Thursday, December 24, 2009

Last part of my village visit .

Hello friends in my country winter is taking bit off now days ,But i hope it wont end as early because the summer is already the longest season here ,in my previous post i shared my visit to a rural area ,which was too interesting .I have some more pics to share related to date garden i hope you guys will like it.

Beautiful picture of Dates trees.Their peak season is summer.

Sweet and delicious dates.Most popular fruit in Sindh ,My province .

This is called Ja-Nimaz ,Muslims use it to offer prayers 5 times a day.It is also a beautiful craft made by dried leaves of date trees.

It is a local handfan also made by leaves and branches of Date trees.

It is a local craft used in many parts of pakistan and india for keeping wheat bread has various names in various areas we call it "Pindi" Made by the same leaves of Date trees.

Women of rural areas use their spare time also making these kind of beautiful bed sheets known as" rilli" in our area .It is made by joining thousands of peaces of colorful clothes in various designs.


  1. That was a beautiful date garden. It's amazing how much they can do with the different parts.

  2. Merry Christmas!! Great post - lovely and informative!!

  3. Lovely handicrafts! Similar handicrafts can also be found here in our country, in Muslim region which is the Mindanao.. But I've never seen a hand fan like that one...It actually made me think on how to use that kind because the handle is on the side, very similar to a flag-let. What we have here is the one who has a handle at the bottom.
    Thanks for sharing these dear.


  4. I love your pictures, especially the bed covers - or quilts. They are beautiful.

    Bearfriend xx

  5. Hello dear :)
    Lovely handicrafts! So nice to discover your "culture". Thanks for sharing these, dear.
    Thanks for stopping by and checking out my blog. I'm glad you like it. I'm a blogger by night... Trying to balance my demanding daytime job with everything beautiful and inspirational. Thanks so much for your kind words...
    P.S. Hope you visit again :)


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