Saturday, January 30, 2010

My Headache.

hello friends i hope on this little earth every one is having nice time okay not every one but who those who are face the hard time right now they are remembering their good times and trying to bring them back , i just had tablet for headache ,actually i thought No i was not in position of thinking so i felt that may be i am not able to post today due to such terrible headache then i decided to take the tablet

now may be you will think is it big deal i would say yes for me it is. some years back i was almost addicted to self medicine ,due to have anemia i get tired earlier then normal people and feel slight fever after daily work so i started taking self medicine, some time i took paracetamol tablet thrice a day ,but by the time i start feeling pain in my stomach ,doctor advised me to quiet the self medicine immediately ,,since then i avoided it ,i found it so hard but as time passed i was habitual ,

last night i had some guests ,a wife of husband 's brother with her five kids , who had blast in our house last night my both young ones joined them happily they made amazing noise and played in freestyle everywhere ,i don't mind kids playing and being naughty,but there are a always some limits when they are playing inside .

I was hoping for description from their mother but it did not happened , the worse part was that we could not even talk correctly due to this disturbance ,we met after four month so there was stuff to share ,but what to do ,after dinner her husband came to take her back home and i was wondering what kind of meeting it was .

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

story of a life

when i opened my eyes i found my self on extreme height ,i was a leaf of that old thick tree which was standing beside the big busy road ,to that tree i was first gift of spring the tree was very kind to me he feed me well ,i was feeling the life moving in me my health my youth and my beauty were making me happiest and proudest living being ever, i found air and sun my best friends ,

from up there i could see the people crawling down ,that world also seemed divided between two kind of people the high and low the high kind was neat and graceful and other was looking worse and disgusting ,due to living high i was always on neat side ,when ever i looked at them i thought okay only they deserve to live here ,i mean who wants the panic and crying creatures here

i enjoyed the expression on the face of that poor dirty boy who was cleaning the car but man in the car drove away without paying him a single cent ,the boy was like some one pulled his hand back which hold a piece of bread .i told that funny indecent to others and laughed aloud ,life was beautiful and i was on the top of the world ,but by time i start feeling some changes in my friends around ,the kind tree was turning in to a stranger he was decreasing my liquid of life so my veins were getting drier my body was turning yellow , the sun was trying to burn me and air was shaking me like wanted to throw away,then once tree said your time is up you have to be back now, but i am from up here ,i replied but he did not show mercy

like air was waiting for it she pushed me towards ground with its all power ,while i was loosing my heights i was remembering my whole life , my childhood my youth my beauty and all the love and praise i got, and now i was falling down to the ground the place i hatted most when i touched the ground i felt disgraced then suddenly the old beggar crawled over me and tore my body in to pieces ,but why was he crawling , O my god he is not a dis able he does it only to get others sympathy i saw him walking well from up there.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

It is not raining...

Looking at my neem tree now days is like looking at a young girl who did not see her loved one for long time and a thick layer of sadness have covered her face, like her I am also missing the rain a lot, I dont know what plan sky has for the earth this year. But I think it must send its message of love through rain.I would love to witness that moment when earth receives it with all her shyness and suddenly her face becomes a beautiful spot of happiness. Me and Neem are also hoping for it .She wants to spread her arms more widely, so she can be great help for nest of the pair of birds which sit whole day but fly away in evening.

I consider rain a friend who meets rarely but whose company has a deep joy. Its reminds me lot of best memories of my village life, I remember when first drops of early rain used to touch the muddy yard ,the most beautiful smell spread all around. Rain reminds me my sister's first day at school which was across he hill she was 5 years old and was one of the cutest child in world.When school was off and we were up for return to home rain had begun then our Principal who used to live in school even after school times because his home was too far.

He picked up my sister and walked over the Hill towards our home.In the way he talked a bit about his family and asked a bit about ours ,that day we came to know that he was a normall human being other wise we thought of him as a martian.

When we got home we were so excited ,Next day my Mother went to school and thanked him.

Rain reminds me about lot of wonderful things but let it rain first.

Friday, January 22, 2010

A cloud house

she lives in a cloud house,which floats over the earth all time she says every thing looks so meaning ful from there,she is the strangest person i have ever met,i mean she loves every thing and every living being ,she cares about whole at a time.i cannot understand her how can one have such huge heart who wants to absorb the whole pain of each,and wish to spread the peace and happiness every where.she says she is deeply in love with Love.and here on earth she finds every thing and each living being so love able,due to live on cloud house she want to shower her love every where equally.when i see her looking at the little stone on ground i feel the same depth of love and kindness as when she looks at any one else,some time her behavior irritates me a lot,because to me it is absolutely not possible, she says i don't know why i am the way i am but one thing i know that it is not in my hands ,maybe i am made this way

And i think what happen if she does not live on Cloud House,what if she lives here on earth among us ,I mean we are human we believe in drawing lines and making boundaries .we bound our emotions with real solid relationships,and out of it there is no flexibility in our minds for giving away love thing if she lives here who will believe her accept her like this ,some will think that she is selfish or diplomatic , some will say she is unfaithful and trust able .I can imagine how painful her life could be, in the beginning she would cry loud and hard then she will be like a statue having frozen blood tears on her cheeks.

Thank God she does not live here .

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

My 3rd Award

Hello friends I got My 3rd award from a very sweet friend of mine Paula Rodriguez from she is one of my very first blogger friends who encouraged and supported in early days of my blog.She really is a dedicated blogger and mostly posts about her family and progress in her wait losing ,in which she has got a wonderful success.Her blog is an inspiration for me and it really is an honor to receive an award from her.

The rules dictate that I tell you 7 things about me that you wouldn't know , and pass this blog to other 7 blogggers.

1.When I was a child , I used to eat too much all the time, some times I even ate thing which are not supposed to be eaten like once my father was fixing a watch and I intentionally ate two tiny metal parts of the watch.My father looked for them a lot, Then I became aware that those were

2.When I was in 6th grade , I removed a quite huge rock from the place where our house was going to be built, it took me almost a month to do that regular and hidden effort from my mother ,I wanted to surprise her because she was worried that our contractor bluffed us.

3.I love my husband from my teenage, from since our families used to visit each other.but I did not tell him yet.I mean that he knows i love him but does not know that before marriage

4.My biggest fear is water,when i was child i used to swim in our village stream but as i grew up i became afraid of it.I also don't allow my eldest son to get in boat and it irritates him a lot .

5.During my village life ,I killed about 5 to 7 snakes by my self.

6.I think that women are the most beautiful and precious thing on earth that could exist and God have made them so special.

7.Some day I want to become some thing , and I pray that God lets me do this before my death.

1.Every thought counts gets this award for her wonderful blog every thought counts, she is a very sweet friend blogger who used to encourage me from my early days of blogging,i love to read about family life and amazing stuff she makes by her own,she leaves always very supportive comments.

Yaak Adventures i just love to read about her amazing daily family life and enjoy very much rids of her beautiful imagination ,she is super cool mom and blogger ,her comments are always great help for better.

Random Thoughts gets this award for her beautiful thought provoking posts which shows her strong and positive attitude to wards life,,as she is a very young lady but her approach is amazingly mature

Valea's Thoughts gets this award for her wonderful stock of knowledge which she often share with us

Al`eh's Writings gets this award for her very beautiful poetry which really touches the heart

Clare's Blog gets this award for her wonderful writing which speaks about each part of her life

.Life, Nature and Me gets this award for his awesome blog of pics which shows beauty of his peaceful village .His comments are always very respectable for him.

I still have a lot of names in my mind but by following the rules I must pass this award to 7 other blogs.

Monday, January 18, 2010

The droping tear...

hello friends time is passing like some one is put it on fast forward ,its been a month i did not meet my good friend , she does not live so far and we had no fight either,but i still did not feel myself comfortable to meet her.before moving here we used to meet once in week she is sweetest person i know here in my in laws very down to earth humble and no ego problems but her husband is completely opposite of her especially not a gentle man for women around ,

they have grown kids one of them is married since years but even after many years of marriage he has not changed a bit, He use to abuse her for nothing ,may be the reason is that they have nothing common either in appearance or nature.God made her so pretty in look and nature both.But one thing that hurts most that she never resists or protests against that humiliation .

Month ago when I met her , her own daughter told me that he slapped her in front of guests for nothing.I was totally shocked ,when I wanted to talk about it , She replied "May be , I should have listened him more carefully" , as if it was her mistake.

Wasn't that a limit ?.... That time i thought I don't know if she can bare this all but I can't.I love her so much and I am missing her very much but I decided to stay away from this painful situation.God may keep her in His blessings.

Friday, January 15, 2010

some time ,i hate baili

hello fellows i am trying to post some thing very pleasant here since yesterday i love to be happy all the time like everyone else,i know that picture of life has to sides and i wan to to look at the brighter one mostly,but you know baili is not like me at actually some time she is my best friend but some time worse enemy,she was badly after me since Haiti thing happened i ignored her alot but she kept pulling me towards there to show all the destruction i protested that why should i see this i mean will it make any difference for victims so isnt it better that i must just go on and enjoy with my happy go nature, but she just dragged me there,

then i saw so many bodies lying there still warm with the uncertainty of death dreams of future had not left their eyes yet .i could not see more and pulled myself back to my world,i am trying to convince myself that all is well,

people who faced sudden death had no time for pain or fear and people who survived are definitely grateful for their survival, so what should i worry about,you saw how positive i am actually since in my country suicide attaches spreading the pieces of human bodies and media shows us i became so brave even some time i found myself next...sorry friend today's post is too heavy and believe me its not me its baili i hate her.........some time i do .

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Mind Blowing

hello every one ,since i got back from my trip to home town my younger is bringing so much load of home work from his school, i am getting tired of this routine and this school too which is preferable only for its being close to home otherwise it is not the good one,in the end of his final exam of second grad i intend to admit him in school where my eldest one complete his schooling that one is quiet far but teaching style and studies are pretty great,i think it will take some time for me to convince my husband for it cause since we moved here in our new home he found the nearest one better for our six year old asad,any way i hope that my son will found better place for study soon

i used to clean my kitchen with detail once in a week, and today was the day it took me half day and when i was finished and about to say my day time prayer i heard the door bell, my cuisine and her family arrived .The first thought came in my mind that ,what if i was informed before , but i just told my mind that he must support me with throwing away the feeling of tiredness and believe me he just did it ,

i served my guests well prepared nice meal and after that had lots of chat on evening tea they were gone before much dark, while i was in school i used to read stories ,one was about a very interesting man who had very strong control on his mind even before he sleeps he directs his mind to make him awake at a certain time,I wish I could do the same.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

presnt day

i think today is the coldest day of season when i got up in the morning and removed the curtains from window i could not see much because of the fog i found the usual warm dressing less and wore double set of socks be cause my feet are always much colder,me and my husband decided to children keep at home today due to fog outside so the day was cold and busy but fun i spent my time which i got out of the routine in helping my younger one in his studies

my hubby returned from office soon and we had conversation about many things over hot hot cup of tea especially about the movie we saw last night a Indian movie name 3idiot which we liked for its strong and beautiful message ,it was about a guy who wants to go for study to fulfill his desire of just learning his hunger for learning is strong but he is completely against the method of teaching used to be applied in institutions .the making of film was as beautiful as well as script was written mostly when we find the time for movie we prefer English but strong and effective topic can touch the heart in any language .

Thursday, January 7, 2010

A Flight Over The River (piece from my prose)

Baili again hold my hand and took me to the sky ,We were flying over the river which was flowing from the proud mountains to the kind sea from up there we could breath the fresh and deep sense of life it seemed that rain stopped just while ago cause air was still feeling wet .River was flowing so quietly it had a peaceful smile with a lot of wisdom which it got from its experience of long journey.Its both sides were lashing with green waving grass which had lots of flowers with different sizes and colors , Red and white were pretty small then violet , yellow , orange and pink ones.

It was like ,some pretty fairy had laughed with joy and her laughter changed into flowers and was spread all over.Pleasure was over flowing from the happy face of earth like it finally got for what it has waited for a long time.We were flying so low that we could touch those flowers with our fingers.Our hands were feeling their softness and beauty drops were glittering on them.A strange but beautiful unseen craziness was dancing with the breeze .I dipped my fingers in the water while flying i wont say Baili smiled caused playing on our lips since we started our flight.She said, what its like?I replied,its like touching life.

We flew higher and saw a curve coming and looked ahead.The river was taking a curve so beautifuly with same peaceful smile and silence, I asked, can you define its smile and peace .She smiled again and replied, I think it is about the pleasure of going back to home.I saw her with my questioning eyes ,Home...?Ofcourse ,She replied , It is going to the sea,Its real home.From where sky grabbed it and kept it as a special guest then dropped it on mountains where it waited for a loving touch of sun and then melted back to its homeland.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Who is passing ...Time or Us

I can smell the oldness of time ,its tricks ,which it uses to play with us and its wisdom of choices .Since the universe is formed this time is still here it is we who is passing quickly.In each coming second it draws and erases different faces from beautiful screen of earth.Years and months exist only for us.For time itself these words have no meaning , time seems to play with us like a proud child who has countless toys and does not cares how much toys are broken in his rough game.

Some times it feels like a train carrying us since centuries with no destination at all.When this passes through the station of life.We open our eyes with excitement and watch it with happiness and greed as if we will stay here for ever. But instead of its stop or drop us it takes us away .

I think its not fair that I am writing what ever is coming in my head without thinking that it has no good , may be it is a result of my flu season 2.So its forgivable hmm...

When I looked at the cars packed with healthy faces , Children playing in parks spreading their laughter ,people shopping just for time pass I thought life is beautiful.When I saw children cleaning cars bare foot on freezing roads ,Men sitting on footpath in deep worry cause due to rain he did not get his daily wage. then I thought that life will be more beautiful if someone can make a bridge between these both sides of people.
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