Sunday, October 30, 2022

Just Few Photos That Delighted me


Sometimes looking at photo collection one can relive previous moments :) Sharing some images that i selected when i was scrolling my google photos, Except the first one that my younger son sent me last night when he returned after attending a concert at his university .These joyous fresh faces remind me how life is innocent at this part of age :) 


before attending concert at university my son participated in arranging a surprise birthday party for his classmate and friend ,i fund this video sweet and funny 

                   missing my front yard as still work is on and so messy because of it :( 

                              these are not just flowers but my best wishes for all my friends!

         some moments with nature harmonize our soul with each single existing at same time 

Blessings to all of you !

Wednesday, October 26, 2022

The Fundamental Source Of Human Behavior (updated)


Hey Sweet Hearts !

Hope beating beautifully on rhythm of positivity despite of all odds as sunshine of hope inside your soul keeps you enlightened no matter what i bet :)

As you know i am more into question about how human life and universe resemble in their behaviors what makes them act or react same way despite of all the variations they have as different parts of "matter"  

I kept contemplating on the topic consciously and unconsciously all the time and tried to imagine the possibilities . I watched lots of stuff on YouTube including videos about Radiations ,Hawken's Radiation specially and blackhole .They described specific behavior of wave particles and quantum behaviors when they reach at the edge of black hole but i was after something more basic which lies in the foundation of universal structure and effects everything made up of matter with it's slightest manipulation. I think i can't go further than this as science has it all  now . 

I think i have found a fundamental point of my research that gives me clue about behavioral variations in everything whether living or nonliving including humans. 

Yes it begins from atoms we all are made up of . A universe has atoms and an Atom has a universe within as they say . So what an Atom has inside determines the how will be the universe and everything in it. Atom has subatomic particles ,Protons ,Neutrons and Electrons . A little change of these atomic number cerates the whole magic we witness in this universe .

When i found out that electrons have negative charge and their attraction towards protons and neutrons put them "together" in the nucleus . I knew that already but never pondered upon it this way . True that things are always before our eyes ,it is us who take time to notice the and there is time for everything. So i think my curiosity why people differ in their behaviors in such extreme ways finds it's answer to some extent here in this interesting Video here which reveals the roll of "Electron negatively charged " nicely .Video is ten minutes long but if you want to skip the detail  teacher mentions this roll of electron in physical world on sixth minute very briefly .

Being part of matter and being consist of numerous "atoms"  defines our behavioral differences .Most important thing this points out that such diversity was "crucial" for the phenomena of life and universe as we find it today.

i often wondered (as i aged particularly) that why people are different in their behaviors and choices . With time i am learning that "Creator" has preplanned and and predetermined everything existing here and there are limits within which things are allowed to work and change such as a small change in atomic mas and number forms something very unique ,not just unique but of value .

The roll of negative energy in our life is same as electron plays in the atom ,therefore we say everything happens for the reason and our "bad" experiences turn our life upside down and we feel "fallen" and "lost" 

Then begins the real game what seems Actual target of Creator ,he by giving us consciousness and liberty to choose tests whether we leave our "Nucleus" and wither away into darkness and make mess or Try to reunite our Inner strength and stand up .This "standing" is not easy at all we know to do so we have to travel inwardly  to dig for" tools "  hidden in our "core" for survival .once we find those tools we make our way towards far better place from we had fall before .Nature want us to travel inwardly and we hardly do so unless we are pushed by negativity in life .

This is actual test of this game . 

Negative push is to "shake" and "awake" us to recognize our true place in this universe and make journey towards it,

Blaming and complaining about negativity in our lives is not important ,important to realize the value of it's existence and how it help us to make this world what it is today. Creator knows how to keep balance until most or all of us decide to live under the commands of  ego and crazy wishes that make us crush others.

As human we have freedom of choice so it is totally on us what we want to be in life .

predetermined destiny can be changed only when our wish to be good is stronger than our ego and this comes only when we recognize and believe the presence of divine energy and how everything is put to do something unique to support this phenomena .

 See you soo all dear friends! 

keep smiling and keep spreading your light as  a unique star !

Monday, October 17, 2022

A Disagreement With Personal Opinion On "Moralized Character "

 I was reading chapter 19 from the book "The force of character" by James Hillman and i started to feel uncomfortable with the writer's point of view. I though have enjoyed rest of the chapters which put light on last years of one's life and all the possible thoughts ,feelings and behaviors about it .At the end of each chapter writer speaks his mind very nicely which i found very impressive. But what writer says in the chapter nineteen is confusing and disturbing to some extent.

I consider myself a student who wants to learn things in life in order to improve it. So what i am going to say here is completely my own opinion based on my own raw observations and assumptions. I hope it won't upset you at any level .If so please mention good or bad all is welcomed because as a student they will surly make me learn something of value,

In chapter nineteen James Hillman discuss human character with title, 

" character of virtue or character moralized" The first line of second paragraph is 

"character was not to bent to the moral strictures" According to him character was divided into two forms by science and philosophy and pushed to settled among moralists. Then he refers some classical  philosophers and writers who had drawn all kind of black and white characters powerfully who inspired till this day due to what they did whether good or bad. Writer is against of any attempt people try to mould or influence human character. He suggests that let each  

character be unique in it's way and age will reveals it's truth. I understand the James Hillman experienced world when people loved to stay what they were and hardly liked any change in their habits or perspectives because they believed that they will loose their identity and genuinity and i think they were right in their opinion in those early times when human consciousness was on earlier stage of it's evolution as well.

Now in twenty first century when science and psychology has advanced and revealed that everything existing in this universe is "energy" and we see that all forms of energy that serve human life are present here in  "Raw form " and to utilize them as "facilities" we have to work on them to refine and shape so they can adjust in our day to day life without causing any issue to the environment they are put in.

Similarly as we now know that human thoughts are form of "energy" too. We receive this energy as child when come to this world. How to use this energy we learn this throughout our life consciously or unconsciously.Our way to use our "mental energy" shapes our "habits" that goes along with genuine "instincts" and "nature" we born with. This is easy to see in the pattern of Nature that provides perfect circumstances to  "train" this mental energy for it's inhabitants. I believe that "training of our mental energy" was the only thing that made "family" system possible in the pattern of Nature. Parents try hard to make their children "learn" what to do and what not to. Our brain is bundle of raw energy that jumps to learn. It does know that it has to work but has no idea how and what are must and must not. Parents are earlier guardians and guides to protect and show path. But when we grow and take reins of the horse in our own hands we still are ignorant most of things that help us to lead safe healthy life and place us somewhere we feel important and and cared.

We all know that each of us is unique and comes with different perception . Sometimes differences are too big and make it difficult to adjust in society or even family. Human instincts can be good and bad in terms of their harmfulness or harmlessness . It is great to follow our instincts but what if doing so troubles others? For example i am in mood of listening music and it is my right to listen it of course but i want to raise the volume to enjoy more but which hurts my neighbors ,they complain but my hold of my wish is too strong and makes me do some unreasonable things that probably i regret later.

That strong hold of our wishes or what we call "will power" is most beautiful thing but when only we know how to train our "mental energy" and command it by "willpower" ,this makes us different as human  from other species right?

Many people don't agree that they have some harmful habits and skipping them can make their life easy and beautiful. But thankfully that light is reaching to so many hearts and there are so many people who acknowledge that training our brain energy is essential to live healthy and peaceful life that can influence people around them positively. 

Everything we see in life is brought to this present shape after long effort and time whether it is gold or diamond jewelry ,metals ,and numerous things got from underground or things on the ground such as wood and plastic . If i am sitting on this chair so comfortable it is because it has been passing through many processes and procedures to get this shape. Energy is everywhere in raw random form but to make it useful and to benefit from it we have to mould it.

People fear that if they will rearrange their thought system it can destroy their genuine natural gifts such as painting ,poetry ,writing or any other form of art. I don't think so . I speak from my own experience that since i have started to calm and shape my mental energy i can think better . My imagination and my inner strength for writing is stronger ,i can say this because when i compare my newer posts to older one i think newer are more clear ,less emotional and more reasonable or i at least think this way .

I think when we calm our mental energy it gets better and clearer shape which make us do better in life on every level 

What do you say friends ,please share if you have any thought on this topic it i will really appreciate !

blessings to all of you!   


Friday, October 14, 2022

Today is Quiet day Here


Today  is Friday a day when workmen take leave so it is a silent day today  compare to other days. My front yard ,neem tree and small garden looked different today despite of all the dust they have put on during construction work,they seemed to recognize me and smiled back when i looked at them in the morning. Though i try to get up at 7 am an hour before workmen arrive and do my little yoga in the yard close to my garden and my neem tree .But my mind remains occupied with rush so i can finish my yoga and time out hurriedly. Looking at sky,plants and tree in hurry does not bring such level of happiness and peace so i miss being with them these days. Being with them is like being with soul mates who connect me to the divinity.

With changing weather everything seems better these days. Long day conversations between breeze and neem tree branches fascinate me. Sunlight glow encompassing through the lush whispering leaves mesmerizes me. Divine blue sky seems to shower grace of creator upon earth candidly like a mother blaming her children. This is astonishing how creator take care his creatures and nurtures them through "nature " who is always ready to embrace ,heal and comfort. When i look at the sky my eyes seems to be captivate by something undefinable which seems to fill them with something like a soothing light and when my eyes get flow of this soothing light they shed few tears of gratitude in response for this privilege i suppose. 

My connection with Nature seems to deepening with everyday. This is truly liberating and fulfilling and i am so happy i have this before i left life !

Want to share some nature quotes that found to be completely true. This is how much i miss being close to little portion of nature i have around :)

yes in this whole world only Nature has power to repair soul and refill it with strength to fight back battle of life .

Please keep taking good care of yourself dear friends as each of you is gift and has gift to deliver !

Thinking of you all with a heart filled with best wishes and prays! 

See you soon!

Thursday, October 6, 2022

Beauty That "Little Adjustments" Bring In Life

 This is third week about to end since labor and masons are working in our house . Hubby had to stretch the work because of some alterations he is willing to add to the house such as installation of new sewerage pipes to avoid any rain water entering the house in future if water surface rises outside the house due to heavy rains. This was the mostly face issue by the citizens of this small city .So many people have to leave their house because rainwater entered in their houses and damaged all the furniture including everything almost . We have an empty plot at front of our house it is 3 to 4000 square and eight feet below the road almost but rainwater filled it enough to flood the road during recent rains . Residents of the colony had to arrange a motor to extract water so water cannot enter in the houses. That has frightened all,and everyone is trying to fix his house so can face the possible dangers in future. 

I think work will take more than a month or so to finish. 

On positive note ,our weather is changing slowly and temperature has stop to rise above thirty plus. Soothing breeze and glorious sky both are out there though i get little time to look at them as workers leave after sunset everyday . But i have a little back street at the back of the house where i can stare the sky for while to absorb the beauty of life . This is spiritual experience to wittiness how sunshine pull back her glossy glow from the face of sky. I can feel the sadness sky feels for while after leaving sunshine and then calmly gather himself  to look at twinkling stars  smilingly . In this universe everything seems to make some adjustments to grab momentary joys and believe me that skill to do so is true essence of life :)

Another bright note ,i figured out finally why i could not  comment through my son's computer ?

Not actually i could learn to be honest but at least i created a separate profile on my son's computer . 

Actually my younger son has created three profiles already before leaving but mine got disappeared for unknown reasons. when i would look for my blogger dashboard three emails address would appear ,i would click on mine to choose my profile natural i would think that if this makes me to access my blogger dashboard and i can post through it why would not it let me to comment .but it kept happening . I gave up and started to comment through older tablet but since two weeks tablet too went off and refused to be recharged at all. I mention this to my eldest son hesitatingly ( i did not want him to point out i don't have laptop now so he might misunderstand) he said that i have to sign in into the blogger with my own profile and then it clicked to my dumb mind that this can help . I tried and i succeeded luckily ,yes creating own profile is big deal as i was never into such things before and everything about my blog was done by my eldest son in 2009 .for which i will remain thankful to him always. I am happy i can comment on my blogger friends through laptop now . We are postponing purchase of new laptop until next summers as repairing of the house is costing too much already . 

one way or another little adjustments we make in life bring true happiness in life this is why i love having limited resources because they keep us more alive ,more close and more serene :)

Health ,peace and happiness to all of you dear friends! see you soon!

Saturday, October 1, 2022

A beautiful video By Aperture That Says all So Nicely Which I Cannot

Hey lovely souls! 

wanted to share with you one of the most beautiful videos that seems to say all i cannot as nicely in my simple raw posts ,so please watch if you have time and share what your heart says about this .

thinking of you all with heart filled with best wishes and prays for you all!

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