Tuesday, December 29, 2009


I have observation,In my school days i had some friends ,which I use to meet with whenever I get chance to go to my homeland.In our group I was quite different due to my tom boy image , and one of us was different because she always had big dreams ,She wanted to get rich and famous and free .Her desires were the reasons to her all bold steps she took in life and made herself controversial , her favorite sentence was " One day ,I am not going to be ordinary I am going to be very special ".

This time when I went to see her she looked disturbed again ,though her most of dreams had came true ,Like luxurious life ,exploring world and enjoying freedom.She got married for 2 times with no children but her restlessness is still there .

Whenever I asked her about this she smiled like a wises smile on fool , and replied that restlessness is sign of big personalities .I said to her " I agree with you but before starting journey we must be clear that where we have to reach otherwise in-spite of all we get , we will be still nobody and no where".

Being an ordinary person when I think about special people(specially some examples around ,who just jumped to be special) I find it quite easy I mean all it requires the heart of stone which never gets effected with even worst situations which he himself is responsible for .If one has that heart and courage to step over on others happiness can become easily special .When I saw people working on daily wages all day , get their payments in evening and get meal for their families.I ask my self "Are they ordinary people, who are trying to spend their lifes without harming anyone and don't use their physical or mental power against any one?".

For me they are real special ,because what ever they have Its their own ,they have not snatched it from anyone's hand.And it brings real peace in their lives and faces.My husband is an collage principal we have what one should have to live a normal life bust most important thing we have is deep sense of gratefulness to our Dear God not for only what we have but also for this peace and sense of gratefulness he poured in our heart.And it is his greatest gift for us.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Without A Cup Of Tea

It is airy today ,Sun seems in good mood its shine has a peaceful warmth in it sky is also looking happy with this kindness of sun because it is getting much attention from earth . People look it with a friendly smile .Trees are dancing slightly at the beat of breeze , Sun's today's journey is about to finish now birds have begun their returning flights ,My eyes are running over the scenes and regarding the creator .I am sitting on the chair in my front yard without a hot cup of tea in my hands. Actually I run the one woman show whole day and feeling so much tired right now .

In times like this I really miss to have a daughter more than ever ,My eldest son is very nice Kid and never says no when I ask for help .But you know daughter dont need to be asked for any thing they just read their parents face if they are tired or sick .Any way God always tests us with most wanted things any way its OK , After some while when I'll feel better I'll make my self a cup of tea .

Right now Ali "my husband" is out with his friends otherwise ,Making evening tea is his favorite job .Some times when I sit alone and tired like now and take one fast look on my life or my self I admire my self for not what I do or I've done ,But for my attitude toward life which always stays positive My thirst for learning is still alive , I love to extract knowledge even from a piece of paper on the ground though I have got lot of books.When life gives me time I'll still have a wish to restart My studies and definitely have some kind of career.Till then I am enjoying the childhood of my children helping them in their studies and trying to make them better human beings I feel to be complete enough when I see that my house is neat and clean ,children are happy and healthy and husband have a smile of satisfaction .

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Last part of my village visit .

Hello friends in my country winter is taking bit off now days ,But i hope it wont end as early because the summer is already the longest season here ,in my previous post i shared my visit to a rural area ,which was too interesting .I have some more pics to share related to date garden i hope you guys will like it.

Beautiful picture of Dates trees.Their peak season is summer.

Sweet and delicious dates.Most popular fruit in Sindh ,My province .

This is called Ja-Nimaz ,Muslims use it to offer prayers 5 times a day.It is also a beautiful craft made by dried leaves of date trees.

It is a local handfan also made by leaves and branches of Date trees.

It is a local craft used in many parts of pakistan and india for keeping wheat bread has various names in various areas we call it "Pindi" Made by the same leaves of Date trees.

Women of rural areas use their spare time also making these kind of beautiful bed sheets known as" rilli" in our area .It is made by joining thousands of peaces of colorful clothes in various designs.

Monday, December 21, 2009

A visit to a rural area

Goats of the village know their ways very well.

Its been long time since we visited my sister-in-laws house.Her village is situtated in an area where people still live with their old thoughts and style. Beautiful date garden .dates are main crops of the area.

It is quite far from our city and after traveling from the main road we have to turn to a link road which leads us to that her village,She lives in joint family stem with huge family. A view i saw from the link road.

her father in-law is one of the important heads of the village and owes large property in the village but he did not allowed her to continue her job after the marriage , even he denied his son to join a government job because he does not like the word servant along his family. My mid one sitting on a mango tree.

So women live in a big house with lot of comfort including clothing and jewelry but have huge desires inside their hearts.we spent their just a single day.and shared lot of things which we were gathering for long time in our hearts. My youngest one trying to run a hand pump.

Their feasts were quite heavy due to including lot of meat in almost each dish.My children also had a great time wandering in fields. A stream which falls in our way,looks quite peaceful.

Friday, December 18, 2009

hello friends i been quite busy with guests so did not found the time for sharing sorry,even todyay we are going to my sister in law ;s home will see you latter by

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

its me again "part III"

About 2 years ago she died ,but in her mother's eyes tears are still like the way they would have been on 1st day of her death.God almighty may give them courage to bear this pain.I wont talk about other incident ,because I think it will make this post much heavier ,and that I don't want.During the remaining two days we attended some invitations and had lot of fun,then we returned to the city where my mother and sister live.Next day mother made me many of my favorite dishes .With some stories of our childhood it became even tastier

Day after that my sister planed to go out without children in the night , She suggested this because it would have been a cold night.She took us to a Cinema , which itself was situated in a huge park.It was quiet expensive cinema as compared to cinemas of our city but regarding the place and its atmosphere it was worth those expenses.There I faced some funny misunderstandings while waiting in the hall of cinema , we saw a Chinese or may be Japanese women about 50 with a boy of about
twenties ,Who was playing very caring and obedient,I said to my sister lucky mother and she gave me a laughter and said he is not her son ,he is his husband,I couldn't decide whether i should laugh or not.

And other thing is that ,there was a family beside us among whom were 2 daughters and their parents,the thing which was strange to me was that the teenage daughters were looking well dressed and mature but their mother had very funny bushy type of hair style and funky behavior.Because of it most of peoples around were staring at her.We saw a Indian movie and had lot of fun together .We returned home late night.

Next day we had some guests because of recent festival.And the next day all of us went to a amusement park .where my children enjoyed a lot and so did we.There are lot of pics in the other camera of my sis ,I would like to share them as soon as she sends me those pics.
My Son's first driving experience .

My little one flying a plane.

A beautiful bird in cage.How sad...

My sister with her little princess.

My eldest one.

They just had a fight.

My two angels having great fun playing together.

Friday, December 11, 2009

its me again "part II"

one of them was spacial to me because she used to share her heart with when i was here she was normal looking girl among her five pretty sisters and always treated so bad by her own mother and sisters most of work load was on her shoulders that behavior of her owns made her so sad i dont know how can people do this to their own children,particularly how can a mother treat her child differently on the bases of color or looks It is not a recent picture ,but explains a lot.

,even this time she was not looking happy cause she was married to an old cruel man whom three unmarried sisters treats her same,some time i think god cannot be as careless ,he put us in situations like this be cause he wants us to be awake and fight for our rights.the otherone was the wife of her brother they took me to tree where we used to tied our biggest swing near the yearly festival the tree was not there any more i felt thousands of wet memories in my eyes, My 6 year old son"Asad" with one of his cousin .

meanwhile my son took the camera and went along cuisines for exploring the beauty around,me my sister and some cuisines were together,we had only two days in village so every thing important must be done in time there were some invitations to be attend in relatives and some mishaps to be pray for like suicides of two youngones one the daughter of my ant 's daughter who was being forced to some one against her will cause she liked someone else who was not comparatively well settled so that emotional girl gave her life ,she made a huge mistake which cannot be corrected now her mother ' s regrets and tears cant bring her back.people say she was the most beautiful girl in twon and as well as intelligent god may give her soul restn peace

dear friends i wll continue in next post

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

hello its me again

hello friends i am back from my memorable journey ,it has become a precious part of my life .me and and my mother were seeing each other after long time so hearts were full of happiness and eyes were full of tears which expressed our most of emotions without talking .i found her more weak and tired then before.we talked lot about our past in which we used to sit together and share thoughts with each other about life and situations we faced.she told me lot of funny things about my childhood when i was a baby,those moments gave me fresh new life.
this is a view my beautiful village. you can see the vanished stream

my mother promised me that after my sister goes back to usa she will try to move to my home. my sister seemed to found a treasure ,her happiness could not be described in words.she said that thanks to god who made her life complete.we visited our village which colors were taken by autumn recently stream was almost disappeared brother told me that after dam it happens frequently.we went towards the fields where we used to run and play before ,i found them same we sat there and talked for while some familiar women saw us and came towards us it took while to recognize them these were my childhood friends they were married in another village so we could not met.

sorry friends i think i shall continue tomorrow .
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