Thursday, April 11, 2024

Happy Eid To All Who Celebrate !

   Happy Eid 2024 dear friends !
We celebrated our Eid 's first day yesterday on 10th of April . Our youngest son arrived on Eid morning and it was huge pleasure to have him with us on our yearly festive day . Our eldest son called us on Chand Rat (translation of term is moon night before Eid day) and spent some precious online time with us by the grace of God even though it was his office day he managed to call again on Eid day as well and it made us so happy because the feeling of having all kids close by seems priceless to parents and i know many can relate to it!
sorry that i could not respond to my previous post comments because of so much business related to Chand Rat and Eid day preparations. Needless to say such day awake so many memories related to days when we were kids and living under the shade of  love of parents .Now when they are gone ,these memories value most on such occasions. I will keep in touch .My younger son will leave after at the end of this week and i want to spend each moment with home during he is here  . God Bless you all!!!!

                                                                  taken on Eid morning 

                                                                 captured while ago


Monday, April 8, 2024

Do You Dare To Enter The Cave ?


I often wonder what is blocking us to notice that our world has been designed to change and vary constantly . The only stable thing is  "change" here 

I wonder what is restraining us to understand that theme of this design is based on "opposition".  Repel between energies is giving things an appearance and format . Connection that depends on  resistance . sounds strange  yet true link 

Human body is not exception. So,

Scientist say our body is made up of 37.2 trillion cells . Each cell has both charge negative and positive. link.

Do we know why each cell has been given a nucleus ?

In nucleus lies the possibility of which charge whether negative or positive is going to take over. here is what science say about it (source google) 

"By housing the cell's genome, the nucleus serves both as the repository of genetic information and as the cell's control center. DNA replication, transcription, and RNA processing all take place within the nucleus, with only the final stage of gene expression (translation) localized to the cytoplasm"

I believe human brain is our Nucleus  where is placed our "super position" as humans (ability to make choice)when it comes to living day to day life . here is what science says about human brain (source google ),

"The human brain is like the nucleus in that they both have a similar goal. The brain and the nucleus are both in control and dictate what the person/cell does. The nucleus controls eating, moving, and reproduction, and the same goes for the human brain"

another scientific definition below to help my point, (google)

 "What is the brain? The brain is a complex organ that controls thought, memory, emotion, touch, motor skills, vision, breathing, temperature, hunger and every process that regulates our body."

also link here.

Do we use our "super position" as human and process our thoughts carefully before turning them into actions for real ? Or follow our instinct blindly ? without realizing how dangerous the consequences can be if keep doing it for long term .

Why such ultra boring post today ?, because all the observations ,experiences ,learnings and my intuition of my 52 years life is pointing out strictly that solution  

for all human problems are hidden in this boring cave( peaking into inner self)  in which we fear to enter mostly because we think it's waste of time and energy when world around offers much fun. But the reality is totally opposite and once you will convince yourself to enter you will find the treasure that will make you richest (peace of mind that comes when we encounter with Truth) person on planet. Sharing link of  amazing site Gregg Braden that offers great insight on it.

 I hope i am not bothering you with my grave interest in humans ability to live better life here. 

Thanks for bearing with me friends . I would love to here your thoughts on topic if any .

God Bless You All and Always!

Wednesday, April 3, 2024



 I was reading  Marie 'post today that reminded me few things i would like to share with you dear friends . Marie wrote about how she saw a woman in the store and found her pants looking beautiful on her .She complimented that woman for this though her response wasn't as she expected due to weight she had probably .

This incidents and so many other small things like this i notice in people of  developed societies (via media ,tv etc) make me feel little sad sometimes. As they say there is dark side attached to every bright picture exposure to much information and knowledge takes away our ability to find joy in small things sometimes but i believe this vary from person to person as well.  

Is this true that when our whole focus is pointed on one spot the rest around goes in darkness ? 

I am happy that our society is crawling towards similar stage of development and awareness . I am sure that despite moving in the speed of turtle it will reach someday to that specific point where people speaking of soul's joys will be considered serious threat and will be put in madhouses probably .What makes me happy that i visited this society when things aren't that dry and soulless . It's not that people with much materialistic approach don't exist here .They do of course and at abundance but their approach hasn't lifted to that level til now ,because of their brought up in society who still has some warmth within . More of us still believe in goodness in people ,not because bad things don't happen here but because the naivety we grew with in our nature .I call it brighter side effect of ignorance and i wonder if someone agreed with me on it ?

This naivety  allow us to enjoy a cozy environment full of mutual trust as humans which provides base for mental relaxation as humans. It is personal opinion of my naïve mind .

I am afraid while writing this post because i doubt if i hurt anyone's feeling here which can not be even last thing i will ever want to do friends . It is only that i can't say stuff with mastery actually.

I have weird habit of complimenting others since i was little girl. I hardly suffer because of it. Though at certain times of my life when i did not like myself for being so unique(extremely boring is the right word) that people don't seem to enjoy my company i also hated this habit of mine . I was in my mid thirties when i realized that even i compliment all my sisters in law (wives of hubby's brothers or his sisters ) they never complimented me for anything at all . I think this was a little rise of ego i felt back then or may be it was product of self pity i felt as less attended daughter ,sister and wife . The hidden rage felt pointed towards my sisters in law who were in sour and bitter relationship with me then under the strict command of my mother in law for reason i never knew and i am sure she did not knew too. But i kept this to my heart only . Within few years specially when i started physical exercise i found those negative feeling dim and disappeared slowly. And i felt more like my genuine self again . A woman who loves all without expecting anything back just like her mother . I restarted to compliment them all spontaneously and it made me feel comfortable. If remember i once or twice have mentioned that when i see something good in someone i feel so obliged and i even chase her to deliver my compliment .I did this many times and i feel relief like i returned  the debt .Sounds strange ? yes it's true . This make my faith stronger in Divine force who has designed everyone for certain reason . Mine is to drop flower's on other's door and return silently . Even speaking like this seems to empower me .I used to wish i was visible and had so much ,so i would have visited other's secretly and left something there that would cheer them up . Weirder ?  World has all types of people and it is art by Creator who know only why is so ? 

Sending you all love and best wishes !

Monday, April 1, 2024

Why Do I Fast And Why Fasting Is Necessary ?


     Hey kind hearts ! 

hope beating beautifully and wisely on the rhythm of life ! Now when i have fully recovered from malaria and feeling lot better by the grace of God i am taking fasting slow and steady. The disease has left some weakness and this is why i am finding it good to fast for one day and take a break for next day . Actually i enjoyed fasting like an entertaining adventure in my early teens . I have mentioned that there was  great enthusiasm and a healthy competition among all cousins regarding finishing holy book and fasting .As they would see their elders fasting , kids above ten mostly would try to fast on regular bases throughout the month of Ramadan. As fresh entry to my little magical village world everything was great fun and excitement for me as young girl .I would take part in all these things just because it would make me feel happy and fit in all of them. 

I think i fasted properly till my thirties . My health declined greatly after two later children and fasting went behind the curtain of so many other thick layers of business and excuses for many years. When we moved here in separate house and my stomach ulcer was treated for three years long medicine course i tried to do fasting once in a while but horrible headaches kept me from fulfilling my wish to feel that old sense of joy again. Every year when Ramadan would come i would retry but invain because headache would make me feel Misérables and i would hold my head and lay whole day by doing nothing .Any attempt to do house chore specially cooking would make me feel extremely dizzy and fainted. So i gave up the idea of fasting  and it remained until this ( more then 13 years or less). After the death of both parents in same year of 2011 to avoid trauma i did teaching job for two years which i had to quit because the kids' studies were being neglected. When i stayed at home i realized again that i need relief for my soul that was burdened with fresh grief of the loss of parents. So i started yoga and meditation in 2014 or 15. It has been a decade and i can feel the difference because it is so obvious and strong on the every aspect of my life. But one thing that seemed to help in being able to fast again like my teenage days is reducing the carbs from diet since some months before the arrival of Ramadan . This life is full of magic indeed and surprises us each time when we ponder on something to seek solution. Remember i have mentioned doctor zee who's site has been greatly helpful to make us understand briefly  how food works in our body on cellular level .His explanation is powerful who want to solve their health problems with honesty . Thanks to Creator who lead us to path when we want to correct our lives ! Thanks to doctor zee who is serving people in this good cause !

So my reason for fasting is scientific but as we see that in every command of God there is abundance of "goodness" hidden for humans ! Because he is Creator and his creations are precious for the  Creator ! 

Sharing a   very interesting and informative article  that supports idea of fasting in all religions and why it is important for people .

thank you so much for bearing with me friends ! God bless you all!

health peace and happiness to you and precious loved ones!

Wednesday, March 27, 2024

Chickpea Flour And Malaria


Hello Sweet Souls!

Hope all is well and weather is friendly at your part of land . Our temperature is reaching 36 until now . Weather is dramatic with fast appearance and disappearance of clouds  and breeze . 

I want to thank you all for lovely comments on my previous post, your support makes my effort worth it no doubt!  I was reading  Dorothy 's post about soaps and how she love to buy different fragranced soap during her travels .That reminded me to how long ago i quit using (for bath) soaps . I think it's been more than eighteen years that i don't use soaps for bathing. The reason to do so was prickly heat that kept me troubled for many years when i moved here in hotter part of our country. We visited skin doctor many times but whenever it was summer i would suffer with prickly heat from July to late September particularly . 

I have mentioned about how i had instinct to learn from (first)radio and then Tv . Remember Nadia Khan show i mentioned few time that how much i learnt from her show to improve my life style. The exercise was first thing i learnt from her show and i could not believe how it transformed my life within months and i wasn't the same woman laying on bed sadly and wondering how will she gather strength to do house chores . Regular exercise made me stand firm and straight which seemed impossible right after the birth of second child who came ten years after his elder brother. 

Secondly it filled me with mental and physical power and everybody from in laws was astonished with how quick and efficient i have become .

The other thing i learnt from her show was how to get rid of skin issues by quitting the soups . The show had regular segment in which nation's popular Chef and herbalist    would share Zubaida Aapa her tips for different things. Once she told that she does not use soap for washing face of bathing but chickpea flour by adding some lemon juice, a tea spoon of glycerin can be added as well when lemon is unavailable. I took this advice seriously because of sever skin issues i was suffering from . I realized it worked for me by the grace of God and no such problem i faced ever again . She said that if you will rub your skin right after washing it with any beauty soap your skin will leave dust particles .But this no such thing you will experience after using this recipe . She was true because it cleanse skin really . 

I was feeling little down since few days ,two days back i got high cold chills and fever . Hubby took me to the doctor immediately and doctor diagnosed Malaria so i had to break my fast in order to take medication only when there were two hours left to break it :(

i haven't fast today nor i will for further two days . I will see afterwards if my inner strength allows me .

Thank you for being with me dear friends! 

Health ,peace and happiness to all of you and to all you love!

Friday, March 22, 2024

A Good Story Of Bad Incident


I know it's  quite an early post as i usually post once in a week not because i want to but because lack of time .The most of noon times are spent in kitchen actually .And than condition of power presence is must during my spare times. 

I want to mention that i try to keep my blog posts positive because this is my way to look at things . I believe that it is not overlooking the problem but just keeping this in mind that world needs addition of positive things and energy rather than spreading dullness .But if something is worth sharing i can't resist sharing it with friends because your encouraging comments heal my heart!

This way of keeping grave things to myself is my old habit as i mentioned few times that if i was hurt i would not make sound but bear it silently . Same is with my blogging world so sharing mostly positive things must not be taken as i don't trust my friends . There are many things honestly waiting for to share until i get strength to do so.

In short while fighting the battle of life we all try to keep smiling and cheering up each other as it is true spirit of humanity in my opinion. 

Reason to this explanation is that i shared a video in my previous post that had some controversial note at it's last some minutes and i wasn't aware of it because i decided to share it when it reached to it's quarter part almost. The rest part i watched after publishing my post and regretted it afterwards because i avoid such topics on my blog. 

My motive is to share my personal experiences and my constant struggle for growing into a better human being mentally ,physically and spiritually. Sharing links of videos with similar topic is only to convey my thoughts to my friends more accurately.

Now a very positive incident that took place when we were traveling to another city to attend one of recent wedding events . There were two cars and one huge van full of family members .I prefer to sit on van where all the women of family sit and more chance for get together is available . We were returning after attending event though ladies were fully charge and were singing and clapping enthusiastically. It was 8:40 or so and full dark night has been settled. The views of outside dimmed completely so my focus to celebration deepened .  One of my niece was sitting near van door. After crossing the long bridge van ran over some kind of bumper or what that door of the van opened suddenly . The girl was saved to fall down miraculously but her purse fell down . She did not realize it because she was yelling at her brothers and cousins that how could this happen etc . Van advanced more and then the girl realized that her bag has fallen probably when door opened . Now she started to shout "stop ,my purse has been fallen" it took while to people in the van understand the intensity of the incident . Her uncle the groom's father asked driver to stop and all boys got down from front seat including uncle . At first all tried to convince her that she must forget about bag because it was heavy traffic on the bridge and many people walking around so her bag might have been taken away by any of them. But the girl started to cry and shout louder. She said her new phone is in the bag and handful of money so they should go and check or let her go to find it.The tie wasted in argument raised the possibility of loosing the purse . All of the bros and cousins including uncle went and searched the purse for 20 minutes .I was looking at watch because i had no food there and wanted to reach home before gas leaves( our gas comes on times so we have to cook meanwhile) .They returned empty hands and tried to make her agree to leave without purse . But she insisted they should go and check again. They went and came back without her bag again. When she was sobbing and people were settling in van to leave the phone of her uncle rang ,he picked up and had 2 minutes chat with man who called from the phone of my niece and informed that he has picked up the purse from bridge and now sitting in a roadside hotel if you can come and pick up you bag. It was grand united sound of relief in the van .They go and returned with bag after 20 minute or so again. The good gesture of that kind man touched my heart as much that i felt i wasn't hungry anymore still van driver flew the van like jet on return and we were home before 10pm ,I did not have to make my dinner because it was made by hubby already .I just ate it gratefully while telling this very nice story of bit bad incident!

I love how God keep us informed that world still bear some really fine souls! God bless that man amen!

Few glimpse below that cheer me up always !

          Health Peace and Happiness to all of you friends!

Wednesday, March 20, 2024

Scary Facts Of Scary World We Are Living In

Sharing a video today that reveals scary facts about reality we are living in  actually .

I could understand what they said about reprograming human mind because i have been experiencing how my life changed slowly because of regular work on it. We all are fasting so i am having more free time for blogging and for watching such knowledgeable videos .Couldn't resist wish to share it with you all because the truth it has to unveil. 

God Bless you All Precious Friends!

Saturday, March 16, 2024

A Disturbing Marriage With Personal Story And Fasting .


It is nice when i see that despite less resources and least support from government our society is evolving gradually overall .Many hard core old fashions are left behind such as keeping girls from studies or specially treating them as inferior to boys whether domestically or in outer world. Parents of today are more cooperative towards their children and more of them now prefer to follow what their kids want. Sadly rural areas are exception until now and children are still considered as slave or property by parents. 

I am from a small village and i have witnessed such grand pressures on parents ,mothers particularly by relatives ,aunts and uncles .My mother was really brave to refuse to being part of it and sending her daughters to school rather than surrendering before the demands of relatives for the marriage of her daughters. I keep thanking God for giving me such wise and strong mother !

As a mother i too have been facing such pressures since a decade almost from different relatives from my maternal side and from in laws as well. The demand to get their daughters for my sons as daughter in laws . If i had mind set of controlling parent it would have been true long ago. But I am not that kind of person who overshadow life around her and feel strong . My strength is my love and that is all i have . Love never controls .Our God has given us endless things but he does not like to make us his puppet but his followers who choose Him over all other things willingly by using the light he has given us as our"mind". I find this way of God so divine and fascinating ,utterly wise and liberating . It is exceptional feeling to Choose him with all my heart with my own will by using insight he has blessed me with!

I have nature to nurture my children with love and let them go to make their own way . If my love has power to keep me alive in their heart they will come to me some day to share bond i used to do with them once. And if it's not i don't need empathy or relationship made forcefully. This is not me .

It is hard to make this understand by others though. So this has been little tough to keep up with all relatives who weren't happy by this actually. Some thought i did not like their girl personally and made up the story to refuse. Some who knew me better as person thought it is my bad luck to have such simple nature and let my children go out of my hand. So many self made stories kept me hurt for long. Now all girls in the family are married well almost so things are getting bit normal . At heart i am at peace because i know i di nothing wrong .I would have love to say yes to any of them if my boys were interested but since they are part of different world now they are more interested in self growth first and marriage is not priority for them.This is nice to feel they are growing not just physically but their spirits are evolving too . But this is also little worrying that my eldest son is being late for settling down honestly. 

I brought this topic today because one of the wedding i attended recently was of kids among which one was under age . This was disturbing not for me only but for the father of underage boy and all  both side family members.

This is the newly wed couple . Girl is 19 and boy is 17 years old. Boy is son of the younger brother of hubby who is early retired from army and now work as guard at local bank. Only bread runner of the house. The boy is second child among seven and he was in 8th grade at the time of marriage. Girl is her first cousin from mother side ,divorced after one year marriage. Because their mothers are sisters so boy's mother thought she should help her poor sister and take her daughter for her son. Boy resisted a little but she convinced him with high emotional drama. Her husband wasn't agreed because he thought boy should complete study first at least. but even though she is twelve years younger than her husband her decision was final as always and marriage. All relatives received invitations with soar heart because of the age issue including me . i am unable to decide what happened was right or wrong because when think of her sister she gave her relief for sure but when think of her son she ruined his life  .
  my younger son shared his image with us yesterday when i asked for latest one , i remember  when he completed his matriculation i once asked him to quit studies and get married .It was irony to make him realize that if he wants to study further he need to put some more effort . my younger son was 16 then ,he looked at me as i was crazy and said " what did i do to hear such offer

I now realize that not him nor any of my kid has such mind set that put marriage on top of their dream list.

I don't know the future nor i want to .Specially now when things are bit  clearer all i want to live in moment i have in my hands . I did what i could do , rest i leave on my God . He is the origin of everything . Though only thing i can do is to keep praying for them as mother ! 
It is 5th of Ramadan today . Hubby me and our youngest son are fasting by the grace of God! I am really grateful to God who gave me strength to fast back finally . The mild weather is great support as well .

Thank you for bearing with me friends! 
health peace and happiness to all of you and to loved ones!

Sunday, March 10, 2024

End of The Events ,Garden Smiles And Late Response

Hey Precious Friends! 
hope and pray filling your paintings of life with best and most awesome colors available around you ! 
First i want to thank you all for your beautiful encouraging comments on my previous post .It is always so uplifting to hear from you specially when i share about my babies and their progress in life! It is fulfilling as a mother so thanks again. 
Running back and forth for attending wedding ceremonies and needless to mention preparing for them was equally exhausting ,i had to choose whether i respond to your kind comments or visit to your blogs .I don't want to miss them at all  so choose to visit blogs. It was last event yesterday so on returning home we had lunch (at evening because event took whole day and you know we don't eat highly processed meal of  events anymore) and then jumped to respond your comments on previous post .You can check if interested .

also sharing a lovely video about three forms of Intuition, lengthy though but worth watching if you have time . 

    our temps are entering in 30s ,March is pleasant airy ,partially cloudy so far . Spring is reaching to it's peak slowly :) so our garden is full of delightful blooms by the grace of God!

   it is lovely to have evening tea in front yard bench while having bit of chat 

   i take my one tea cup in the yard alone because hubby has to leave for office , sunshine shower upon yard and plants melts my heart with deepest gratitude .Simple joys of life are true essence of living to me honestly. taken  today at 9: 30 or so

  it was 5:30 and an hour to sunset so before changing i asked my youngest son to take one phot of us because i forgot to take photos of any event of ceremonies this time except few that i will have to look for 

     spring beauty is result of "balance" which shows utter importance of it in our life on every level ,nature has not left us unguided at all but in everything she tells something to those who care for listening 

   sometimes i wonder whether we will be able to move in Islamabad or will the garden accompany us there as well :) just rare query specially when i look at it 

   the white flower looked like shining moon among blue stars :)
the order and complexity of nature is strikingly thought provoking   

one more leaning bloom because of being on edge ,is this philosophy ?

   When i got out in yard at 8 am almost ,three freshly bloomed sunflowers made my day ,this was at center :)

I think enough for now as lunch is waiting to be prepared :) 
See you soon kind people !
Health ,Peace And Joy to you and to all you love!


Monday, March 4, 2024

Glimpses of Recent Bali Trip By Eldest Son

 Hello precious friends! 

Sorry for being late to read your blogs this week. First reason is power absence during daytime n partially during night times. Posting through phone again. Second reason is our visits to other small cities in order  to attend family weddings and khatna ceremonies. We still  have to attend three more eventsregarding this . Quite exhausting 😂

But family comes first right. Thanks to them for not insisting us to attend long night celebrations. 

Thank you so much for wishing my son birthday! Your love and support is greatest attraction in the blog land dear people ❤

Sharing some images and two videos shared by eldest son who revisited Bali  on the invitation of his childhood friend where he got his diving certificate and he can dive now anywhere around the world ! We are happy to see him achieving his dreams  ❤ 

    He wanted to come home after staying in Bali for two weeks but his  laptop broke down unfortunately which made him take leaves from office. He had to return to London to deposit laptop and get new one. That was sad but we understand his problem completely. Hope he will be able to visit in December inshallah!  

                                          Inviting view isn't it 

   Usually he starts day with shake after workoworkout but in Bali routine looks different. He told he is against being addictive so coffee or tea are rare choice 

                                             Cute !

   Underwater   world is fascinating and full of tranquillity and wonder 
      The origin  of organisms where tree of life sprouted  out and today it's branches touching the sky 

               The beautiful creature looks sleepy: )

   Excitement  of being part of  wonderful world 

              Hotel swimming pool probably 

   When m6 son got his certificate  for Diving ❤

   Heading to dive with team of instructors 


Tuesday, February 27, 2024

Birthday and Blooms

 My younger son celebrated his 21st birthday with his close friends at his university Campus .He shared some photos of his special day. It was satisfactory to see him having nice birthday with friends. I think i did not mention that my son has moved to hostel last year because the rented house began to show some issues which he found hard to handle alone. We all suggested  him his eldest brother particularly that hostel is better option for students due to all facilities available including cleaning service ,washing machine and kitchen supplies. He agreed and moved to the hostel where he had stayed during his first semester .He told that his birthday was celebrated twice once with university friends and the secondly with hostel mates . We wish nd prayed for his well being and good in future along all the youngster moving throughout the world amen!

    my skinny son has not restored his earlier healthy shape (sigh) back until now but he says being smart is better ,he told he makes his food once in a while and his (Fatima on left in blue embroidered dress)friend's mom also sends him delicious meals sometimes ,

                   the word written on cake meant farmer ,a name given by his best friend Hasan  

                                           such blessed memories stay in heart forever indeed 

  after dining my son went to TDF a place that offers relaxing environment for creative people ,my son and his friend created this lovely drawing which i loved because the serenity it reflects and the lush moon :)

below some more blooms for you 

    i could not write with images due to my internet is turning off after some minutes ,i think these are little better rose images i could capture 

                                                         oh the blur again ,sorry 

Thank you so much for amazing comments on previous post,i so enjoyed reading what you thought about topic ,

Words can't tell how much your support means to me dear friends! 
health peace and happiness to you all and to all you love!


Tuesday, February 20, 2024

Sales Strategy Seems Big Fraud

 I have mentioned on my blog many times that i shop only when i really need something . I don't know whether habit is good or bad or probably it can be rooted in days when i lived with my parents in hand to mouth situation and bought something only when there was no option except replacing old with new .

I feel thankful that hubby and me both have content nature and hardly seek pleasure in material except basic necessities of life. Luxury wasn't my dream ever and as far as i know the hubby also likes to use his money reasonably .This is only reason we could make our separate house and did not have to wait until he is retired. Or anything that we could manage in limited resources (one man's income only) because we both avoid participating in rat race.

 Biggest example for this i have is our way of doing khatna of our boys. We did it when they were in their second month of life and we did it without any celebration at all which was impossible .People would and still take loan or sell piece of land or jewelry just to celebrate such occasions with extended families . Only reason was that we could not afford the expenses of ceremonies supposed to be held. Since the beginning hubby had idea of separate house in mind and he literally followed the quote " collecting drops creates an ocean" we both did actually .We had to face lots of whining from all family members for years .They still recall in gatherings but we know what we did was wise .

One of the  precautions was  buying cheap clothing. Only hubby would buy some fine suits of better quality for office use . I hardly shopped for myself back then and whatever hubby would buy was of my likening because it was good enough and adored by others around as i said i was less interested in things. Brands were out of our list due to being pricy.

We started to buy branded clothes hardly a decade ago . Gul Ahmed Al Karam and Khadi are popular brands here for good quality and long lasting clothing . Bata ,Service and  Borjan are main brands with few others for quality shoes .

We still try to buy clothes in particular months when sale is on so we can make better use of our money .

What disturbs most is falling quality of things we buy in sales actually. This opinion is formed by a bad personal experience actually.

I did not mention that we have been buying shoes of Bata and Service since more than three decades because unlike clothes shoes are not being changed soon and can wear with different clothes occasionally . When shoes get older than two or three years we give them away . Keep in mind that my use of shoes bought for special occasions is rare because i use only one shoe at home and my outdoor ventures are really limited . It never happened that shoes bought from Bata or Service were worn out or broken meanwhile. One of my oldest bought shoe stayed firm more than 11 years .It was of Bata. I gave it away eventually. 

Almost two months ago we visited Sukkur market .I was wearing sandal purchased from Bata shop Sukkur three years ago . The sandal crumbled down while i was walking amidst the  market surrounded by shops and people . That was so embarrassing and shocking. We had to walk for shoe shop for ten minutes or so . It was sigh of relief to find shoe shop because walking with broken sandal felt so bad and even i doubted if someone made video as people do such stuff now days even when serious incident take place they just get busy in filming instead helping, what a wonderful world .

Anyway my point is that sale strategy is getting faker and the things to put in sale are made separately and of lower quality .Otherwise a rarely worn sandal of such big brand could not be just wither away like whooshed  dandelion .We also have noticed that even fresh branded things have lost their charm. Only Borjan seems stable in it's presentation.

Sales signs are kept on every possible existing thing in market and brands are no exception .This trend is benefiting only businessman because they are tricking people by selling them low quality things  on the price of high quality . Shopkeepers don't have to face long arguments by customers over bargaining anymore due to fix prices mentioned on sales. 

This world is only for capitalist now ,a bitter sad truth .

What about trust that people had on these brands ?

When trust breaks it hurts both parties eventually 


Thursday, February 15, 2024

Countryside photos and flowers

Our winter is gone almost ,tail remains hardly .These are quite  springy days here full of soothing breeze and delightful early blooms in our little garden. I am thankful to God who has given me gift to find joy in little things of life ,even when ponder they are not little things but real ways for feeling good actually.
We visited one of our nephew last weekend . It was a small gesture of togetherness as family members. The countryside views welcomed us with lots of greenery ,lush fields of wheat , long rows of mango ,banana and date trees ,herds of goats withered in meadows and flock of small water birds beside little ponds here and there. It was joyous to take motorbike ride and enjoy the glorious views in perfect season for such travel. Sharing few glimpse below and yes some more flower that opened eye and smiled in our garden.

   on first look these birds looked like white pearls sprinkled near water from bucked dropped by angle

            it was late afternoon and views under sun's calm glow seemed tranquil and majestic 

      i wonder how can one think of Nature as soulless and senseless creation when see scene like this

   for such shots i miss having powerful camera ,poetry within Nature is sung by everything existing 

   while entering in our city Khairpur  we saw new colony initiated by the father in law of one of my niece (late) she died in her late twenties because of some heart issue unfortunately. She was granddaughter of my father 'sister  .

            sorry for blur one ,taken during ride ,goats seemed to enjoy the fantastic day to fullest 

  at our nephew's house we were surprised to see two baby goats roaming around in small flat because petting goat in such small city flat was beyond our imagination, this cute little one kept chasing children playing in the house who were having fun with new born babies ,sweet sight indeed!

     such lush views feed my eyes and fill my soul with joy and serenity ,i feel i inherited love for them from my mother .she would love her village ,her garden and fields and gardens of village were second home to her .i can't forget the glow in her eyes when she would look at these phenomena .that will reveal how much she had been missing her village while she was away from it .god is kind who gave her chance to relive life of her dreams in later decades of her life. 

  among all the children Anas (name of boy) was most naughty and talkative ,we enjoyed his mischief and conversation about everything around .he is son of our nephew's wife 's sister 

remember mentioned plant that grew quite high ,this is it's bloom and it has many others 

                    our old rose was cut to half during garden make over ,now it's having flowers 

 combination of two different flowers fills front yard with  cheerfulness 

     In flowers yellow definitely has unique  place. Healing energy seems to flow from it and paving the way for the heart 

    Can't guess why image of  original rose never fine one 

     Unlike one above this rose image come neat if try but all in vain for rose above 

   A new bloom opened eye today in pot 0laced beside the fence of veranda. Pretty ❤

I am still late for reading blogs of blog friends due to power  issue. Although it is appearing but periodically. Election results has been announced  but power is unstable in our area.
Posting  through phone so avoid the flaws please! 
Health peace and happiness to you all!❤

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