

But soul is Divine light

To make our paths bright 

So we cane walk with care 

Balancing "truth" or "dare" 

sorry if it got bit long ,just hope you liked it friends !

thank you for bearing with me !

blessings to all of you and loved ones!




Wednesday, October 18, 2023

The Days (poem written by me)


Days are like different doorways 

Each one  opening to new ablaze 

Heavy or light doesn't depend on season 

Good or bad without logic or reason 

One day you get up and world is mad 

Some craziness has turned all bad

You feel awful though things are right 

 With everyone you want to fight

Although all around is same 

Inevitably you want to blame 

For the things did not go well

Who is responsible ?hard to tell

 Moments come when you want to figure 

But today you are ridiculous digger

Like heavy rock you drag your day 

Leaving you with thoughts hard to sway .

One day you get up and feel top of the world 

Flying without wings all over like a bird

Overwhelmed by exciting pulse 

People seem patients and you are nurse 

Treating others with kindness and calm 

Gestures are sweet and words are balm 

Your kit is full of tools 

Those who worry ,you think are fools

No such thing with you can't deal 

Oldest wounds are going to heal 

Long awaited puzzles and question 

Miraculously today are done 

Such days are like winter's sunlight 

To end  them you don't want night 

Some days idle , dull and slow 

you don't want to get up and go 

All you want is stick to bed 

Scroll phone screen what is written or said 

Laying lazily between sleep and awake 

No thought cooking no dream baked 

Tons of coffee and tea taken by you 

Where is  mind? still no clue 

To motivate ,you try things 

Music or stretching but no bell ring 

Gossip on call or book to read 

Trying to focus is such "dread"

Priceless moments and hours of your day 

uselessly just wasted away 

But at night when you lay to rest 

Suddenly you feel you got back your best 

Some days Social full of cheerful mood

You forgot once you have been rude

Want to get out and meet everyone you know 

Hugging and kissing ,greeting and bow 

You think how you missed all this 

Relationships are such a bliss 

Aunts and uncles cousins and friends

Life at once seems colorful blend 

Beautiful rainbow encompassing your heart

Makes you feel strangely strong and vast

Some days are lone that isolate you  

You don't want see any old or new 

Self reflection is call of soul 

And meditation can lead to goal

You knew all now time to know you 

Work of "figuring" ,"mending" and "sew" 

Once you have rearranged the "self"

You can find your place in "shelf"

Just like roots grow into stem 

Days are how you look at them 

And your look is determined mostly by what you eat

So please beware of what you choose as meal

Can't say whether you believe it or not 

But what you eat makes "day you got" 

Sorry for ruining the poetic essence with last stanza ,along with all other reasons that influence our days what we eat is really important actually and i wanted to convey it because i am experiencing how correcting eating habits makes our days better.

thanks for bearing!

Friday, October 13, 2023

Israel And Gaza War Is Heartbreaking

  My heat feeling discomfort and sorrow for Israel and Gaza !

May God be merciful and may the man be wise to avoid such raw actions against humanity after learning so much in this new era .

this is so sad and embarrassing as God is watching us over all the time! 

Monday, October 9, 2023

With The Coin I Have

Hello Kind Souls  

Hope and pray that finding peace ,joy and purpose in whatever daily life brings you !

Life is constant struggle to survive through odds and be grateful for blessings it bring to us once in a while (though most of the time blessings are there but we can't notice due to our negligence sadly). A non stop struggle that is what life seems .that is what basic philosophy of all holy books reveal and what a coincidence that our observations and experiences make us agree to this  eventually sooner or later.

There is a line in detailed explanation of a verse in our holy book which says 

" Once You Intend to do something or to be someone, It is habit of God to make it happen no matter what and no one can change my law" 

Sounds familiar ?

Yes Science also reveals after hundreds of the years of research that ,

"World is made up as "Probabilistic "and each particle Contains  Large number of possibilities attached to it facilitating it with ability to take any desired form or position" (though rest depends on the strength of our urge and power of our effort to achieve it fully)

When i think back when i was unaware of Truth i think those were better days full of dreams and enthusiasm for life just like Alice in the wonder land . 

When i would feel how people become responsible for their own miseries ,there would rise a nurturing sense of coziness secretly within me making me hopeful that i won't be as careless and try to avoid mistakes that complicate or trouble life .

The heart of an innocent full of faith that life is easy and i will make it easier with my own input of "carefulness" sounded good back then.

I don't curse the day when i followed my heart and decided to learn(the wish to learn was there always as curse or gift whatever call it)  more about life and universe because i know it is not about "knowledge" but "attitude " we own to treat everything with including knowledge.

My speed to learn about certain aspects of life grew faster when i realized i need answers to some certain whats and whys urgently to face current challenges and improve quality of life.

That helped lot to be honest . With knowledge i was able to understand the causes of issues and how to uproot them .That was awesome revelation for me as an individual and quite a sense of achievement as woman rotating in certain routine of life as house wife and a mother .

Like everything else knowledge comes with responsibility and side effects .(can't be only my opinion i bet)

For a poor a coin hold greater value than Rich who holds empire .

This is economical fact read in books long time ago and personal opinion as well after realization of it.

With coin i can purchase bread to stay alive .With little knowledge i tried to improve my "mindset" which could revolutionize my life to some extent. This is could be possible only when  i applied this little knowledge in my practical living.

When i read or hear that " good things   belong to books or movies only" I don't believe it. Alive people write books ,alive not physically but spiritually as well . Balance between both existences makes them see behind visible reality which they try to convey through their writings to those who keep focus on physical facts only.

My quest for learning made me encounter with fact that i know nothing but really little because whatever i was planning to write i saw was wrote already and in very impressive and influential way. 

But One thing which i believe is also said already and very nicely i want to say it too in my simple way and this is that despite born with numerous probability we humans bear specific limits to conceive and share things .

Just like the languages spoken all over the world are possible because of certain types of (limited) air movement in our air box placed in mouth or neck ,Similarly ideas we approach are pre determined and limited ,they exist already like everything else .We have to explore them only through intuition or contemplation on our arrival . 

So Goodness presented in myths or in modern day stories is same and exists side by side with badness because both are twins .So believe in "Goodness " as part of reality even if you deny Higher divine force presence. Because it is mean you are taking the hidden underlying Goodness into Reality by believing in it. As your thoughts take shape of actions later .

Thanks for bearing with me sweet souls! 

Sending best wishes for health peace and joy of you and to all you love!



Wednesday, October 4, 2023

Hubby's Check up And A Short Review Of Book "God "By Reza Aslan

  A beautiful day here today . I want to be thankful for mild August ,September and for pleasant start of October as they allowed us easy and light days free of intense sweat and hard core struggle for survival. 

I also want to thank you all of you my sweet and kind beautiful blogging friends who strengthened me with their support when it was much needed. Hubby has recovered speedily by the grace of God and today he has gone to hospital for check up with same kind childhood friend if everything is fine and further medicine prescription.

I finished "God" by Reza Aslan . The internet issues gave me time to finish it soon and i am happy i could do it. 

I really liked the book .Writer has shared his research upon topic how people of paleolithic age (2.5 million years ago) also believed in presence of supernatural or divine force who run the world . They expressed their knowledge about Divine conceived by their senses  on walls of caves and trunk of trees etc. For them God was not one though but for everything and every emotion they had God who was invisible spirit .

Ten to twelve years ago when Neolithic period began and humans started agriculture and made houses  people made temples for God who can protect them and their colonies. 

According to Reza humans have always tried to see God in their own personal perspective and no one can elevate above it . There is very detailed talk over how the oldest religion of Jews worshiped Yahweh who's father in law was worshiper of El which in Bible is referred as God and In Quran as Allah . I will cut short and only few points  by Aslan that according to his research because of main role of a religious scholar Maricon of Sinop who set up the foundations of new testaments and prompted the new Sect of Christianity.After long period of differences between various sects they all finally settled on Trinity .

Aslan puts that unlike revived version of Islam that starts with Mouhammed who came down from Hira mountain and claimed God as sole Deity in whole universe 14000 years ago , ancient Arabs believed in personalized deities as God.  Although his declaration was not new nor offensive he made two innovations first he firmly embrace the connotations of monotheistic system ,it was not enough to worship sole Allah but they had to deny all other deities  .Second innovation was that Muhammed identified Allah Yahweh .

In short Muhammed was trying to dehumanized God with all the verses that supported the idea of Gad is unique and  has no image.

At the final section of the book Aslan mentions Sufism and the way they revitalized Islamic theology to reconcile God's unity with God's creative power .

This is good that Reza plays safely through his intense research work and takes no one's side . I like this most about the book because i myself also believe that Whoever has created this universe and put us here with his "light" to see and understand everything is want us to be one so we can be able to find One behind it all .

Reza ends his book by supporting the pantheism that Reality ,universe and everything within it is identical to " Divinity" which means God is one but and it means "Oneness" means everything is Him .

Just like science say this today after all it's research .

Thanks for bearing with me friends !

health peace and joy to all of you and to all you love!

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