Thursday, March 11, 2010

Happiness is like a butterfly (poem)

i was chasing a butterfly ,wanted to feel,
its smooth touch with my fingers ,
i wanted to bring its shiny color ,close to my eyes
SO i ran fast after it ,as fast ,
that i lost my directions ,i lost my home,
even left my shadow behind and became all alone ,
it leaded me to the desert, which burnt my feet,
it made me drink the acid lake,

it bluffed me with silk ,with a palace so high,
it betrayed me with jewel ,with beautiful smiley face ,
it teased me to take part in the lair race ,
it made me so tired , it made me so old ,
but each way to grab it ,was still untold ,
i fell on the ground and closed my eyes ,
i felt my body shake and unstable breath,
i felt my entrance in place like heaven,
filled with breeze and fragrance of white roses ,
i sat under a tree like never will raise again ,
and looked the graceful beauty around,
then i saw t
hat butterfly flying towards me,
she sat on my shoulder and whispered in my ear ,
well come home dear ,where were you,
what took you so long to reach me , i was always in here inside you,
waiting for your call,
thank god you found me ,isn't it you found all.


  1. i really wish i could write poems as well. i used to but,i'm not very good at it:D have a blessed day:D

  2. Love that last picture. Found you from Link Referral. :)


  3. Only beautiful minds can appreciate beautiful things beyond eyes.

    Lovely message behind that poem...
    Have a great day Shabana!


  4. And this is why you are unique. You have an amazing talent of sending people to a whole new world. Loved the post. My Mom liked it too.

    Have a wonderful day Shabana! Big:)

  5. Absolutely Beautiful Baili! (^_^)
    I really really enjoyed it!!
    You have a talent for writing. You should definitely keep up the great work!
    I am looking forward to seeing more!
    Be blessed and take care.
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  6. beautiful thoughts... really beautiful...
    may i ask you to try this

    thank you

  7. check out my experience of a malaysian living in sweden! :)

    and this is a nice read!


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