Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Beggar Of Your Love (poem)


standing all alone,

in busy street of life,

waiting for you ,may will come from any side ,

i am begging for your
one and only smile ,

without any destination though,

running all time ,fast and slow,
do you think me ,during in the race
give me answer ,do not turn your face,

i am melting ,turning into sand ,

have me in hand, and then blow away,
or give me smile , and i will be ok.


  1. Hi Bali this is very haunting, touched with melancholy without being too sad if that makes any sense?

  2. Nice poem. I write poem as well but i don't really post them on my blogs. Do you think i should create one then post them all there?

  3. Nice post dear! Thanks for sharing..
    God bless..


  4. this is really nice, i like it :) GBU always :)

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  6. Sister, smiles of our friends and families are a treasure for us. We are all begging that from each other.
    Thanks for sharing.

  7. it's a nice poem. I've made a poem just recently but my friend needs it for his philosophy so i gave it to him :)

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  8. Didn't know you write poems. I could never do that. This is a sad piece. Keep up with the good work.



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