Monday, December 7, 2020

Hope , Disappointment , Flowers And Colors


Hey  Amazing  Friends!

Hope  choosing best  of what  hands of time  brings to you in the tray  of life :) I know there are so many kind of dishes  sweet ,sour and bitter and some may be have  definite  taste until  you give it one with your  own  wisdom :).

It depends on our intention and attitude what we select isn't it? Any  of these can bore you if is constantly added to your diet plan so "balanced"  would be a better option (my opinion).Because all tastes are definitely created for reason by the Creator  and tend to make us not just  familiar with of the diversity  of  what Nature have for us but to learn and grow with going through process of "knowing them"

Knowing  all of them not just enhance our knowledge about this presentation  of life but make us more insightful about how we can use them to with the help of our own creativity and imagination (a software installed within us ).If  we have  solid ,healthy and positive  approach we can definitely be more  experimental and intuitive  to gain  beneficial results .

Those who do not choke or worry about sudden encounter with unwanted tastes learn latter how important they were for their better growth .Yet  if they are wiser they add  few more ingredients to them to bring out best out of them :)

My  younger son went for Sat test to Islamabad for two days.But on test day  management refused to let him sit because he had no passport .That was unfair i think .They should have mentioned it while he was filling the form for online registration. They asked for passport number during  filling form  though but not restricted  the procedure when he left the blank undone.Above all they accepted the form and fee instead, which my son printed out and took along,He was bit low at the moment as his preparation was good and he wanted to get rid of this pressure of study eventually .He immediately called his big brother in Germany and tolled everything.He advised him to leave because there was no other option .

Anyway he returned from Islamabad last day .He told that he was not alone who had to go back without giving test but more than twenty students faced this disappointment .What a shame .I think this was just about grabbing fee for nothing because they could have easily mention it  on website that how compulsory a passport was .I am concern about who managed the heavy fee with financial difficulties. I googled about it today and after clicking on few links i knew that passport is only acceptable identification for the students from Nepal ,India and Pakistan.

We have started the procedure for it from today.

  Hubby finished  painting the veranda fences .So i am sharing a photo with you here and yes our late seasonal plantation for seasonal has been done .It will take two months to bear fruit of this task indeed but you can cherish the  gorgeous smile of roses that are soothing my heart :)

Once i heard from a doctor "one can eat whatever he want if he knows how to digest it "
I don't know  what is true about this one  though.All i have learnt that Balance is the key to not just physical health but spiritual too.And both are necessary to thrive as a special spice on earth .
Keep  stay  strong  dear friends .Faith strengthens your soul and once soul is free of illness and healthy it supports a healthy physique believe me.Mostly people interpret it oppositely but this is my belief that i learnt from personal experience :)
wishing you all a serene healthy joyous life ahead! 


  1. I am sorry to hear all the trouble with your Son. That is just a shame of them. Glad your fence got painted and the flowers are lovely. Have a very nice day.

  2. "...learn latter how important they were for their better growth"


    Sometimes we learn the reason for things much later.

  3. That is too bad about your son! Yes, they shouldn't have accepted the fee and then refused in person. I hope it all works out. And your roses look beautiful!

  4. Yes, the test authority should have been clearer right up front about the necessity of a passport. But glad your son will get his passport and then take the test.

  5. Baili your backyard is gorgeous and cheery! I love your flowers!!! I pretty much eat whatever I want, but I also know my digestion very well. There are certain things I can't touch or I can only have a little bit of once in a while. I do believe it's about balance too. So sad to hear that about your son!

  6. How awful for your son! With so many people not meeting the passport requirement it is certainly something the testing facility needs to address in their communications.

  7. I have never heard the rem "soft ware within us" I like it. First of all I think that testing is highly over rated. Validity of tests has to be considered. How a kid feels on a certain day makes a difference. In your case your son was taken far away to an unfamiliar location. How does he cope with the new place. Throw tests out. they are not reliable enough to use.

  8. So sorry about that passport misunderstanding how awful and disappointing. The flowers look beautiful though.

  9. How disappointing for your son, feeling ready for the exam and not being able to write. It was good he could communicate with his older brother, whose opinion he must trust. I wish your younger son well.

  10. So sorry for your son's disappointment and wasted money and journey; if you dont own a passport and aren't leaving the country and are a young lad, nobody told you - well that's just not fair. Your courtyard roses are beautiful - the more you cut them the more flowers you get.

  11. Oh dear me, that wasn't very good not telling students that a passport is needed and taking money - hopefully you get it sorted out and what a disappointment for your son.
    I love that first rose, it's a beauty.
    Take care.

  12. I am not sure of the precise dietary benefits, or otherwise, of different spices, but they certainly enhance food immeasurably, and eating would be pretty bland without them.

  13. How interesting, Baili, to compare the taste of foods (sweet ,sour and bitter) with the attitudes of people. I had never thought of how we feel and think with what we taste. You are so right in saying that everyone needs balance both in food choices and attitudes. Thank you for expressing it this way. I agree with what others have commented that taking the fee and not explaining the need for a passport was definitely not right. I hope he can retake the test without the need to repay. Thanks for showing the rose photos, the first one is so lovely and delicate. The yard looks very cheerful after your husband's painting was done and I know you will enjoy being outside.

  14. When I was very young I read of a scientific study with babies. Each meal the babies would be presented with a tray of various foods. the first food the baby put its fingers in was what it would eat for that meal. It could have as much as it wanted but only of that food. The next day the same procedure was followed. After a month the results were tabulated. Each baby had chosen balanced diets over the month. They had consumed the nutrients needed for a healthy body.

  15. What happened with your son is unthinkable.
    Total disrespect.

  16. Hi Dear Baili, “Hope choosing best of what hands of time brings to you in the tray of life.” Baili you are amazingly wonderful. I love the way you WRITE. And, you are so RIGHT about wisdom. :-) I am sorry to hear about your son and the passport problem. However, I know this … your son will be successful because your nature is in him. God bless. Your photos of the roses are wonderful! Thank you for sharing and for your kind comments on my blog. Best wishes from Seattle! Take care and stay safe! John

  17. Oh Baili, I was so so sorry to read about the passport misunderstanding, so very very disappointing.

    On a positive note I think your flowers look beautiful, such lovely colour.

    Sending my good wishes.

    All the best Jan

  18. Dear Baili - So sorry for your younger son for being unable to have SAT test because of professional negligence. But this experience surely grow his roots solid as a human being and he’ll regain fight to challenge.

    Your writing is touching. “Balance” is a key factor in both diet habit and attitude for the wellbeing. There is a saying “yamai ha kikara” in my country meaning “sickness and good health start with mind”, which would be the same with your thought. Worry is often the case of illness. And besides, this is also true that you need physical exercise. After exercising, you’ve got hormones like endorphins, dopamine and serotonin for your happy feeling, which contribute to your health. Looking at the beautiful roses soothed my tired heart.

    It’s me who has to say thank you for being my friend. Warmth and kindness is always contained in your comment, which encourages me a lot. Stay safe, and have happy days ahead.


  19. That's too bad about what your son went through. I would be upset. The flowers and court yard are so pretty. I once read a quote ..don't remember who...maybe wayne dyer but it said "It's not what you eat, but what is eating you." I never forgot it.

  20. Beautifully written. Faith is the most important.

    What is the white rose with red around the edges? It is stunning.

  21. Que pena o seu filho não ter podido fazer o exame! Muito injusto, não lhe terem chamado a atenção, sobre a consequência de não ter o passaporte! Se tal era impeditivo, deveriam ter informado logo! A sua casa, está a ficar muito bonita, com a nova pintura!
    E fiquei rendida, perante a beleza das rosas do seu jardim!
    Um beijinho! Votos de saúde e tranquilidade para si e todos os seus!

  22. Oh, those roses are beautiful. I'm sorry to hear your son had a hard time with his passport. It seems that there are many tests and procedures at school and it's even frustrating when we pay our own bills. So many rules and regulations, right? Remain in hope, dear Baili, and I think that goodness will follow you all your days.



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