Monday, December 21, 2020

Random Thoughts And Images With Kitchen Appliances Sent By My Eldest Son

Hey  Precious Friends !

First of all thank you so much for kind encouraging comments on my previous post!
That  means Lot to me!
I  call my blog an online diary where i share with you what is  in my mind at very present moment when i sit with laptop .It is random and raw most of the time i know but still i feel serene after posting because i feel i was being honest with my feeling or thoughts .
I long for the day when i will be able to  sit and think and then write post ,but i really has no idea when it is going to happen. So instead of waiting for those days probably existing in blurred distant future ,i share what i have on the tip of my tongue  right now .This  overwhelms  me when i find such kind response from all kind generous out there  . It seems a fruitful echo for my call to have friends ! It bring tears of gratitude in my eyes .
So Thank YOU All So Much for being as kind and sweet to your simple  friend ! You are my strength and inspiration for this blogging world  believe me !

Winter  is in it's mid period now.Temps are swinging around 20 to 5 .Loving this weather while knowing that it won't last for long but hardly till the end of the Feb.Rains and snow in Northern and Hilly parts of  southern parts has played it's part to make weather cooler which is nice for winter lovers :)

Needless to say that MISSING MY ELDEST SON TERRIBLY!He called on Saturday and talked for an hour.Thanks to technology (and lord who made technology possible indeed) that we are able to see him at least.He got back from his training week from another city of Germany .He was excited about what he has learnt more there about robots. 

The  robot one he is assisting to build will go to space to participate in some mission (sounds pretty exciting isn't it :) He also sent us video how it works .I could not upload it as always i cannot upload as blogger says to minimize the size of it and i don't know how to do so :( Each try went invain until now.My son told he has sent new oven and microwave  for my kitchen few days ago.  
My knee pain is almost non existing this year due to medicine course i took last year thankfully .So i am able to enjoy cold days more by the grace of Lord and this makes me happier .

Last day i visited to my mother in law and then one of the niece of hubby .We spent few hours in both houses .My mother in law is in her late seventies and healthy by the grace of lord. She can eat some food that i cannot think to have now due to doctor's advice :) this is amazing that older people have better stomachs than us .My parents  too had healthier stomachs than mine ,They hardly had any problem regarding specially chronicle pain from which i suffered most .
Sharing some random   images if you like them 

                                       my eldest son got already a Christmas tree  in his office   

image from my eldest son's  walk in park ( Munich Germany)

sunflowers (artificial) in study room of our house 

she is the niece of my hubby ,i asked hubby to take this one ,it was my first visit to her newly built house which is not painted yet but managed well by her,her yard has no sun so i was feeling cold there 

my mother in law ,she is precious to me despite of all her misbehave in  past because she is mother of the man who is worth more than my own life ,he visits her thrice a week .girl next to her is her granddaughter who came from village nearby for shopping ,we chatted over hot tea with smiles and occasional laughter 

sent by my eldest son ,it belongs also to his walk in the park ,i liked the glitter on the surface of water and the feeling of peace and relaxation  that offers ,how many moments we give ourselves to take break and just Breath  

                 sent by my eldest son ,i think this is of food arranged for the trainees after meeting 

guess what  i was abut to publish post  and heard knock on door ,few men on a vehicle had brought kitchen appliances sent by my eldest son ,he online ordered it in Karachi few days back ,honestly i had no oven before though i used to bake things but with methods that make baking possible even through pots and plates ,lets see how goes my new era of cooking through modern stuff 

which  makes me more than just happy that non of this i asked my son to send ,actually i never asked him to send anything ,last time he asked before coming and i said okay skin care products which he brought with lots and lots of chocolates and some other things like jacket for father and x box for brothers  .but this time he has job and he wants to do things  for us excitingly but all we want him to save for business what he wants to do before getting married ,we are waiting for time so we can see his own family ,he says it will take few years to think about having family so all we can pray for his dream to come true amen! I wonder what would i do with this vacuum cleaner ,it can burst with pile of dust that we collect here in moths of June July 

Okay kind people ,thank you for bearing with me ,i have to get up for evening walk as mr sun has slipped away from the big house in west side .Please stay  safe ,healthy and grateful for all you have already in hands without asking for it !
In my thoughts and prays all of you!
God Bless You All!


  1. Nice new appliances -- your kitchen looks great!

  2. Hi Baili - Those are great pictures as usual.

    Those are also very nice appliances.

    I am glad to hear that your knees are feeling good. I have all developed some stomach issues.

    Have a great week!

  3. Lovely new applicances, Season's Greetings!
    Play with this you can resize your image here I think.

  4. You will love the microwave. It is wonderful for reheating as well as some cooking. It is wonderful that your son is trying to make your life easier. I would like to know when his robot goes into space. That is so exciting.

  5. Thank you for sharing these lovely pictures.
    Your new appliances look great.

    Sending my good wishes and seasonal greetings :)

    All the best Jan

  6. Now I have to think hard about winter when I see all the blossoms!

  7. How lovely your son is, he has sent you such useful gifts - a microwave and a vacuum cleaner are going to save you a lot of time :) Your mother in law looks kind. Your sons continental breakfast suggests he had a morning work meeting - croissants and jam (delicious)

  8. You life is worth more than all of the stars. What a wonderful son to send you these appliances for your new kitchen. Love photos too. I wish you all the goodness in this life.

  9. enjoying catching up here - ....and that kitchen is wonderful - i love it! All the best to you and your family and friends during this holiday season.

  10. Oh, I really enjoyed your images! And how lovely all those gifts from your son are. That is really kind of him!

  11. Dearest Baili, you are more precious than all those stars...and we do not need to just "bear with you", because it is such a privilege to share in your life experiences! I love seeing your beautiful friends and relatives, your house and yard, and your son's photos from Germany. Seeing all these wonderful people and things makes me feel connected to you across the miles, and that is the most amazing feeling, for which I am most grateful!
    Thank you so, so much for sharing, my previous friend!😊😊

    Sending you all my love and hugs, always ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  12. Baili your kitchen is enviable!!! I ENVY IT that a sin? ;) Not meant to be! I just think it looks so good! I hope you have a beautiful and Merry Christmas!!

    1. Oh precious Rain your sweet words made me blush
      Hearing about your liking makes me feel happy and I bet it is act of kindness but not son my friend :)

  13. Hi Baili, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and yours. John

  14. Que pases una ¡FELIZ NAVIDAD!

    Saludos desde Salamanca.

  15. Your posts are wonderful because they are honest and from your heart and mind at the present moment, Baili. Those are lovely and thoughtful gifts that your son has sent you, Baili, and is is so nice to hear that he enjoys doing this for his family. Also I enjoyed the images you shared from him.,

  16. I always enjoy your posts dear friend, as you share from your heart and your life! How wonderful that your son shares his beautiful pictures from Germany with you, and shared such generous gifts for your kitchen! What fun you will have using them in your kitchen! It was nice to see the pictures of your husband's family. So thankful that you are able to have a comfortable relationship now, although difficult in the past for you. Many blessings to you dear friend!

  17. Obviously your son comes from a very fine background!, Baili! He's is kind and generous and loving ~ industrious and hardworking too! Your new kitchen looks beautiful. I always love the photos you share, whether they're of your family, your son's life in Germany, or your Neem tree. It's good to hear your knee feels better during the cold this year. Take care, my friend!


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