Tuesday, February 27, 2024

Birthday and Blooms

 My younger son celebrated his 21st birthday with his close friends at his university Campus .He shared some photos of his special day. It was satisfactory to see him having nice birthday with friends. I think i did not mention that my son has moved to hostel last year because the rented house began to show some issues which he found hard to handle alone. We all suggested  him his eldest brother particularly that hostel is better option for students due to all facilities available including cleaning service ,washing machine and kitchen supplies. He agreed and moved to the hostel where he had stayed during his first semester .He told that his birthday was celebrated twice once with university friends and the secondly with hostel mates . We wish nd prayed for his well being and good in future along all the youngster moving throughout the world amen!

    my skinny son has not restored his earlier healthy shape (sigh) back until now but he says being smart is better ,he told he makes his food once in a while and his (Fatima on left in blue embroidered dress)friend's mom also sends him delicious meals sometimes ,

                   the word written on cake meant farmer ,a name given by his best friend Hasan  

                                           such blessed memories stay in heart forever indeed 

  after dining my son went to TDF a place that offers relaxing environment for creative people ,my son and his friend created this lovely drawing which i loved because the serenity it reflects and the lush moon :)

below some more blooms for you 

    i could not write with images due to my internet is turning off after some minutes ,i think these are little better rose images i could capture 

                                                         oh the blur again ,sorry 

Thank you so much for amazing comments on previous post,i so enjoyed reading what you thought about topic ,

Words can't tell how much your support means to me dear friends! 
health peace and happiness to you all and to all you love!


Tuesday, February 20, 2024

Sales Strategy Seems Big Fraud

 I have mentioned on my blog many times that i shop only when i really need something . I don't know whether habit is good or bad or probably it can be rooted in days when i lived with my parents in hand to mouth situation and bought something only when there was no option except replacing old with new .

I feel thankful that hubby and me both have content nature and hardly seek pleasure in material except basic necessities of life. Luxury wasn't my dream ever and as far as i know the hubby also likes to use his money reasonably .This is only reason we could make our separate house and did not have to wait until he is retired. Or anything that we could manage in limited resources (one man's income only) because we both avoid participating in rat race.

 Biggest example for this i have is our way of doing khatna of our boys. We did it when they were in their second month of life and we did it without any celebration at all which was impossible .People would and still take loan or sell piece of land or jewelry just to celebrate such occasions with extended families . Only reason was that we could not afford the expenses of ceremonies supposed to be held. Since the beginning hubby had idea of separate house in mind and he literally followed the quote " collecting drops creates an ocean" we both did actually .We had to face lots of whining from all family members for years .They still recall in gatherings but we know what we did was wise .

One of the  precautions was  buying cheap clothing. Only hubby would buy some fine suits of better quality for office use . I hardly shopped for myself back then and whatever hubby would buy was of my likening because it was good enough and adored by others around as i said i was less interested in things. Brands were out of our list due to being pricy.

We started to buy branded clothes hardly a decade ago . Gul Ahmed Al Karam and Khadi are popular brands here for good quality and long lasting clothing . Bata ,Service and  Borjan are main brands with few others for quality shoes .

We still try to buy clothes in particular months when sale is on so we can make better use of our money .

What disturbs most is falling quality of things we buy in sales actually. This opinion is formed by a bad personal experience actually.

I did not mention that we have been buying shoes of Bata and Service since more than three decades because unlike clothes shoes are not being changed soon and can wear with different clothes occasionally . When shoes get older than two or three years we give them away . Keep in mind that my use of shoes bought for special occasions is rare because i use only one shoe at home and my outdoor ventures are really limited . It never happened that shoes bought from Bata or Service were worn out or broken meanwhile. One of my oldest bought shoe stayed firm more than 11 years .It was of Bata. I gave it away eventually. 

Almost two months ago we visited Sukkur market .I was wearing sandal purchased from Bata shop Sukkur three years ago . The sandal crumbled down while i was walking amidst the  market surrounded by shops and people . That was so embarrassing and shocking. We had to walk for shoe shop for ten minutes or so . It was sigh of relief to find shoe shop because walking with broken sandal felt so bad and even i doubted if someone made video as people do such stuff now days even when serious incident take place they just get busy in filming instead helping, what a wonderful world .

Anyway my point is that sale strategy is getting faker and the things to put in sale are made separately and of lower quality .Otherwise a rarely worn sandal of such big brand could not be just wither away like whooshed  dandelion .We also have noticed that even fresh branded things have lost their charm. Only Borjan seems stable in it's presentation.

Sales signs are kept on every possible existing thing in market and brands are no exception .This trend is benefiting only businessman because they are tricking people by selling them low quality things  on the price of high quality . Shopkeepers don't have to face long arguments by customers over bargaining anymore due to fix prices mentioned on sales. 

This world is only for capitalist now ,a bitter sad truth .

What about trust that people had on these brands ?

When trust breaks it hurts both parties eventually 


Thursday, February 15, 2024

Countryside photos and flowers

Our winter is gone almost ,tail remains hardly .These are quite  springy days here full of soothing breeze and delightful early blooms in our little garden. I am thankful to God who has given me gift to find joy in little things of life ,even when ponder they are not little things but real ways for feeling good actually.
We visited one of our nephew last weekend . It was a small gesture of togetherness as family members. The countryside views welcomed us with lots of greenery ,lush fields of wheat , long rows of mango ,banana and date trees ,herds of goats withered in meadows and flock of small water birds beside little ponds here and there. It was joyous to take motorbike ride and enjoy the glorious views in perfect season for such travel. Sharing few glimpse below and yes some more flower that opened eye and smiled in our garden.

   on first look these birds looked like white pearls sprinkled near water from bucked dropped by angle

            it was late afternoon and views under sun's calm glow seemed tranquil and majestic 

      i wonder how can one think of Nature as soulless and senseless creation when see scene like this

   for such shots i miss having powerful camera ,poetry within Nature is sung by everything existing 

   while entering in our city Khairpur  we saw new colony initiated by the father in law of one of my niece (late) she died in her late twenties because of some heart issue unfortunately. She was granddaughter of my father 'sister  .

            sorry for blur one ,taken during ride ,goats seemed to enjoy the fantastic day to fullest 

  at our nephew's house we were surprised to see two baby goats roaming around in small flat because petting goat in such small city flat was beyond our imagination, this cute little one kept chasing children playing in the house who were having fun with new born babies ,sweet sight indeed!

     such lush views feed my eyes and fill my soul with joy and serenity ,i feel i inherited love for them from my mother .she would love her village ,her garden and fields and gardens of village were second home to her .i can't forget the glow in her eyes when she would look at these phenomena .that will reveal how much she had been missing her village while she was away from it .god is kind who gave her chance to relive life of her dreams in later decades of her life. 

  among all the children Anas (name of boy) was most naughty and talkative ,we enjoyed his mischief and conversation about everything around .he is son of our nephew's wife 's sister 

remember mentioned plant that grew quite high ,this is it's bloom and it has many others 

                    our old rose was cut to half during garden make over ,now it's having flowers 

 combination of two different flowers fills front yard with  cheerfulness 

     In flowers yellow definitely has unique  place. Healing energy seems to flow from it and paving the way for the heart 

    Can't guess why image of  original rose never fine one 

     Unlike one above this rose image come neat if try but all in vain for rose above 

   A new bloom opened eye today in pot 0laced beside the fence of veranda. Pretty ❤

I am still late for reading blogs of blog friends due to power  issue. Although it is appearing but periodically. Election results has been announced  but power is unstable in our area.
Posting  through phone so avoid the flaws please! 
Health peace and happiness to you all!❤

Wednesday, February 7, 2024

Wonders ! (poem written by me)

 Earth like sleeping beauty yawning lazily in sooth

Sun like naughty bro smiles while peaking through 

Spreading his golden whisper gently to the heart of hill

Shared it over around and all views transformed with thrill 

Early gust of wind made all the trees sneeze 

Later it was gossiped  over by the tender breeze 

Birds flew joyously on sky with singing beaks

Will come back in evening , know how promise to keep

All the seeds of dreams that were sown during the night

For them to plough and harvest morning time is right 

Mind the nature's odds though as life is slippery slope 

But having faith keep us firm and never loose the hope 

When bro burnt my books i transferred ashes to lawn

Where grew plants of love and wisdom in new dawn

If you think that air or water can be kept confined 

With the skill of transformation they change to new way find

Each drop of water though seems imprisoned in sea 

To your knowledge it evaporates and flee

Then it is drop of rain that falls over the ground 

Declaring it's freedom of choice  with rythemetic  sound 

Then travelling back by the rivers to oceanic  home

Telling that everything here is bond to it's own "will" alone

You may find trivial ponder on the withered natural path 

Signatures of human feet who chased their dream so far

It's like turning into steps distances of endless miles 

Do you think what wonders can do to someone your smile

From the shining star on sky or little piece of rock 

Nothing here is without the reason or the task 

Best is to find our place and purpose in the world 

So can pick the path with clear mind ,nothing stays absurd 

This is only way to feel the fulfilled and at ease 

Once one is happy with herself ,all around is pleased !

Saturday, February 3, 2024

Who Controls your Personality ?

It's sunny day today and even though my body is confined in a house ,my soul can feel the vibration of utter joy earth felt .The soothing sunlight falling on views looks like a mother giving her child a healing hug. Hubby told that more cloudy weather and light rain are expected at the end of this week(31 January today) .

Update on 4th of February. 

When i sit alone for while during kitchen break, i like to watch(if power available luckily) any knowledgeable video to make best of available free time. Few days ago when i was making quick scroll i found this one kind of much   awaited video  because it had information that we all needed today badly whether knowingly or unknowingly and the level of shared information was more comprehensible .I think even we try to figure out things in many ways but we succeed only when we approach to the root cause of the issue. This ten minutes video is worth watching if you are interested in fixing your issues regarding random feeling you deal with in daily life. Most of our such feelings are originated in our stomach you will learn this.

Please share your valuable thought to add into my poor account so i can learn how you felt same how your life was effected with what you had last night ?

Keep taking great care of yourself friends !

Blessings to all !


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