Saturday, March 27, 2010


i am singing a song ,

you can come along,

lets walk this way together,

dont worry about ,
that whats your doubt ,

one smile can change the weather ,

i know sun is hot,

but see what i have brought,

it is cloud,i named it hope,

no matter what people think,

i see there is blink,

which have tied my heart like a robe ,

just hold your faith,

its never too late,

trust me, it will be raining,

have you ever seen,

yellow turns in green,

will forget about complaining , but its autumn or spring ,

never stop singing ,

you have life anyway to celebrate ,

till you are alive, time will arrive,

keep struggling though ,

you can wait.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


hello friends hope and pray that all of you are enjoying what you are doing life is getting more busier every day ,and i am also trying to enjoy what i am doing ,if you remember i mentioned earlier that i got job in a newly opened school as principle which is really a new experience for me and i excepted it as a challenge ,and trying to put my best to make it work ,

when you enter in a atmosphere which is really new for you then it takes time to understand the situation and people's nature around ,i think i am getting it slowly ,thank god that most of my colleagues and teachers are very cooperative ,
today when i called a meeting of my teachers i was happy to see their response ,
after meeting i felt much peace in my heart ,and willing to do so much for this wonderful institution which gave me such a respectable job to do and made me crawl bit close to fulfill my dreams ,

i wish and pray that god may give all of us such beautiful opportunities to prove ourselves ,because each of us is blessed with particular in life,

he or she just need to explore it and chance to prove it,
dear friends i always keep pray for you ,and all of you please keep pray for me and my dreams ,god bless you all

Friday, March 19, 2010

Firefly (the poem about Faith)

was wandering in the darkness,

my body became weightless,

and soul was absorbing the night ,

my hands were moving around ,

in the search of some light ,

black hole of nowhere,

seemed enough to pull me inside it ,

then one day i saw a miracle ,

in the darkness of hopelessness ,

i found shiny fire fly ,

its ok to miss the sun ,

i have a tiny light in my starving hands,

i will be fine to make my own way ,

it will lead to my destination ,

where ,may be sun itself will be,

proud to be my guest one day,

Monday, March 15, 2010

wish me luck

hello friends hope and pray that everyone is having great fun and celebrating the spring with all heart come one friends its ok if there are some tests in our lives just to test our skills and ability of successful survival ,at least we can be happy for trees who got their lovely dresses back and should look at the joy on the face of beautiful earth,is her color full smile not touching your hearts ,dont tell me that you have not got some moments to just feel it.this life is very precious caz we get it only for once ,and mostly waste it in things which are really not important, but till we know that its too late .

let me share my piece of joy with you,
about week ago i gave an interview for teaching post in a new beginning school ,and was not expecting positive answer due to my less degrees ,they called me yesterday and informed that they are choosing me as a principle ,i was extremely surprised ,they said that they are impressed the way i answer all their questions and think that i have nice leading and management skills,school is from some NGO which is opening 50 school all over the country at a time ,

dear friend i need you to wish me luck ,because it is great responsibility ,and i am really serious to make it successful .
god bless you all.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Happiness is like a butterfly (poem)

i was chasing a butterfly ,wanted to feel,
its smooth touch with my fingers ,
i wanted to bring its shiny color ,close to my eyes
SO i ran fast after it ,as fast ,
that i lost my directions ,i lost my home,
even left my shadow behind and became all alone ,
it leaded me to the desert, which burnt my feet,
it made me drink the acid lake,

it bluffed me with silk ,with a palace so high,
it betrayed me with jewel ,with beautiful smiley face ,
it teased me to take part in the lair race ,
it made me so tired , it made me so old ,
but each way to grab it ,was still untold ,
i fell on the ground and closed my eyes ,
i felt my body shake and unstable breath,
i felt my entrance in place like heaven,
filled with breeze and fragrance of white roses ,
i sat under a tree like never will raise again ,
and looked the graceful beauty around,
then i saw t
hat butterfly flying towards me,
she sat on my shoulder and whispered in my ear ,
well come home dear ,where were you,
what took you so long to reach me , i was always in here inside you,
waiting for your call,
thank god you found me ,isn't it you found all.

Monday, March 8, 2010

beautiful blogger award passing out

hello friends ,i am here to pass the awards to some of my favorite blog ,actually all blogs are special friends ,we cannot say one is more nice then other ,each one of us has wonderful gift of mind and beautiful collection of thoughts ,we all have different ways to express tour feelings and thoughts and various writing style ,and each of us has a certain group of readers , and we feel really lucky to have them So to me we all are nice equally.

A Little Bit of Prose..


Sunday, March 7, 2010

A Beautiful Blog Award

hello Friends I hope every is enjoying the spring. We should celebrate the happiness of Earth.

I got an Award from My friend "Gwei mui" from

It is my pleasure to receive an Award from a friend who herself owns such a beautiful blog.

There are a few very important things you have to do in order to accept the award:

  1. Thank and link to the person that gave you the award
  2. Pass on the award to 15 bloggers that you have recently discovered and who you think are fantastic
  3. Contact said blogs to let them know they've won
  4. State 7 things about yourself
Well friends I am feeling not well now , I am suffering through throat infection. So I will follow these rules in my next post.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

The Gift (a poem)

it was like some one placed a statue beside the road,
she was old and blind ,her lips were dry and eyes were empty,
i used to see her ,while evening walk ,
sitting on road side ,silent and still ,like her whole body became a ear ,
who wants to grab the life around,
but there was no one around, to read her story of life written in her wrinkles
no one intend to look for the colors of her dreams
lost in her eyes,
people are passing beside her,laughing and chatting ,singing and whispering,
some with family some with friends,
most of them dont see her ,some who get the look ignore her immediately,
i wondered so many times ,why is she so lifeless,like her soul left her body long ago,
her dried lips seems, never tasted a smile ,
very few coins laying on her cloth asking for her attention ,
even their sound was not enough to please her face ,
i dont know why buy i suddenly got a beautiful idea ,
i plucked a rose from near went to wards her,

i hold her weak hand and put the flower on it,
she hold it with both hands and that new touch brought a life in her still body,
like she suddenly remembered some precious moment of her life ,
as she met some loved one after very long time,

i saw her barren eyes glittering with tears ,and her dried lips became a desert which received
rain from some kind peace of cloud,
her beautiful smile was like raining with still having sun on sky

Monday, March 1, 2010

sun and me

life is passing on so quickly, days and nights are chasing each other very fast,every morning when sun give me his very first smile ,i try to stare at him instead of knowing that he will vanish my eye sight ,but i try it every time ,we are not at war,not at all, but we have some issues which we used to argue with each other,and yesterday it happened again,he gave me smile and saw me with questioning eyes,HOW ARE YOU TODAY ?i smiled and replied fine and you ,and he said with pride OH ME I AM WONDERFUL ON TOP OF THE WORLD ,and looked at me like i was a joke you dont look fine you look tired ,i saw him with little anger ,its you ,you are getting too fast to make me run around ,

NO, he did not even hide his smile ,its you ,your progress of life is very slow lady don't blame me if you are lazy,and i replied with smile ,OK come and replace me then say it,

he laughed loudly and said ,ARE YOU COMPARING YOURSELF WITH ME,don't you know what i meant to this world ,and don't you know what i meant to my home and family,i said.
then he said ,you can easily replace by any woman ,its your man who is responsible for each comfort of your family,
it was my turn to laugh ,how many he will bring to replace me there are so many of me in me,
a mother ,tutor ,playing partner,cleaner ,cook,organizer,listener ,adviser ,and above all a best friend for each member of my family ,and what would he do with what he earns if i do not do my all these jobs with dignity and honesty. there was a silence for a while this time,then he said politely,OK i am convinced,we both have common situations,i saw his golden face with all my loving heart and said ,yea but there is bit difference ,you been selected for this job by some one else, but i chose it by myself ,i know you also have some desires in your burning heart,you want to be cool one day ,want to feel life crawling on your chest ,like i want to discover my self one day ,you know i think there is some thing what i am made to do for ,some thing which will feel me ME one day.but it is not that i am not enjoying what i am doing right now ,Of-course i am.It all belongs to life and i love life and all its belongings.
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