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Once Upon a Time true story part four

Since that day Sara tried  to pretend  to be Robin's friend  but it is a fact that if you try to be pretend something for  long  you  become the same person you were pretending to be Sara did not realize that by the time she was getting close to Robin in actual and shared with him laughter and tears.He used to tell her stories from his childhood when his grandma was alive and he was more close to her mother she used to tell her fairy tails in which often prince would help  princess in  hard situations and she fell in love with prince and after many ups and downs finally they both live happily.

He told her that he is of reserved nature and  he met many girls in life few of which showed interest in him but he never felt any attraction for them .He was sure that some  day his heart will feel for some one and that feel came in my heart when you came and stayed here for some days .My heart said that this is the girl with whom i want to spend my whole life.Sara  said to him ;but  you  never showed any kind of interest through your behavior then ?

 It is because i knew that you will not accept me then the way you were struggling in your life and what kind of hateful  thoughts you were having for men i was aware of them .I knew that there were rich boys who proposed  you if you wanted easy luxurious life you could say yes to them but you chose to stay by your own and i respect your way of thinking.Knowing all this made me to approach and convince your mom because i knew only she could help me and see God answered my prayers and here you are front of me.Robin said with deep sense of peace and joy .

Sara shared with him her childhood memories too when she was very aggressive and beaten the boys who tried to teased her in the way of school .She also shared the painful memories when her father used to go away and leave them alone when there was survival a huge problem and how her mom look after them during such hard situations.She also told him that her sister Neena is very pretty and has high dreams in her eyes she wants to marry with prince like boy with blue eyes and golden hair .She wants to live in a palace like home with big swimming  pool and visit the whole world .Sara expressed her best wishes for her sisters all dreams and desires.

Though  within a month  they become good friends but  Robin still  did not get any sign from Sara that they can share a bed too and therefore he  never said or did anything which upset Sara.He wanted to Sara feel same way for him and  call him from her heart.

Gradually Sara  knew the whole family and their status in house.In which the  highest was for her mother in law .Sara realized that though her mother in law say nothing to her but she does not like Sara at all  but she did  not know Why .she noticed that whole family show respect to her and follow her moods except  Robin .He loved and respected her but in a certain way mentioned to her that she should  not  be rude or hard to Sara .Sara also noticed that the eldest brother of Robin  is  very close to her mother and very cruel to her wife .She heard often  shouts of  his wife as he was beating her and the poor woman's cries.

His name  was  Doel  he was  fat black man with quite little height and redish eyes like drunk man.His wife was an orphan girl sold to Robin's uncle for little money  who bought her when she was just ten years old .Robin's mother took work from her of several servants.But burden of  work could not grabbed away her beauty which was increasing with  each day of her growth..It was her beauty that made Robin;s mom to hate her more and more and best revenge she could take was to make her bride of her ugliest son Doel.But  though it was fifteen years ago and Robin's mom was happy for her successful revenge Doel still hated her wife for her beauty .facing huge inferiority complex he used to beat his wife every day for nothing even front of guests he insulted her and beat her.

Sara  felt grave pain for  Boby the wife of  Doel.She  hated Doel so much and  on many occasions  in discussion she tried to show him his dirty truth and challenged his artificial respectable portrait in society For this Doel  forbidden Boby to get close or be frank with Sara as   could  misguide her and teach her to dis obey her respectable husband

All other family members were friendly to her including uncle John Robin's father who was a government servant and nice man with kind personality. But  Helda Robin'mom
never gave him respect what he deserved as he was a fool to her who doesn't know the value of money and status in life.

Her two younger brother and sister in law  were  nice but they would also avoid Sara if their mom doesn't want them to talk to her.
Jeena was the wife of  her brother in law younger to Robin.She was fun loving person which sometime seem wired .One day she told Sara that Cyle and she liked each other in college but cyle was so afraid that his mom doesn't like  her sons to do love marriages so he did not expressed  his feelings for Jeena  and asked the lady one who plays role as an agent between two families to make his mom agree for Jeena's proposal and this way they got each other .Jeena revealed that when Robin asked  to marry Sara Helda was completely disagreed and angry but it was Robin' s constants insistence and warning that if she will not be agree over it he will leave the home    Then she becam agree  as Robin brings good deal of money in the shape of  salary and that is what matters most  for  Helda .

.Now Sara understood the reason of the hate  she saw in the eyes of Helda..Meanwhile Sara asked Jeena that does cyle still love her like before and over it Jeena 's loud shallow laughter  echoed in the room for few moments and when she stopped there her eyes were wet.She remain silent for while as she gathering strength to speak what she want to say Then she spoke and her voice seemed coming from deep well  she  said  i would have thought that he does but  once   when i was pregnant with my  second child and during these days my younger sister came to stay and look after me ,, she stopped as she was having problem with breathing she took long breath and released as wanted to remove the heavy burden from her chest,, she added 

 ' once at midnight i got up from my sleep and  cyle was not in the room i thought he could be in bathroom i felt thirsty  got up from my bed and picked up the empty glass from table headed to the kitchen which was few steps away but when i entered the kitchen glass dropped from my hand suddenly Cyle and  my sister were standing there grabbing each other in arms and kissing,while saying this Jeena  's eyes dropped tears in her lap..She started crying madly and Sara thought it is better for her to release her stress,Oh god Jeena almost shouted how much i loved him and what he did to me it was just forth year of our marriage and he turned his back from me .Sara hugged Jeensa and tried to calm her down.once again negative feeling who were lessen due to Robin's love and care raised against men who were responsible for each pain of  woman.

One day  Sara  received a letter from her sister that her cousin is chasing Neena while she goes to school and warns her that he will kidnap her one day and make her pay for her sister's crime ,Sara  wrote to her mom to stay calm and she will do something about it soon  until Neena should not go to school she said in her letter.That night  when Robin was laying on his sofa and she was on bed Sara told whole story to Robin who listened her carefully and  gave a solution that Sara should ask her mom and sister to come here and stay with her .Robin said that he will arrange the study of  here and for them  he will  make other  two rooms  over the roof .Sara  was surprised that it will be quite burden for Robin but he said it is not a big  deal and he can do anything to make her happy.

That  night Sara could not sleep well though she was little relax that her family will be out of trouble with help of Robin but she felt little restlessness and near the sun rise she got the reason of it it was her fear of loosing Robin .But i don't love him why i am thinking this way ? she tried to erased this new kind of feeling rising inside her heart but by the time fear was getting stronger.She knew her sister was extremely beautiful and far smarter then her.But next day she wrote the letter to her mom that they should immediately leave the village and come here to stay.

to be continued 

Friday, August 19, 2016

Once Upon Time part 3 :True Story

Sara  felt a strange sensation in her stomach  and pretended  so brave to ask  What do you mean by  sharing ,while saying this  her heart beat arose to great extent  in a second  she imagined  him quite close to her and felt  as something will burst out from her stomach through her mouth as  vomiting .Robin  read her fear from her face and    said  politely  We can talk about it later  now i think you are very tired  you should get some sleep now  while saying this he kept a sweet smile on his lips ,

But his words did not satisfy Sara she was  afraid of him and wanted him out of room because he was just a man and not worthy of her trust.Though he sounded quite clever may his way of attack was different he wanted her to sleep first  but still there was something in Robin's behavior who reduced her fear  little bit and she quietly got up from her bed where the red rose petals were sprinkled all over she  grabbed a simple light pink  dress from wardrobe.When she came out of bathroom after changing her dress Robin was still  sitting on a sofa  she wondered with fear why? but soon he got up  picked up his dress and entered the bathroom.

Sara wrapped her scarf around her  chest and shoulders and sat on a bed ,Her body was still in a strict manner as she was ready to defend any offence.When  robin came out and saw him like this  he was little upset,he   picked up another blanket  and pillow and  lie down  on the sofa which was farther from bed  and said  to her that  don't worry  about me  i will not bother you  sleep now and if you want to switch off the light do it because i  off it before sleeping .Sara did not  move from her place as she heard nothing ,her mind was astonished and refusing to feel comfortable or relax.

Soon she felt her back like a cracked and  wooden ,She looked at the room it was not  much big may be 14  by 16 ,bed was laying beside the wall which was front of the door on the right side of the bed there was a  set of sofa longest one among the two singles and robin was laying on the longest one ,It was  November and weather was quite cold  .Though in their area winters were not much longer season but three months  November to January it was peak of the season .Room has a huge wooden cupboard  dressing table and writing table too.There was a book shelf which had many thick and thin books.

 There was  huge wall clock which 's voice was  so loud and irritating at the part of this time she looked at the moving hands of clock  Tick .....Tick .....Tick the clock was making so noise  she thought  why  can't it move quietly ? the she remembered  back home there was one too smaller then this one but it never hurt her like this one .Then  she heard  the slight voice of snoring from the sofa her body's strictness slightly decreased ,Is he playing games are really sleeping she thought .Though she tried to keep awake but soon burden on her eyes increased and she could not see but clock struck three when  she fell in sleep finally.

Morning was  too noisy and crowded.She met with her in laws her mother in law who looked hard to understand because her face was almost flat and emotion less when she met her ,She had strange kind of staring  eyes ,her  three sisters in law who seemed nice  two were elder then her husband and one was younger and in school  ,her tow brothers in law one elder with long beard and red eyes  from robin and other  younger one  was in school .Robin was twenty five and among his family looked most well educated and learned man.That was first positive thought about robin she felt due to his last night's behavior.Later she learned that she was absolutely right in her opinions.

One  month  passed  Sara was little  relaxed that  Robin never tried to bother her.Being a part of male dominated society  she knew well that  if she is safe till today it is just because of Robin's  gentleness if he would be a selfish and cruel she would not be able to survive with her self respect .while  being around he sometimes tried to melt her heart with his nice  careful selection of words and sentences but not more then this.His such behavior  start creating a soft corner for him but she was very inexpressive about her positive feeling

.One day when it was raining and they were sitting away from each other having tea  looking outside the window at  rain and  waving wet branches of   the only  tree planted in the front yard Robin  placed his cup of tea on table and  put his hand in his pocket when he brought his hand out he had a tiny box in it ,Sara  i  wanted to give it to you on our wedding night but your behavior scared me , will you accept it now ? he  asked  with  love which had lots of respect for her ,Sara looked at him he was  quite attractive man with tawny  color  big brown eyes and slightly curly thick hair ,she suddenly turned her head towards window as he will read her thoughts ,after few moments she turned to him and  said  do you think there is any difference between that night and today?

Yes he said with little fear of disturbing her ,i mean, he continued  that night  we were completely strangers  to each other but now we know each other ,Does it matter ? she cut him quickly silence spoke in the room for sometime then Robin  said  if you think it does not then what does for you? He could not resist his curiosity Come to the point? Sara became a question as she is saying that finally you revealed your dirty truth hun?

Robin speak gently all i want is to be  your friend sara nothing else i want from you ,i can wait for the day when you will turn to me and hold my hand no matter how long it takes  i know that i am not your choice but you are mine ,i believe that one day you will trust me and let me step in your heart,then we will live a perfect life  ,I love you and want you to put this ring in your finger ,till that day come we can be good friends can't we? he asked  and move his hand forward to her.his eyes were on her face and seeking kindness ,Sara  picked up the box opened it and looked at the ring which was so beautiful blue shining pearl in golden outline was looking from the world of dreams ,she picked it up[ and wore in her finger ,it was finger which is said connected to heart As ring  hold her finger a feeling of joy and peace surrounded Robin's heart strongly.

To be continued .........

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Once Upon a Time part ii

Sara got  upset when she heard  that her mother is sick because she loved her mom more then anything in this world and wanted to bring  in her life happiness health and economical stability.she asked in her school for one week leave but the head did not accepted her application and said that you are new here and can take only one leave during one month.Sara  then left  the job and  got in train to reach her mom .

When she arrived in her home she was surprised that her mother was not sick.She   asked the reason of such letter then  her mom told her that  his father is not coming home since months and the money she sent to them is very less to run bread of the house ,on the other hand his  cousin who  used to force her for marriage is constantly  threatening them that he will kidnap her younger sister and make their lives miserable   if they did not fulfill his demand.Her mother told Sara that she got a proposal  for Sara and it is from her cousin one in whose house she stayed when she went to the other city .Sara was very shocked because he never showed any interest or intention while Sara were staying in their home .

They used to meet at normal hello hi and thats all.Sara took no time to say No for this proposal but  she was worried when her mother forced her to do so .They are nice educated family , her mom tried to convince her , boy who sent proposal is on good job and above all he is a modest guy and likes you very much.Sara was in fear of giving her life in the hands of stranger who felt arrogant and egoistic whenever she saw him because he never tried to be friendly with her when she was in their house ,
Sara had no idea what kind of person he was and pressure from her mom arose to higher point.

The  day Sara agreed for marriage she felt so miserable and lifeless .She cried whole night and complained God that why he is not helping her and reducing her miseries.Her body was shaking with her tears were  making unstoppable flow on her cheeks ,Oh God what will i do ?where will i hide when he will try to touch me with his dirty lustful  hands .Oh God you know how much i hate men how can you put in such condition that i will have to bear him so close .Sara 'mom cried too as she knew the state of her daughter 's mind and heart but in situations they were facing it was the best decision   according to her wisdom .Once Sara is married she will be away from all problems she thought and then i will leave this village , will go in a city near by and will do some kind of work to run my home and to support the studies of younger daughter as she was about to complete her matriculation .

Within a month Sara was married and moved to a house where she came month back as temporary guest.It was her first night there as a bride .She was looking so pretty though sadness was laying on her face but it seemed that grief glowed her personality more.She wore red  dress according to tradition  and heavy jewelry .She  did not like any of this red bangles around her wrist seemed like hand cuffs who arrested her freedom and her free will to look after her helpless mom and sister.

Unlike new bride she was thinking about her mom and sister and their miseries and helplessness  when her  groom came into  her room .She felt suddenly a huge wave of fear which shaked her body slightly .Blood in her body seemed to leaped over and over with the pressure of her negative thoughts for her groom.Even he realized her fear and canceled his wish to sit near her on bed .But  Sara was not comfortable as he was still with her in same room.He sat on the  bed and said ,hope you are not tired much ,he stopped for while as he is thinking about a topic he can talk about ,then he said please be easy and if you want to change the dress change it and go to sleep .

Sara was little surprised but she did not showed and asked him  Are you  going to stay in  this room ,she  hold then added actually i cannot sleep if you stay here .Robin his groom smiled  while looking at her as she is a child  and replied  i  cannot go in any other room as due many guests are staying at the house as tomorrow it is celebration of  marriage ,and even if the rooms were empty i would have to stay with you because we are husband and wife now and we have to share a room not only room but heart and soul too,last line he said in a delicate romantic way which remain unable to touch Sara's heart.

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Once Upon a Time true story of two sisters

Once upon a time there lived two sisters in a  small  beautiful village .They had  loving family   which had obviously  some flaws too.Their mom was a pretty  lady with wisdom and courage . She supported her daughters in their studies .Their father was a shopkeeper. .Though he loved his family but he often used to leave them alone with no financial  support and disappeared for long period of time .During such  times the family  would suffer with so many crises .  

In those  hard days their mom worked hard to  make them feel safe and earn bread for them .Such  situations raised the love of their mother in their heart more then anything and both girls did their best to comfort and serve their mother  and decided to look after her  forever .They thought their father was a irresponsible man and when ever he returned back they did not treated him respectfully.

Time passed and girls reached in their youth.Sara was seven years older then her sister and had ordinary but attractive personalty .she was quiet and reserved person.She was not extra ordinary in her studies but she had good writing skills .Though due to be shy she never acted but she  used to write for her school mag and stage .though  she saw suffering and poverty but still she had a strong and confident personality .

She hated men because she saw the irresponsible behavior of her father and decided that she will never get married and never let any man to get close to her .Due to her rude attitude her male cousins  tagged funny or bad names on her to tease her but She was happy because she wanted them to stay away from her at any cost .In her life she encountered many boys who tried to catch her attention but nothing could change her not their personalities nor positions .

Neena  was  a very  beautiful girl with light green shade eyes fair color slightly golden hair she was a complete package of beauty and brain  .She was aware of the power of her beauty and wanted to     bring  an overnight change in  her  life .She was rebellious of  her  situation and wanted to get rid of it immediately  .

Whenever both sister talked  about their future  the  elder sister always said that  she don't want any sudden change in life ,if something better will happen in my life it will  happen gradually  and will be the result of my own  efforts  instead of any other 's help.
Neena  always laughed at sara's  simplicity  and called  it stupidity  actually.She said life is not for  to waste in  long struggle  which's result is unpredictable.One must take a short cut to get on top from where all has seen small.

After  finishing the matriculation sara  started teaching .Though salary was small but she was very happy that now she was able to support her family.  She stopped her mom to work anymore as her health was becoming critical .Sara supported her sister in studies and continued her's too as this way she would be able to promoted and earn more.She thought that their sufferings   were about to end now .

Since years sara was bothered by her one cousin Nile who wanted to marry her and once  he put cut on his wrist front of her and tell her that see how much i love you as i am writing your name on my diary with  my blood.He put lot of pressure  on  sara and her mom  to be agree on this as he was a rich and spoiled boy of village and got many fellows with him .It made  sara  afraid and she decided to leave her job and  go to any other city and look for new job and then shelter .If she will be establish she will bring  her mom and sister  with her.

To start  her struggle she went to  search job and stayed at  the relative's house who treated her  nicely.She told her uncle her problem and said that once she will get job she will be on her own .Those days were so hard for her and she was deeply sad and crushed .She hated men even more who always put a woman in  misery.After almost one month's struggle sara got a job and felt peace of mind .After two she shifted  in a working women hostel where she did not like the environment as women living their were taking the wrong advantages of their freedom .She felt uncomfortable but she kept moving.

One day sara received a letter from her sister that mom is very sick and wants to see you immediately .


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Life is beautiful because it does not last forever.Why I am saying this ?
don't know at all .may be i am  trying to convince myself as today feeling little low.
My youngest one was most excited to see lots of monkeys there who live that hill station 
(Thank God he is completely  fine now)

How ungrateful i am being right now it is just disgusting. God is always been so kind to me .He turned hard situations in my favour so many times.
This beautiful road leafs to the top

He blessed me with the companionship of the man  whom i wished to be with for my whole life.
When we reached after pleasant walk it was raining and view became even more lovely

When in school my friends tease each other with the name of their fiance deep in my heart i wished that may he be the one mine,though living hundreds of miles away in another city he was not aware of my feelings but after six years when  we met alongwith our families and he asked my parents if he can marry me it was a unbelievable surprise for me.but i  told him about my feelings for him after seven year of our marriage and i cannot forget his glittering eyes that day.till now each day in each breath i pay gratitude to my God for the life and everything he blessed me with.
From there we can see the whole  city ,The Faisal Mosque can be seen so clearly

There are countless incidents when i felt his unseen indefinable help from my dear God  and things got new positive shape for me.
For few moments we sat and relaxed

My laptop is fixed and my eldest son will send it today and we will receive it tomorrow hopefully. I forgot to share with you  that my son got scholarship in the Jiaotung university of China but though visa process is being done he doesn't seem interested to go there for masters .

Ahmed enjoyed swing ride

Actually he wants to do his masters from Germany and he seems to leave for this next year in September. May God Bless him what he wish for and what is right for him .

Beautiful view and peaceful place what else one need to feel better 

Though i am  out of my head still I am going to share with you  pics from our recent visit  if my favorite city Islamabad .

Stay positive, love yourself if you want to love others. God Bless you All.

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