Sunday, October 11, 2009

Still have to wait

some people say that planning is every thing but often it goes wrong actually i always wanted to do some thing by myself its not about needs its about passion and point of view towards life ,after 7 years of my marriage i came to stay with my mother because my sister who took care of my
mother before now settled in usa with her husband so with permission of my husband i stayed with my mother almost 5 years , i started my 1st job that time which i left at the day when i returned to my in law's .I really enjoyed 4 years of my job .i used to assist the pharmacist in the lab of a pharmaceutical company . at that time i had only one son who was studying in 3rd grade .

After returning to my home which is in a small city than my mother's .I missed that period but i was busy and happy with my routine life ,and my husband was happier than me God gave me gift of 2 little angels more.And i got a craziest field of life to run .i thought when my youngest son will be 3 and a half years old i 'll try for a teaching job again .because my elder sons also star
ted their studies when they were 4.

some days ago that moment finally came to me , luckily meanwhile my favorite school also announced some vacancies for teaching staff ,it was 1 of the best schools in city So i thought about trying , that if i get the job my youngest son could also study in the same school ,the reason of this was that my eldest son who studied here for 3 years praised the method of teaching and atmosphere of school alot the day i went for the interview was differently beautiful and i was so glad. i saw fresh faces with far high degrees than mine as candidates it made me bit nervous but still i had enough confidence in me " cause i proved my self a good teacher at home" .The management announced that they are not gonna take interviews of candidates with less degrees than M.A.This is a different story that how i convinced them that i am eligible for post of a teacher.
well however i succeeded to convince them .they seemed to be happy with my Demo and interview because after 2 hours of my interview they told me that i am selected.They asked to me sign my appointment letter.Just as i was going to sign the letter i asked the lady principal that when are they going to admit my youngest son since he will be with me in school in his own class
,She seemed to be shocked by hearing that.then she said " Oh.. you should have told me that before" ,she said " rules are changed now we can't admit a child less that 4+ " and at that time i heard the sound of breaking glass of my dream in ears so clearly .

She said that if i can manage to leave child at home i can join from tomorrow, but i was answer less, Because about my children i am bit over sensitive these are my husband's words . Now again i am a full time regular housewife ,waiting for moment which God has decided for me to prove myself.


  1. You have already proven yourself when they hired you to work for them. Just had a conflict with their rules. We know that everything happens for a reason and you are right, you just have to wait. Probably God has something better in store for you. Good luck!


  2. It was quite an achievement to be selected under the circumstances you mentioned! For the year or two that you have, before you start your professional career, try learning any new skills that in your opinion will add value to your professional profile. And yes, happy motherhood moments with your kids......they are precious.Enjoy :)

  3. I'm sorry the teaching position didn't work out. You should be proud that you were chosen for a position. The timing is just not right given your son's age. Please do not give up your dream. Have you explored "on line" classes? You might find an interesting topic to learn that will help you in your career. My daughter takes on lines classed in childhood education and it allows her to study while taking care of her children. It's just a thought.

    Wishing you the best
    Paula (


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