Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Is there any hope?

I really don't want to talk about something unpleasant but some times it is more than unpleasant ,like endless fear is covering every single face of my country ,chain of suicide attacks is getting longer and wider everyday and no one is feeling safe here,first they attacked people in trains ,markets ,public transports and they have started targeting innocent children of school , collages and universities ,yesterday a suicide attack was done at an university's cafeteria, six students were killed including two girls our Government announced that schools ,collages and universities will remain closed for 5 days through out the country .

My six year old child is asking rapidly that why can't he go to school ? I find myself unable to explain it to him .How can i tell him that he can't go because its not safe there .I don't know what will happen when school will reopen and how Government will prevent them from terrorists this every mother's worry school is considered child's second home and we define home as a place which gives us shelter peace and security,but there is no peace any more. World has became a global village and this fact has also side effects .In older times when people on earth were not as close as today than may be some places were being ruled by rulers who had some sympathy and soft corner for their people but now all evil and cruel people have united who have a strong hold on world and they want to continue this hold forever.they don't want people not to pay attention to their bad jobs and for this they play games with them by not providing them their basic need and keeping them away from necessary awareness .

i would like to say some more , but later.


  1. The situation looks so frightening and I believe its hard for you and the rest of the residents there. I hope all will be well for your place soon. I'll include you in my prayers! Have faith :)

  2. Oh...I'm sorry to hear that it's been happening in your country...I mean, that's really scary.
    But hold on to your faith dear. I'm sure everything will be alright....Keep your high hopes.


  3. I only could prayed to the lord, so that all terrorism and the problem that happened in ur country could immediately finished. amen

  4. My heart understands the words Aulawi Ahmad said here.

    I can pray. But there is free will, and people can choose to participate in terrorism and it hurts others.

    I did pray for you & your family and all the others affected by this, and will continue to.

  5. I don't believe there are any bad countries just some bad people who dont care for anything but themselves. In todays age we should all be able to set aside the cultural differences and live in peace. The electrionics age has opened the world to the people and not just the Governments making it easier for all of us to get along peacefully. I will pray for you and the people in you country. I pray God give you and others the guidence to get through these terrible times and that God gives the bad people a blinding light to his path.


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