Sunday, December 27, 2009

Without A Cup Of Tea

It is airy today ,Sun seems in good mood its shine has a peaceful warmth in it sky is also looking happy with this kindness of sun because it is getting much attention from earth . People look it with a friendly smile .Trees are dancing slightly at the beat of breeze , Sun's today's journey is about to finish now birds have begun their returning flights ,My eyes are running over the scenes and regarding the creator .I am sitting on the chair in my front yard without a hot cup of tea in my hands. Actually I run the one woman show whole day and feeling so much tired right now .

In times like this I really miss to have a daughter more than ever ,My eldest son is very nice Kid and never says no when I ask for help .But you know daughter dont need to be asked for any thing they just read their parents face if they are tired or sick .Any way God always tests us with most wanted things any way its OK , After some while when I'll feel better I'll make my self a cup of tea .

Right now Ali "my husband" is out with his friends otherwise ,Making evening tea is his favorite job .Some times when I sit alone and tired like now and take one fast look on my life or my self I admire my self for not what I do or I've done ,But for my attitude toward life which always stays positive My thirst for learning is still alive , I love to extract knowledge even from a piece of paper on the ground though I have got lot of books.When life gives me time I'll still have a wish to restart My studies and definitely have some kind of career.Till then I am enjoying the childhood of my children helping them in their studies and trying to make them better human beings I feel to be complete enough when I see that my house is neat and clean ,children are happy and healthy and husband have a smile of satisfaction .


  1. i like ur title "without a cup of tea" ...nice philosofy :)

  2. Very nice post!! My thank you below for the award!! I tried to post this morning, but the blog would not allow me. Today I read some of your blog in church to the congregation. The people prayed for you and for the family of the girl who committed suicide. I am enriched reading your blog.

  3. what a beautiful phrases, ...
    it seems that you enjoy your life very much as a mother and a wife. thanks for visit my blog. it's a pleasure for being here!

  4. I think this is a beautiful post too.

    Bearfriend xx

  5. A very good post- I can just imagine you sitting there and being reflective. I understand your tiredness, a women's fatigue, from being busy as a mother and wife. I pray that you will find rest in our Lord Jesus Christ.

  6. Thanks for your encouragement :-) I deleted my post because my husband thought it better. I appreciate you!!

  7. Nice thoughts Shabana.. I know exactly how you feel..there are times that I feel this way too..
    Before, a neat and organized house was enough to make me happy.... seeing my children healthy and doing well in school is everything to me, but sometimes it makes me realize that....I've already proven myself as a friend, a wife, a daughter most especially a mother...but what about something for myself? probably what I'm trying to look for is my self-growth..
    Don't get me wrong, but that's reality..there are times being happy and content makes us feel that life is starting to bore us.
    But I only feel that for a time, I can immediately bring myself back to reality that my children needs me more than my own dreams.

    Cheers to a happy new year! Keep your positive outlook in life.



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