Tuesday, January 25, 2011


i sowed a seed ,long time ago,

soil was not healthy ,seemed hard to grow,

if i would looked around,climate was against,

some time windy or hot,some time heavy rains ,

water was no near ,had to bring it from far,

i was weak but not as,that could loose the war,

i sheltered it with my body ,and watered it with tears,

fertilized with my blood and ,defeated all the fears ,

i bear all the storms ,on my weak heart ,

burnt myself in the sun ,and protected it from hot,

i was happy to see, which my efforts brought,

as i melted slowly, and my plant grew so fast,

i was sick i was tired ,but could feel now free ,

it did not need me any more,as it turned into a tree,

i was hoping i can sit ,under its shade for a while ,

but life brought to me ,another painful trail ,

i was pushed away, from my dearest tree ,

by some strangers ,and it also seemed agree ,

it was ok could not sit ,under its cool shade ,

many others will take peace ,that feeling was great,

as gardener i was done ,with all my duties,

my work was growing life ,without expecting some for me.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

it is amazing to be back

hello dear friends ,

hope that everyone is hearing the footsteps of spring at their doors ,this beautiful land is about to change its dress ,soon instead of dull brown she will be wearing lashing green, i just love all about this world ,each season of it is precious as it would not return back.

my exams are over and thank god they went well ,it was my first experience to give exams in this area ,i was quite shocked that the cheating system is so on and every body including teachers and families of the students were supporting them in such bad act ,during the papers everybody had books and pages and girls were surprised that why i am acting like a fool and not copying the answers direct from books ,i told them that i am prepared for my exams and they were laughing at me ,

i gave all my previous exams in my home village KHANPUR ,and people of my state study like they worship ,i mean most of them study straight from heart and schools are also doing well ,when it comes to exams rules are very strict ,such system produces brilliant brains ,i am not saying that i am brilliant but it really does work well .

now i got that why i was chosen as principle when i went for teaching post .

any way i am free after quite busy weeks ,and cloudy whether is here to welcome me ,breeze is whispering in my ears that spring is about to knock at my door ,winter is packing its stuff and life is full of life again ,i think i must take a tablet for my recent fever ,ok friend take great care and celebrate each breath of life as it is non returnable god bless you all.

Sunday, January 9, 2011


hello dear friends ,hope and pray that every one is gaining pretty good grads in each test of life ,

in my homeland miss cold is in quite wild mood so i am feeling like a kitten who just fell in pool and looking for warm soft place near the fire ,but you know life is all about movement and living each moment with its beauty ,

its been while that i could sit front of computer ,because i am pretty much busy in preparation of my exams for B A first year ,actually i got the set of books so late due to shortage of them in my area ,so its only one and a half month i got books for preparation, Exams are starting on Monday 12 Jan ,and will over on 18 January. my husband and kids are very supportive now days because when they find my one hand cocking meal and another holding a book with my absent mind which is present somewhere else history or economics they take over the duty with laughter and ask me to sit and just concentrate on my studies ,

concentration was a big problem for me but since i am taking some medicine for it is improving gradually ,i hope you guys will keep me in your prayers .wishing all of you very best in life and thank you sooo much for visiting time to time and kind words ,they mean life to me .god bless you all .
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