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Once Upon a Time There Lived Two Sisters [true story] [image source google]

It  was  cold  windy   evening  of   January  .sky  was  covered  with  dark  clouds  and   it seemed  that  the  storm was coming   towards  the  small  city  . The  wind  was  running  madly   in  the  streets  like  she  had  lost  something   so   close  to  it's  heart.   Lightening   was   causing  the  pain  to  the dull   eyes  of  Sara  who  was   laying   in  her  room .   Under  the  blanket  her   body  was  shaky  and   face  was  pail . The  lack  of  proper  food  and  sleep  made  her  very  weak  and  dizzy.

 Her  eyes  were  still   staring  at  the  bare  branches  of   front   yard  tree  which   were  waving   swiftly   with  the  each  blow  of  wind  and  placing  back  when  it  passed  away .Under  the  blanket  her  body  was  freezing  .Her  soul  was  calling   for  Robin. Her   dried  lips   seemed   like  a  desert  where     it   did   not   rain   for    long .   The  moment   had  come  so  close   she waited   for   desperately .Her  suffering  will  end  and  she  will  be  in  the   arms  of  her  love   of  life.

  That   thought   gave  peace  to  her  mind  and   there   raised  slight  glow  in  her  heavy   eyes  later  that  glow  turned    into  the  tow  glittering  pearls   which  rolled  down  slowly  to  the  deep  dark   world  of  pillow  .Pillow   that   had   countless  of    the  same   felt  her  true  friend  in  such  situations.

And   that   night   when  it  was  raining  heavily  with  noisy  wind   Robin   came   home . His  heart  hardly   beard  the  shock  when  he  looked  at  Sara   who   seemed  for  a  while  like  a  dead  body. .He   felt  that  something  will  burst  out  in  his  head .For  so  long  he   grabbed  her  weak  body   in  his  strong  arms  and  hugged  as  tight  as  he  wants  to  dissolve  her  in  himself  .

Oh   god  how  would  i  heal    her  wounds  ?

This  poor   soul    beard   more   then  her  strength   because  of   me .

How  could  i  believe  my  cruel  heartless  mother  and  leave  this  innocent  soul  with

i  made  a  huge  mistake,  oh  god     please   forgive  me .

Please  forgive  me  Sara,   i   am  so  sorry    i   put  you  in  trouble   its  all my  fault.

Will  you?  said    Robin   with   dropping  tears .

I  promise   it  will  never  happen  again .he  said  and  pressed   his  arms   around  her .

Sara  said  nothing    and  her  tears  said  all    .Uncle  John  told  everything  to   Robin .

Although   he  was  broken  and   wanted  to  shout  and  fight   yet  Robin  knew  well  that  saying  anything   to  his   mother  will   make   no   difference .So  next   day  he   announced   that   soon   he   and  Sara  will   live  in  another   house  .

Helda   said  so  much   to  Robin   about   Sara   that  she  is  creating   everything   to  make   you  decide  this   she   is  so  clever   my  son  don't  be  fool  by   her.

 Helda   blamed  that  Sara  had  a  lover  back  in  village  and   she  is  still   in  touch   with   him    and  writes  letter  to  him  .

Doel  said  that  our  mother  is  right   Sara  is  a  characterless   girl  and  when  i  saw  her  writing  letter   to  his  lover  she  started  to  black male  us  and  said  if  you  will  tell  this  to  Robin   i  will  tore  your   family .i  will  snatch  away  the  Robin  from  you .

Inspite   of  all  this  Robin  knew   his   mother   and   brother  very  well  so   he did  not   believe them .He   said  that   he  will  give    the  certain  amount  of  money  for   the  house  expenditure   every   month    but  will  not   live  here  anymore .

He  visited   to  the  doctor  who  advised  good   food , bed  rest  and   many   supplements  for  Sara  .After   that  Robin took   one   month  leave  from  office  and   took  great  care  of   Sara  which  helped  her  to  recover  soon.

In   the  month  of  May   Sara   gave   birth  to  a  healthy  baby  boy .The   beautiful  world  of  Robin  and  Sara  was  complete  to  have   Erik  as  their  first  son.

Robin   and  Sara  shifted  in  an  other  house   which  was  far  from  this  one  and  was  situated  in  a  quite   an  expensive  area   of  the  city   to  do  so  Robin   took   house  loan   which  he  would  have  to  pay   in  installments    within      eight   years .

Though   this   loan  was   cutting  from  his  monthly   income   and   with  new   baby   it  was  little  hard  for  them   to  manage   yet  they  were   so   happy  and   content  because   they  had   each other  and   it   made  them  so   courageous   to  face  all   kind  of   problem   with   positive    approach  and   healthy   attitude   towards   life .

Sara   and   Robin   were   enjoying   their   time  with  their  son   who  brightened  their  world  with  his  lovely  smiles  and  sweet  cheerful   noises .Sara    felt   herself   so  lucky  that  his  creator  heard  her  unsaid  prayers  and  fulfilled  her  dreams  with  such  calmness  and  joy .

She  did   her  house  chores  and  look  after  her  baby  and  if  found   spare  time  she  read  books  of  her  interest  or  listened  music .Sara  had  few  friends  from  school  who  were   still  in  touch  with  her   .They   mostly   wrote    letters  to  each  other  or   called   occasionally .

Her   one  friend   told  her   once   that   her  husband  was  very  loving  in  the  first  year  of  their  marriage  but  since  she   had  a  child  she   felt  that  he  had  start   spending   more  time  outside  the  house  instead  of  being  with   baby  and  her  he   is   getting   away  from  them  and  she   felt     that   he   did  not   love  her  anymore  as  he  used  to  do   before .

Sara   felt   sorry   for  her  friend  and   prayed  that  may  she  be  happy  in  her  married  life  and  find  more  love  of   her  husband .By    hearing  all  this  from  her  friend  Sara   did  not   felt   bothered  with  the  fear  of   that  thought  that   Robin   will   ever  be  changed  such  way  because   she  knew   that  he  was   loyal  with  her  when  even  he  was   pulled  by  Neena .

Sara    rarely   visited  her  in  laws .But  they   visited  her  often  specially  the  wife  of  Robin's  younger   brother  and   with   each  visit  of  her   she  could  not   hide  her   jealousy   that    was  shown  from  her  eyes  and  her  tongue .    Sara  did   not  care  what  she  think   for   her   she   still   behaved   with   her   lovingly  as   Sara   was  true   and  divine   soul  of   God  who   loved   each    creature   of  her   creator   always    and   did   not    take  revenge   from   someone   who    hurt    them    but   pray  for  them  to  come  back  on   right  path  and   get  rid  of   negativity .  Instead   of  trying  to       harm  them  whom  God   has   blessed  such  people  should  improve   themselves  for  better ,Sara  often  thought    sadly .

It    was   a  beautiful  evening  of   August  2000   when   Sara ,Robin  and  their  three   year  old   son   came  back  from  a  picnic  .Erik   slept  in  his  room  and  Sara  and  Robin  were  having  coffee  in  their  lawn .Beautiful  fragrant  of  various  color  of  roses  freshened   their   mind .

.Meanwhile   rang  the  phone  bell  in  the  lounge .Sara   went  inside  and  received   call  from  her  mother  .When  she   told  her  that   they  both  are  invited  for  the  marriage  ceremony  of  Neena   Sara   was  surprised  and  happy  to  hear  this   because  she  thought  that  may  be  Neena   got  tired  of  being   lost  in  the  world  of  no  respect  and  sense   and   that  is  why  she  has  decided  to  take  over  to   a  right  path   where  is  a  healthy   and beautiful  life  is  waiting  for  her  .

to be continued ....

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Once Upon a Time There Lived Two Sisters {true story } images source google}

Neena  looked   at   the  weird   looking   man  who  was  trying  to smile  may  be  and  his two  fore   teeth  were  hovering  upon  his  lower  lip. and  failing  his  effort.   His  small  eyes  were  sharp  and  fast  moving . His  face   seemed  place  where  his  clever   attitude  played  lots  of  tricky  games  but  remained  fruitless  due  to  his  low i.q.  Neena   over   a minute   decided  that  she  will  bear  him  on   her  bed  if  it   would  be  necessary .  Dennie   was   most  impressed  by  her  beauty  as  when  he   hold  her  hands  for  greetings  his  hands  seemed  shaky . Neena   straighten   her  neck   with  pride  and   thought  that   he   seems  easy  bite .

In   this  first  meeting  Neena  knew   lot about  Dennie  .Among   them  most   important  was  his  occupation  .He   was   assistant   manager   in  one  of  a five   star  hotel  in  the  city .Dennie   told  her  the  plan  to  make  quick  money  as he   was   also  a  supplier   of  girls  for  the  rich  men  who  came  to   this  hotel   in   the  full  mood  of  enjoying  their  lives  and  spending   their   black   money  on  white   girls  who  brightens  their  nights    and  the   future  of    their  own...Dennie    told  her  to  not  waste  her  beautiful   skin   in   low  budget  market  and  cash   it  on  high  price    at   better  place  where  veges   are   far  better  then   former .

Neena   jumped  over  the  chance   with  excitement  and   after  just  two  personal   meetings  with   Dennie   started  to  take  her  along   to  present  her   before  the   different   landlords   and   businessman  .Suddenly   Neena  's  bank  account  was  increasing  quickly   and   Neena   who  has  already   start    drinking   in   the  company   of   her  customers   brought   bottles   with  her  at  home .Her   mother  was   fearing  to   death   that   How  to  stop   Neena   from  these  sins  as   she  was  hearing  the  footsteps  of  doom  creeping  towards    her.

One  day  she  asked  Neena  to  correct  her  routine  or   get married  to  that  man  with  whom  she   goes  out  in  nights   as   people  living  in  surroundings   started  objecting   on  them  that    such   lifestyle   does   not  go   with  the  society  we  live  in and  such   routine  of  your's   is   putting    bad   impact   on  the   modest  girls  of  their  houses .At  this  issue   for  one  day  Neena  fought   with  her  mother  as  she  was  drunk  and  she  used  abusive  words  for  neighbors  also   but   later   when  she   thought  over  the   topic    she   got  a  fantastic   idea  to  get  rid  of  this   depressing   environment .

Within   a  week   she  convinced   Dennie   that  she  likes  him  and   want  to    marry  him  as   she   is   tired   and   wants   settle   down   now  .Dennie    was   not  smart  enough   to  smell   her   intentions  or   Neena   was   more   clever   to  trap  him   it  was   obvious  so     soon  he  gave  up  before   her  attractive    offer  that  was  not  bad  he  was  getting  a   beautiful   wife  and  handsome  bank  balance  with  doing  Nothing  at  all.

 He  was  37 ,inhabitant  of  a  small  town  where  his  father  owned  a  shop  . Dennie   was  lazy  in  studies  and  almost  in  all  kind  of  jobs  that  required  bit  of  physical  or  mental   effort .He  was  as  mean  looking  and  thin   with  shaky walk  that   sometime  people  thought  him  an   in between  creation  who  is not  a man  nor  a  woman.

Though   he   got   a  wife   by   the  arrangements  of  their  parents  but  got  no  guts  to   be  a  support   system  of   her   married  life .And   it  was  just  customs   and   traditions  who  kept  bounded  his   wife  in  his  home  for   almost  one  year  but   still  instead   of  she  should   have asked  for  separation  Dennie   left   her  alone  and   ran  out   to  another   city   where  he  in  beginning  did   many   low  kinds  of  job   until   he  found  a  job  as  waiter  in  a  small  hotel .

Gradually  he  learnt  form  other  men around  him  how  to  take  short cuts .His  ugliness   was  biggest  hurdle   of  his way  otherwise  he  thought  he  would  marry  to  an  old   and   rich  woman   woman   and  would    live  an  easy  life   .But   soon  he  knew  that  his  personality  is  not  attractive  at  all  specially  for  ladies.  Still  latter  on    time   taught  him  his   real  job  that  searched  him  by  itself  as  one day   when  he  was  cleaning  a  table   a  man  sitting  one  a  table  blinked  his  eye  to  him  it  was  offer  for  sitting  front  of  him  so  he  sat .That  man  told  him  that  he  is  running  a  business   and  want  him  to  be  part  of  it  .The  most  interesting  part  of  job  for   him  that  it  did  not  required  any  kind  of  hard  work .And  since  then   he  was  supplying  girls  to    the  men  .On  each   deal   he  would  got  a  certain  amount  of   the  money  that  girl  earned    .

Neena  was   happy  to  have  her  targets  so  closed.  She   told   her  mother  that  she  is  ready  to  get  marry.   Her   mother  felt  peace  but  along  with  that  peace  she    also   felt  threaten  by   situations  that  could  come  up  After   Neena  's  marriage .

  Amanda  was  woman  of   opportunity  and   that  fact  revealed  upon  her  when  she   felt  a  change   in  her  attitude  that  occurred  with  the  financial  advancement    in  their  life  .Though  in  beginning  she  was  annoyed  with  Neena  for  her  very  bold  life  style  but  later  Amanda  felt  that  from  inside  she  is  not  as  angry  instead  of  it  she  was  happy  with  her  changing  status   in   society   .She   knew  that  her  daughter  has  became  a   call  girl  for  the  fast  progress  to  live  a  high  profile  life   and  she  did  not  rebel  against  her  as  she  could  have  done  lot  being   a  mother .She    showed  her   aggressiveness   little  bit  just   to  notify  that  Neena  could  not  blame  her  later  if  when   she  realize  that  being  a mother  it  was  her  duty  to  tell  her  what  is  wrong   and  what  is  right .

Amanda  knew  very  well  that  Neena  is  getting  marry  to  not  settle  down  in  life  but  to  fulfill     her  another  evil  dream.  Amanda  was  glad  that  her  daughter  was  so  clever  to  use   people  for   her  benefit .Deep  inside   Amanda   was  flying  about  that   after   a  long  painful  and  hard  life   finally   God  answered  her  prayers  and   gave  her  the  life  of  luxury   and  respect .Yes   Amanda  thought  that  it  was  God's  mercy  that  he   send  comfort   to  her ,  she  did   not  realized   that  God  has  created  a circle  of  Nature  and  people  who  live  within  it   lead  peaceful  life  though  not  luxurious  sometime  but  that  who  step  out  of  this  circle  they  get  lost  and  luxury  cannot  give  them  peace   and     a  calm  free  of  fears   conscience   ever.

Amanda   could   not  understand  that  whatever   we   do  chase  us   whole  life  until   we  get  it's  result  and  the  good   or  bad  effect  of  this  result  in  our  lives  to  paying  it  back  as  by  sowing  thorns   we  should  not  have  hope   for  flowers  it  is  totally   completely   against  the  laws  of  nature.

It   was   marriage  and   also  time  to  show  their  improved  status  to  their  relatives  back   in  village  and  to  Sara   who  was  married  to  a   civil  servant who   brought  few  thousand  monthly  and  lack   many  luxury  in   their  life  .  Neena  was  excited  to  see   the  reaction  of  Sara  when  she  will  come  and  see  her   new  well decorated  house  in  expensive  area  of  city  and  brand  new  luxury  car  in  porch. She  could  not  wait  for  that   moment  as   she   remember  that   how  Sara   do  all    work  of  house  by  herself  and   looked   like  a  maid   with  her  tiring   look  and  cheap  dressing  .Neena    visited  her  twice  since  she   settled  in  the  city  and  each  time  she  was  improved   in  her  appearances  economically  .

She   did    not   hide  anything  from  Sara  but  before  telling the  stories  of  her  cleverness it  was  obvious  to   make  Sara   realize   that  how  fool   and  unlucky  she  is  as  compare  to  her   .She  told   her  that  life   is  for  once  and  not  to  spend  with   just  one    man   who  imprisons   you  between   the  walls  of  his  house   and  provides  you  food  and  shelter  and  thinks  he  has  done  enough  to  make  you   happy . She    criticized   Sara  that   She  should  not  be  fool  with  just  one  sentence   that  he  tells  you  that  he  loves   you  and  in  return  you  look after   his  family  and  clean   his  house  ,cook  for  him  iron  and  all  other  that  does  not  suits   you  .look   at  you,   you     look  like  a  maid   when  you  don't   take  good  care  of   yourself   and  don't  go  even  beauty  parlor  to  save   his  money .

You  are  such  a   fool  ! Neena  said  to  Sara  with  pity   by  waving  her  soft  white  hands  that  were  looking  very   pretty  with   red  shiny shad  of  nail  polish .  Sara   gave  her  familiar  smile  that  has  calmness  of  contentment  and  sweetness  of  love  .She  said  to  Neena  that   Robin  could  afford  the   domestic  help  but  i  refused  to  take  because  if  you  remember  i always  enjoy  being   busy  with  house  chores

.Everyone  has  his  choice  for  enjoying  his  time,  ' Sara  said    calmly , ' i  really  love  doing  all this  with  my  own   hands  it  gives  me    sense    of  true  pleasure,
 as  this  family  and   this  relationship  is  like  a   delicate  tiny  plant  for  me   ,she  stopped  for  a  moment,   the  shine  of  her  eyes  deepened  and  smile  on her  lips  reflected  her  inner  peace  she  'i   feel   that  i   am  watering  and  nurturing  it  with  my  love  and  attention'  she  added.  it  makes  me  complete  .and  you  know  this  was  my  dream nothing  more  then it .Sara  completed  her  sentence  and  looked  at  Neena  as  she  want  her  to  claim  her  truth.

But   Neena  insisted  that  Sara  is  making  a huge  mistake  by  wasting  her  time  and  personality  like  this .Then   Neena  showed  the   love  letters  from  that  colleague  of  her's  that  proposed   Neena  .Neena   told  her  that  this  foolish  man  tried  to  trap  me  at  one  place  with  his  low   profile  life   but   see  i  was  clever  to  say  him  because  i know  my  value  ,she  said  with  great  pride 'i  am  young  beautiful  and  intelligent  and  with  these  qualities   i  can  earn   more  then  him  without  bothering   my   freedom  and   soon   i will be  able  to  find  man  of  my  dreams  with   luxurious  living .

Sara   was   amazed   with  her  revealings   she  could  not   believe   that   her  sister   could  go  as  low  to  achieve  her  dreams  but  Sara  did  not  criticized  her   furiously  although   she   tried  to  give   her   some  light  so  she  could   analyze   her  sinful   life  and  came   back  to  the  world  of   modesty  and   dignity .

Sara   told  her   that   she   is  ruining  after  a  mirage  and  it  is  nothing  but  just  an  illusion  .When  she  will   realize   the   truth   of   her   destruction   then  there  will  be  no  way  back  for  her   because  it  will  be  too   late  then  .Life  is  encircled   within   the   laws   of   nature   which   are  our   healthy   proper  growth    physically   as   well    as   mentally  .They  are   to   protect    us  from   being   unbalanced   because   balance  is   the  base  of   life   and   beauty  within  it . Balance  is  everything   to  us  to  live  a  peaceful  happy  life   and   if   we  ruin   this   balance   by   breaking   the    laws  of   nature   we  get   punished    sooner   or   later  .Nature   never    forgive  who  breaks  it's  laws.

Neena   gave  a  loud  laughter   when  Sara  ended  her  talk  and   said  carelessly   that   you   are  even  more   fool   then   i  thought   Sara   and   i  feel  sorry  for  you  .You   are   stupid   and   you  both  make   a  perfect  couple  .But   listen  to  me   carefully  Neena   suddenly  stopped  moving  her  legs  and  got   up  .she  came   near   and  stood  front  of  Sara   and  looked  straight  in  her  eyes  .That   moment  Sara  felt   fear  from   her  Neena   seemed    stranger  to  her . She  saw  something  stern   in  her  eyes   that   made  the  blood   slow  in  her  veins.

Neena   said,  'don't   you   ever   give   me your  useless   advises   if  it  makes  you  feel  better    then   say  it  in  your  heart  not  front  of  me .She   pressed   her  shoulders  with  hate  on  her  face  and   stepped  out  of  the   room   furiously.   .Sara   remained  in  a  shock   for   long   while  .She   still  wanted  to  say  to  Neena   that  choosing  one  partner  for  whole  life  is  not  a  stupidity    even   animals   live   this  way.She   wanted   to  warn  her   that  her   beauty   and   youth  will  not   stay   for   long  and  then  she  will  find  no  one   around  her   to   hold  her   hand   and   give   her  his   loving   companionship .

But  all  these  words   remained   unsaid  as  Neena  did  not   give  her   chance  to  say  anything  anymore .

Neena   decided   to  get  married   immediately  and  ceremony  was  in    a  five   star  hotel   .They   invited   Sara  and   Robin   and  all  the  relatives   from  the  village  .

to  be   continued....

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Once Upon a Time There Lived Two Sisters [true story ] [images source by google]

While   Neena  was   taking  her  steps  to  better  her  destiny  through  short cuts ,Robin  and   Sara  were  living   the  life  of their  dreams  in the  arms  of  each other  .

Their   days  and  nights  were  encircled  by   the enchanting  spell  of  love  and  care  for  each  other .

They  were  feeling  like  a pair  of  birds   flying  higher  and   higher  into  the deep   blue  heart  of    unlimited  sky  where  no  one  is  around  to  bother  and  they   have  left  all  the  worries   far  behind them.Floating  above  the  clouds   they   were  touching  the  peak  of  joy  and   serenity.

It   was   a  September.  After   long  hot  summer  days  were  getting  normal  gradually  .Temperature  was  dropping  and  it  was  favorite   season  of the  Sara  because   in  it  the  weather  was   pleasant   without   being  much   hot  or  cold.   Though  rains  were  rare  but  whenever  they  came   Sara  and  Robin    enjoyed  them  together  .Robin    in  such  lovely  moments   dragged  Sara  out  of  the  room and     took  her   to  the  top  of the  roof ,where  they  get  wet  as  it  was  special  shower  of  love  for  them not  just  an  ordinary  rain.

Robin   knew  well that   being  a  village  girl   Sara  would   miss  her   beautiful  landscapes  during   the  rains  specially  .They   hold  each other  and  stood  under the  falling  rain  unconsciously   for  long. Those  were  the  moments  when  their  souls  seemed  to  dissolved   into    each  other  when  they  talked  much   without  saying  a  single  word .They  felt   they   have  became   ONE .It  is  just   the  mater  of  bodies  that  are  being   looked   as  they  are  separate .this  is  virtual  delusion  only , not  a  Real  truth actually .

He   tried  to  give  her  his  all  love  and  affection  that  his  heart  kept  in  it  for  so  long .By  going   against  the  rules  of  his  house  and  society  where  ladies  were  treated   on   secondary  positions  .Robin   pampered   Sara  like  a  child . Often  he  made  her  tea  or  meal . When  everyday  he  returned  from  office   he  found   Sara  waiting  for   him eagerly  .He  loved  the  shine  that  jumps  into  her  eyes  when  she  saw  him   and   It  always  made  him  happiest  man  in  the  whole  world .

So  it   was  September   when   Sara   came  to  know   that  she  is  three  months   pregnant.  First   that  news  feared  Sara   her   worries  and  concerns  were  so  many .But  she  also  felt  that  it    was  a  huge   blessing   for   her  beyond  her  imagination.  It  was   hard  to  believe  that  she  will  be  given  another  human being  through   herself  .Sensations  amazed  and  enthralled   her  nerves.  .

It  was   the  most  precious  gift  that  she  received  from  her  love  of  life .She  felt  a strange  strength  inside her  as  Robin ' s  soul  stepped  in  her  body .These  were   precious  feelings   difficult   to   define .

Robin  felt  out  of  the  world  when  he  heard that  Sara  is  expecting . It was  most  rich   and   amazing    day  for  him.  He    thought   that   How  lucky  i  am  !  I  have  a  woman  that  i love  and  now  our  baby  will   complete  our   beautiful  world  .The  sense  of   gratefulness   made  his   eyes   wet.  He  felt    fortunate  and  it  made  him  more  loving  for   Sara .It  seemed  that   he  wanted  to  keep   her  in  his   heart  to   protect  her   from   all  miseries.

Robin   had  a  government    job  and  according  to  rules  he also   had  to  joined  the   civil  defense   force  during  his  job . Such  selected    officers   had  to  join  a  one  month  training  along  real  army  officials and  soldiers   to  learn  how  to during  the  war  times  they have to  help  the civilians  and  how  to  use  arms  if  necessary .

In  the   last   week  of  November   Robin  received  invitation   letter  to  join  the  training   in  the  city  quite  far  from  their  own  city .It    was  the   letter  from  army  and  could   not   be  ignored  .Robin   had  to  go  for  it  anyway .  Sara   felt   terrible  to   hear   this   cried  silently because  she  knew  that   Robin  must   leave  with  peace  without   thinking  about  her worries   and  tears .

Sara   felt  as  some scratchy  hands  tearing  her  heart  while  she  said  goodbye   to  Robin .When  she  was  returning   to  home  from airport   she  felt  her   heart  very  empty  and  hollow .All  the  world   moving  around  her  was   foggy  and  meaningless .  She   was  praying  for  the  well being  of  Robin   though   deep  inside  her   heart   something    was  alerting   her  about  her  own  safety .
Robin  was  like   shelter  to  her  who  saved  her  from  all  the  pains  and  suffering   that  her  mother  in  law  Helda   wanted  to  cause  to   her.  Her  burning   eyes  were   terrifying  her  soul .

That  night   Sara  could   not  sleep .Her  body  and  soul  were  restless .She  looked  with  grief  and  pain  at   the  pillow  of   Robin  .Her  strong  wish   to  be  with  Robin   playing  tricks  to  her  imagination .She   felt  many times  as  Robin  is  laying  beside  her  along with  his  lovely    smile  and  love  showering  eyes .She   could  not  stop  herself  to  cry   for  long  .She    hold  his  pillow   tightly  against  her  chest  and  felt  bit   peace  .She  kissed    it  madly  as if  it was  Robin  himself .

At   one  moment  she  realized   that  Robin  will  be  sad  if  he  found  out  that  i  was  crying  as  much   and  could  not  keep  my  promise   to  be    strong   after   him  and  meet   him  healthy  and  happy  at  his  return.   Meanwhile  she   remembered   the  concern  of   Helda  that  she   showed  front  of  Robin  for  her  and  made  him  sure  that  she  will  take   good   care  of   Sara   in  his  absence .It   was   last   lonely   morning   star   shining  in  the  sky  when  Sara   fell  asleep  finally .

Next   morning   she  got  up  with  the  loud  noise  of   utensils   in  the  kitchen .She  saw  at  the  clock  it  was  hardly  8 am . She   could   sleep   for  hardly   three  hours  .She  tried   to  go  back  to sleep   but  the  terrible   noise   from   kitchen  near  her  room  did   not  let  it  happen.Her   head  was  aching  badly .She    gave   up  her   efforts   for   resting   and  got  up  from   her  bed. She   went   to  bathroom  to   take  bath  so  she  can  feel  better  but   there   was   no   water   in   tap.When   she   came  out  and  went  to  ask  about  it  from  Helda  who  seemed   back   in  her   evil   form  as  she  was   picking  up  and  putting  down  madly   that  was  creating  horrible  noise   in  the   house .  Her  eyes  hit   Sara   like  stones  or   burning   coals .Sara   felt  fright  crept  in  her  blood.

Sara   tried  to  look  normal   and  asked, ''  mom   should   i   switch on   the  water   pump  i  think   tank  is  empty  because  water  is  not  coming  from  tap'?

Helda  pretended   for  a  while  as  she  did  not  hear  Sara    later  she  replied  carelessly '.No   you   don't need to do this i will  check  it  myself.    Sara 's  sixth  sense   warned  her  that   this  month  will  be  quite   a  test   for  her   because  Helda   is   in  full   mood   to  make  her   suffer   with  each   little  thing  she  has  control  over.  But   Sara   promised  to  herself  that  she   will  not  inform   the  Robin  because   he   will   be  upset  and  might  be  try  to   come  back    and  by  doing  so could   be  punished   by  army as  it  was  against  their  rules .

And  days that       came  by  Helda  proved   that  she  has  no  fear  of   God  .No   fear  of  loosing   her  own  grandchild   or  causing  pain  in  the  life  her  own   beloved  son  Robin.  She  tried  to  broke  Sara  in   every  way .This  month   showed  her  real  cruel  face  to   Sara  that  she  used  to  only  imagine  before .Sara   was   not  allowed   to   take  bath  ,she    was   not   allowed  to  used  drink   filter  water  for  drinking .Sara   secretly   boiled  the  water  taken  from   Jeena  's  bath  room  and  used  it  for  drinking ,

Her   health  was  dropping  down  quickly  due  to  lack  of  food.She   was   given  only  half  cup  of  tea  in the  morning  with  a tiny  piece  of  cake  of  cheap  quality.  In  lunch   she  was  given  one  small  bread  with  gravy  of  pulse  or  potato .Dinner  was  a  single  bowl  of white  rice  often    without   salt.

But   above   all   that    caused  Sara   most   damage  was  her  lack  of  sleep .It   was   the  extreme   hate  of  Helda  that  she  did  not let   her  sleep  in  nights .When   everybody  else  was  at  rest  in  his  room  in  nights  Helda  stayed   close  to   the  window  of  Sara's   room  .She  would   stare  at  Sara  as  she  is  frightening  her  to  death  and  if  inspite   of  all  this  Sara  would     fell  in  sleep   Helda   would   create  a  sudden  loud   noise   by  dropping  something  heavy  on  the  ground  and  Sara  would   woke  up   horridly .To  avoid  this  Sara  tried  to  keep  the  window  shut  but   Helda  removed  the  locks  of  it ,she  also  spoiled  the  lock  of   door  too  and  now  there  was  no  way   for  Sara  to  escape  from  the   horror  of  her  mother  in  law.

It  was  shocking   that   in  this  whole  big  family   there  was  no  one  to  raise  his  voice  against  the  sins   and  cruelties  of    Helda . Though  the  wife  of  Robin's  younger  brother  Jeena   Pretend  to   be   sympathetic   with  Sara  but   Sara   realized  that   she  was  also  enjoying  the  pain  of   her  because   Jeena 's  husband  was  not  loyal   and  faithful  towards    Jeena   and   flirted with  Jeena's   younger  sister   so   love  of  Robin   for  Sara  made   her  a  huge  jealous   with  her .Though    all  were   at  the  side  of  Helda  except   her  husband    John  .the  uncle  of  Sara .

But   Helda  was  since  beginning  beyond    control  of  John  .She  was  an  orphan  who  brought  up  in  the  house  of   her   uncle   who  already  had  four  kids elder  then  Helda   ,That  family   treated  Helda  like  a  slave ..She  beard   inhuman  behavior  of   them  for  years  and  may  be  it  made  her  such  selfish  and  heartless  or  she  had  some  kind  of  inherited  gene  of  cruelty  already .  John  's parents   brought   Helda  as  wife  of  John  and  since  then  the  humble  and  gentle   John   was  facing  her   worsens in  his   life.   She   always  dishonored  him  front  of  his  own  children and  abused  him  for  being  less  earner .She  was  so materialistic  and  so  heartless  to  be  a caring  mother  for  her  kids.

Robin  was  the  only  man  in  the  house  who  earned  more  then  others  .Helda   was  enjoying  her  luxury  life  until  the  Sara  came  in  otherwise   Helda   did not  want   Robin  to  get  married .  she  wanted  him  to  stay  single  and   give   all  his  income  in  her  hands.  But  Sara   ruined  all  her  dreams.Now  Helda   also  could  not  bear  the  loving   attitude  of  robin  towards  Sara  as  it  was  her  weak  point  the   thing  that  she  never  had  in  her  life  she   could  not  see   in  the  lives  of  people  around   her .

Now   Helda and  his  eldest   son   Doel  who  was  just  like  her  made  the  plan to  throw  Sara  out  of  Robin's  life  and  it  was  possible  only  when  Sara   leave  the  house  with  her  own  will because  they knew  very  well  that  Robin  will  not  leave  her  at  any  cost.So  they   gave  her  toughest  time  of  her  life .Sara   became  so weak  ,.Her   physical  and  mental   health  were  critical .  She  felt  fainted  all  the time .The  biggest  fear  of  her  was  that  it  can  cause  harm  to   her  expected  child .

But   in   all   such   situations   she  remained  unshaken   and  made  herself  to  survive  just  because  she  believed  that  Robin  loves  her  so  much  ,sooner   or  latter  time  will  be  passed   and   he  will  be  back.And  the  moment  she  will   see  him  her  wounds  will  heal.Her  all  pains  will  leave .

 And  she  will  be  safe   and  cozy  in  his  arms.

To  be  continued 


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Once Upon a Time There Lived Tow Sisters (true story) (image source Google )

Neena  was on her way towards her dreams.  Though  she  was  doing  a job  in a small   private office  as a   personal  secretary.But  she  was  unhappy  with  her  job .Salary  was  not  much  but enough  to  maintain  her  living  in  a  city . She  rented  a  small  portion  of  a  house   that  had  tow tiny  rooms   which  can  bear  only  a single  bed  and a pair of  chairs  n a small  table  that  they brought  along  when  they  moved   here . The  other  stuff  was  placed  in  the  second  room  so Neena  was sharing   room with her mother.

Neena did not like her current life style .Since  she  reached  to  her  consciousness  she realized  that  God  did  not  send  her  at a  right  place . She  thought  she  was  born  at  wrong   house   as  She was  remarkably  beautiful  and  very  intelligent .  She  should   have  existed  in  a  place suitable to her  beauty  and intelligence.  But it's not  mistake which cannot be corrected.

 I will fix this ! ,she thought with  dare and sharpness.

I  will  make   my  own  way  to  reach  a  place  where  all  will  be  according  to  my will and  hopes,  a   huge  bungalow  with   highly  furnished  and  well decorated  rooms.   There   will   be  pajero  and  land cruiser  standing  in  my  wide   garage .

In   my house I will  have  many servants  to serve me .Traveling  around  the  world  , staying  in  five  stars  and  shopping  in expensive  malls  will  not  be impossible  for me .She went on dreaming  about  her future all the time .

Neena  knew  that  to  achieve  what  she wanted   she had  to  find  out  the  shortest way . She  felt extremely in hurry .

 She thought 'it must be done over the night,!

 People  existing  around  me   must  know   me  as  a  lady  who  occupies  a very   high  status  in society.  I    must  walk  along with  a  perfect   prince charming.    He  should  be  most  handsome man  in  the  world   with  very  strong  economical   position   among society. We both will  bring in this world most beautiful kids ever.

She  visualized   her   perfect  life  often  while  sharing  bed  with   her  mom   but   each  time  when she   moved  with  excitement  of   her  vision  her mother  complained  that  she is  spoiling  her  sleep  , so Neena  started      sleeping  on  the  carpet.

 Neena  did  not  like her  mother  when  she  interrupted  or  objected  on  her  any move as she think of her  a   an  ignorant  village   woman  who  knew  nothing  about   new life  style .Deep  in   her  heart  Neena  hatted  her   because   since  her  childhood  like  all others  she  favored  Sara   and  criticized   Neena  .

    But   She  felt compelled  to  keep  her  along   because   the  owner  of  their   house was  fast  friend to   her  mother and  she charged rent quite  less  then  others  as  living  on  rent in  capital city  was  very   expensive otherwise.

Neena   since  beginning  was  quite  shameless  in her habits.  In school  parties  while Sara  remained  content with  her  cheap  simple  clothes  Neena  found  it  insulting to wear   them  .  She   had   made  some  rich  girlfriends there   . She  often  borrowed   from them  their  clotting ,footwear and artificial jewelry  . She  always  felt  happy  in  such  situations  and  never  cared  about  her reputation. 

 As  behind her back   same  girls  used  to  laugh at her , because  everyone   thought  that remaining   happy  with whatever   one  has  is  a  great  quality   that   Sara  Owned  and  Neena  did not.  They  made  fun  of  her  that  just  because  she   wanted  to  feel  at  their  place  she  behaved  in  so  cheesy   way  and   follow  them  everywhere,  tried   to  please   them  with her unnecessary  services.  Sara  tried  to  make  her  understand  that  it  is  not  right  to  try to pretend   what   you are  not.  She   should  save  her self respect,

But  Neena  never   gave   any  importance  to her  advice  which  she  thought  were   all  rubbish  and  useless.  She  thought  one  can  be  important  in  other's  eyes  only  when  he  is  well dressed  and well represented.  There  is  no  such thing  like  self respect  and if there  is  any  then   just a hurdle  in the  way  of  success.

Neena   knew  the power  of  her  beauty .The  eyes  of   men  around  him  in  office  told her  that she  is  precious  and  can  drive   crazy  anyone  she  want .

Their   eyes   reminded    her    the  eyes  of  Robin  often  her  brother  in law .

I  wanted  to  such  starving  in  his  eyes   for  me  but   , she  sometimes  thought  with  an awful restlessness , why  he  was  not   attracted  to me ?

Do  i  have  any   defect in my face ?

Was  I not  beautiful  enough  to  pull  him  near  me ?

He   failed  me  ,  she  thought   hopelessly. 

  Sara  must  have    felt  that  she  defeated  me    like  in childhood   she  was   in spite of  being  as   fool  was  the  icon   of  the  family   .Just  because  she   always   tried  to   be  best  in  mom    and   dad's  eyes   i   was  treated  like  a  shit ,

 and   how cleverly   she   pretend   to  protect   me  whenever  i  was  being   punished  .
I  just  hate   her  so  much  ,Neena  thought   with  arrogance and  hatter . 

 She  won   because    Robin  was  so coward  .  If  he would had some courage  Sara would have know that she is just ' Nothing'   before  me.And  soon  i will  prove  this  to  her .

But   right  now  i  will   have  to  run  fast  towards  my target.  She  thought  while  sitting  on  office  desk and   moved   her  eyes quickly   over  all people  busy  around  her.

She knew that   conservative  life  style  of  her  society  and  less  exposure  of  women   made easy  to  attract  and  fool  the  any man  girl  like  her   want.

Her   boss   was  a man  must  be  in his  fifties.  Married  twice , divorced   once.  He  had  kids  slightly  younger  then   Neena .  She found   him  perfect  as  her first  step  on  the   stairs   as  he  was  quite  rich  and  flirt.  She  could   easily  use   him  to  make   her  recent living  little  better  for  her.

She   realized   his  desperation   and   teased  him  more  by her  sensuous   moves. And  when   he offered  her  dinner  out  she accepted  it  without  showing  her own desperation  to  him.

With  first  dinner  out  with  her boss she crossed  all   boundaries   that  were  must  for   a  respectful   life  as   a  virgin  lady  .Though   for  a  while   laying  beside  that  old  ugly   stranger inside  the  hotel  room   she  felt  little  low  but  things that could  she  get  in  return  repaired  her  feelings  sooner .

Her  boss  kept   his  promise   and  doubled   her  salary    immediately  as he  was   also  owner  of this  firm and   has none   to  be  answerable   before .  He  also  helped   her  out  of  the  way  and  got  her  small  apartment   on  rent.  Neena  was  happy   that   her  first  step  towards   high  status  was   successful. 

 She  completely   disowned   one  of  her  colleague  who  showed   great  affection   towards   her  from  the  beginning   and  expressed   his   love   for     her  through  letters  in  which he   proposed  her  and   wrote  her   name  with  his  own   blood  and   wrote  about  his  deep  true  love  that  can  protect  her  from  the all  impurities  of the world  as  she  is worth  loving   deeply.He   wrote  that  he  will  love  her   till  his  last   breath  and  try   to  give  her  a  life  which  she  dreams  for.

Neena  laughed  at  his  simplicity  and  thought  how  stupid  he  is  .His  feelings   were  of  no value  to  Neena ,as   she   had  a different   vision  of  life .

His  name  was  Charlie  and he was  three  years elder then  Neena .He  was  fair  in color  and got  dark brown  eyes  that  displayed  simplicity    and  honesty  .Neena   treated  him  as she is considering   his  proposal  until  she  trapped  down  her  boss.  But  meanwhile  charlie  experienced  quite  expensive  meetings  with  Neena .

He  was  as blind  in her  love  that  ignored  her all  such  activities  that  would have been  objected  by any  other  modest  and  concerned   lover .He  though   that  Neena  would  be  fine  and  will  change  by  the  time with  the  power  of his  true  love .

But  Neena  used   him  for  a  while  and  stepped  ahead   as  her  destination  was   a  very  rich  accomplished    prince  charming  with  limitless  money  not  an ordinary   man who  lives  through  his  limited   salary  and  could  not   provide  her  a luxurious  living .

Within   one   year   Neena  advanced  her  life  style  gradually.When  she   realized  that  her  boss  is  receiving   from  her   body more   price    then   being   beneficent  to  her .  She   bought   a  fake  degree  of college   and  jumped  to  another  private  office   which  was   bigger  then  previous .

 Her  dressing   was  by the  time  becoming  more   bold  and  noticeable  and  her  attitude  was  inviting  . With  such  appearance  it  was  hard  for  her  to  live  among  the  people  who  belong  to  middle  class .She  had  to  move  in the  area  where   people  live  who  belong  to   HIGH  class  .It  was  the  class  which  had  money  that  had  mixed   resources   right  and  wrong .

Balance  is  the  base  of  the  beauty  and  stability   of  life  and  this  class  had  no  balance .Mostly  there  was no  existence  of  word  right   and  wrong  .Lots  of    people   with  less  learning who  earned  lots  of  money  with  wrong  ways   were  busy  to spend  it  on  wrong  options .

Neena wanted  to  be  part  of  this  society  beause  it  suited   her   life  style  and  there   was  no  one  to  tell  her    advantages  and   disadvantages  of   good   or   bad    deeds.

To  pursue   her  dreams   quickly  she  would   have  to   jump   high .And   she   headed   to   it   effectively. In  new   office  she  met  a  man  who  looked    cunning  enough  to  be  chosen   by   her.One  day   he   offered   her  to go out  with  him   and told  her  that   it  is  quite  beneficial   for  her.   Neena   well  come   him  and after  some   personal   meetings  he   took  her  to meet   a    man   who  was  quite  ugly  and seemed   stupid  through  his   small  eyes  and wired  smile as  his two fore  teeth  were  quite  big  and looked  funny  when  he  smiled .Her  colleague  introduced   him  to  Neena while  saying ,

' Meet    Dannie  he  is  the  man  who  will  make  you  to  enter  in your  world  of  dreams '. 

To  be   continued.

Dear  friends  hope  you all are  doing  fine  under the   blessings  of  God .
hope  you are  reading the story  and liking  it too.
if  you are reading  it then kindly want  you  too  share  your  views  on  story  and  characters  as  well as  it  is true  those  sisters are  real .

God  bless you all.
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