Sunday, October 18, 2009

Without 'less' there is no 'more'

some time i think there is no beauty in this world ,but a definition which my eye brings to my mind. because whine i am low or sick every thing becomes with its different perspective ,many things which i used to enjoy make me angry during the sickness .may be this is because of lace of energy and focus i face meanwhile .but there is one thing very exciting about illness that after recovering i feel like new born .

every scene looks quiet fresh and life giving breezy atmosphere ,colorful flowers and sweet songs of birds look like saying hello to me .even sun seems to say welcome .i can feel soft warmth of golden rays me,it memorize me my mother's i thank my illness which brought me these wonderful feelings.

Technically God has designed every thing with solid reason to be,We human always look ahead,Like changes and get bored early .Someone is weather living a perfect life or less doesn't makes any difference ,after certain while living with same routine that there is some thing missing until they find the way to change their routine,or some thing else.

people like me who want to do multiple tasks in life like climbing on K2 , diving or explore forests ... but can't do it .Terminal sickness give them a chance to feel fresh and alive again .Also , hunger makes the food admirable and precious ,if we eat before we are really hungry we can never reveal the real taste of food and no kind of Dish can fulfill us like in hunger a little piece of Bread.
No one likes to be tired but ,but tiredness is the best medicine for sleeping problems.
All I wanna say is to say that bitter makes the sweet to feel sweet,which shows that happiness takes its meaning by sorrows so we should also respect them.


  1. This speaks of truth!
    A message so genuine and deep! :) God bless you.

  2. Why do women always think alike?
    I feel this, and I'm quite sure... most of women would relate.
    BTW, I have an award for you dear, please pick it up!


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