Saturday, April 29, 2017

Pakistan ,My Homeland!

Hello   precious   friends!  

Hope   and   pray   that    all   of   you   are    enjoying    living   in    your   homelands   ,no   mater   how   difficult    the   environment    is   sometime   and   how    harsh    the   circumstances   you   encounter   there   often,   Yet    our    origin    give   us   an   identity   for   ourselves   which    we   feel   proud   to   have .  In    this   wold   nothing   is   perfect   except   one   WHO    CREATED   ALL   THIS.

 Everything   and    everyone   has   flaws   .These    flaws    are   here   to   test   our    strength   to   overcome   problems   and   make   us   more   patient ,creative  and   strong   to  build   beautiful   world   around  us .

Today   i   am   introducing   you   to   my   homeland   Pakistan  ,hope   you   will    try   to   know  it  and   like   it   too.

   Pakistan   is   situated  in  south  Asia  and   surrounded  by  china in east,Afghanistan  in  south  west ,India  in  south  east  ,Iran   and  Arabian  sea  in  south  west .

  Flag  has  tow  colors  ,white which  shows  the  minority  population  and  green  which  is  symbol  of  Muslim  majority . Minority  is  consist  of  Hindus ,Christians  and many others.

Islamabad  is  the  capital  city  ,one  of  the  most  beautiful  city  

Pakistan   has   four   provinces  as  you  can  see  above , came into  being in 1947 , Urdu  is  national  language spoken in all provinces   though  provinces  have  their  local  languages  too.  English  is  official  language yet.  It  is  located  on  the  great  landmass of  north  tropic  Cancer ,Bears  four  seasons ,extreme  summers   and  dry  winters ,fall  and  spring . high  parts of area and some plains  bear  rains 250 mm yearly  ,northern parts and some parts of west south receive snow  too.

Founder  of  Pakistan  Muhammad  ali  jinnah  called  Quaid  e  Azam   [1876  _ 1948]  [great leader] for  his  services  .He  won  the case  of  partition of  separate  homeland for Muslims  in  the  high court of  British [Lord  Mount Batten]

 KPk   province  is  located in  north  side  of  the  country  and  has  world's  some of most  beautiful  landscapes  and world's  second  highest  mountain K.2 [ height  8611 meters ]

In  northern  mountains this is most famous lake saif ul malook 50  feet deep 

Mountainous   areas  vary  in  their  traditional  dressing ,one of them is above  

World's second  highest  mountain  K.2 

Peshawer  is  the   capital   city   of  KPK   province  local  language is pashto .it is also  largest city of the province 

Punjab   is  most  populated  prvince  ,it  is  is  most  fertile  land of  the  country, this  is  the  capital  city  of  Punjab  the  name of city  is Lahore  which  has  many  monumental   and  historical  places  like  one  of  the world's biggest  mosque Badshahi  masjid you can see above  . 

Traditions of this  province   are  very  fascinating specially  the  countrysides people are famous  for  the  livelihood  and  hospitality plus bravery . Punjabi is   the   local  language  

                                  Capital  and  largest  city  of  Sindh   province  Karachi ,which  also  is  one of  most  established  industrial  technological   area  of  the world  with  highly  advanced life style .

This   image  shows  the  culture  of  the  desert  area  of  Sindh  province .Sindh   is  third  most  populated  province  of   Pakistan  i  live  in  small  city   of   Sindh  khairpur  which  is  fully  equipped with  all  basic needs  of  human accommodation  .

 you can  see  the  countryside  cultural dress  of  couple   in painting above 

  Baluchistan  is  also  a  hilly   province  with  beautiful  landscapes  but  hard   winters. It  has  lesser  population  then  other  three provinces . City  above  is  Ziyarat  . 

Quetta  is  largest  city  of  province  and  capital  of   province . People   are  meat  eater  mostly and bit  conservative in  their  living in countrysides .Balochi is local language .
Balochi  traditional  dress 

Pakistani  people  are  adopting higher  standards  in life quickly ,cities as well as  villages  are  taking  the education most  important  thing  in life . Government  is  spending lots of  budget including world add program for education .

People  like  spicy  food  mostly . Mostly  they  are  friendly,  gentle and  cooperative  though  you  find  them  emotional  much.
Hard  work  is  trade mark  and  along with it are  social  activities.clubs,sports,shopping and  tourism .I  hope  you  like  this  introduction of  my  homeland dear  fellows .May  be i   have  missed  so  many  things due  to make  post  shorter so i will keep  it  for another post may be future near.
Take  Great  care  of  yourself  dears and  love  everything you have right now including you!.

God   Bless You  all!

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

I Should Have Not Reacted This way!

    Hey   Precious   Fellows!

Hope   and   pray   that    all   of    you   are   doing    great    in    your     beautiful   worlds   and   trying    your    best     to    be    polite    and    gentle    even     to    those   who   may    do    not    consider   you    a    friend   and    even    you   differ    with    them    on    many    issues  ,   as   life    teach    us    sooner   or   later   that    each   of    us   has   unique    personality   and   has   different   look   for   the   life   and   it's   ways.

We     should    not    put    CONDITIONS   into    our    relationships    and    avoid   being    judgmental      in    our    opinions .  We     should    respect    other's    way   of    thinking    and    give   importance   as    we   do   to   our's     because   it   is   their   right   as       individuals.

We    all    though    are    in   same   world   but   grow   into   different    environments    which    shape   us   variously    for    better   survival .  

Love    and    friendships    are   priceless    and    must     be   protected    from   being    torn   by   misunderstandings    or   immediate     emotional   response   to   anyone's   mistake   specially .

As   i   mentioned   many   times   that   i   grew   up   in   a   valley   like   village  surrounded   by   lashing   hills ,  green   fields ,flowing   stream   and   thick     fruitful   gardens.   Our   village    was   then   consist   of   35   houses   only    ,most   of   them   were   of   clay   though   inhabitants   were    established     economically    by    crops    and   cattle   but   lifestyle   was   so    simple .

Men    used   to    work    in   fields  ,few   were   abroad  to    earn,  while    women   would    help    men   in   farming   and    look after   the   cattle  . My   great   grandfather    was   one   of   the   founder   of   this   village   i   mean   he   was   one   of   them   who   choose   this   valley   to   make   their   village.

During   the   long   summer   days   women   would   go   to   the   stream   and   take   bath   with   clothes   and   wash   their   children   and   do   laundry . This  was   time   when   i   was   in   primary   classes   and   allowed    to   do    swimming  ,swinging  and   playing   with   my   cousins   and   girlfriends   freely .

Women    of    village   after   lunch    often   bring   their    charpai [pic below] 

 to   the   big   garden  and   together   they   would     do   knitting ,sewing  ,crocheting  and   many   other   artistic   activities   along   with   lots   and    lots   of    gossip   about   other   who   were   absents   that   day,affairs   of   the   young   couple  ,fighting  of   married   couples   and   blah blah  blah .

The    hottest    topic   were   often   the   affairs   of   new   young   couples    in    which   everyone    take   part    excitingly   though   but   forgot   that   same    thing   said   about   their   sister   or   daughter   too   when   they    were   not   around .

I    don't   know   but   since   i   was   kid   i   did   not      like   such   gossip   about   the   characters    of   other   maidens    because   i   always   thought    that   [in  my   opinion then]  character   was   most   important    thing   for    a   lady   and    she   should    protect    her   self respect   and   avoid  strictly    being   close   to   opposite    gender .

There   were    really    few   mothers   in   village   who    took   care   of    their    daughters   according   to   their   traditions    and    taught     their    girls    to    posses    such    quality    of   strong    character         who   can   earn   them   a   trust    of   an   honorable   man   and   family   who    find    them   perfect    for   their   environment   and   for   the   better    upbringing   of   their   coming   generations   through   them.

My    mom   was   one   of   them   .When   i   entered  in    my   teens    she   gradually    start    reducing   my   outdoor   activities   and   provided   me    books,  radio  and   black   and   white   t.v  to   learn   and   to   have    fun   either .

She   often   made   me   sit   close    and    would   tell   her   stories   of   life   with   morals   and   positive   leanings.  She   advised  me   to   be   strong    and   confident   because   being   too   shy   is    also   harmful   for   girls. She    told   me   that    never   rely   on   shine   of   outer   packing   always    strike   for   what   is   inside   .Mom   belonged   to   a   male   dominated   society   and   her   opinion   for   men   was   not    good.

She    asked   me    to    choose    good   and   modest   friends    at    even    school    [who   stay  away  from  boys  until   their  marriages] because    company   effects   alot . She   said   you   will   grow   soon   and   many   will   try   to   attract   with   cheap   tricks   ,or  show   off   their  money  or    exhibiting   their   dashing   personality  but   remember    that   it   is   not   what   one   need   to   live    a   Happy  ,Peaceful   life  .You   can    live   such   life   with   a   man   who   owns   a    Good   character   ,if   you   will   stay   safe    God    will   make   him   find   you  and   you   will   lead   an   ideal   life. 

 Though   i   felt   bored   and   rebelled   earlier   but   soon    i   was   attracted   by   the   indoor   activities   as   helping   mom   in   gardening  ,listening   radio    until   late   nights ,writing   latter   in   my   fav   radio     programs  in   which   i   used   to   send   my   poetry   or  pieces   of  prose. I   was   greatly   encouraged   by   the   program   compares   who   read   my   letter   as   a   special   section   of   their   program  and  named  it  "Talking  Letter".

Once   a   bunch    of   girls   from   a   village   near   came   to   our    house    and   i   was   overwhelmed   to   hear   that   they   came   to   just  see   the    person      who   writes   such   interesting     letters   as   they   also   were   fan   of  same   program.  Uncle  Ahsan   Whga [the  commentator  of  program  who  read  my  letters ]  was   a   great  personality   of   that   time  who   wrote   books  and   his   works   were   acknowledged  by  people   and   government  then.

I   named  my   first   son   Ahsun   because   i   wanted   him  as   intellectual   as  uncle  was.{i  am  grateful  that  he  is a  wonderful son  and  a  very  nice  human]

In   girls   high   school   i   have   good   warm   relationship   with   everyone ,specially   my   class   fellows,my   teachers   and    my   principals[i  saw  three  principals  in   8   years  of   school,last  one   was   extremely  kind  to  me and  she  helped  me to  get  job after  school].

But   we   were   group   of   five   girls   who   who's   friendship   was  unshaken  and  trustworthy  for  all   these   years  except    one   of   my   best   friend    Lubna   with   whom   i   broke   up   immediately   when   one   day   i   heard    that   she   was   having   an   affair   with   a   boy   in   her   neighborhood  . When   we   broke   up   it   was   hard   for   both   of  us  because   we   were   addicted   to   each  other's   company  and   shared   our   heart.  I   can    still    feel    the   pain   of   this   break   up  ,for   the   first   time   i   did   not   want   to   go   to   school  ,i  didn't  for  three   days .

Our   principal   expelled  her   and   fired   out   the   lady   servant   who   was   involve  in   the  arrangements   of   the   meeting  of   boy   and   girl  .She   took   admition  in   another   far   school   and   later   i   heard   she   got   employment   as  govt  teacher . Few   weeks   back   i   heard  from   shazi  one  of  my   school   friend   who  stays   mostly  in  ouch   Lubna's       fourth   marriage   is   also   broken  .  And   she   is   planning   fifth   with   man  already   married  and  elder  twice  more  than  her .Her   mother    was   divorced  and  raised   five   kids   all   by   her .

Lubna's   eldest     sister   is   happily   married   and  has   grown  up   kids   but   Lubna    is   suffering   with   her   mother's   bad   teachings   which   are   contently   breaking   her   relationships.
Here   divorce   is   not   acceptable   [though  times  are  changed now]  still   women   face   criticism  and   abusive  behavior  from  family   and   society .
But   there   is   something   which  is   wrong   with   Lubna's   mother ,  she   interfere  and   dominate  her  life  badly  .For   such   inappropriate  actions[i  should not say  though  but  all other  say]    Lubna and    her  mother  changed  their     cities twice  to  avoid  peoples  stern  reaction   .

I   met   her   once   when  she   was   divorced  for   third   time   and   tried   to   convince     her   that   like   her   sister  she   should   focus   on   her   goods  and   bads   by   her   own   because   without   compromise  no   relationship  work ,she   said   she  cannot  hurt   her   mother   as   whatever   she   do  is  only  for  her   good.

I   sympathizes    with   her   deeply  and   still   think   that   i   should   have   not   reacted   so   harshly ,than   i   was   captivated   by   my   limited  consciousness   who   could   not   absorb   her   attitude  which  was  different  than   mine   but   it   is  okay  to   be   different  ,Friendship  is  above   such   limits  and  conditions  that  is what  i  think  now . 

Please   take   good   care   friends!  Stay   calm   ,happy   and   focus  to   turn   all   into   good   around you!
God   Bless   you   All!


Friday, April 21, 2017

A cute photo ! and a Related Story

Hello   Dear    Friends!

Hope  and   pray    that   all    of    you    are   filling    exact   and   precise     amount    of    your   desires     in   the    blank    check    of    LIFE     given   in    your   hands   by    your    Creator.

It    makes    easy   everything   if    we    already    know    clearly   that    what    we   ACTUALLY    want    and   don't   feel    tempted    by    false    shine    of    sand   who    gives    to  our   eyes   the    illusion    of    water .

Dear   friends    few    days   ago   i    saw    this   cute      photo   on   Facebook    shared   by   by   someone   whom   i    don't   know   personally     though    but    found    interesting   enough   to   save  in   my   smart   phone   gallery .

Tow    days     ago    i   went   to   meet   one   of   my    sister   in   law [wife  of  hubby's   brother]   where  i    met    her   sister   who   was   good   friend   of   mine  . She    for   the    first   time    seemed   so    broken    and   sad.  She   made   me    shock   with   her   harsh    words    and    hateful   accent    for   her    husband   to    whom    she   was   married   since    more   than   23   years .

It    was   love   marriage    arranged    by     parents .Both   husband   and   wife   were   idealized    as    perfect    couple   and   never   heard   of   any    clash   or   even   rumor   of   little    misunderstanding  . She   looked   happily   settled    with   man   of   her   dreams   who   was  established   well   economically  too.  They    have    four   daughters    and    three   sons   and   most   of   them   are   grownups   now.

She   was   sharing   her   pains   for   the   first    time   that   she    loved   and   choose   this   man   because   she   knew    that   he   is   all    by   his   own   and   has   no   family   around   to   bother .She   wanted   a   separate   home   without   any   kind   of   inlaws    relationship   to   enjoy   her   life   with    freedom   and   obvious   love   with   her   husband.

She    told    that    she   got   what   she   wanted.   Unlike   her   other    sisters    who   were   stuck    in   joint    family   system   she   was   having   fun  full   life   with   her   man.  She   said   she   thought   it    all    would       go   same   forever   but   within  two   years    she    felt   that   her   husband   lost   his   interest   in    her .She   also   later   heard   about   his   affairs    but   stayed   silent   because    she   did    not   want   anyone    to    find   out   her   fallen    situation    as   she   felt   with   each   day   as   she   is   falling    into   deep   dark   well.

She   told   that   after   those   early   two   years   she   only   suffered   with   the   cruel   and   rude   behavior   of   her   husband .She   said   she  doesn't   want   live  with   this   man   anymore  as   she   is   tired  of   pretending   as   perfect    couple  .

I   cannot   tell   how   shocked   i   was   because   i   used   to   appreciate   this   couple   and   idealized   them   as  a  best   couple  .  Because    here   mostly   couple   have   to   live   in   joint   families   and     parents    are   not   left   alone .   Specially   when   they   are   very   old . In    such   conditions   a   couple    since   early   days   of   their   marriage   cannot    afford   to   be  EXPRESSIVE   or   EXPOSED  in   their   love   relationships   while   surrounding   by   so   many,   Somehow    it    keeps   the   attraction   of   both   for   each   other   strong   and   mostly   by    the   time   love   and   bonding   get    stronger   and   deeper   among   them.

Though   sometime   if   people   around   are   negative    they   affect   relationship   in   bad   ways   too  but  both  possibilities   exist   there   equally.  I    spent   16    years   and   really   hard   one   with   my   in   laws   ,Hard   times    raised   differences   between   us   often   in   early   years   of   marriage.   But   each   time   we   get   annoyed   with   each   other   we   realized    that    we   cannot   live   without   talking   to   each   other    for   more   than   few   days   .An   unseen   force   compelled   us   towards   each   other   and   we   got   back   to   our   normal   behaviors.

One  thing   that   made   our   relationship    work   is   i   believe   that    once    in    a   while   we   both   appreciated   and   acknowledged    each   other's   effort    for   making   this   marriage   and   life    together    work    successfully .   These     appreciations    echoed   in    our   heart   whenever    we   were   annoyed .

I    strongly    believe   that    acknowledgment     and   appreciation    is   key   to   successful   marriage  .While   facing   up down  situations   remembering   the   GOOD   TIMES  THAT    WE   HAD   TOGETHER   is   another   most   important    thing .  Physical    pleasures    are    timely   attraction   but    spiritual    bounding     is    True   Base   of   a   healthy    relationship  that   is   what  i   believe.

i   think   this   topic   can   extends   into   endless   posting  friends ,so   i   have   to   stop  and   say   "   See    you   soon   my   friends!
Please    keep   check   on   yourself   as   if   you   are   taking   good   care   of   yourself   in   all   means   or   not.  Stay   strong  and   focused  to   be  happy   and  to   make   your   environment  happy  too!

God    Bless    You    All!

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

My Old Sewing Machine and Current Blooms!

Hello    Precious   Friends!

Hope   and   pray   that   all    of    you   are   choosing    all    your   most    favorite   colors   to   beautify    the   paintings   of   your   lovely   lives.

As   we   all   get   this   painting   of   life   only   as   a  outline   and   all    that   we   put   in   it   to   make   it   Meaningful,    Unique   and   Beautiful    is   our   OWN   CHOICE.

End    of     the   day   the    output   we   see   is   obviously   the   the   result   of   our   own   input,so   being   be careful   about   the   selection   of   colors   is   upon   our   wisdom   and   insight    towards   life  .

Dear    friends    it   is    12  am[noon]  i   just   got   back   from   kitchen  after   cooking   chicken  korma   for   the   lunch  and   finishing  my  laundry.  Sun    is   shining   brightly    with  37c  temperature .   Here   in   southern   Pakistan   rains   are   rare   and   as   i   spent   my   childhood    and  some   of   youth   in   northern   native   land   so   still   MISS  RAINS   SOOOOOOO  MUCH!

Today    i   am   sharing   some   more   very   current   blooms   of   my   front   yard   and   photo   of   my   27   year   old   sewing    machine   which   was   wedding   gift   by   late   mother .

Though   i   use   it   quite   less  now   but   used   lot   when   i   had   only   one   son  eldest  one   and   had   enough   time   to    afford   any   kind   of   hobby  .I   sewed   many   suits   for   myself  and  later  for  younger   kids .Unlike   mom,   sewing   was    never   my   passion   but   i   did   it   just   to   check   as   if   i   could ?   May   be   i   could   little  bit .

Last  day   after  almost  7  years  i   finished  one  of  my  own  summer   season 's  lawn   suit  ,it   took   three   days  as   whenever   i   got   some   free time   i   moved   it   forward ,finally   ready,not   good   but   wear  able  .

              Pomegranate   tree   is   sprinkling   it's   lovely   red   smiles  in  my   yard 

             Noon   flowers   ,they   closed   their   adorable   pink   eyes  when  sun   sets.

                                                    White   flower  tree  and  sunflower 

                                           Sada   Bahar  flower  which means  forever  flower 

                           When  sun  showers  it's  rays  my  neem  tree  looks   more   gorgeous !

                                            side view  to  share some yellow  beauties!

                                      Caught   this   naughty   little   friend  last  evening  

                                                             By   the   Grace   of   God!!!

                    Two    days    ago   when   sky   showed   some  enchanting  mood!

See   you   soon   friends, time   to   get   up   and   run   to   prepare   bread [roti]  for  lunch   as  they  are   about   to   get   back  .

Take   great   care  ,stay   happy  and    positive  to   turn   all   in   your   favor .
God   Bless   You   All!

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

The Girl interrupted , Sometime it happens

Hello  my  precious  friends !

Hope    and   pray   that    you    are   learning   more   and  more   ART   OF   LIFE   by   the   each   passing   day.

Time  is    naughty    teacher   though   and   it's   ways   of    teaching   are   unpredictable    and   Technics    are    surprising     yet   good   students   never   skip   the   class   and     never    avoid   the   studies   until    the   last   breathe .

We    all    know    that    no   matter    whatever   we    do   LEARNING   is   the   ONLY   SOURCE   OF    PLEASURE .  While   facing   the   toughest    times  of   life   or   during    being   entertain    by    any    form   of   art     we    get    sense   of   joy    consciously   or   unconsciously     because    we   Learn!

Sometime    we    learn   from   mistakes   that   other   make   and   sometime   lessons   comes   from   wiser   resources    around   us  .We     admit   it   or   not   we   learn   more   from    people   who   are   less   clever   or   called   fools , While    laughing    at   them   huge   joy   comes    from   the   learning    that  " we   will  never   be   doing   this" .

People   who   absorb   positivity   from   this   process   of   learning  change   somehow   for   better     and    today   i   am   sharing   with   you   an   incident   which   often   springs    up   in   my   mind   when   usually    i    watch    some   drama    or   movie    with   happy   ending   when   all    characters   at   the   end   change    their   perspective   and   behavior    and   things   resolve   finally   with   ease.

When   my   grandma    admitted    me   in   the   school   i   was   eight  [ we  migrated  from  city  to  village  when  i  was  six  and  mom;s  brother  were  not  letting  me  go   to   school  because  for   a   girl   it   was   not   safe  and  right  they  thought , so  mom  's   courage   took   two   more   years   to   go   against  them   and   send   me   school ]    and   only   girl   from   the   village     among    some   boys   including   my   cousins .  We      everyday   go   to    school   by   walking    on   hills   covered   with   bushes   and   in   the   beginning   i   fell   lot   and  my   knees   were   always   injured    as    it   was   absolutely   new   thing   for   me   but    i    loved   this   adventurous   journey   every time .

There  were  and  are  two   kinds  of   school   ,one   the  govt  school  with  free  education   where  kids  learn   all   subjects  in  national   language Urdu.Other  Private  school   where  students  learn  English  alongwith  Urdu  and  fesses  are  quite  high

The  school   was   in   another   village .It   had     few   large   rooms   but   chairs   were   only   for   teachers .  All   the    students   would   sit   on    the   long    rectangular      mats   in   the   huge   front    yard   with    an   very    old     tree     and   hand   pump.  There    were   only   two   teachers  of  middle    for   almost   70   plus   kids   from   grade   one    to   grade   five . When    my   teacher   took   my   admission    test   he   had   put   me   in   grade    two   because   i   passed   it   with   good   marks .

All    the   boys   in   school   were   little    undisciplined   and   kind   of   wild   to   me   because   they    used   to   talk    so   loudly   and   often   fight   with   each   other   on   hand pump   specially.

Most    of   them    were   tall    and   i   felt   scare   of   them   particularly   when   after   each    test    my   teacher   praised   me   for    my    performance   front   of   them   and   asked    them   to   be   "cock" [it  was  term  for  punishment  in  which   boys   had   to  sit   in  a  very   weird   position  by   crossing   their   arms   under   their   legs and   hit   them   on    their   buts   while   saying   that  
"shame   on   you   all  boys"look   at   this   little   girl   she  is    tall   as   your   leg   and  in   many   grade   behind   but   she   defeated   you  all"

The    boys   seemed    so   angry   with   me   and   i   could   sense   their   hate   for   me .There   were  four    more   girls   in  school ,one   in   my   grade    and  two    in   four  . In   school    me   and   five  other   boys   of  my   village   were   treated   like   outsiders   because   all   other   students   belonged   to   the   same   village   where   school   was   situated .

By    the   time   as   teachers   likening   raised   for   me   the   hate   of   the    other   students    arose    even     more  .The    other    girl   who   was   in   my   grade   was   biggest    problem    for   me   already   and   i   realized   that    boys   of   her   village   pumped    her   against   me   more .

She   stole   my   money   threw   my   lunch    and   pulled   my   braid    many   times   to   tease   me   to   fight   with   me .I   sense   her    plan   and   remained    patient   as   i   knew   that   if   we   had   fight    other   girls   will   support    her   too.   I   could   not   tell    teacher   because    she   left   no   evidence  ever.   I   knew   if   i   will   tell   mother   she   will   come   to   school   and   talk   to   the   teachers    but    then   everyone   will   make   fun   of    me   that   i   was   coward   and   called   mom   for   help    instead   of   facing   it   by   own.

One    day    when   it   was      break    time   and   teachers   were   in    rooms    Nazima [the girl's name]  pushed   me   so   hard   while   i   was   leaning   over   the   hand   pump   and   drinking   water  ,my   face   slammed    with   pump   and   nose    started   bleeding  .Nazima   and   other  both   girls   were   laughing   and   so   the   all   boys   except   the   five   my   villagers .I   was    shaking   with   both    the   fear   and   anger  .I   got   up   from    the   ground   and   tried    to   push   her  but   three   of   them    started    beating  me   and   pulling   my   braid   ,i   fell   on   ground   again   my   eyes   were   shut    due   to   tears   ,sweat   and   hair  .All    i    could    feel    my    hands   grip    on   her   shirt   and   i   was   pulling   it    to   make   her   fell   down   with   me    so   i   could   beat   her   too.

I   Did    not    know    what   happened   suddenly   that   they   took   their   hands   off   me   with   some   strange   kind   of   screaming . When   i   opened   my    eyes   i   was    shocked    and   really   more   than   shocked   that    Nazima   was   sitting   on   her    knees    on   ground    and   shouting   that    i   took   off    her   pants [she  was  11 ]. 

 Both   male   teachers   came    out   they   saw   the   situation   and   without   asking   anything   one   of   them   took   a   thick    stick   and    hit   my   knees   by    saying   that   you   did   a   very   shameful   act  .I    still    remember    that   tear   pouring   from   my   eyes   not   for   that   punishment   but   for   that   blame .

That   day   i   took   more   then   two    hours   to    reach    home   instead   of   half   hour  because   i   was   unable   to   walk   properly   yet   pain   i   felt   was   that   disgraceful   blame   was  more   than   physical    misery .

Next    day  mom   went   to   school   and   angrily   asked   about  it   from  teachers  .They   said   if   they   would   have   not   react   such   way    there   would   be   a   revolt   and   protest   against   them  because  it   was   about   a   girl's   dignity ,   they   said   i   am   very   brilliant   student   though    but   it   was    obvious   and   necessary   as   that   girl   belong   to   a   wealthy   family  . Mom   was   so   sad   and   angry   she   believed   me   that   i   did   not   do   it   and    my    villager   boys   also   told   her   everything   Nazima   used   to   do   me .

Mother   immediately   decided  that   she   will   not   send   me   to   this   school   again .
Next    week    she   took   me   the   girls    high    school   where   only   girls  were    studying   and   all   the   teachers   were    female .This   was   my   biggest    relief   that   from   now   i   will   be   away   from   boys    school    and   specially   Nazima   was   not   in   my   life   anymore .
But   my   happiness   could   not   last   for    long   when    after   three   months  new   admissions   opened   after   exams  one   day   Nazima   appeared   again   as   my   class   mate .A   strange    strong   fear   waved   inside   my   body   when   i   saw   her   front   of   me   .

Her   smile   and   snake like  eyes   were    saying   me   that  "I   am   after  you   ,you   can't   get   rid  of  me"    I   really   wanted   to   disappear   in   air  ,she   was   weird  and   frightful   .I   could   not   understand   that   why   she   hated   me   as   much     that    chased   me   here   too. Just    to   make   me   in   trouble   she   put   her   in   disgust   and   now   i   could   imagine  that   she   can   go   any   further     to   hurt   me   and   it  made   me   so   afraid .

I   was   lucky   that    before   her   coming   i   made   many   new   friends   and   got   lots   of   appreciation   from   my   teachers  [later    when  i  got  in   high   classes  i  was  lucky   enough   to   be   one   of   my   principal's  favorite   student  too] .
Since   beginning   i   got   terribly   bad   handwriting   but   still  my   teachers   accepted  and   adored  my   hard   work   and   it   was   huge   satisfaction   for   me .Back   to   Nazima   who   tried   her   best   to   take   my   friends   away   and   make   me   insulted   by   my   teacher   by   her   clever   tricks  .Her   efforts   were   very  high   and   easily   noticed   by   my   friends   and   teachers. 

 But   this   time   God   Blessed   me   with   honor   and   when   one   day   in  exit   time  while  we   were   standing  in  the   line  to   move   towards   the   gate   she   acted   like   pushed   her  and   she   threw   her   bag  on   ground   and   everything   spread   here  and  there. She   was  literly  actually  crying  and   running   towards   the   principal   office   while   saying  that   shabana   hit   me   and   threw   my    bag  .I   was   shocked   again   by   her   acting   skills  but   surprisingly   principal   slapped   her   so   badly   and   fired   her   out   by   saying   that  " we   been   noticing  you  since  you  are  here  and  know  your   history   too,this   school   is   not  a   place   where   you  came   for   politics   or   fighting "

Coming   years   were   some   of   most   beautiful   for  me  in   the   school  and   are   still  as   treasure  in   my  heart.

After   finishing  my   school   i   got  a  government  teaching  job   but   could   not  continue   because  mom   got  me  married  after  two  years.  After   six   years   of   my   marriage  when   once   i   went   to   my   mother's   home   mom   told  me   that   one   day   Nazima   came   to   see   you   and   she  was   apologizing   with   teary   eyes   for   her   previous   misbehavior  with   you  ,i   told  her   that   you   live  in   city   far   away   now   than   she  said   kindly  let  me  know  when  she  visit  her   i   will   say   sorry   to   her   .

I  never    wanted   to   see   her   but   by   chance   we  met   on   a  wedding   ceremony   of   common    friend .She   came   near   and   hugged   like   she   someone  so   closed  to  heart.  i   was  amazed   by    her   new   look   .Gentleness   and   peace   replaced   that   evil   desperation   on   her   face .She   talked    for   so   long   ,in   short   she   said   that   she   hated   me   because   i   was   everyone's   favorite  and  specially   because   my  mother  loved  me   as  much   that   she   cared  about    so  much ,she   brought   umbrella  and  lunch   and  give  goodbye  kisses  But  my   mom  never  cared   about  me   she   hated   me   as  much  i  hated   her .
She  is  unfaithful   wife   and  irresponsible   mother . Her   confession   made    me   cry  ,i   hugged   her  and   told   her   that   it   was   foolishness  of   childhood  now   we   should  forget  about  it .

She   was   changed   and   this   was   when   i   experienced   for   the   first   and   last   time   that   people   change   actually  sometime   and   be   good  in   future.

Sorry   post   became  much   long   friends  but   i  really   wanted  to  share  this  today.
please  take  care ,stay  happy  and  positive.God  Bless  You  All!


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