Tuesday, April 18, 2017

My Old Sewing Machine and Current Blooms!

Hello    Precious   Friends!

Hope   and   pray   that   all    of    you   are   choosing    all    your   most    favorite   colors   to   beautify    the   paintings   of   your   lovely   lives.

As   we   all   get   this   painting   of   life   only   as   a  outline   and   all    that   we   put   in   it   to   make   it   Meaningful,    Unique   and   Beautiful    is   our   OWN   CHOICE.

End    of     the   day   the    output   we   see   is   obviously   the   the   result   of   our   own   input,so   being   be careful   about   the   selection   of   colors   is   upon   our   wisdom   and   insight    towards   life  .

Dear    friends    it   is    12  am[noon]  i   just   got   back   from   kitchen  after   cooking   chicken  korma   for   the   lunch  and   finishing  my  laundry.  Sun    is   shining   brightly    with  37c  temperature .   Here   in   southern   Pakistan   rains   are   rare   and   as   i   spent   my   childhood    and  some   of   youth   in   northern   native   land   so   still   MISS  RAINS   SOOOOOOO  MUCH!

Today    i   am   sharing   some   more   very   current   blooms   of   my   front   yard   and   photo   of   my   27   year   old   sewing    machine   which   was   wedding   gift   by   late   mother .

Though   i   use   it   quite   less  now   but   used   lot   when   i   had   only   one   son  eldest  one   and   had   enough   time   to    afford   any   kind   of   hobby  .I   sewed   many   suits   for   myself  and  later  for  younger   kids .Unlike   mom,   sewing   was    never   my   passion   but   i   did   it   just   to   check   as   if   i   could ?   May   be   i   could   little  bit .

Last  day   after  almost  7  years  i   finished  one  of  my  own  summer   season 's  lawn   suit  ,it   took   three   days  as   whenever   i   got   some   free time   i   moved   it   forward ,finally   ready,not   good   but   wear  able  .

              Pomegranate   tree   is   sprinkling   it's   lovely   red   smiles  in  my   yard 

             Noon   flowers   ,they   closed   their   adorable   pink   eyes  when  sun   sets.

                                                    White   flower  tree  and  sunflower 

                                           Sada   Bahar  flower  which means  forever  flower 

                           When  sun  showers  it's  rays  my  neem  tree  looks   more   gorgeous !

                                            side view  to  share some yellow  beauties!

                                      Caught   this   naughty   little   friend  last  evening  

                                                             By   the   Grace   of   God!!!

                    Two    days    ago   when   sky   showed   some  enchanting  mood!

See   you   soon   friends, time   to   get   up   and   run   to   prepare   bread [roti]  for  lunch   as  they  are   about   to   get   back  .

Take   great   care  ,stay   happy  and    positive  to   turn   all   in   your   favor .
God   Bless   You   All!


  1. Nice to know that someone else is also like sewing coz I also like sewing my stuff by myself some time... Anyway very interesting post...

  2. Lovely post with gorgeous flowers !
    Have a nice day !

  3. Your sewing is so nice and your flowers are so pretty! Makes me wish we didn't have such cold weather here where I live! We have little critters (the little animal that looks like a chipmunk) all over here too. Andrea

  4. What beautiful blue cloth you chose for your sewing project! The outfit looks lovely!

  5. You sew very well from my point of view! Your garden is lovely and the food sounds good!

  6. I love the colour of the clothes you made.

    Great photos of your garden, Baili!

  7. I also love the color of ypur clothes and the flowers are so pretty☺

  8. You are making beuatiful clothes!

    So warm there, we are having here very cold nights and days.

  9. Your suit is beautiful, how very clever of you to make it. I’ve never seen a pomegranate tree (only pomegranate fruits in the supermarket). I’ve never seen a Noon flower either. We have a similar flower in the UK which is called an Old-Fashioned Pink or Dianthus but the green parts are very different from what you show here. Is the creature a Chipmunk? We don’t get those in the UK either. All your plants and animals are so exotic, thank you for sharing the photographs. Have a lovely week.

  10. I love your comparison of life to an outline of a picture that we need to fill in carefully with our choice of colours - that is so very true and I will think of it that way now too. Beautiful flowers and plants! And your suit is very pretty. I think you are being too modest about your sewing talent!

  11. Your colors are lovely as well as your results from the sewing machine. I have no patience with sewing but wish I did. My mother made most of my clothes when I was a child.

  12. This sentence really captured me, Baili: "As we all get this painting of life only as a outline and all that we put in it to make it Meaningful, Unique and Beautiful is our OWN CHOICE." This is a beautiful analogy for the great mysteries of fate and free choice. I tend to color outside the lines sometimes. because I like to challenge conventions, especially when it comes to women's rights. Never-the-less, I love my husband and home and derive great happiness from both.

    I think the outfit you made is lovely ~ the vibrant colors match your vibrant personality and spirit.

    I enjoyed the photos of your garden, and I spotted a number of familiar ones. Your "noon" flowers I think are a small carnation that my family calls "pinks." And surely your "white flower tree" is a variety of plumeria. I love the glorious scent of plumeria, and how cool a plumeria lei feels against my skin.

    Happy cooking, my friend. Later today I'm going to make minestrone soup from scratch with lots of fresh veggies I bought at the grocery store yesterday. I've never made minestrone soup before, and I am quite excited about attempting it.

    Wishing you God's blessing's, my friend! Sending you a big hug!

  13. What a lovely post, I really enjoyed reading it and looking at your photo's ... the flowers are so colourful.

    That looks a great sewing machine, me dear mum had one ... but I was never that good at sewing, ok at sewing buttons on or taking up hems, but nothing too complicated.

    Have a good week

    All the best Jan

  14. Great metaphor with how we put our lives together with colors.

  15. Your front yard is blooming nicely. I was wondering, does the squirrel speak Urdu? (hee hee)
    Be blessed

  16. Some of the flowers you show are similar to what we had at our last house in central Florida.

    The yellow and white one we call plumeria. They are SO pretty!

  17. Being an artist I really loved your words about paintings of life! Love the paintings of your amazing blooms. And what a great machine! I love it.

  18. I love your clothing. What a beautiful colour! And your blooms are really lovely. Nothing here yet, although the tulips have begun to grow.

  19. You have a very nice garden. The squirrel is a welcome visitor.

  20. Love your pretty sewing machine and dress, Baili! So many wonderful flowers in your garden and a sweet little visitor. A lovely visit - wish we could have tea together! Sending hugs xo Karen

  21. This is a wonderful and and the flowers are wonderful. It is finally warming up here in New York and we will have some flowers in a few weeks.

    It is very impressive that you finished a seven year sewing project.

  22. Interesting post my dear, thank you for sharing :-)

  23. Oh, your garden is so lovely! And the clothes you sewed are beautiful! I like that shade of blue. Your sewing machine looks very nice. I have an old sewing machine as well. It used to be my grandmother's. She got it when she was a young girl, it is more than 70 years old now. I grew up next to it, watching as my mama  was working. (I called my grandmother “mama”.)
    I hope you have a wonderful week!

  24. Cute creature in your garden, we don't have them here.
    Talking about your garden, the flowers are every so pretty.
    Like you sewing machine. I used to sew but not these days, it's rare if I do as clothes are cheaper to buy than buy the material to sew.

  25. Many of the blooms in your yard, Baili, are similar to onces we have seen in our yards, but with different names. I also liked the comparison of painting our lives with colors. And, your sewing is better than mine, as I have no machine and no skills. Your suit look lovely and comfortable.

  26. Hi Baili! :))) Just wanted to see your blog, we are so far away from each other, but it's so nice to see we still have things in common. I love to sew, though back in 1995 when I got my first two puppies, they used my patterns as a chew toy lol...I'm still rebuilding! Your pomegranate tree is beautiful! Your flowers too. I have a little sneaky squirrel who eats off our bird feeder, I hope he stays away from my garden this summer! :)

  27. thanks baili, your posts are always so encouraging and uplifting. your backyard blooms are so beautiful, it is always nice to look out the window and see such beauty!!

    you sewing project is very nice, i like the colors. i like to sew but don't make time for it often enough!!

  28. Hello Baili :)

    I'm so happy to "meet" you and thank you so much for your comment.

    Your yard is beautiful and so are your words. I had to look up chicken karma and it looks delicious! I'll be making it soon :)


  29. I used to sew my own dresses but now only use my sewing machine for mending and patchworks. Love the beautiful flowers from your garden and the little squirrel visitor. God is good!

  30. Beautiful post! Beautiful writing! I love your outfit and I love your pictures! Big Hugs!


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