Thursday, July 27, 2023

Victims Of Modern Living

 I remember my mother saying how inflation has grown with time .I grew up in the village where most of the population was farmer and few who were not would do job as carpenter or mason . Very few of them had their men in abroad Kuwait ,Iraq or Iran.

This is nice to have memories of time when people lived peaceful life despite of their varied economical conditions.

Farmers of the village had land and different cattle and bigger families with joint family system. 

My mom was daughter of a farmer but wife of a working man (a watch maker) so our own family was considered as lower middle class .But one thing was obvious that we had peace of mind with little we had. 

Today when i think what was that?

I feel it was absence of "exposure" of so much "stuff" that media offers non stop on screen today and imply how important it is to have for modern living. A mind set has been built  to feel "need to buy them" with consistency. This is worst attack on humans and humanity by capitalism no doubt. Because the cost we pay for  really high .  

Cant say abut other part of the world but at my home land in my little home town particularly some  thirty plus years back people were happy with what they had and with "less they knew" about complexity of life , relationships and emotions.

It was easy to lead a simple life if one has content nature.

Those with lack of  contentment were also at ease as well as  compared to today.

We have become victim of capitalism who has entangled the world with perfect strategy that makes only few people suck the blood of whole population on planet.

Our mind is working machine with billions of desperate neurons that "want to do something " because thoughts make them work and this is what keeps our mind  alive .To survive our mind has to jump to think and make us act accordingly quickly. If the power of making choice , taking decision and using will power is not there we surely are mistaking 24/7.

As we know most of us are totally on what we get from news and adds all the time and this makes our mind an easy target for "grab mass for it's thinking process" specially when everything shown looks utterly appealing. It takes control of our senses as quietly that    despite of it's uselessness we find it worth dying for and run to buy or apply it blindly .

What we pay for modern living is Most valuable thing "Peace of mind" which is and must be an essential element for healthy and normal life.

It has been long time that hubby and me have talked about anything else over evening tea except inflation .Even corruption the second topic we converse has slipped to position number two .

It was my very first experience when i personally observed the disappointment among common people as while standing on taxi stand for uber we saw a long line of taxi drivers waiting for riders .Many of them came to us one by one if we want taxi but we had booked already so refused politely. Our ride arrived and we left but when we returned after few hours the line of taxies was still there and the drivers were looking very disappointed. it was a sad sight and worrying as well .The sudden rise in inflation since two years has taken the people down and laboring class is most affected one because due to inflation works are pending are on hold . No class is exception. 

My eldest son mentioned last week that his electricity bill has rise from 40 pounds to 90 and he has nothing but only kitchen appliances ,laptop and tv ,tv is is hardly played on weekends as he prefers to spend weekend outdoors.

I know i am weird and for me a simpler life is not out of option, a life without anything modern but only a clay house in nature with lantern and lots and lots and lots of books. 

I think everything we are adding in our life is eating real part of us . We define ourselves in their perspective . 

Don't we have our own "self" and our own "essence" 

I think the real us is hidden under the pile of modern life.

If we rediscover ourselves ,that will be a "true " and better living with our own self only.

What you think dear friends ?

Friday, July 21, 2023

Thankful For Recent Visit To Native Home !

Hello dear friends!

Hope and pray all is well at your corner . We are experiencing one of the wort summers with really hot and humid days . Temperature displayed on screen can't explain why heat feel far more then it is mentioning ?

Anyway life goes on no matter how extreme or mild weather or things be . So we are back and settled to our routine of life . Perfect routine will take place when college and office will start from first August. This is how time lives us out so fast .

I still feel happy about the two weeks we spent in my native town specially in my native home .I had lots f time to recall old memories belong to my parents during our stay . And this joy i feel right now is about that luxury i had for few days at least. Actually we had no kids along to concern about and my brother and his wife felt bit relaxed this time which made the environment bearable and pleasant. Some glimpse of moment i enjoyed there .

summer of northern hilly town is diverse with occasional rains and cool breeze and it goes until mid July to mid August or so when humidity  takes over ,yet northern summers are far pleasant then our in southern Pakistan sindh .So we tried to spend most of  our time in yard ,my most favorite place on earth . having tea while looking at old friends below (hills,fields and remaints of stream ) is beyond beautiful experience .we are having morning tea here after is taken next day to eid ul adha before leaving town.I asked my niece to preserve this moment for me . 
        we would get out in yard at 5pm ,two and half hour before sunset just to witness the charming glory of view my house had . How wise was my mom who bought this place when easier land were available. She bought this hilly piece with some huge rocks stuck in ground for which she paid lots of money .after removing rocks filling the place and  plain it to built house was another task . all she beard because of this commanding view .i wish residents can realize this as well  

   Fortunately  It rained after fourth day of our arrival .It started after midnight when we all ran inside and slept. i woke up early (5 am) and everything looked so refreshed and beautiful that i found hard to go back to sleep again .everyone was slept so i spent some quiet time with my best and oldest friends .Not pics nor words can explain how special and lovely it was for me. Only those can understand who met their old native places ,homes or friends in life after very long time!

   rain has different beauty in my lush gorgeous town then small city i live in now 

  that rainy morning made me relive many other beautiful rainy days i spent there as little or young girl .my younger version seemed to exist there still playing around ,swinging ,laughing and hugging parents and climbing trees ,swimming in steam .what one can possibly be without the treasures of memories ?  

i feel like part of me went "frozen " there locked within those magical moments 

Then second day of eid we moved to Islamabad because we wanted to see kids on video call which we missed in my native town completely. Actually this time hubby did not take internet portable device along because we knew we will stay in village mostly and only few days in Islamabad where device works to some extent . we would take  net device every time but it has lost it's efficiency since few years in village . we bought the latest one with best reputation last time but it hardly worked in Islamabad and no signal in hometown at all

 i found these pretty little flowers when entered in Rawal Lake Park Islamabad, they cherished everyone who entered near the main entrance ,but only few with me noticed them and took photos .Park was really crowded as expected after  eid days 

we encountered more and much people after crossing the entrance 

                  i loved these colorful blooms ,but white is most favorite 

 Hubby got internet package in his phone so kids sent us photos which would take days to load ,my eldest son on my insistence sent his 2 minute long videos twice which took three days but loadeloaded only we went out of town (Taxila 40 minutes drive)for some piece work  

   I am thankful everything went fine and we could visit my hometown .
This is for now .Thank you so much for bearing with me precious friends! each visit and word from you is my pleasure and strength to my heart!
God Bless You All!

Monday, July 17, 2023

About An "Aging Day "



As i said many times before that when we see carefully we find that everything in the universe seems to resemble each other in certain pattern of behavior .

With age i feel how fast time is flying away.

A day particularly has such a short "age" you see .

Sun gives it birth at morning when first cozy ray open it's soft eye gently . 

i am sure if you are an early riser you must have noticed the soothing innocent of morning time .Just like a newly born baby who took his first breath and opening cute eye to take a first look of the world calmly . Without any pollution added to his tranquil nature morning times are special and beautiful .Free of all kinds of desperation and curiosity morning time are all about a restful observation and quiet self reflection .Their peace offer us a unique perspective in which we can reflect ourselves in refreshing and energetic way and feel relived always. I am lucky i have seen such early morning times as little and then young girl back in my native town. Though after moving here my early times starts late such as after 7am or so . I miss that adorable baby time .Nature is Best at her each work . Her setting of morning light over the earth is only reason how morning look what it looks like ,calm ,beautiful and innocent .Morning light not just shine the ground but it highlight the "connection " between everything so beautifully. This is gift of the age of innocence .

A day ages fast and gets to it's haphazard youth soon. Sun reaches to it's peak and world under it's straight and stern light seems to wither and lost in never ending adventure. Everything seems to get in it's own shell . Light that was showing earlier reality of the world warped in enchanting connection is different now. The young day is rude and self centered who barely care for anything around. Despite of the how productive a "young day" is the "connection" between everything seems lost mostly .

A day keeps aging quickly and approaches to it's old age soon. The evening arrives when once again sun is getting down and shedding light on earth in which "connection" or "relationship" between reality is so "visible" .Things seems to reconnect each other with deeper perspective and stronger bond. I loose my words when i try to describe beauty of an evening time . The maturity and sensibility of aged day ,an evening is exquisite and transforming . Just like old people it has power and way to tell stories and make us think about all we were unable to think about when day or we were young. I love this part more even though it is followed by darkness of night (or death) which seems an end but we all know it is not .

What do you think about an "aging day" ? 

While writing this a thought struck in my mind .If it is all about light and how it approaches to things Is consciousness light ?

Because just like light  our Consciousness enable us to See and understand reality ?

Tuesday, July 11, 2023

Kindness By My Elder Brother And Photos By Eldest Son From Recent Norway Trip

Hello beautiful souls!
Hope and pray all of you are blooming awesomely in the garden of life and flourishing happily!

Sorry for one month absence but believe i missed you all more than you might have missed me (let me be optimistic :))

Almost two months back i was informed by my elder brother that some pieces of land are shown on computer which we have inherited from our mother's side. What was pleasing more than anything that my elder brother wanted me to come and accept the gift of land from him so i can make my dream come true about having my own small house in the village . This was first time in my life my elder brother showed some generosity which i was excited to share with my husband and in laws. So  we decided to visit my native village during summer vacation. Our youngest son was suppose to join us but our elder son invited him to stay with him in Karachi. The only thing that made me sad was celebrating Eid Ul Adha without both kids in native village as our elder son was doing some internship so was unable to join us.

In short me and hubby travelled alone after so many years which was mixture of sour and sweet because we were happy to be on our own but at the same time little down to miss kids meanwhile.
I must say everything regarding land ownership went easy like piece of cake but unfortunately the land was not of my likening .It was below the hill on plain and too deep to enjoy the view f village i used to have in past :(
We told my brother that we will decide about land later .Despite of that sad part of the story we spent two one of the most beautiful days in my native house . We visit there once or twice a year for two or three days hardly and rush to Islamabad because of some uneasiness my heart had been feeling there since always. But this time was exception and the peace and joy i found in my childhood home seemed so genuine and it is because my brother first time proved that he has heart to love me and share as big brother .For me this is most important and beautiful thing in whole world and i am happy i was able to witness this day.
Although we could not connect to our kids meanwhile but thanks to weak service of internet that we have been receiving photos regularly from them that would strengthen us for while. Sharing  some photos sent y my eldest son from his recent visit to Oslo Norway. His friend and her fiancé has invited him while back .  

    my son told Norway is probably one of the most expensive country which effects tourism lot 

                                         he loved Norway and how cozy it is for strolling 
     he told how during summer sun does not set at all though it does not affect sleeping because of biological clock is set already 

   can you see how cloud forms a spread palm that is receiving something from above 

     i forgot the name of young lady ,she was on educational trip in London for year or something ,couple befriended to my son and met on weekends .couple is getting married next year and my son is invited as well .

      according to my son weather of the Norway seemed warm unexpectedly unlike London which was shocking to know because i thought Norway is under snow cower mostly 

                                              i think this mister pet is very friendly and cool yes :)

 Thank you for kind visits and words dear friends ! it is blessing to have you all with me in this blogging world!

keep smiling! hugs and blessings! 
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