Friday, July 19, 2024

The Oldest Version Of You Is Within ...


During first month of the Homeopathic treatment i avoided doing my yoga exercise which made me feel dull .I did this on purpose because i thought i must observe how medicine solely is working for me without any other external support . Extreme heat was the second reason to skip physical exercise actually. But i am trying to start it back and adding slowly few steps back in y daily routine . It's just third day and i am feeling like i have taken my head out of the cave and am able to take breath properly. It's miraculous undoubtedly how little physical work out can transform our perspective!

I felt little dull and depressed when i skipped exercise which made me search for some videos dealing with how depression takes control of our real selves. Yes we often forget that like everything else in the world we humans too are made up of two types of energy Yin and Yang or in other words Negative and Positive . But in philosophy of human soul they are called "conscious mind " and Subconscious Mind"

Physical brain of conscious mind is 70 percent of our thinking self and responsible for current surviving functions and skills where on the other hand Subconscious Mind is only 30 percent of our thinking self and lies within our stem embryonic stem cells . Despite being thirty percent visibility Subconscious mind has far greater roll in shaping our life by influencing our Conscious mind which seems larger otherwise . If read some nice book on embryonic stem cell one can find how obvious it is that our Subconscious mind is actually something lot  and lot older than  body we live in. It belongs to times when "soul" had no outfit of the body. So Subconscious mind is oldest version of our true selves . It has our long rooted nature installed within that travelled to us through our ancestors in millions of the years. In short all the anxiety ,depression or stress we feel throughout the daily life is because of the lack of understanding between both minds,  conscious stern alert and active mind  and the wiser, relaxed and carefree subconscious mind both try to confront the situations in their own way which make us feel exhausted .

Think of  Sub conscious mind as hand who is holding the puppet. The puppet is Conscious mind, he is passionate about character he is playing and anxious to keep everything in control, but the Hand  holding it is cool and cares less what is necessary for timely measures because He has different level of insightfulness and knows everything will follow it's pattern naturally and will fall on it's place eventually. We face this inner quarrel throughout the life. Sometimes one looses and other wins but we suffer anyway. The only thing which can help us to take control of this situation is Meditation. It brings harmony between both minds and above everything else it make us sit on super position from where we as "self aware one" can keep eye on both sides and decide to listen whom more when and why. No other way is available honestly .

Thanks for bearing with me precious friends .Our device is working fine since yesterday and i thought i must post quickly .

Health peace and joy to you and to all you love!

Monday, July 15, 2024

Sorry If Someone Realized I Am ....

 Hello Kind People !

Hope having blessed times of the cherished season while counting all the gifts Nature has bestowed upon you and loved ones!

Sorry if someone has realized i am absent from blogs since some days. Our internet device is causing issues and turning on and off by itself even it's plugged in . We thought it will be fixed by resetting it once or twice but it didn't actually so the mechanic was called three days ago who said it seems ok and it is hard to detect what is the problem .But he then monitored with some machine the small power handling box attached with device and told that it's i c can have issue which is leaving current after sometime . Device is staying on only when our screen time is gone such as evening . We could not talk to our both sons because they called but net device was off . 

These are religiously special days here as Shia community is celebrating it's ten days of Muharram the Islamic month so it is impossible to do any such device exchange before 11th or 12th of Muharram which is three to four days away sadly . Till then we are trying to manage whenever internet is available .The heat inside the rooms intensifies after evening and it is very hard to focus or do some blog visiting or try to write something as mind is totally blown  out by heat.

It is 5 pm almost and i saw internet working so  i thought i should run and share my heart with you my friends .Thank you so much for being with me always and responding so kindly !

Sending lots and lots of love ,best wishes for your health peace and joy and for loved ones!

Sunday, July 7, 2024

Something I Miss


Hey beautiful souls! 

Hope blooming wisely in the garden of life !

Our horribly hot weather took break and we are having little pleasant days since day before yesterday .Recent rains throughout the country are responsible for this kind and badly needed change by the grace of God! 

Power load shedding ,extreme heat that blows mind and all one can think are reason to not be able to post or blog on time dear friends . On the other hand we are having guests as well . It's been third time when i sat with laptop and got guests meanwhile and had to get up. So decided to post right after breakfast and before recitation .Sharing some photos that show how much i missed my eldest and elder son and how much i missed visiting beautiful lush Islamabad and native town .Hope you will find them worth of . 

   a lovely sight of window flowers that became dream because hubby's office building went under demolishing and reconstruction for two years . Hubby would bring variety of plants from there before which would bloom in our yard garden.The building is completed now and staff has been moved back.The inauguration was done by ex chief minster on last Friday . 

 taken when one of my cousin Nano invited us at her place for lunch 

     captured when two year ago i reunited with my younger sister and she invited us on lunch at her place where she lives with her in laws .it was her bedroom actually

  Daman e Koh ,the famous tourist hilly attraction in Islamabad 

             a lovely tree of pretty pink flowers standing among row of it's kind front of Centaurus Mall

                     gorgeous bloom from the native home yard 

       delightful   yellow flower that seems cousin of sunflower to me 

   a week back this handsome guy landed on our roof walling while we were having evening tea ,we tried to capture it's beauty but it was tough .he belongs to farther neighbors 

     when my younger son visited last time he put the tv in lounge to avoid room temperature ,we would watch young Sheldon while having breakfast daily .we are expecting him in last ten days of July hopefully!

    the golden times when my eldest son took us to famous Bahria town in Karachi ,we had amazing time wandering in wonderful biggest model town ever in Pakistan .

                    i miss my precious baba so much !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 aren't they  pretty ,they were waving gladly in field patio of my native village 

    my younger son shared this some months back when he visited some special place with friends .today when i was scrolling quickly for photos to share here i found this lovely !glasses look good on him 

                   he is again with us all in Bahria Town Karachi 

          my youngest son standing on New Murree Hill station where we scrolled beauty of the place for hours and spent some beautiful time ,just three of us .below homes were scattered like colorful blooms 

 Lake in Ayoob  Park Islamabad where it was fun to watch ducks and other birds floating in water .
Will be visiting you all from today hopefully .
Thinking of you all with heart full of love ,best wishes and prayers .
got to get up as youngest son is waiting to start his studies on this laptop . 
God Bless you all!
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