Thursday, October 29, 2009

Sorrows of the valley

We know that winter and autumn are close friends and Winter is stepping in the valley silently but green valley has listened the voice of its cold steps .
Now she knows that she has to give her most Glorifying jewelery to autumn .Baili and me sitting on a hill ,looking at the green face of valley turning in to golden slowly .trees of the valley know that their all leaves will leave them alone soon.Branches are trying to convince that if it moves slow they can enjoy their dear friend's company a little more , But its not working.

Air is always free to make its choices and this time it seems pitiless .Me and baili can here the cries of leaves they want to stay little more ,they are not done with their dancing and enjoying the company of sun rays. They don't know the reason which has turned air as their cruel enemy from a loving friend with whom they once used to share their all secrets. We both can see that how hard it is to say goodbye to leaves by trees.

While sitting there we saw countless tears falling from the eyes of trees on the heart of valley.Valley is really sad for all of its friends .emptiness of the branches when they stay opened for birds but find no one , Hurts the valley .When most of the birds fly away then silence and loneliness hurt the valley alot .When it sees the sadness in the eyes of few birds which left behind she can not bear it .All the tiny ways lying in the valley seems to be strangely sad ,like they are expecting some one.

We took a deep breath and felt the fragrance of tears of leaves then we looked at the stream which was looking so proud of her beauty that it had no time for stopping by and sharing the pain of the valley.We saw her turing proudly on her curves with shiny smile which includes a little cruility like she is saying "watch me ! and move with life ,cause stopping is death..."

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

perfect world

Some times baili takes me to the world of happiness ,where all people believe in one true relation of humanity .Everyone cares about others and nobody gets heart from anyone. people in that world are bounded to each other like pearls in a bracelet,there are some rulers too ,but they think of their people as they think about themselves,they care about this world just like their own homes.they are not acting like puppets in some powerful hands .
They are not trying to turn this world in to a huge market so they can sell their weapons widely they are a bunch of nice persons who rule by their golden rules of humanity they understand that God has given them the responsibility of looking after their people .and they believe the hole material on this earth should be beneficial for every single person equally they spend their 24*7 in beneficial activities for their peoples .
They survey strictly that no one in this world should sleep hungry , and every child goes to its school.They have spread their man all over the world not to look for other's weakness but to make sure that every one is alright and has food ,shelter and peace , they arrange all over equal opportunities of jobs by planting industries ,developing agriculture and social works ,so everyone their bread easily.They know that without
providing basic needs no body can live happily .

In this world their is no country without food because there are no countries which waste their food on a large scale and find food fighting funny.people of this land are so lucky ,i feel happy for them and i really desire that our world also becomes like this.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Hope is faith

Living in the world full of miseries is quite hard for breathing.
Almost all of us know that world's most powerful hands are trying to take over the world so they can turn it according to their will ,the game is so big and wide just as the players , so here is a saying that " while elephants are fighting lot of ants die" .There is a little difference in our case ,here elephants are playing instead of fighting.From the beginning the rulers always cut and killed countless innocent people ,then it doesn't matters if they belong to their group or foe's...It's all just because of the Greed to rule.People who were killed were same kind of humans as the rulers,blessed from God by the gift of life and had right to be happy ,safe and dream of good life.But those all sacrificed themselves for their ruler's greeds.
By the time faces change but deed remain same.

They are few than people they rule over, But strong enough due to unity they have among them .They are successful till people are separate. But every game has to finish one day . I believe this test is for shaking us ,so we can awake and fight for our rights ,One day when light of awareness will lit all minds ,Then everyone will find that they are not here to be fuel of some cunning minds.And then they will discover the power of unity that can defeat enemy even far stronger then them.

God says that he help those who help themselves .If we don't want to change ourselves for betterment he would not do any thing for us but if we have strong will and try to take step for better he will obviously help us to reach where we want .

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Is there any hope?

I really don't want to talk about something unpleasant but some times it is more than unpleasant ,like endless fear is covering every single face of my country ,chain of suicide attacks is getting longer and wider everyday and no one is feeling safe here,first they attacked people in trains ,markets ,public transports and they have started targeting innocent children of school , collages and universities ,yesterday a suicide attack was done at an university's cafeteria, six students were killed including two girls our Government announced that schools ,collages and universities will remain closed for 5 days through out the country .

My six year old child is asking rapidly that why can't he go to school ? I find myself unable to explain it to him .How can i tell him that he can't go because its not safe there .I don't know what will happen when school will reopen and how Government will prevent them from terrorists this every mother's worry school is considered child's second home and we define home as a place which gives us shelter peace and security,but there is no peace any more. World has became a global village and this fact has also side effects .In older times when people on earth were not as close as today than may be some places were being ruled by rulers who had some sympathy and soft corner for their people but now all evil and cruel people have united who have a strong hold on world and they want to continue this hold forever.they don't want people not to pay attention to their bad jobs and for this they play games with them by not providing them their basic need and keeping them away from necessary awareness .

i would like to say some more , but later.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Best Blog Awards? ...!

Well now days i am quite busy because my son's exams are taking place.Well today i came to know about blog awards by one of my good friends butterfly ,and also received one from her,I would like thank her for giving me this honor .

another great news: i would have to pass this on to 15 other bloggers! so please check out my list!


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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Without 'less' there is no 'more'

some time i think there is no beauty in this world ,but a definition which my eye brings to my mind. because whine i am low or sick every thing becomes with its different perspective ,many things which i used to enjoy make me angry during the sickness .may be this is because of lace of energy and focus i face meanwhile .but there is one thing very exciting about illness that after recovering i feel like new born .

every scene looks quiet fresh and life giving breezy atmosphere ,colorful flowers and sweet songs of birds look like saying hello to me .even sun seems to say welcome .i can feel soft warmth of golden rays me,it memorize me my mother's i thank my illness which brought me these wonderful feelings.

Technically God has designed every thing with solid reason to be,We human always look ahead,Like changes and get bored early .Someone is weather living a perfect life or less doesn't makes any difference ,after certain while living with same routine that there is some thing missing until they find the way to change their routine,or some thing else.

people like me who want to do multiple tasks in life like climbing on K2 , diving or explore forests ... but can't do it .Terminal sickness give them a chance to feel fresh and alive again .Also , hunger makes the food admirable and precious ,if we eat before we are really hungry we can never reveal the real taste of food and no kind of Dish can fulfill us like in hunger a little piece of Bread.
No one likes to be tired but ,but tiredness is the best medicine for sleeping problems.
All I wanna say is to say that bitter makes the sweet to feel sweet,which shows that happiness takes its meaning by sorrows so we should also respect them.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

little disturbed

First of all let me explain for not posting for few days, in our area DSL is disconnected I am publishing this post from another area.

Now days my mind is playing games to me .its been week that I am caught by flu. It’s like putting hands on ears and blocking notice ,then removing them and let the voices rushed in .same way my head is blank for a moment then its full of voices. Anyway it is all part of the game I mean flu. My son is giving his terminal exams but I cannot help him properly because of this mess, but obviously I am trying.

Sun seems in quite hurry, it comes fast, stays for a while and runs away, like saying I have to go I have an appointment .in situations like this ,mothers like me ,find little hard to handle every thing on time. To me writing a post daily like sharing thoughts with friends it makes me feel better. Though we have computer in our house since about six years but I am stranger to it .I start using it for blogging on my son’s advice about two month ago. I can use it without his help from many days now. I may have no extra skills, but deep binding for my family and world of my dear god.

I have simple rules for life , live every moment with all its beauty, never hurt anyone and try not to be hurt from anyone.but you know its not in our hands. Picture of the world has always two sides .On one there are people with bright mind, doing all duties towards their families and world. They are the reason behind the world still running well. On others there are people with dark mind and negative attitude pushing and crushing others trying to reach some where , even they don’t know where. they are the reason behind every cruel reality of this earth .living with positive attitude in world like this is a blessing and thank god that blessed me .hey here is a good news ,our internet connection is back to normal , my son just told me that now.

I wrote it with my shaking head ,there is much chance of mistakes ,if u find some than sorry.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Still have to wait

some people say that planning is every thing but often it goes wrong actually i always wanted to do some thing by myself its not about needs its about passion and point of view towards life ,after 7 years of my marriage i came to stay with my mother because my sister who took care of my
mother before now settled in usa with her husband so with permission of my husband i stayed with my mother almost 5 years , i started my 1st job that time which i left at the day when i returned to my in law's .I really enjoyed 4 years of my job .i used to assist the pharmacist in the lab of a pharmaceutical company . at that time i had only one son who was studying in 3rd grade .

After returning to my home which is in a small city than my mother's .I missed that period but i was busy and happy with my routine life ,and my husband was happier than me God gave me gift of 2 little angels more.And i got a craziest field of life to run .i thought when my youngest son will be 3 and a half years old i 'll try for a teaching job again .because my elder sons also star
ted their studies when they were 4.

some days ago that moment finally came to me , luckily meanwhile my favorite school also announced some vacancies for teaching staff ,it was 1 of the best schools in city So i thought about trying , that if i get the job my youngest son could also study in the same school ,the reason of this was that my eldest son who studied here for 3 years praised the method of teaching and atmosphere of school alot the day i went for the interview was differently beautiful and i was so glad. i saw fresh faces with far high degrees than mine as candidates it made me bit nervous but still i had enough confidence in me " cause i proved my self a good teacher at home" .The management announced that they are not gonna take interviews of candidates with less degrees than M.A.This is a different story that how i convinced them that i am eligible for post of a teacher.
well however i succeeded to convince them .they seemed to be happy with my Demo and interview because after 2 hours of my interview they told me that i am selected.They asked to me sign my appointment letter.Just as i was going to sign the letter i asked the lady principal that when are they going to admit my youngest son since he will be with me in school in his own class
,She seemed to be shocked by hearing that.then she said " Oh.. you should have told me that before" ,she said " rules are changed now we can't admit a child less that 4+ " and at that time i heard the sound of breaking glass of my dream in ears so clearly .

She said that if i can manage to leave child at home i can join from tomorrow, but i was answer less, Because about my children i am bit over sensitive these are my husband's words . Now again i am a full time regular housewife ,waiting for moment which God has decided for me to prove myself.

Friday, October 9, 2009

my neem tree

i am sitting the chair holding pen in my hands looking at my small garden in front yard " in our country we have front yard not back yard" where all seasonal flowers are bloomed .
they are looking like colorful candles spreading fragrant light . cartons are moving gently with talking air .our neem tree seems in good mood right now ,when ever is air around it shows its happiness with dancing all the time ,but in the evening when air is used to be absent for a while it be comes sad and still.

meanwhile all plants also stay quiet like thinking about air that "how can she leave them alone because due to very short life they deserve to live happily in every single moment . when we plant our neem tree it was only three feet above the ground but within two years he got thirty feet now .
day by day he is opening his arms like calling birds "come and make your nest in my heart it will be my pleasure to take care of your sweet homes where your children will chirp and will make my life meaningful" .a bunch of birds used to sit chat loudly here regularly ,but from some days i can see the difference ,a pair of birds come and sit all day .

one of them or both go for little time then come back and sit again they sit closely make sweet conversation but never make noise like earlier ones it proves that two is company three is crowed . i think they choosed my tree for their nest but waiting for it to be come thicker .some day they will built their nest and grow family .iwill feel happier to receive their company.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

journey of souls (piece from my prose)

the surface of that road was shinny grey . both sides of this wide beautiful road were covered with green sheet of fresh waving grass . baili and i were cycling on that beautiful road for some while .cool breeze was flowing , it was getting mix with silence spread ed in the atmosphere and creating strange feeling .

it was feeling like that cool fresh air just piked us up in its gentle arms and took us up in the sky... in that moment strong ,deep peace of mind touched our souls , with flowing our cycles we closed eyes ,spread our arms we felt beauty of it for long . after a while we opened our eyes and looked each other with same peaceful smile then we stopped by a side and start walking bare foot .sky was looking so kind that day he did us fever by hiding the sun behind the large piece of dark cloud ,so road was not hot .then baili took deep breath and said isn't it beautiful here yea i waved my head

this road is very different then others of the city which are always rushed , confused and messed up like puzzles , i mean it had no one around like it ,but still seemed so cool , and got no hurry. it looks so happy with her job giving directions and helping other to get some where , i said "may be some times it feels lonely" but baili disagreed she said "i dont think so it got that blue sky as a great companion with her all the time which is may be less easy to talk during day but in night it showers its all love on her with millions of stars and renews its promise that he will never leave her alone"

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

just sharing...

once a professor asked a student , has god mad every thing that exist?

student yes .
then the professor asked what about evil?has god made also evil?

student remained silent for awhile , then the student asked may i ask you a question sir...

professor said yes .student asked does cold exists

professor yes dont you feel the cold

student you are wrong sir we define cold as the complete absence of heat ,actually there is no cold , in the complete absence of heat we feel cold .

student asked again does darkness exists
professor yes
you are again wrong sir there is nothing like darkness actually it is the complete absence of light .according to physics we can study heat and light but not darkness and cold .similarly sir evil does not exists
it is the complete absence of faith true love in god .

Monday, October 5, 2009

God that busyness ...

i am sorry for not posting two days .let me ex plane ,i am the only one who look after the whole house actually my husband often advices me to have paying help ,i dont no why but i am not comfortable with idea .any way our yearly festival eid passed recently
social gatherings are main part of it .so it take lot of effort to manage all this alone .being house wife is a full time job without any break or holidays .some time when i think of desires for having a career and earning by myself baili memorizes me that it is ok to not have career , She tells that i am doing most important job in the world, helping my children to grow up with complete physical and mental health , supporting my husband when he needs me from the depth of my heart ... i'll carry on later i got to get my child get asleep or he 'll be late to School tomorrow.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Religions To Me...

I think that God did not make any religion human drew these lines themselves , may be in the beginning aim was to make people live their life according to the best laws of the nature ,so everyone may be at his right path and also may not forget that someone is up there who sent them here to stay for a while and live their life without hurting anyone , finding a way of betterment without harming anyone.Every big work starts with a good
intentions but gradually black sheeps get in use it for their own selfish benefits.It almost happened with every religion that powerful people unpurified it and used it to brain wash and fool people so this way they captured other's property and women .they also
used it to promote their politics .If we think a little bit these lords of religions turn that fear of go which they put in hearts of people in to their power.
i believe that creator of this huge universe cannot think that small that divide peo
ple in to pieces and make them fight each other .he can not gift superiority to few people on base of color,race or any man made quality .every religion of the world all men equal .humans are special than other creations due to the ability to identify good and bad other wise every one equal ,although who understands the real mission of life and always remembers that this short life should be spent
according to the circle of nature ,every one has same equal rights
like him and do not deserve
any harm from him.we should just remember this that God loves us equal and whole world is
evidence of it ,if we pay our all duties belonging God but hurt his
creations than h
ow we can be the list of his favorites,and if we think that we don't have to be in this list than we should remember that we have to face him one day weather we accept it or not.
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