Saturday, February 27, 2010

my recent random stuff

hello friends ,i hope and pray that every body is having great time and living each moment of its with complete beauty and importance,
my days are passing in helping my younger son for his very close exams ,and all house stuff ,spring is spreading its pretty and colorful wings all around,my garden is bit sad this year ,because since my husband got promotion in his job he added more responsibilities as well as facilities,so among all my garden is being ignored ,i am trying to learn to do it by myself as he returns almost in the evening ,my first effort looks successful because after some digging around the old plants they start breathing well i think, so i am seeing them feeling the spring well, now i am going to try some new plants,need all of you to wish me luck because these are my weakness .
now i want to say some thing which i think i should share with my friend ,as i mentioned earlier that computer is completely new thing for me and i learn to post my writing by my own from my eldest son,there are so many things which i really dont know about internet and computer, especially the short language who often use in comments ,in my recent post below there was a comment from Mr lexi that he wants to links exchange ,i asked my son and he explained that it means i have to put the name of his site in my blog list as i did other sites of my friends ,

here i want to say that during the blog i saw many times blog lists ,and i did same due to think that it will help me to get updates about my friends blogs and it is helping me this way,it has nothing to do with link exchange,,that is all i wanted to say ,and best of luck to all of you for your goals in life,god bless you all

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Beggar Of Your Love (poem)


standing all alone,

in busy street of life,

waiting for you ,may will come from any side ,

i am begging for your
one and only smile ,

without any destination though,

running all time ,fast and slow,
do you think me ,during in the race
give me answer ,do not turn your face,

i am melting ,turning into sand ,

have me in hand, and then blow away,
or give me smile , and i will be ok.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Curse (piece from my prose)

today when clouds suddenly came and cover the blue face of sky with gray ,baili hold my hand and flew towards the highest hill ,when we both landed on the top i thought i can touch clouds if i raise my hand ,breeze had the fragrant and freshness of coming spring ,we were looking at the view of the busy city down there ,i think it will be raining again soon ,i said with joy ,
you like rain hmm baili asked like i said some wrong ,
yes ,who doesn't i replied ,
she smiled and looked at me like i was a child ,and said there are so many people who dont want rain because they cannot handle the damage it causes to them ,when you enjoy the hot drinks beside the heater in your big warm house while raining do you ever think about people who dont have shelters not even warm clothes on ,and if they have one it has not enough strong roof to protect them from rain , they spent their days and nights in deep worry while you celebrate the rain
i was silent then i did not say what should i reply to her ,then she she suddenly ask a strange question do you think i am sick ,

i looked at her surprisingly and asked why are you saying this,
she replied ,i am bearing my strange attitude to wards life since years ,i never met any one like me ,some time life seems a curse on me,i just want to know that why me ,why every single thing effects me then others ,when i eat i see the people beyond my eyes starving for piece of bread ,mothers having babies in their arms dying with hunger ,how can you eat with peace while watching all this,when i lay to sleep and put my blanket i cannot stop thinking of them who don't have such comfort to sleep and coldness is shaking them like death storm,
she stopped her eyes were lost in destinations what she was talking about,
i did not said any word just hugged her tight for long,on our returning i was thinking that i did not think this way ever am i so selfish ,

Friday, February 19, 2010

Shocking Accident

hello dear friends ,i hope and pray that all of you are in blessings of dear god , previous some days were pretty shaking for me, as you know i was expecting my sister this month ,but last night she called and told me that she delayed it for some time,because her mother in law had an accident and has some serious injury in her back ,doctors have decided for operation within next two days ,she was very worried about it because her husband is only one son to his mother and he really care about her ,my heartiest prayers for her ,i hope she will be better soon ,and my sister will visit us happily ,more then her i am strawing to see my niece ,

since she has a baby girl i am feeling half mother of her i know it sounds crazy but i am really thankful to dear god that he did not blessed me with daughter but at least my sister has one ,in over here niece calls her aunt MASI ,which means like a mother .
now let me share with you the other mishap ,about four days ago my younger son came from school and gave me a paper which was informing that his annual exams are starting after a week ,it was shock for me ,i used to receive this kind of paper at least twenty days before exams ,i got so much busy with helping him it while working in kitchen ,watching my favorite show and even while eating i was trying to make him remember the things ,you will say it is not right way ,but what if you don't have right time for it ,

i made him study even while i was reading and commenting my fellow bloggers BUT suddenly my husband told me that he talked with school principle and he is saying that it is some kind of miss printing of date numbers ,exams are staring from 8 march ,wasn't i right about the school ,but i think it made me my husband think seriously about other school ,thanks to all of you for reading my miserable stories ,have great day every one

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

My Old Diary

hello friends ,i hope and pray that everyone is doing fine ,today when i was cleaning my cupboard i saw my old diary which i started to write when i was in fifth grad ,it was like meeting some one who was lost for long ,like looking at the mirror covered with heavy dust of time ,and when we remove the dust we see the beautiful memories in the shape of words moving front of my eyes ,i realized that my that writing is very different ,then my favorite things to think and write about were my eating stuff ,my mother never liked my this habit but i did not care and my pockets were always filled with dry fruits,
, i used to write about my favorite teacher as she was so graceful and brilliant and her teaching style was such interesting ,she used to even play tennis during the PT period and when its cloudy she used talked about so many amazing things, she was so different and friendly ,i wish i can see her again ,the most written topic was my mother ,she was my ideal due to great and strong personality she has, i cannot even breath without remembering her love and care for us ,she raised us without any support and put us in school against the will of her family,and did not except any pressure for our marriage,since i was a child i decided to stay with her for my whole life and my diary is mostly about my this feeling, i never wanted to be married because i could not leave her alone, asthere was no one to look after her ,after my marriage i tried to keep her with me but she was un happy with climate here ,then i stayed with her for four year while i was doing job as pharmacist ,but due to my sickness i felt unable to manege job and house together while my son was in third grad and was missing his father so much ,then my sister came and i got back my homemy mother lives alone in her new home in big city and looks pretty happy ,she is sixty plus but refuse to have servant ,she says as long she can keep her in movement it is good for her health ,i think we all should write diary little bit it is wonderful thing to keep our all pieces together take care every one

Saturday, February 13, 2010


what should i say about love ,i find myself lucky that i can feel it around me ,the ground below my feet the sky above my head where ever my eyes move what ever i see it is nothing but love and about love ,i believe that love is base of whole universe and who created it he had unimaginable power of creativity,and being a human i know that creation is the next step of love ,like when we love some one we create relationship ,i know that creator of universe is also want praise and love from its creations so he is chasing us through his love on our each step ,at least i can listen his call , fragrance and color of blooming flower ,

smile of a child, shade of kind tree drop of a water in my thirsty throat and warmth of my mother 's hug ,and countless shades of it calls me that hey look and feel me what am i and from whom am i and for who am i ,

love is like a sunshine it lightens our world it has no boundaries and nor classes ,it is free like a breeze which delivers the peace to each heart it touch it also has no limits and and is for all because these are the gift of love from a love one who's love is for all of his love ones ,

i felt that love has three steps in life of our soul, first when as a child we are away from the real approach of love get love from surroundings but mostly don't give it back to our love ons ,in this phase of life we take attraction as a love

in next step we feel a strong deep sense of love for one person and mostly we think that life is complete now and without he or she we are nothing but lost
in third one people realize that they are getting pulled by some strange unseen power of love to whom who is real and deserve their love ,they suddenly discover a hidden window which opens and fulfill all desires of their souls ,then they feel that their heart is first time tasting a peace .

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Little Victory , Big Happiness...

Hello fellows i hope all of you are in the blessings of dear God, i was pretty tired and feeling not well due to do lots of laundry and house stuff today ,but suddenly i heard the good news on T.V that a common woman of my country suddenly became a star .she won a 100 meter race at 11th South Asian games ,she belongs to a poor family but her passion and hard work enriched her life with success ,our govt gave her pride of performance ,and she is being considered a role model for each woman of my country.

things like this may be not a big deal for modern countries but in country like mine it is a great achievement for woman ,in big cities women are pretty relax now but in rural areas life is still hard for woman ,i am glad that they are trying to make their ways and getting success ,i hope and pray that one day they will get their all rights and live with self respect and according to their own will.OK friends may be that is enough for today ,God bless you all.

Monday, February 8, 2010

So...finally it rained today

hello every one ,today was the one of most beautiful and happiest day in my city ,people got what they were strawing for after long time ,yes you got me, it rained today not much but thank god at least it touched the thirsty and dusty ground ,being a woman i really feel stuck in times like this i wanted to take some out door shots while raining but i had to wait for my husband so we can go out together ,he never stopped me to go out alone but i don't feel it comfortable due to atmosphere outside ,and clouds seemed in great hurry they suddenly came deliver their give away and flew away ,i just got glimpse of my child hood rainy days when we ran in to the streets of our most beautiful village and shouts loudly kind of poems which means

wow see it is raining
clouds have brought ,gifts of pearls

come on friends ,lets play in rain

we can play more ,till its night

mother can 't say come its getting dark

because ,it is already no light

i visited the areas where snow falls, but in my seventeen years of village life i saw snow fall only for once ,and the cold beauty of that has stored in my golden memory box ,i was in class six i think and our very big school ' ground became whit velvet ,i was looking soft whit feather of angels which touch was undefinable and delivering lightness to soul ,

on return i tied my sister's bag with mine put them in my shoulders as they both were hanging on my right and left ,and i put my sister on my shoulders because she seemed afraid of walking on snow , when we got home mother cooked us my favorite chicken with pears and fresh hot roties ,whenever we meet we remember that day it was an unforgettable fun with our first and last snow fall . i hope you all also have treasures of memories

Saturday, February 6, 2010

meeting with young old

every one is really waiting for rain here ,air is running through the streets trying to spread the rumors that spring is about to come , but without rain things got so dusty here especially our area has sandy plane so when air moves takes the dust along ,i don't hate mud but sand is a thing which irritates me a lot , i live in a big house which takes my quite enough time to clean ,its been cloudy here since three days but seems that air has some differences with clouds as pushes them and make them fly away .

yesterday me and my family went to see my aunt who was not well and lives in village quite away from us ,after one hour 's journey we reached their home ,she was sitting in her front yard and looked fine now ,her grand children were playing around her and mine joined them happily ,i always liked the villages ,for living natural life they are very fascinating ,we had great chat ,that village was founded by the father of her father in law and all houses are belong to his children and grand children they have gate around it and no stranger is allowed in,

if the men were not their then i could have take some pics but they don't allow women out. Their i met with the woman who was famous for her some strange behavior in her relatives ,she was very afraid of being old ,and admitted it always that she never want to be old or die ,during the marriage parties or other ceremonies she always joins the people younger then her ,and wearing makeup all time was the things which created some time problems for her ,she was over 70 now ,but in this time i find her bit different then previous like she is convincing herself to get ready for giving up ,just as she got tired of her efforts .

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Pieces of my heart

Hello friends , I hope every one is doing fine , I am pretty busy plus excited now days, because my sis called yesterday and told me that she will visit here before leaving for U.S , I am trying to welcome her as better as possible.

We all are happy and waiting for them , I mean my sis promised to bring my mother along with her too.Children are also really much excited to see their little cousin , aunt and grandmother ,all together.
My sister is very fun loving person ,so we are hoping to have great fun.So friends right now I am sharing some pics that my son captured in his camera ,I hope you'll like them.God bless you all.

I just loved to look at this , Isn't it cute?

My son took it on an extremely foggy day ,This place is distant from our home but explains the quantity of fog.

This is a recent pic from garden ,March is coming so I hope I will share some more beautiful pics of flowers too.

"holy basil" is one of plant in our front yard garden.

My niece , one of the park pics.

Cultural portion in park.I found it important to share.Since it reflects our heritage.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Pampered (poem)

she was a princess
pretty and graceful

living in a castle along her joyful world
playing with happiness all the time

swinging the swing of peace and love ,
laughter of her's spreading all around

she was in castle ,like a heart in rock,
castle kept her like pearl in a clam,
no harm was allowed to touched her ever ,

life seemed fully in her favor ,
when ever she looked through the windows of castle ,
spring was always dancing in her gardens ,

but once she found ,that all windows were painted spring by some clever,

she cut the painting and got out of the castle,
suddenly she met the other colors of life,
which were completely stranger to her eyes,

she saw the bare trees looking so sad ,
she saw yellow leaves ruined on the ground ,
and a bird hanging on the branch stuck with some thing ,
she pull a thorn from feather released it from the pain,

she saw it flying away and felt some thing thing crawling

on her pinkish cheeks
she tasted it , it was the tear
for the very first time in her eyes
she could not get them , but a feel of real joy bloomed her soul so high.
The joy that she never had before in her life.
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