Friday, January 31, 2020

Snakes And Centipedes That I Encountered In My Native Village

What  i  love  about  village is  it's  abundance of  natural  life. Since  i  am  living  in  the  city now  i miss  such  spiritual connections  that  i  used  to  experience  back  in  my  village.

I used  to  see  there  lots  and  lots of  birds  around  me ,huge  lizards ( like size  of  child )  on  hills  and  in  gardens ,scorpions  ,centipedes and  snakes.

 Our  village  hills  had  foxes ,wolves and  some  other  animals  but  i  never  encountered  one personally .Though  foxes   took  our hens  few  times  when  we  were  asleep in  yard  and   hens  were  under stick  basket   near  us  instead  of coop  to avoid  heat..As  population   grew  animals on  hills moved into higher  parts  where woods thick. 

When  i  got  admission  in  school mom  would  come  along   to  drop me . School  was  across the  hill  in  next  town  situated  behind  our  village , and  we  had  to  climb hill   and  then   walk  downwards  to  catch  the road  that  led  to  school .It  can   sound  silliest  thing  to  hear  but  as  child  i  never  felt  nervous  or  frightened  with  thought  that  what  if  i  find  any  of  those animals  right  front  of  me. All  i  remember  was  overflowing  sensation and  eagerness  to  see  them .I  think  it  was  for  two  reasons ,first  i  was  (am) utterly stupid  and  second  i had illogical  fondness  f or adventures  of   village  life.

Biggest  worry for  mom  was  animals wandering  on hills. As   child ( 6 years) it  was  very  hard   in  beginning to  climb  on  rough  hilly paths  .But  i  found  this  adventure  exciting too.

When  i  got  bit  older (8 or 9 )  and  my  sister  joined  me  for  school, mom  would  sit  on  the  top of  hill  and  keep  eye  on us  until  we  get  on  road .She  would  hold  ex meanwhile  to  remain  prepare  for   possible  danger.

While  walking  on  hills,  gardens  and  fields  we  would  often  see  snakes  and  other  crawling creatures  or  rodents passing  by.So  it  became " not  so  big  deal" to   have  them  around.

I  was  first bitten  by a scorpion when we lived in our ant's house. It  was  night  time probably 8pm  .We  just had  dinner  and  were picking up  dishes  near  clay  stove in front yard.Light  of the lantern was not enough to see  crawling  creature. It bit  on  my  left  foot  thumb. That  was  like  fire flames  were moving  inside  my  leg.That  feeling  stayed  whole  night . Due to night  and  nearest  doctor  was  miles away ,mom  kept  reading holy  verses  and   prays .There was another  old lady from neighborhood  (almost 80) who  was  my  beloved  friend.
She  stayed with  me whole night while  waving  hand fan for me as it was  summer .Such  creature  appear  above  the  ground  from  June  to August  mostly. Due  to  heat  increasing  underground  they  come  out of it.
Therefore  people  get  bit  by  snakes , scorpion or centipedes during  summer  more.

In  the  same  house  one  night when  my  father  was not  home and me,mom  and my  sister were sleeping  inside  room .(Winter) We woke up  with   clanking of  utensils  in wall  cupboard,it was doorless. It  was  near  our  bed . Mom  immediately  asked  us  to  get  out  of  the room . She  grabbed  some  thick stick  and  removed  crockery   slowly. There  appeared  a  quite  big  snake  behind  crockery, almost  3  feet  long and  it  had  a  frog in  it's  mouth .Now  we  got  that  the  weird  voice along  clanking was coming  from  frog's mouth.(poor thing!) Mom  let  the  snake  go  and  disappeared  because  she  said  it  cannot  be  poisonous as it is  meat  eater.

Once i was less than ten ,when  i  went  to  gather  woods  for  stove  with  girlfriend  ,i  hit  the  bush  root stuck  in  hill  with pickaxe(smaller)  and suddenly  a huge (one feet)  centipede  seemed  to  jump  into  my  lap  as  i  was in  leaning  position. It  looked  like  a round  ball  at  first  but  when  she  swiftly  moved and  made sharp  sound  i  screamed  and ran  away to  home. 

But  who can  escape  from  destiny , another  time  i  was  bitten  by  centipede smaller one though.It  got  on  my back  between shoulders  somehow  and  nailed her  legs inside . I  suddenly  felt  that  somebody  just  hit  the sharp  tips of nails  in  my  skin.I  tried  and  touched  it and  i  could  sense  that  it  was  something  alive ,moving  and  size  of  almost   two inches.

I  tried  to  hold   her but  i  could  feel  that  it  was  stuck  in  my  back. I  ran  to  mom and  she  was  shocked  to see that  it  was  centipede .She  tried  to  pull  it  but  her legs were  not  coming  out. I  thought  it  will  be  more  and  long  lasting  pain  if  her  legs  are broken   inside .
I  grabbed  my  father 's shaving  blade, handed  it  to  mom  and  asked  her  to  dig bit  around  legs and  then  remove them .

She  did  it  hesitantly though. It  was  relief  little bit. But I felt  that  sudden  sharp  pain  in  same  place  for  many  years .Though  it  would  not lasted  longer  than hardly a minute .This  happened  when  i  was  10 or eleven  i  think and  we  had  moved  into  our  own  house .

Our  house  was  built  on  hill  and first  roof (stayed for one year then there were iron and tile roof until now)   was  made up of  sticks and  clay this is why snakes  were  often  visiting  us. We  had  no  power  for first few  months .And  there was hardly any neighborhood.Mom  would  try  to  serve  dinner right after sunset , we would stay in beds  unless it is necessary to  get on  ground .

Once   we   were having  family  chat in  front yard .It  was night around 8.  While  talking  i  got  one  of  my  leg hanging down the  bed  and trying to  sense my shoe without  seeing below.I had  lantern  near me on  bed and because  there was no bed sheet until then. Light from  lantern was   passing  through  the  bed's pattern and falling on  ground. I  could not trace my shoe  so  looked down  mindlessly .

A  snake  ( 2 feet almost)  was  passing by  right  near  my shoe.I  suddenly  pulled my leg  back  jumped  other  side of the bed and grabbed  spade .Jumped back  on bed instantly  and  put spade on passing snake immediately ,snake was very thin  but when  i  put  spade on  him, his head  immediately became double in size  and he  hissed  furiously  which shook me with fear .He  looked  straight  into my eyes and  i could not forget his look until today . I cut him into pieces which i regret now as he was just passing by not harming .Though  it was thin and poisonous  according to mom.

Once an almost five feet long snake would visit every night and took away chick from basket where hen was sitting with newly born chicks. My  brother observed his timing .He would come from above the wall  after we would sleep. My  brother and his wife were not into talking relations with us then.
He said his wife  to help him to kill snake  as it was big and hard to kill alone. She refused  as she was terrified.
My brother  came to me and inevitably asked for help . I agreed. When  snake  came  down  from wall and  entered in  coop ,one of us had to pick spade  really  quickly so other can hit him on head. Luckily  i could do so  at right time and brother killed him. He would later tease his wife that she was a born village girl still afraid of snake more than his sister.I was either afraid and this was why i helped him though  .

Once we saw snake fight in another house .Both were hanging with  ceiling and  fighting .They  were more than 5 feet . Once we witnessed snake almost ten feet long.One  evening i was reading while laying on bed.Suddenly i spotted snake moving within roof sticks .I was alone at home.So had time to observe him .I stayed still .He (one and half feet)
moved slowly  towards  some rope or wire hanging near window below.I found his movements worth watching and intriguing. When he got hold with wire which was close to window he smoothly jumped over table that was right beside window .I  was captivated by his calm wise steps :) So  i  let him move out and disappeared . I think if i get chance i would love to observe such incidents.But living in the city makes it  impossible .So  i  feel grateful that i have such rich memories atleast :) If i am right with memory i have  killed seven snakes during my village life.

Some people  believe that when a snake crosses hundred years of his life he  gain power to  turn himself into any other creature .Do  you think so ?

Monday, January 27, 2020

Rains Of My Village And Me

Here  it's  been  raining  last  two days. Being  at  the  edge  of  summer  ,it  was  reliving  to have  some  pouring  again :) 

I  love  rains  since  always .  They  take  me  totally  into  different  world.It  does  not  just  transformation  of  views  around  but  awake  soul  within  body  .

I  enjoyed  rains  thoroughly when i  was in  my  native  village. I  still  can   hear  my  childhood  wandering  within  fields  ,running  upwards  and  downwards  on  hills.Me  and  my  cousins   would  sing  short  poems  while  playing related  to  rain. Those  laughter  and  giggles still  echo  in  my  heart  when  rains  occur  here  .

I  remember  how  rains would   add   life  to  our   house  back  then. Being  kids  it  was  so  reliving   to  see  parents  in  cherished  mood. My  mother  was  central   figure  of  house hold   so   swings  of  her  moods  would  effect   largely  to  all  of  us .

We   would  notice  that  she too  loved  rain. There  was  no  big  dramatic  change  though ,yet   slight  cheerfulness that  we  realized  in  her  mood  was  enough  to  lighten  the  environment  within  house. Specially   when  she  would  become bit  chatty  rather  than  cold  with  our  father ,it  would  make  us  happier .

Mom would  make  dishes  that  were  possible  within   her small  budget. She  always  liked  to  eat  meals  when  they  were  fresh  and  hot. We  inherited   this  habit  from  her. Eating  cold  food  is  beyond  our  imagination .I  can  clearly  hear  her   voice  when  she  would  call  us to  come  and  eat  before  it's  cold.

Rains  became  more  fascinating  when  i  experienced  them as  an    adolescent .Our  house  was  on  hill  top .There  were  few  scattered  houses  were  on  sloppy part .Below  of  them   were  laying  fields .A small  canal passed  through  fields. Across  the  fields  was   flowing  stream.  And  there  was  another  village  at  the  edge  of  stream. Behind  the  village  were  hills  that  seemed   to  circle  around  our  villages.Though   were  not  circling  around  but  were  passing  behind  both villages. With  such  perfect  scenery  my  village   would  look  like  most  beautiful  painting  in  which  painter  shared  his  imagery  to  almost  completion .

When   i  would  stand  in  our  front  yard  i  could  see  all  this  natural   phenomena  at  one  plain  eye. Rains  seemed  magical. I  could   see  how  it  would  purify   the  body  of  valley  and would  refill   soul  within  her. I   wish  you  can  imagine how  enchanting  the  scenes  would look. Gardens  of   village  across  the  stream  would  look   like  colorful   lace .Waving  with  soothing  breeze   it  would  look  delightful.

Watching pouring  as  whole  from  above is not  experiencing  just  rain   fall  . Rain  drops  falling  before  eyes   in  the  valley  would  seem whisper  of  love  by  creator  to  the  heart  of  it. She  would  absorb  it   within  by   washing  away  all  her impurities   and  pollution  given  by  environment.It   was  irresistible  for  eyes  to  remove .So  i  would  stare  at  it  for  hours  literally. 

I  unknowingly   had  some  connection to  this  transition.I  would  feel   a  magnetic  power  had  freeze  me  there. Standing  there  motionlessly   i  would  feel  as  the  rain  is  falling  within  my  soul. Absorbing   into  it.   Awakening  new  unseen worlds  inside  me .Worlds  those  were  unrevealed  until  than  still  seemed  so  familiar  to me.

I  now  realize  that  every   single  thing  we  be  or we  encounter  throughout  the  life  is  designed  already  as  destiny. If  i  would  have  not  come   to  live  in  my  village  with  my  parents   i  bet  my  inner  world  would  have  not  as  serene and  content. My  village  and  it's  rains  made  my  soul  lush.That  long  still  gaze  seemed  to  grab   meaning  of  true  joy  from  those  scenes.

We   all  have different  versions  of us. My  younger  being  learnt  the  calmness  of  my  nature  from  those  rains i  believe. Though   that  young  girl standing there   believed  than  that  life  is   easy  and  simple  ahead . That  belief  was  installed  by  her  faith. Faith  that  love  and  patience  can  win  all  battles because  mom  said  so and  because  all  books  said  so.

Life  later revealed  that  it  is  true  but  not  achieved   with  ease. We  move  further  slowly. Pass through  obstetrical. If  we  are  able  to  see  across  the  fog  of  ego  and  arrogance  which  are  easy  distractions , we  Learn  so  much .

We  see  that  it  is totally  up  to  us , how  we  are  going to  spend  our  life. Like  rock  who  push  away  the  wave  or  like  rain  water  that  revolutionize  the  land  it  pours  upon.

A  rain  drop  starts  it's  journey  from  the  surface  of  ocean.  To  reach  back  to  it's  origin  how  many  spheres  he  cross  and  how  many  shapes  it  changes  we  all  know  it  well.
So  once  we  learn  to  be  like a  rain drop.It  is  easy  to  absorb  on  the  dry  land  of life !

Thursday, January 23, 2020

Query Or Irritation

Hey  precious  hearts !

Do  you  have  some  friend  or  cousin  who  often  calls   you  and  after  almost  each  sentence  he  or  she  speak,  asks 

"So  what  is  new  happening  around  you "
i  would  pause hummm........think ,what  to  reply ?

Being  a less social  person  i am  uncomfortable  with  phrase  i  have  almost  no  collection  of  interesting  knowledge  when  it  comes  to  gossip  ,specially  about  others .

when  she  calls  it  rings  in  my  head  that  now  she  is  going  to  ask  me repeatedly  "so  what's  new news huh?

sometimes  i try  to  say  "please stop asking " but she is  sweet :)

what  about  you ?

Friday, January 17, 2020

Misplaced May Be

We  all  born  in  different  circumstances  and  belong  to  different  background .

We  inevitably  inherit  genes  from  our  ancestors .

Our  parents  nurture us  with  their  love  and  resource. Their  influence   becomes  great  part  of  our  personality.

But  not  everyone  is  brought  up by parents  in  this  world.Many  kids  grow  without   biological  parents  or  under  the  care  of  guardian. They  grow  bit  differently  yet  with  same  human  nature  that  always  long and try   for  better  in  life.

As  adults  we  try  to  pursue  our  dreams  through  struggles.Sooner   or  later  we  get  success  too.

Normally  we  the  common  people  feel  content  once  settle  in  life.

Still   there  are  people  who  though  achieve  so  much  in  life  but  think  "there is  something  missing" or  "it  is  not  what  they  meant  to  be"
"There  is  Need  to  do  something  to  feel  CONTENT"

Did  you ever  felt  in  your  life that   you  were  meant  to  be  something  else ?

Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Positivism , Surprising Rains And Photos from Wedding Ceremony

Hey   Precious  Fellows !

Hope   being  able  to  stay   positive  and strong   through  all  the  odds  that  life   and  politics   is  offering   now  days .

As   i  grow  old  i  find  myself  sitting  beside  my   grave  with  my  legs  hanging  in  , so  my  secret   to  stay  positive  is  only  my  way  of  thinking  ,and  i  think  i  must  extract  the  joy  and  peace  from    life   ,before  it's  too  late  ,because  laying  breathless  below   the  ground  won't  provide  me  such  delightful  air  to  breath ,such   soothing  sunrays  to  absorb  and  such  soothing   lightness  of  conscience  which   keeps  me  floating   between  earth  and  sky  with   pride  that  i  tried   honestly  to  experience  a  successful  existence :) Without  being  harmful  to  anyone  and  trying  my  best  to  be  useful   for  myself  and  my  loved  ones.

Weather  is  keeping  us  surprised  with  unexpected  rains   and  snow in  northern  areas ,Murree  Hill  station   and  in  Baluchistan  province  which  is  near  our  Sindh  province  and  every  change in  weather  there  effects  our  climate  .Therefore  quite  cold  days  we  are  having  here  (loving it when i think extreme hot summers ahead though) yet bit  sad  as  rains  are   causing  misery  and  deaths  (more than hundred deaths throughout country) due to roof falling or wet electric wires. Hoping  that all  ends  soon  and   people of my  homeland  will  start  normal  routine  of  life. 

Praying  for  people  of  Australia   too  who  still  suffering with  threat  of bush fires. Hope  and  pray  that  may  clouds shower  over  fires and  cool  them  off ,amen!

Sharing  below  some images  ,few  are  from  wedding  ceremony i attended  almost  two  week  back. It  was  raining  and  groom's  family  was  quite  unhappy  about  it  because  it  was  hard  to manage  guests  and meal  during  pouring ,than it  stopped  for  while  and  things  got  easy  for  them.Back  in my  native village  if  it  rains  on  wedding  day people  blame  it to  bride  or  groom  ,they  say  one  of  both  would  have  eaten  in  cooking  pan  instead  plate lol.I  really  don't  know  what  the  theory  about ,do  you  also  know  such  belief  related to  rain on  wedding day :)

Still  cloudy  outside though sun  came  out  for  two  days  ago and everybody  seemed  relived , it  rains  here  rarely  so  people  are  basically used  to  have  lots of  sun  ,specially  they  admire it  in  winters  a lot ,Summer sun  is  scorching and  painful to  bear  so rains  are  required  and  prayed for  more then

Two  days  back  when  clouds  faded away  and  sky  cleared ,my  younger  son  found  the  rain drops  beautiful on  this  leafy  plant  , rest  of  our  plants  are  growing  slowly ,waiting  for  blooms  ,in  end of the February or  middle of March probably

                              few  lovely  blooms  have  started  to  open their  eyes  though :)

Mother  of  groom ,she  is  one  from  old  neighborhood   and  always  kind  to  me ,once   years  ago when  i was  newly married  and   invited   to a  wedding  which  was  to be held in  village  far  from  city , we  had  to  stay  there for  night , i was  too  shy   to  have  proper  food  and  bed  as  in  rush  everyone seemed  to  care for herself ,She  was  one who  cared  for  me and  brought  me  all  i  needed to  be  comfortable .I could  never  forget  her  kindness  since  then.

people  started  to  come  late due to rain ,these are early shots before hall was packed with  guests

this  is  beautiful bride ,on  right her  sister is sitting ,her  mother  was  an  decent and charming  looking  lady .it  was  arrange  marriage .

It  is  1 :15 pm , I  think  i  should  rush  to  see  what  happened  to  my  vegetable dish  i  am  cooking  today :)
Hope  you  have  blessed  peaceful  day ahead dear  friends! Take  Great Care !

Friday, January 10, 2020

Praying For Peace Of My World!

While  ago  i was  visiting  to  a dear blogging  friend  Jenny 's  blog   and  news  she  shared  through  her  post  weighed down  my  heart  suddenly .
(As  i  shared  often  that  since  some  months  hubby and  me don't  watch  news  anymore  though  my  husband  read  newspaper  regularly  and  was  aware  of  Iranian  officials  murd  few  days  back  by  u.s strike.)

Many  innocent  lives  lost  in  plane  crash  in Iran last  day! There  can  be no  appropriate  words  to  express  grief  that  such  horrible  news  deliver .

Few  days back  Myyounger son  was  telling at the dining  table  that it. Is  going to be third  world war soon  as it is all over the social media that usa and Iran are  at  boiling point.  A  fifteen years old can not understand that how serious and terrible a war could be nor i had courage to explain to him as it might had increased his knowledge but  could have ruined his happy positive image about life !

It hurts  my soul deeply that  how  a bunch of people is.deciding  that  how  millions of  people will live or die on this planet!

If we have an observant eye we can realize  that  strings of governments and authorities are in certain hands since world war second.

Politicians  are only puppets to these hands  no matter in which country they are.

Everything  that  appears at the stage of  this  world  whether it's  on  political side  or  in  form  of  traumatic  accident  anywhere  is dramatized  to influence people's psyche  and opinion  in certain  shape  so  those  who  are  behind , can  secure  their advantages.

I  have no  wisdom  or  words to  say  things  appropriately  but  only  instinct  to  share  my  opinion  and  pain  which  i  feel  and  bear as  an inhabitant  of  this  glob!

May  who  think  are  in charge  can  think  of  consequences  which  can  destroy  the  whole  world and  for  what  ,only  their  lust  for  power!

May  ordinary  people  get  peace  and   stay  unharmed  by  the  actions  of  selfish , ruthless  brains  who are stuck in soulless bodies that  are  cursed  to live  life  worst  than  death.    

Sunday, January 5, 2020

Photos From London Trip By My Son!

Hello   lovely  souls!

Hope  enjoying   each  moment   of your  beautiful  life  with  gratitude  and  lots  of  positive  energy 

I  know  i  am  being  improper  in  my blogging  since   while ,all  is  i  am  having  kids  at  home  and  spending  more  time  with  them.
Winter  holidays  have  ended  on  second  January but  first  day  of  their  school  and  collage  when  my  sons  got  back  they  told  that   there  were  hardly  few  students   present  as  weather   is  being   quite  cold  temps  between  4 to 15(for us of course)  and  parents  are   avoiding  to  send   kids  to  schools. No  official  announcement  for  further  vacation  so  teachers  and  staff  have  to  come  regularly,So  it  is  bit  confusing  situation   we  are  facing  here .
My  eldest   son  went  to  visit  London  before  Christmas .His  few  friends  from  U.S  joined  him  there  for  holidays .They  spend  almost  two  weeks   there  and  visited  lots  of  museums  and  Theaters .My  son  found  theater  most  inspiring .Sharing  few  images  below  from  his  fun  he  had  with  friends  in London.

He  have  bought  a  guitar  though  haven't  started  practice  yet  due   to lack  of  free  time, I loved  his  imaginary  playing  here :)  he  had  less  time  for  long  chat  so  i  could not  ask  him  names  of  places  and  events he  participated so  ,sorry  for  not  being  much  informative  about  these  ventures :(

In  another  image  my  son  was  sitting  beside  painting  with  brush  in  hand  so  i  think  this  is  his  quick  art  during  holidays ,which  i  found  lovely :) Choice  of  colors  and  features  is  fascinating  i believe ,i  wish  he  can  find  more  time  to  explore  his  creative  side  more

                                                         one of the museums i guess

i   these  can't  tell  again  what  amazing  youngsters  doing  in  this  image  but  what
ever  it is .it  shows  how  "togetherness "  brings  beauty   and  happiness  in  an  environment :)

One  of  churches  he  visited , i think really  sensibly captured image  and  reflects  the  glory  and  charm  of  church  beautifully !

image  is  taken  in  Germany  on   Christmas  evening  with  best  friends  young  lady  with  scarf  came  to  Germany  for  job  interview  and  she  was  chosen  easily ,She  is  future  wife  of  Mubashir standing on left with my son , best friends to each other ,i  was so  relived  to  know  that finally  parents  of  Mubashir  were  agreed   for  their  marriage  as  kids   were  in  commitment  since  they  were  together  in  university  almost  eight  years  ago ,i  am so happy for  them and believe  these  two  blessed   souls  will  have  beautiful  life  together !!!

common  friend  of  my  son's friend ,she  is  now  very  good  friend  of  my  son  too ,her  husband  is  doing  job  in Germany and  they  moved   to Munich  few  months  ago,couple  is  really  warm  and  friendly and  my  son  adores them  for  their  sweet  nature  and  generous  hospitality!
this  river  seems  to  near  to  place  where  my  son  stayed  with  friends ,i love  having  water  close  to  hotel or  residence  we  stay  during  holidays ,it  has  magical  healing  power for  soul

unlike  before  this  year  sun  seems to appeared  more  regularly  over  the  skies  of  London  and Germany Munich ,my  son  says  local  people  missed  white  Christmas still  it  was  cheerfulness all over during  festival

One  of  the  friends  he  stayed  with,she is  best  friend  to my  son  since  they  were  on job  in  Karachi .

gorgeous  view  indeed, water  close  to  man made  buildings create  balance  and  harmony  in life and it's crazy  swiftness i  think ,the  tranquility  it  offers  is  way  to  stimulate  the  soul's  burdened wings  and  take  fresh  flight  of  easy  and  reasonable  breathing

hubby  and  me  spent  most  of  our  time  while  sitting  on  this  bench  during  holiday  and  created some  more  cheerful  memories  together  until  weather  became  completely  cloudy  and  sun seems  to  take  break  as  forecast  about  rains  is  all over  the news 

we  sent  this  selfie  to  our  son  at  new  year  evening , time  though  seems  like  huge  mysterious  body  of  still  water  but  we  humans  like  to  throw  pebbles  of  such  titles like  day ,month ,year etc  just  to stir up  our  souls :)  but i like and enjoy such self illusioning games :)

 a    cute  pet  is  lovely companion  when   one is on vacation , i don't  know  how  did  they found  this  furry beauty  but  they  had  fun time with her i can see that :) my  son  always  loved  having  pet but he  was only allowed to have parrot so he had it  for few years ,now he want to have an eagle as pet  which is really expensive ,he mentioned his name but i can't remember it right now

Dear  friends  hope  you liked  the glimpse of trip ,i will be visiting  your  places asap .Please take great care and stay blessed  with hope that  grows  on the  lands of faith!

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