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Once Upon a Time There Lived Tow Sisters [true story] [image source google]

Sara   developed   a deep  relationship  with   lady  Rebecca   within  few  months .Kristine  liked  Sara  for  her  affection   and  care  for   her  mother  as  though  she  used  to  have  care  takers  before   but  no  one  was  able  to  please   or   satisfy   her  mother .Kristine   was  happy  with  Sara  and   increased   her  salary  after  six   months .

Sara   loved   her  son  Paras  so  much  and   tried  her  best  to  make  him  happy .During  the  day  time  she  was  much  busy  in  her  duties   but  after   4pm  when  lady  Rebecca   took  her  nap   Sara  got  enough  time  to  be   with  Paras .She  played  with  him  .helped  him  in  his  studies  and  took  him  to  the  park  near  house  where  he  played  with  other  kids  and swung .But   in  spite  of  all  this   Sara   felt    often   herself    guilty  of    her   child    because   she   realized   that   Paras  missed  his  father  badly .Since   she   left  home   and  brought   Paras   along she  start  realizing  that  Paras  is  sad .He  many  times  asked  her  that  why  they  have  left  the  home  and  why  his  father  has  not  come  with  them.

Sara   inevitably   lied  to  him  that  they  came  here  to  settle  forever  and  his  father  after   making  him  transfer   in  this  city  will   join  them  soon.She   thought    that  Paras  is   just  a  child   and  after  sometime    will   forget   everything  and  become   normal   but   it  did  not  happen  and  with    passing  time  Paras  started   ask   to  see  his  father  more    and   more.That   made  Sara   miserable     and  she  thought   that  may  be   she   made  a  mistake  and  because  Paras  is  a  very  sensitive   child  her  mistake   could   cause  flaws  in  the  brought  up  of  her  child.

In   the   deep   inside   of   her  heart  Sara   missed   Robin   along   with   her  each   breathe .Her    heart  was   filled  with  pain   and   sorrow.  It  seemed  as  she  has  lost   half  of  her  existence .
Insidious  world  of  her  was   like  an  endless   dark   barn   path   which   was  surrounded  by    thunder   and   howling   wind. She  found   herself   alone  standing     in   middle   of   it   with  no   sign  of   destination  .She   was  wounded  shivered   and  thirsty. Her   lips  were  starving   for  a  drop  of  water  but  sky  above  her  head   had  no   cloud  for  her.

In  her  loneliness she  cried   as hard  as  she  was   about  to  break  into   countless   pieces    and   blow   away    with  wind.  But   each  time   she   felt   a  mysterious   inner   force  that    strengthen  and  composed  her   back  into  a   woman  with   strong  faith  and  hope .A  woman   who   can  rise  like  a  marvelous  sun   among  the   huge  high   mountains    of  hardships   and  spread   the  light   of   faith,  hope   and    goodness    in    the   dark  world  around.

She    arouse   always   with  a   new   strength   from   her   such  weak   moments   and   decided   to   move  forward   with  courage   and   positivism  .She   had   a  faith   in  her  God  and  in  herself  that  she   will   resolve   her   problems   and   stay  calm  and  focused  until   Robin  come   to  get   her  back.  Though   she  was  sad  that  Robin  had  turned  stranger  to   her  but  she   knew   it  somehow   that  Robin   loved  her   once  and  they   shared   some  of   most  beautiful   times   together.  She      kept   these  precious   memories   in   the  depth   of  her  heart   and  they   were   meant  life   to  her.

Kristine   was    a  lonely  woman   most   of   the   time.Sara    came   to  know   through   Rebecca   that   once   in  her  twenties   Kristine  loved   a  boy  named   Mark  .They   both   were  about   to  get  married    when  Mark   died  in  an  air  crash  .That   accident    changed    the   whole  life  of   Kristine.  She   got  her  nervous      break   down   and   remained   under  medical   care  for  one  year. Her   doctor   prescribed    her   to   change   her  place  .Later   she   got  this  job  in   embassy   and  came   to  live   here .

Rebecca   further   told   Sara   that   after  the  death   of  Mark    one   of  his   friend    William     helped   her   to   recompose   Kristine   emotionally .He   used  to  visit  her  lot  and  try  to  cheer   her  up  with  his  loyal  efforts. Though   he  was   married   and  father  of   one  year  daughter    that   time  still  he  took  great   care   of   Kristine     and   tried  to  help   her  get  out   of   the   shell    in  which  she  stuck   after   the  death  of  her  lover. William    often    advised   Kristine   to   get   married   as    life   is   quite   long   journey   and  without  partner  is  harder   but  Kristine   always   skipped    topic  while   saying  that    no   one   can  take   the   place   of  Mark   in   her  life.

So   though   it  were   being  almost   more  then  twenty  five   years  to  the  death  of  Mark   Kristine    was  still   spending   her   life   in  a   tunnel  which 's  end    had  no    gleam     of   freedom   and   happiness  .She   was    shuttered  in   a  shell   of   isolation    and   grief   that   made  her   though   a  lonely  person   yet   she   was  an   efficient   worker   and  responsible   daughter. Her   love  for  her  mother  was  not  expressed   through   her    moves   but   offering   her  duties  only.     She   found   this   shell     easy   to  live  in  with  glorious   memories  of   past .World  outside  her   shell  was    like   dark   thick   forest  to  her   who's  woods   of   relationships   were  tangled  with  complexity .  Kristine   unconsciously   became  an  addicted  to   her   sorrow  and   pessimism  .She   found  it  easy   escape    .Now  she   found   it  really   hard   to   make   new   relationship   or  trust   on  a  stranger .

Sara   felt   sorry   for  Kristine   .Since   she   came   here   she   learnt  new  facts  about  life   .The   company   of  lady  Rebecca  and  Kristine    was    widening   her  vision   of   life  .Few   things     that   she   found   wrong      earlier   proved   not  bad   actually  .Specially   in   her   society   it  was  concept  that  if    women   dress  like  western   women  it  means   that   they   are  intimating   men  towards  them  and  are  of   vulgar   attitude  .The   life  style   of   those   both   western  ladies   was  proof  that   each   land  has   it's  own  traditional   way   of  living  and  culture  and  one's   dress  is  has  nothing  to   do  with   his   Character  .Though  dress   describes   the   culture  of   one   but  not  his   attitude .

The  other  thing  Sara   learnt   that   love   does  exist   in  western   countries   too  .Lady   Rebecca   was   proof   of  a  mother's  love  for  her  child .Kristine's   caring  attitude  towards  her  mother   expressed  her   love  for  her  mother.And   the   biggest  proof  of   love  was  the  present  life  of  Kristine   who  spent   most   of  her  life   in  the  memory   of  his  lover .Sara   learnt  that   she  is  not  the  only   on  map  who  is   suffering   emotionally  but  many  others   are  there   like  her   though   in  different  ways  but  they  suffer .She   learnt   much  through  books   she   used  to   read  for   lady  Rebecca .Sara   felt   as   she   is   getting   better  in  her  way  of   thinking    through  all  these  learning   and  experiences.  

to  be  continued.  


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Once Upon a Time There Lived Two Sisters [true story] [image source google]

When   Sara   reached   for  the  interview   she   was  quite  nerves   to   see   that   the  lady   who   was  there   to   take  her  interview  was  a  foreigner .Her    name  was  Kristine .She  was   working  in  British   embassy  on   an  important    post.  She    was   in  her  fifties   though  looked   quite  younger  than  her  age  , unmarried   and   lived  with  her   mother   who  was   seventy  six   year   old. Her   mother  name  was   Rebecca  she  was  a  widow  and   retired   teacher .Rebecca   was  suffering  with   some   minor  health    issues   that  come  along  with  age .

Kristine   told   Sara  that  she   would  have  to  be  with  her  mother   and   her  most  important  job  is  too  look  after   her  and    give   her   nice   healthy   food   and   medicines   on   time.She   told  her   further   that   there  are   two  more  servants   a  gardener   and  a  driver  but  they  are  not  allowed  into   the   house .They  live  in   servant   quarter.   Kristine   also  told  her  that  she  has  a  boy   friend   who   visits  her  once  in  a  while  when  comes  to  this  country.

Sara   told    Kristine   that  she   had    a  four  years  old   son   who  goes  to  school .This  news  seemed  to  disturb   Kristine  a   little   but  she  wanted  to  give   Sara  a  chance  because   she  realized  that   Sara   seemed    right   person  for   this  job.  Kristine   thought   that  being  a  mother  in  such  young  age   Sara  is  being  so  loyal  to  her  responsibilities  as  a  mother    and   may be   this  quality  of   Sara   help  her  to  be  a  good  care  taker  of  her  mother  too.

Kristine    asked  Sara  that  why   she  left  her  husband  and  Sara   told  her  truth   because  she   wanted  to  create  her   relationship  as  employee  on   the  base  of  honesty   and   dignity  .Kristine  appreciated   her   step   to  save  her   self respect. Sara   felt  peace   that  God  helped  her  and  gave  her  a   nice   and  safe  place  to  survive.

Next   day  Sara  took  her  little  stuff  and   Paras  and  shifted   into  Kristine's  house .She  was   provided      a    nice   double   bed   room    in   the    ground   floor  .Her   room  was  beside  the  room  of   lady   Rebecca. House   was  double  story  .It     had   three  rooms   , one  t.v  lounge   and a kitchen   downstairs  and  two  rooms  and   a  hall   upstairs  .The    day   Sara   moved  there  was  Sunday  and   Kristine  was  on  home  .She  introduced   Sara   to  her  mother   who  looked   old  but  strong  lady .Mostly   Rebecca   used   wheelchair   to  move  around  but   Kristine  asked  Sara  to  hold   her  to  help  her  in  walking  as  light    exercise .

Sara    started  her  job  with  sincerity     and   devotion  .She   found  that  lady  Rebecca  was  nice  and   gentle  person  to  live  with .Sara   had   a  loving  and  pure  heart .She  was  one  of  those  who    had   ability   to   feel   other's  pain   and  never  hesitate   to   take  risk  for  helping   them. .She  was  down  to  earth  and  selfless  enough  to  raise  in  the  eyes  of  Rebecca  as  a  good   companion    who  listened   her   carefully ,looked   after    her   as   a  loving  mother .

Love   is  like  a  rain   it   makes   even  desert   green .When  love   pour   upon   empty    souls   like   rain   ,they   become    like  a  lashing   green   lands  where  life   smile  with  it's  whole  serenity  and  wholeness.Sara  and  Rebecca   were  two  souls   striving   for   shelter  of    love   and  they   found   this  in   each  other's  heart.

Within   few   months   they  both  became   each  other's  need .Rebecca   loved  her  company  more  then  anything  and  Sara   adore  her  kindness  and  affection  for  her  from  the  depth  of  her  heart.Their   understanding   gave  great   satisfaction  to   Kristine.


Neena   earned   lots  of   money  in  America  and  now  when  she  was  a green  card  holder  she  became   even   more   bold   in   her   appearances  and   activities  .She    was    hot  and  tempting  for  men  around .She  also  made  many  online  friends   to  have  fun .Her   youth   ,boldness  ,beauty  and  inviting  attitude    was   great  treat  for   men  around  and   she   considered  it  the  great  victory  of  her  femininity .She  was   desire  of    so   many  and  it  pleased  her  in  deep.

After  moving  from  Jeff   she  was  having   fun  visits  and  dates  with  many  guys.One  night   when     one  of      her    online    called     her  to   his  place   she   went   and   drank   a lot   .Her    friend  betrayed   and   put  something  in  her  drink  which  made  her  insane .Though  she  was  not  in   senses   but  still   should   realize   that  there   were  four  men  who  disgraced  her  that  night.   In  the   morning   she   found    herself    ruined     and   destructed   and  alone.She  could  feel  the  echoes  of   giggles  and   humiliation   she   faced    last   night.

Neena   came   home   with   broken   heart   and   shaking  body   she   called   to   the   place   of  her  job  and  ask   for  two   leaves  as    she   felt   that   it  will   will  take  some  time  to   recover  from  this  destruction   and  look   normal.   She   took   bath  and     made  herself   coffee  .Half   laid   in   her  bed    she  put    her   head   against   bed    and    thought     about  her   life  .She   thought   herself    lucky    and      proud  that      she   was    able  to   life   of   her    dreams .She   felt   sorry   for   her   mother   and   Sara  and   all    women  like  them   who   are   forced   to   spend   their   lives   in  cage   and   are  unable  to  taste   freedom  .

For   a   really   little   while   she   felt  sad   that   she  had  such  bad  experience  last    night " but    who   does  not   trip    or  fall   while  chasing   his   dreams"   she    tackled   herself  ."what  happened   to  me  is  an  accident   which  can   happen  to  anyone " she  realized  that  she   need   to  be  more   clever   and   careful   in   making   her   dreams   true . " My  one  dream    was  to  be    rich   so   i   have   enough   money    to   spend   now   "she   thought  with  relaxation  .

"Currency    of   this   country   has   greater   value  than  in  my  country   so   my   savings  to  have  big  house  with  swimming  pool   there   are  enough ".

My  second  dream  was  to   have   a  exclusively   rich  and  handsome  boy  as   husband  is   on  it's  way  until  i  find   one  i    am   having   good   times   with    different     charming   guys   .

"My   third   dream  to   have  most   pretty   kids  in  world  will  be   true  when  i  will  get  married  to  a  good  looking  man".she    was    happy  that   she  achieved  so   much  and  on  her  way  to   get   her  desired   destination.
Along with   this  joy   she   felt  that  her  priorities    were   seemed  to   changing  . She   start   liking   the   diversity   of  men  in  her   life .Each   time     while   having   fun    with   new  partner  she     felt    new      thrill    and  sensation   and  she  loved  it  .She  was  near   her   thirties   but   instead   of   mature   men   she     enjoyed   the   company   of   younger   boys   even   less  then   twenty   who   show   more    tendency   in   physical   unity   instead  of  mental   companionship .

Neena    wanted  to  let  her  fly   high   and  higher    in  the   limitless   skies   of  her  dreams   .She  felt    that   day   is  not   far   when   she   will  prove   to   all   that    inspite   of    being   from   poor  background   she   got   everything   that  she  deserved and  desired .

She   felt   excited   like  a  kid   who   just  got   freedom  from   a   deep   dark  well  and     is   surprised  and   fascinated   with  each   shiny   object   around. She   decided   that   she   will   not   waste   any   moment   of  her   life   and  enjoy   each   bit   of   it  as   she   want   to.

Next    year   she   came    to  visit   her    country .Her   mother   Amanda     with  the  money   Neena   used  to  send   her  made   a  big   bungalow  in   her   supervision .Neena    was   more   then   happy   to   see    this   but  these   both  ladies   has  no  one   around   to  share  their   happiness  because   people   of   their  village  were  annoyed   to   them   and   the   part   of   society   they   were   trying   to   enter   in  was   unfamiliar   to  them .

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Once Upon a Time There Lived Two Sisters [true story] [images source google]

The  life  of   Sara  and  Robin  was  one   a  normal  person  dreams   for  .They  had  each  other  .They  had  a  lovely  four  years  old  boy   Paras  and  a  beautiful  house  which  was  small  though  but  it's walls ,rooms ,yard  and  little  garden  were  revealing  the  love  and   peace  in   it's  environment .

Though   Sara   was  happy  with   her   family  but  gradually  she   felt  some  kind  of   emptiness  in  her  heart  which  was  making  her  breathing  harder   .She   felt   that   Robin's   love  for  her  had  decreased  within   last  two  years.   He  was  getting  away  from  her  slowly   as   like  before  he  did  not  hug  or  kiss  her  often. .His   way  of  taking  felt  changed .His   passion   and  enthusiasm  for  her   was  disappeared.

She desperately   waited  for  him    so   often  after   ending   all  the  chores     that   when  he  will come  back  will   take   her  in  his  arms   and    ask  her  how     was   her   day  and  how  is  she  feeling  .But   unlike   this    he  came  and  had  meal  or  tea   mostly  silently .He   spoke  less  and  in  very  flat  accent  on   home  or  Paras  related  issues .In  such  situation  Sara   felt   her   heart  heavy   and     gloomy .She  ran  and   cried  in   kitchen  or  bathroom  so  many   times.

When    in  nights  she  wanted  to  be  in  the  arms  of  her  husband  to  feel  cozy  and  warm. To   feel  be   loved   and  wanted .  Robin   would  read  a  book  or  lay  down  to  sleep.Such   nights   were   long   and   cold   seemed  like  long   nailed   black    haired   terrifying   ghosts   who  wanted  to  peal    and  grind  her  soul.

Sara   often   thought   she  would  turn  to  Robin  and  hug  him  tight  but   her  fears of   being  disgraceful  front  of  man  who  claimed  to  love  her   first  and  disowned  now   did  not  let  her  do  this .She   felt   pain   and   misery  running  through   her  veins.Her   heart   was  sinking  and  soul  was  crying.It   was   very   hard  for  her  to  believe   that  change  occurred   in   Robin's  behavior   was   not   a   big  deal.

.May      be  he    did   not   love  her  ,he  attracted  to  her  because  she   was   a   perfect  marriage  material  and  now  when  he  found   that  his  family  life  had  established   he   had   no   fear    to  loose  it  and   took   everything     granted .He   thought   that   there  is  no  need  to  put  any  extra   effort  to   work  their  relationship  out .

Sara   loved   Robin   truly  and  forever  .She  tried   to  stay   calm   and   focused   to   live  a  happy   family  life  .She    once   put    her   all    pains   and  desires    in front      of   Robin   inevitably  and   asked  him   to   be  the  same  person  she    met   before   but   Robin  did   not   take  her   much   serious  he   said   that   she   should   be   content  and  happy  for  what  she   had  and   should  not  be  so   demanding  because  being  a  man   he  has  many  issues  to  face .He   said   that   he   cannot   change  for  her   she  had  to  except   this  reality   that   she  is  his  wife now  and  mother  of  a  child  not  a lover .

Sara    was   very   shocked  because  Robin  sounded   completely   stranger  to   her .That   night   when  it  was  freezing  outside   after  listening   Robin   she  ran  upstairs  on  the  roof  and   cried   for   hours  .She   felt   deceived  .She   wanted  to  shout   and  cry  as  loud  as  sky  would   burst  out  with   grief   and  melancholy.  She  wanted  to   say   Robin   that   she   did  not    want   to   be  just   his  responsibility   to   whom  he   provided   food,   shelter  or  physical   necessities  in   a  mechanical  way   but   a   love  and  desire  of  his   heart.

After   the   seven  years   of    their   marriage   one  day   When   Robin   returned   from   office  he  found   a  letter   from  Sara   that   she   cannot   live   like  this  and  going  away  forever .She   wrote  that   she   don't  want  divorce  but  if  he  wants  to  start  new  life  with  someone  else   he  can  give  Sara  divorce .Robin   was    shaken  by  this   news   because  he  loved  his   family  and  never   wanted   to  loose  them.

He   would   though   that   he  was      enough  generous  and  loyal   and  Sara  will  never  feel   ignored   or  left  alone . He  could  not  stand  and  dropped  himself  on  sofa  .Putting  his  head  against   sofa  there  were  running  his  previous  life  before  his  eyes  .These  were  the  most  beautiful  days  of  his  life  when  Sara   surrendered  to  his  love  and  passion .They  had  wonderful  times  together  but  which  passion  stays  forever  in  one’s  heart .

After  spending  two  years  with  Sara   Robin   felt that  his  mother   and  brother  were  right  that  he  was  being  over  in  his  love  and  care  for  Sara  as  after  all  she  is  just   a  helpless    woman  who  is  his  wife  now  so  what  is  the  desperation   for  then .

He  started  to     decrease  his  attention  for  her  and  behaved  like  normal  man  of  his  society  who  did  not  give  much  importance  to their women  though provide  them  with  all  basic  necessities’  of  life  but  do  not  support  them  in  their  emotional  needs that  requires  lots  of  love  , attention  and  care .

In spite  of  being  aware   of  that  fact  that  Sara  is  highly  sensitive  and  is  having  emotional  breakdown  while  facing  his  neglecting  attitude he  did  not  care  because  he was  sure  that  it  will  make  no  difference  and  Sara   will  be  habitual  of  his  behavior   gradually .

Sara   had  left  no  sign  behind  her   that  where  had  she  gone  but  Robing  knew  that  woman  like  her  could  go  only  to  her  parent’s  house  instead  of  being  on  her own  in  the  male  dominated  society .This  thought  gave  him  little  relief  and  hope   because  he  knew  that  Neena  will  not  bear  Sara   and    her  mother  was  playing  like  puppet   in  the  hands  of  her  younger  daughter  .

He   decided  that  he  will  not  go  immediately   after  Sara  to  take  her  back  as  by  doing  so  she  will  be  proud  that  I  am  sorry   for  my  mistake . He  thought he   would  let  her learn  her   lesson   and  will  wait  until  she  gets  back  by  her  own  and  feel  sorry  for  her  such  stupid  step  she  took .It  is  said   that  truth  can  not  be  hide  for  long  and  his  inner  male  ego  overcame  on  his  love  that means  his  ego  was  stronger than  his  love  that  won  the  battle  springing  inside  him.

Sara    at   reaching   her  mother’s  house  did  not  tell  immediately   that  she  left  the  Robin   and  she came  to  stay  here  forever because  she  knew  that  her  mother  and  Neena   who  was   also  there   as   she  came   from   America  to   visit   will   react  in  either  painful   way . But   it  could  not  go  for  long  and   after  a  week   Sara   told  her  mom  and  sister   that   Robin   had   changed  in  his   behavior  and  she  left  him .She  added  that  she  will   soon  find  a  job  and  will  stand  by  her  own  so  they  don’t  have  to  worry  about   supporting   her   financially .

Neena    took  this   opportunity  as  granted  and  made  fun  of  Sara .She   than   were  holding  a  cigarette  in  her  fingers  and  her  eyes  were   reddish  as  she  used  to  drink  a  lot   lately .She  said   in  a  grave  accent  ,”see!   I  already  knew  that   baster  will  reveal   his  real  face   soon  and  throw  you  away  after  using  like  shit “  “all   men  are  the  same  they  just  want  to  sleep  with  you  for  few  nights  and then   don’t   want  to  look   at  you  again “

She  leanened    upon   Sara  and said  while  smiling  ,”and  you  thought  he  would  love  you “you   poor  stupid  girl  he  preferred  you  over  me  because  he  thought  you were  perfect  for   his  service  as   you  did  for  years  and  what  did  you  got  in  return  ? “

He   filled  your  lap  with  child  and  made  you  more  busy  with  stupid  lifestyle .”believe  me  or  not  he   is  having  affair  with  someone   or  spending  his  money  on    call  girls “you  should  not  go  back  to  him  if  even  he  comes  to   take  you ,

“Be  confident  and  bold   like  me  my  sis “ she  said  with  pride “ I   am  proud  of  myself  because  I  don’t  let  men   leave  me  after  using,  I  do  completely  opposite  of  it  I  use  them  and  leave  them  when  I  don’t  need  them  anymore.

Amanda   advised   Sara   to   take  divorce   from  Robin  and   live  a  free  and  happy  life  like   her  younger  sister .She  said  you  have  to  earn   to  support  Paras  and  yourself  and  for  this  you  have  to  adopt  the  lifestyle  of    Neena  so  you  will  get  much  in  short  time  and  will  be  able  to  give  Paras  a  luxurious  life.

Sara   got  what  she  expected  from  them  so  she  did  not  react  on  anything  said  by  them  except “Ok” .

She   decided  deep  inside  her  heart  that   she  will  not  stay  here  and  soon  she  sold  some  of  

her  jewelry   and  shifted  in  a  working  women  hostel .From   there   she  started   looking  for  

job  and  school  for  Paras .She   admitted  Paras  in  a  school  near  hostel .Sara   saw  an  add  in  

local  newspaper  for  elderly  care  that  had offered     a  good  deal  of  salary .She   wished  to  

have  this  job  because  to  pay  Paras’s school  fee  she  would  needed   it badly.        

to  be  continued        

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Once Upon The Time Their Lived Two Sisters [true story] [images source google]

It   was  the  mid   August .Weather  was   mild  and  there  were   rains sometimes .When   Sara  and  Robin   reached  to the  train  station  of  Islamabad   Neena   came  to  receive   them .She   was  driving  a  quite  expensive  car  and  was  in a  bold  avatar.  She    was  looking  so   well  groomed  and   stylish. Sara   found  her  completely  different  then  her   older  appearance  and  attitude .

Robin  and   Sara  were  quite  shocked  when  they   saw   the   house  of  Neena  which  was   very  nice  from the  outside   and  very   well  decorated  from  the inside. Though   they   felt   good  for  Neena  and    her   mother   but   they  were   still  surprised  that   what  kind   of   the  source  of  income  that   earned   as  much  money  within  hardly  two  years  to  make  all  this  happen.

When      Sara   found  Neena  alone  with  her , she  could  not  resist   to  ask  .

"How   in  such  a  short  time  you  made  such  a  nice   house  and  car  ?  she  asked  with  slight  fear  of  Neena's   resentment .

Neena   smiled  and  looked  at  her  as  she  is  fool.   then  said   care freely,  " nothing  dear   ,  she  spin  the   key  chain  in  her  finger   and  added .
"i   just   used  a  very  little   bit  of  my  beautiful   brain  .and   let  me   enhance  your  knowledge   that   when   a   girl   decide   to   earn   much  in  short  time   it  is  not   hard  for  her  ,she    smiled  and  blinked   her  left  eye   to  Sara   cleverly   "In fact  it  is  so  easy   and   fun" .

Sara   was   able  to  get  her  point .  She   felt   sorry  for   her   sister's  foolishness   and   cheap   way  of  thinking   but  she   could  not   say  her  anything  because  she  knew  it  would  be  for  no  value  for  Neena at  all.

Sara   and  Robin  had  an   other   huge   shock  when  they  met  with     Dennie.  Sara   felt  like something   heavy   has  fallen  over    her  head .

 That   man  was   not  from  any  angle   the  man  whom   Neena  used  to   dream     and  mentioned  about   many   time  to  Sara  as  her  prince  charming .

Sara    wanted   to   ask  Neena   that  why  she  is  marrying  such  an   ugly  man  who  has  no  family  background  and   not  even  a  good  job  and  decent  lifestyle  ,  but   she  did  not  want  to  hurt   her   sister's  feeling  so  kept  quiet.  But   Neena  clarified   her   situation   because   she   herself   thought   that  being  a   very  beautiful   girl   it  was  so  insulting  for    her  to   marry   such  man  so   she  did    tell   Sara   that   Dennie   is   for   her   not   a   life   partner   but  just  a  one   step  upward  to   get  what   she   want .

And  what  you  want  Neena  ?  though  Sara  felt  scared  to ask  but  she  did .

I   will   go  to  the  U.S.A  and  he  will  be  my  source  to  get  there  .She  replied

But  why  and  how .Sara   asked  helplessly .

Neena   told  her  whole  story  that  how  she  gathered  money  through  Dennie  and  because  it  is  easy  to   find  a   visitor  visa   so  she   will  get  married  to  Dennie  and  will  go  to  U.S.A   as  a  honeymoon  couple  .

By  doing  so  she  will  be  to  live   a  life  of  her  dreams  .Life  with  no  religious   or  social   boundaries .Neena   told  that  this  way  she  will  earn  lots   of  money  to  to  adopt  a  even  better   luxury   living.

Neena  told  Sara  that  Dennie  is  very  stupid  and  harmless .Once  i  will  get  there   i  will  get  rid  from  him . Sara   was   sinking   in  the  shocks   she  was  getting  from  her  sister  .Her  dreams  of  having a  normal   humble  sister who  is  established  in her  married  life   and  looking   after  her  husband  and  children  blew   away  with  Neena's  horrible  plans.

"So  your  marriage  is   just  for  a  while  ?Sara   asked   sadly .

"Ofcourse   stupid,   what  did  you  think   ?" am  i  look  as  fool  to  you  to  marry  such  an  ugly   useless  guy and   produce  such  ugly   kids ?

 ." I  will  not  have   kids  from  him   and  if  there  would  be  any  inspite  of  precaution  i  will   abort   it ". My  plan   do  not  have  any  flaw  dear" .Neena   laughed  loudly  and  Sara   felt  wetness  in    her   own   eyes .

She   felt  so  sad  and  helpless  because   she  could  not  protect  her  sister   from  the  doom   prepared   by  her  own  for  herself.

The   marriage   ceremony   was  held  in  a  five  star   hotel   where  the   relatives  from  village  were   served   with   best   feast.  Everybody   was   surprised  with  the  development  of  Neena  .Girls  who  used  to  be  her  friends  in  village  were  happy  for   Neena   and   were   praising  her  skills   and   intelligence .  The   old   wise   men   and  women  were  having  doubt  for  Neena's  so  immediate   success  and  saying  that   This  girl  was  since  beginning  very  clever  and  we  knew  that  she  won't  stay  modest  and  decent  in  her  life  as  she  is  always  completely  opposite  to  her  sister  who  is   very  nice  girl  and  married  to  a very   noble  boy .

All   people   from  village   were  praising  Sara  for  her   modesty  and   humbleness   and    criticizing   Neena   for  her  indecent  and  vulgar   lifestyle .When  Neena  heard  this  from  someone's  mouth  she  shouted  at  all   of  them   furiously  and  insulted   them   so  badly  and  asked  them   to  leave  immediately  . She  and  Amanda   were  shouting  at  them  that  they  all  are  jealous    and  that  is  the  reason  for   criticism.

Neena  stayed   in  a  hotel   for  a week  after  her  marriage  and  then  came  to  home.She  also   brought   Dennie  with  her  to  stay   as  he  did  not  have  any  house  and  was  living  in  a  hotel  room   for  many  years .

Sara   and  Robin   returned   to  their   city   after  one  week   as   Sara   did  not   feel  any  warmth  of   relationship   among   their  mother  or  sister .Sara's  heart  was  full  of  sorrow  as  she  felt  that  though  her  mother  and  sister  existed   physically  yet   they  were   not   for  her  anymore .She  thought   she  lost  them  forever because   they  chose  the  lifestyle   what  for  Sara  was  a  pure  sin  and   inspite  of  loving  them  alot  Sara   wanted   to  keep   distance   from  her  mother  and  sister  because   she  thought  that   closeness   to  them   can  be   harmful  for   her   children's  brought up.

Neena   and  Dennie  left   for   U.S.A   next   year  and  their  first stay  was  in  the  house  of   man  who  was   kind  of   friend  to   Dennie. They   spend   their  savings   for   almost  month.There  was  a  restaurant  where  they   visited  often  for   eating.  The  manager  of   that  was  from  the  same  country.   Neena   took   very   less  time  to  attract   him 

.He  was  almost  fifty  and  though  not  handsome  but  still  appealing  due  to  his  rusted  color  and  reserved  behavior  which   used  to  be  always  a challenge  for  Neena  as  she  cannot  stand  any  man's  ignorance   towards  her .
He  was  married  back  in  his  country  and  after  spending  few  months  with  his  wife  he  left  her  alone  and  then  sold  her  heavy  jewelry  and  arranged  visa   to  come  america   .Here  he  found  life  very  charming  and    full  of  fun  so  decided  to  stay  here .He  used  to  send  monthly  pocket money   to  his  wife  back  home  but  inspite  of  being  capable  did  not  called  her  here  to  stay  with  him  as  after  seventeen  years  spending here  he  was  the  citizen  of  america   now.

Neena's  openness  and  very  bold  attitude  attracted  him  and  he  asked  her  to  live  with  in  his  house .Neena   wasted  no  time  to  say  yes  and  moved  with  him.Dennie   was  horribly  worried  about   Neena's  changed  attitude  she  was  not  the  same  person he  knew.  He  cried  before  her  and  begged  for  her  kindness  and  asked  her  to  not  leave  him  alone  like  this  but  Neena  asked  him  to  give  divorce  and  free  her .When  he  refused  Neena  put  gun  on  his  head  and  then  Dennie  had  no  option .

Dennie  after  giving  divorce  to  Neena  wandered  around like  beggars  for  any  kind  of  job  because  he  had  no  work  permit so  he  had  to  work  hiddenly  .within  few  months  he  was  able  to  return  his  home  where  with  almost  abnormal  mental   situation  he  had  an  accident  and  broke  his  right  leg.

Neena  enjoyed  her  life  thoroughly  with  his  new  boyfriend  Jeff  without  any  legal   contract. During     these   times  she  aborted  her  four  children  two  from  Dennie  and  two  from  Jeff.
On  such  occasions  Jeff  offer  him  that  he  genuinely  likes  her  and  want  to  get  married  to  her so  she  should  not  abort   the  child   but  Neena   felt   this  offer  like  a  CAGE  to  bound  her  freedom .

Neena  was   more  then    friendly   to  boys  around  her  and  this  made  Jeff  often  crazy  .They   fought   badly  and  sometimes  Jeff  beat  her  for   her  vulgar   attitude.Neena   beard  all  until   she   got   the  green card  with  the  support  of  Jeff  .after  this  she  did  not  care  for  him  and  even   went  further  in  her   boldness.

One  day  they  fought  and  Jeff   beat  her  and  called  her  selfish  bitch  who  uses  others  like  tissue   and  then  move  forward  he said  her  that  you  are  not  a  woman  but  a  shameful  stain  over  the   name  of  womanhood .woman  meant  to  be  a  graceful   and  significant  in  her  lifestyle  ,loving  and  caring  for  her  family  and  surroundings  not  like  you  as  stinky  like  a  piece  of  shit .

He   asked  her  to  leave  and  after  spending  five  years  with  him  she  happily   moved  away  from  him  now  he  was  for  her  an  old  baster   who   did  not  deserve  the  beauty  and  youth  of  her. 

to  be  continued 
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