Thursday, December 31, 2020

Happy New Year Precious Coexistents !


Happy  New Year dear  friends !

May you  witness many more prosperous ,peaceful ,Healthy and Joyful years ahead with all you love and care,amen! 

I am thankful for having you all with me since 2009 as despite of all my flaws you always showed compassion  to me and your encouragement keeps me move forward steadily !

I think we all will agree that inspite of all odds pandemic brought our way we cannot call 2020 a complete disaster. We have survived through  such  diseases in past by the grace of lord and let's stick with hope that we will do it again .I feel for those who were directly hit by this  yet we know that  when it comes to Death ,it is inevitable and need no excuse to grab our soul but only "given time " by Lord. This is what i think as believer .Believe it or not we all are waiting for our turn to meet it ,so  all we need to hold the moment in hand tight and extract all the essence it has within for you :) Avoid thinking of past or future because it will not make any difference but spoil the taste of present gift you have right now right here with you!

              So we have  Jumped  to a New Year  2021,Let's Start it  with  fresh and  positive energy and determination  that we will avoid  previous mistakes  and strengthen our efforts for bettering our and other's life by empowering our will power .

When we peak into  cosmic realities and wonders ,it makes us feel extremely "Tiny" We  are  particle of  this astonishing  system and far far away from the reason of our existence ,When i think about the desperation  and thoughtlessness  of humans  it makes me sometime laugh and sometime angry .I wonder  what makes them as ambitious  Or as greedy that they  become  worse than animals for each other .What good does their studies  and knowledge to them if it cannot make them a better or atleast harmless human for others ? They think they will live forever but they forget that even this universe will die, so where will they go to save themselves from end ?Do they really think their money will keep them safe forever .This is Sad and Shameful that what little bit we know is not enough to broaden our mind so we can stop being selfish and think about the goodness of whole humanity .This way we can make our existence SUCCESSFUL    atleast .We  can impress  the Divine Power Out there existing out of this universe with our honest intentions and i really believe that He will re think about us and Turn everything including our End into a pleasurable Miracle  ,Yes i  Completely Believe that He is an Enchanting Divine Energy Present Everywhere Including Within Us And shapes Our Lives According to Our Intentions  and Actions .

  Thinking of moving into next year made me think of Movement  of this  whole universe and then movement of our earth , Being  within everything moving so Fast how blessed we are that we can be still and feel that Stillness too.i  think this feeling is gift from Maker for reason ,reason  to contemplate upon all he  made for us and before us .So we can Learn  Best ways to exist within His Grace and Wonders . This  planet is uniquely designed for us equipped with all we need and by heart we know well it is not just coincidence .We  must  Hear His whisper through His Creations so we  can Connect to our origin and keep  our  orbital movement  Straight instead  of being lost in Tangled jungle of endless lust. That will be a Terrible Wrong turn as it is being proved .

Okay kind people thank you for bearing me until now ,i took help from google image to share my best wishes for all of you :)


I  am an introvert and hardly have friend more than few who live away in native town so i consider you all my true friends with whom i can share my heart  unhesitatingly .Thank you for being here for me .You are in my thoughts and prayers always! Take great care and stay positive with Faith that gives you wing to fly in the endless sky of Hope :) Hugs! 

Thursday, December 24, 2020

Merry Christmas To All Precious Friends !


Merry  Christmas  To  all  precious  friends ,hope  you  are  taking the  best  opportunity  of this  year  for  sprinkling  more  and more  goodness ,joy and  peace  to yourself  and all  around you .Love and kindness is eternal and circle of life within universe proves it beautifully ,so keep being the Light in the dark  for all dear friends :)

Lost  In the  search  for Him 

Who  Shaped  Me

I  found out  that 

He  will be reveling  Himself 

Through  each  soul i embrace with Kindness

Kindness that  that  bears  my  heart  

Just  to  have One  step  more  towards  Him !


Monday, December 21, 2020

Random Thoughts And Images With Kitchen Appliances Sent By My Eldest Son

Hey  Precious Friends !

First of all thank you so much for kind encouraging comments on my previous post!
That  means Lot to me!
I  call my blog an online diary where i share with you what is  in my mind at very present moment when i sit with laptop .It is random and raw most of the time i know but still i feel serene after posting because i feel i was being honest with my feeling or thoughts .
I long for the day when i will be able to  sit and think and then write post ,but i really has no idea when it is going to happen. So instead of waiting for those days probably existing in blurred distant future ,i share what i have on the tip of my tongue  right now .This  overwhelms  me when i find such kind response from all kind generous out there  . It seems a fruitful echo for my call to have friends ! It bring tears of gratitude in my eyes .
So Thank YOU All So Much for being as kind and sweet to your simple  friend ! You are my strength and inspiration for this blogging world  believe me !

Winter  is in it's mid period now.Temps are swinging around 20 to 5 .Loving this weather while knowing that it won't last for long but hardly till the end of the Feb.Rains and snow in Northern and Hilly parts of  southern parts has played it's part to make weather cooler which is nice for winter lovers :)

Needless to say that MISSING MY ELDEST SON TERRIBLY!He called on Saturday and talked for an hour.Thanks to technology (and lord who made technology possible indeed) that we are able to see him at least.He got back from his training week from another city of Germany .He was excited about what he has learnt more there about robots. 

The  robot one he is assisting to build will go to space to participate in some mission (sounds pretty exciting isn't it :) He also sent us video how it works .I could not upload it as always i cannot upload as blogger says to minimize the size of it and i don't know how to do so :( Each try went invain until now.My son told he has sent new oven and microwave  for my kitchen few days ago.  
My knee pain is almost non existing this year due to medicine course i took last year thankfully .So i am able to enjoy cold days more by the grace of Lord and this makes me happier .

Last day i visited to my mother in law and then one of the niece of hubby .We spent few hours in both houses .My mother in law is in her late seventies and healthy by the grace of lord. She can eat some food that i cannot think to have now due to doctor's advice :) this is amazing that older people have better stomachs than us .My parents  too had healthier stomachs than mine ,They hardly had any problem regarding specially chronicle pain from which i suffered most .
Sharing some random   images if you like them 

                                       my eldest son got already a Christmas tree  in his office   

image from my eldest son's  walk in park ( Munich Germany)

sunflowers (artificial) in study room of our house 

she is the niece of my hubby ,i asked hubby to take this one ,it was my first visit to her newly built house which is not painted yet but managed well by her,her yard has no sun so i was feeling cold there 

my mother in law ,she is precious to me despite of all her misbehave in  past because she is mother of the man who is worth more than my own life ,he visits her thrice a week .girl next to her is her granddaughter who came from village nearby for shopping ,we chatted over hot tea with smiles and occasional laughter 

sent by my eldest son ,it belongs also to his walk in the park ,i liked the glitter on the surface of water and the feeling of peace and relaxation  that offers ,how many moments we give ourselves to take break and just Breath  

                 sent by my eldest son ,i think this is of food arranged for the trainees after meeting 

guess what  i was abut to publish post  and heard knock on door ,few men on a vehicle had brought kitchen appliances sent by my eldest son ,he online ordered it in Karachi few days back ,honestly i had no oven before though i used to bake things but with methods that make baking possible even through pots and plates ,lets see how goes my new era of cooking through modern stuff 

which  makes me more than just happy that non of this i asked my son to send ,actually i never asked him to send anything ,last time he asked before coming and i said okay skin care products which he brought with lots and lots of chocolates and some other things like jacket for father and x box for brothers  .but this time he has job and he wants to do things  for us excitingly but all we want him to save for business what he wants to do before getting married ,we are waiting for time so we can see his own family ,he says it will take few years to think about having family so all we can pray for his dream to come true amen! I wonder what would i do with this vacuum cleaner ,it can burst with pile of dust that we collect here in moths of June July 

Okay kind people ,thank you for bearing with me ,i have to get up for evening walk as mr sun has slipped away from the big house in west side .Please stay  safe ,healthy and grateful for all you have already in hands without asking for it !
In my thoughts and prays all of you!
God Bless You All!

Sunday, December 13, 2020

Surviving Skills ,Really ?

 Such  a beautiful day is today here once again :) After recent slight showers  of rain sky looks Divine ! Sun seems  smiling ball of gold and air seems heavenly cool and refreshing :)

So  i found numerous reasons for being grateful for  all i have at he moment once again :) I know nothing lasts forever not seasons of earth nor seasons of life so all i can do is to hold the moment in my hand tight  and embrace it to it's fullest :) 

Do you remember that  once i mentioned  my poor performance in my very first  I Q test ? I  learnt from that failure that not  just how less i know  but how  dull  i am to  put my  thoughts on my tongue ,i mean on screen .Everything happens for the reason  which is my strong belief  too ,So i pondered  upon the  issue and looked  for something helpful online .And  i think  i found  it and it seems good for me as beginner .I  think such  support  will help to shake my head little bit more so my thoughts can reach to my output system bit quickly .  Since is started to watch  Mindfield a Youtube channel my way of understanding things is slightly being changing (positively of course ) .I  think  such support will be beneficial for my learning process (hopefully).

But, what i cannot help is the Panoramic  view of  swiftly  flowing life that  i see all the time through my imagination and it is getting clearer and clearer  everyday weirdly .I am able to accompany  countless living things even tiniest  existing upon and below the ground .Is this what called ONENESS ? No  i am not addicted to anything except my meditation ,yoga and walk.Not even tea anymore seems compelling to me.And this certain feeling does not rise after any specific thing or event ,but it stays with me from rise in the morning to fall asleep now . 

I see  things happening in the world at the same time in the world sometime .Sometime i  find myself  floating in the sky while embracing sun rays.Whole  planet below looks happy beautiful habitat for all the species .My eyes seems  too be able to see all of them at once .Creatures  living joyously within forests ,water mountains and human colonies  look inhabitants  of Utopia.I peak through the plane window passing by .It seems real but not as that much so i can notice features of people's faces .On other moment i rise from the ocean and  take flight with sea birds while  boats and ships are sailing below on the serene surface of sea.I feel i turned into air and crossing the forests smoothly while inhaling the soothing whisper of life within it.

Sometime i feel i am looking at whole virtual album of my own life not just in past but future too .Even i see people burying my empty body and my soul disappearing in the sky . Nothing seems unfamiliar ,like i am looking at the Complete circle of like rolling round before my eyes.This in inexplicable experience  but  it happens to me all the time. And i think this is the reason that keeps me positive and satisfied with life despite of all the odds.

Do you think i should see psychiatrist or i should just enjoy the scenario ? please let me know if so i would love to hear from friends like you all who are amazingly insightful .

I just received  some guests from family so need to say goodbye   :)

Keep  taking good care of yourself  friends see you soon!

Monday, December 7, 2020

Hope , Disappointment , Flowers And Colors


Hey  Amazing  Friends!

Hope  choosing best  of what  hands of time  brings to you in the tray  of life :) I know there are so many kind of dishes  sweet ,sour and bitter and some may be have  definite  taste until  you give it one with your  own  wisdom :).

It depends on our intention and attitude what we select isn't it? Any  of these can bore you if is constantly added to your diet plan so "balanced"  would be a better option (my opinion).Because all tastes are definitely created for reason by the Creator  and tend to make us not just  familiar with of the diversity  of  what Nature have for us but to learn and grow with going through process of "knowing them"

Knowing  all of them not just enhance our knowledge about this presentation  of life but make us more insightful about how we can use them to with the help of our own creativity and imagination (a software installed within us ).If  we have  solid ,healthy and positive  approach we can definitely be more  experimental and intuitive  to gain  beneficial results .

Those who do not choke or worry about sudden encounter with unwanted tastes learn latter how important they were for their better growth .Yet  if they are wiser they add  few more ingredients to them to bring out best out of them :)

My  younger son went for Sat test to Islamabad for two days.But on test day  management refused to let him sit because he had no passport .That was unfair i think .They should have mentioned it while he was filling the form for online registration. They asked for passport number during  filling form  though but not restricted  the procedure when he left the blank undone.Above all they accepted the form and fee instead, which my son printed out and took along,He was bit low at the moment as his preparation was good and he wanted to get rid of this pressure of study eventually .He immediately called his big brother in Germany and tolled everything.He advised him to leave because there was no other option .

Anyway he returned from Islamabad last day .He told that he was not alone who had to go back without giving test but more than twenty students faced this disappointment .What a shame .I think this was just about grabbing fee for nothing because they could have easily mention it  on website that how compulsory a passport was .I am concern about who managed the heavy fee with financial difficulties. I googled about it today and after clicking on few links i knew that passport is only acceptable identification for the students from Nepal ,India and Pakistan.

We have started the procedure for it from today.

  Hubby finished  painting the veranda fences .So i am sharing a photo with you here and yes our late seasonal plantation for seasonal has been done .It will take two months to bear fruit of this task indeed but you can cherish the  gorgeous smile of roses that are soothing my heart :)

Once i heard from a doctor "one can eat whatever he want if he knows how to digest it "
I don't know  what is true about this one  though.All i have learnt that Balance is the key to not just physical health but spiritual too.And both are necessary to thrive as a special spice on earth .
Keep  stay  strong  dear friends .Faith strengthens your soul and once soul is free of illness and healthy it supports a healthy physique believe me.Mostly people interpret it oppositely but this is my belief that i learnt from personal experience :)
wishing you all a serene healthy joyous life ahead! 

Tuesday, December 1, 2020

Memories And Clay Oven


Winter  is still mild here.Temperature  is swinging from 14 to 20.Sun is comforting and  breeze is cherishing .I did laundry  last day while hubby was painting the veranda fence .He is home due to lockdown so he manages to pull out some piece of work to full his day and to lessen the pending chores .During days like this i miss my parents more .Our village is in the foothill of  Himalayan so weather was unlike here in south. In our hill top house there,winters were long ,harsh and wet often.

 Though sunny days were  most  beautiful gift during cold weather.People  of my village would love to take sun bath meanwhile .Families will sit in yard and enjoy hot drinks like milk or green tea ,soups and dishes that have gravy.I was fond of  potato and peas with gravy .My sister would love fried stuff more than anything .Mom would love chicken and vegetable soup.Boiled eggs and traditional  deep fry food like samosas and pakoras had special place during whole winter season.

Sitting together under sun in front yard ,having chat  over favorite food while viewing the beauty of surroundings was something most special for me as daughter of the house where parents hardly talk pleasantly .My father would love to eat butter everyday with fresh hot tortilla from oven .My both parents liked to have hot meals .They would not touch if food got cold.That would annoy them .When i was in my late teens i would try to bake bread in our clay oven.

  image is help from google images though our clay oven looked exactly like this one ,but the bigger hole on right was not existed .huge bundle of sticks brought by various members of family was put into it ,fire would take almost twenty minutes and when woods were burnt down and turned into coals ,mom would sit on place made with oven like here in this image ,never found anything more delicious ten hot bread from clay oven, now gas oven are available but bread they bake is less tastier than that from clay oven. Sometime due to hurry mom would cut down veggies ,put oil and all ingredients and spices including splash of water and place it on coals in oven when bread was baked ,she would take the pot out after sometime and most tasty dish was ready to eat.She would bury potato or brinjal in oven coals and take them out ,peal them and make dish with them ,specially crushed brinjal were so delicious after being baked in oven.

It was impossible for me to stick raw bread in the hot oven with bare hands.I would make  them fall often on coals instead .Therefore mom made me a cushion upon which i would  lay my bread and then slap it on the wall of oven .Sometimes bread would slip even from my cushion before i slap it and my sister would laugh loud .Mom would smile and say i must have an extra bag of flour to teach you how to bake bread in the oven. 

Clay oven was also  a good place for socializing. Village women specially neighbors would agree to lit one oven combinedly.They both would combine their sticks to lit oven together  and while baking bread they would chat or gossip a lot .It was popular fashion back then.Sometimes  if  one woman is already tired and has no will to lit her oven she would send her dough to another relative or friend, and she would bake bread for her .Mom would do the same though she would bake for others more ,she was one of the most compassionate woman i ever saw.

Sometimes clay oven would cast sadness to mom.My father was a watch maker in Islamabad ,He would visit for one or two days us to drop money for household.But he would never bring sticks to lit the oven.That was reason mom would be sad when she had to go on hills and gather sticks or send us to do so.We both sister had collected sticks for oven before when we were ten or eleven,later we were not allowed to go out so mom would do it by herself. It would happen when my eldest brother was in army for few years.Before that he would bring huge bundles of sticks from densely wooded hills around .He would bring heaviest bundle  of the sticks among all other fellow friends who would accompany him.His sticks would last for weeks .When he left army abruptly mom was broke with trauma.One of her son was died in thirteenth year of his age.She had only one son who could not studied well because of his weird stubborn nature ,She was happy that he would make his career in army atleast but this dream of her also broken unfortunately.I remember she was called by his officers from Quetta  city (capital of Baluchistan province) by mail.She went all the way by train  to correct his life.When she arrived their one officer told her that  mam your son is our best soldier we have.He comes first in each test always but one thing that he is weirdly stubborn and misbehaves sometimes and disobey  which is not tolerable in army service.They ask her to convince him to not leave army as his has no reason or mis fitness so if he would insist he will be court martial.My brother did not agree and stayed in prison for months.

Long story short when he returned he was more focused on marriage .He hardly brought such big bundle of sticks for our clay oven.Mom had been growing various trees in our yard which were able to provide sticks for oven once in while .Sometimes some of my cousin would deliver us sticks so we can lit oven .We had clay stove too  like all other village houses.

clay stove would consume less feul so mom started to prefer it later as she had lesser energy for scrolling hills for sticks .

I am still of opinion that food cooked on clay stove or oven is tastier .And yes mom had clay pots too in which food would taste heavenly believe me ,mustard green with mutton or chicken  cooked in clay pot  are unforgettable dishes and so many others,tortilla stuffed with radish or cauliflower and i can go on for hour may be :)

Today hubby called some village friends so they can trim the neem tree .They have just left .I was enjoying to share my treasure of memories with you but i will have to off for making lunch now  as it is 1 pm noon now .I can see lots of sunlight playing in my yard now since tree is trimmed .

See you soon friends! Keep treating yourself and all around you with love and kindness as this is best version of you i bet :)

blessings to all of you!

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