Monday, January 27, 2020

Rains Of My Village And Me

Here  it's  been  raining  last  two days. Being  at  the  edge  of  summer  ,it  was  reliving  to have  some  pouring  again :) 

I  love  rains  since  always .  They  take  me  totally  into  different  world.It  does  not  just  transformation  of  views  around  but  awake  soul  within  body  .

I  enjoyed  rains  thoroughly when i  was in  my  native  village. I  still  can   hear  my  childhood  wandering  within  fields  ,running  upwards  and  downwards  on  hills.Me  and  my  cousins   would  sing  short  poems  while  playing related  to  rain. Those  laughter  and  giggles still  echo  in  my  heart  when  rains  occur  here  .

I  remember  how  rains would   add   life  to  our   house  back  then. Being  kids  it  was  so  reliving   to  see  parents  in  cherished  mood. My  mother  was  central   figure  of  house hold   so   swings  of  her  moods  would  effect   largely  to  all  of  us .

We   would  notice  that  she too  loved  rain. There  was  no  big  dramatic  change  though ,yet   slight  cheerfulness that  we  realized  in  her  mood  was  enough  to  lighten  the  environment  within  house. Specially   when  she  would  become bit  chatty  rather  than  cold  with  our  father ,it  would  make  us  happier .

Mom would  make  dishes  that  were  possible  within   her small  budget. She  always  liked  to  eat  meals  when  they  were  fresh  and  hot. We  inherited   this  habit  from  her. Eating  cold  food  is  beyond  our  imagination .I  can  clearly  hear  her   voice  when  she  would  call  us to  come  and  eat  before  it's  cold.

Rains  became  more  fascinating  when  i  experienced  them as  an    adolescent .Our  house  was  on  hill  top .There  were  few  scattered  houses  were  on  sloppy part .Below  of  them   were  laying  fields .A small  canal passed  through  fields. Across  the  fields  was   flowing  stream.  And  there  was  another  village  at  the  edge  of  stream. Behind  the  village  were  hills  that  seemed   to  circle  around  our  villages.Though   were  not  circling  around  but  were  passing  behind  both villages. With  such  perfect  scenery  my  village   would  look  like  most  beautiful  painting  in  which  painter  shared  his  imagery  to  almost  completion .

When   i  would  stand  in  our  front  yard  i  could  see  all  this  natural   phenomena  at  one  plain  eye. Rains  seemed  magical. I  could   see  how  it  would  purify   the  body  of  valley  and would  refill   soul  within  her. I   wish  you  can  imagine how  enchanting  the  scenes  would look. Gardens  of   village  across  the  stream  would  look   like  colorful   lace .Waving  with  soothing  breeze   it  would  look  delightful.

Watching pouring  as  whole  from  above is not  experiencing  just  rain   fall  . Rain  drops  falling  before  eyes   in  the  valley  would  seem whisper  of  love  by  creator  to  the  heart  of  it. She  would  absorb  it   within  by   washing  away  all  her impurities   and  pollution  given  by  environment.It   was  irresistible  for  eyes  to  remove .So  i  would  stare  at  it  for  hours  literally. 

I  unknowingly   had  some  connection to  this  transition.I  would  feel   a  magnetic  power  had  freeze  me  there. Standing  there  motionlessly   i  would  feel  as  the  rain  is  falling  within  my  soul. Absorbing   into  it.   Awakening  new  unseen worlds  inside  me .Worlds  those  were  unrevealed  until  than  still  seemed  so  familiar  to me.

I  now  realize  that  every   single  thing  we  be  or we  encounter  throughout  the  life  is  designed  already  as  destiny. If  i  would  have  not  come   to  live  in  my  village  with  my  parents   i  bet  my  inner  world  would  have  not  as  serene and  content. My  village  and  it's  rains  made  my  soul  lush.That  long  still  gaze  seemed  to  grab   meaning  of  true  joy  from  those  scenes.

We   all  have different  versions  of us. My  younger  being  learnt  the  calmness  of  my  nature  from  those  rains i  believe. Though   that  young  girl standing there   believed  than  that  life  is   easy  and  simple  ahead . That  belief  was  installed  by  her  faith. Faith  that  love  and  patience  can  win  all  battles because  mom  said  so and  because  all  books  said  so.

Life  later revealed  that  it  is  true  but  not  achieved   with  ease. We  move  further  slowly. Pass through  obstetrical. If  we  are  able  to  see  across  the  fog  of  ego  and  arrogance  which  are  easy  distractions , we  Learn  so  much .

We  see  that  it  is totally  up  to  us , how  we  are  going to  spend  our  life. Like  rock  who  push  away  the  wave  or  like  rain  water  that  revolutionize  the  land  it  pours  upon.

A  rain  drop  starts  it's  journey  from  the  surface  of  ocean.  To  reach  back  to  it's  origin  how  many  spheres  he  cross  and  how  many  shapes  it  changes  we  all  know  it  well.
So  once  we  learn  to  be  like a  rain drop.It  is  easy  to  absorb  on  the  dry  land  of life !


  1. What sweet memories! I can imagine how beautiful your village under the rain, Baili.
    Phenomena of rain taught us many things, every single drop of rain is essential in our life :)
    Happy week!

  2. Beautiful, I also love rain, especially when I am at home and can watch it throuhh the window, so cozy! I have the same thing when it comes to food, I always call my husband for dinner and I can't stand cold food☺ Have a lovely day!

  3. Its been very hot for the past weeks. Hoping for rain to come.

  4. Wonder post Baili. I also love rain. It has been very rainy around where I live over the past few weeks. As you illustrate, many things in this world, from raindrops to people, seem to run through cycles.

    Have a great day!

  5. I also enjoy the rain and used to like walking in the rain. Now not so much. I like the comment you make about each of us perceiving the rain in our own way.

  6. During a drought I sometimes think God just forgot and the rain comes when "Oh darn, I forgot to water Earth!" Then there are times when God leaves the hose on too long. Like me and my tomatoes.

  7. Chuva é vida!... Não sendo em excesso, nem provocando dano, só traz coisas boas... pois é muito necessária para os trabalhos do campo e a criação de animais...
    Grata pela partilha de recordações tão especiais! E adorei a sua reflexão final, sobre o ciclo da chuva...
    Beijinhos! Feliz semana!

  8. Beautiful post, Rain was wonderment to me as a child, magical!

  9. Rain is also my favorite weather. I love the smell of earth as it becomes wet. I love the way the trees and flowers brighten as it falls. The air becomes cleaner to see through and to breathe as the rain attaches impurities in the air making it fall to the ground.

  10. One of my favorite childhood memories is standing on the porch and looking down at one field. I could see a curtain of rain coming up toward me. The scent of rain came just before the rain.

  11. Your description of your home among the encircling hills was so good I feel like I have seen it, baili. What a lovely place to grow up. All our experiences help to shape who we become. And isn't it lucky that we have memories for those good things so we can re-visit them over and over in our minds? A beautiful post, dear friend.

  12. We just had a day of rain between the days of snow and cold. Australia needs the rain for sure. I love the sound of rain on the roof. Rain is different things to different people.

  13. “My village and it's rains made my soul lush.That long still gaze seemed to grab meaning of true joy from those scenes.”. That was beautiful, Baili.

  14. It was very dry last year. When the rain did fine come, we celebrated.
    The stream in the hollow by our barn is now flowing.
    Life is good.

  15. Wonderful memorise of your rain you have.
    No rain down here there is a drought yet again!

  16. Our attitude is up to us. So true, Baili. Your reflections on life are moving. I like to imagine where I was while you were there playing in the rain. Maybe I was six thousand miles away also playing in the rain. We'll never know, but here we are now, reading simple words together on these pages of light. Blessings! 😊

  17. When I read your posts I am there some how feeling what you write. I would love to see an artist's rendition of your village and your house on a hill. It sounds so pretty. I like how you described your mother becoming more chatty with your father - it just sounds sweet for a young girl to see - a feel good moment. I loved the rain as a kid too and oh yeah....when the snow came it was so fun. I lived in a small midwest town outside of Kansas City - well really close to the city but you wouldn't know it and it didn't feel that way. I still google map walk through the area whenever I want to walk the streets again and always find new streets as a kid I didn't know about.

  18. Storms are few and far between in Sydney lately but we had a beauty the other day, still gental rain falling is the way to go.

  19. Your words are lovely and transforming.

    I always enjoy how the grass and trees emerge greener after rain and the flower colours are more vibrant. And sometimes there is a rainbow :-)

  20. Hello, Baili!
    Wonderful memories and writing. The rain can be refreshing, cleaning the air. Have a happy day!

  21. Such beautiful memories! I really enjoy these posts. I feel like I've there in your world whenever you talk about these moments.

  22. Beautiful post...nothing can match the freshness of a good rain

  23. Wonderful memories.
    Wonderful writing.
    Wonderful post.

    Thank you dear Baili.

    All the best Jan

  24. You have made me think of rain in a totally different and very enlightening way, Baili. Thank you for sharing such wonderful memories of your childhood.

  25. I love rain to Baili, I like to go out for a walk and get my hair wet. Everything in the woods smells strong and fresh after rain.

  26. Baili, I'm so glad you got some rain! I love when it rains too, and it cleans everything and makes it fresh again. You seem to have a spiritual connection with the rain. Isn't it lovely in so many ways?

    Happy February days to you, dear Baili.


  27. Lovely descriptions of the rain and its powers of making us feel cleansed and new and refreshed again. Wonderful post!

  28. Rain enhances the beauty of nature. The colours become enhance :-)


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