Tuesday, October 27, 2009

perfect world

Some times baili takes me to the world of happiness ,where all people believe in one true relation of humanity .Everyone cares about others and nobody gets heart from anyone. people in that world are bounded to each other like pearls in a bracelet,there are some rulers too ,but they think of their people as they think about themselves,they care about this world just like their own homes.they are not acting like puppets in some powerful hands .
They are not trying to turn this world in to a huge market so they can sell their weapons widely they are a bunch of nice persons who rule by their golden rules of humanity they understand that God has given them the responsibility of looking after their people .and they believe the hole material on this earth should be beneficial for every single person equally they spend their 24*7 in beneficial activities for their peoples .
They survey strictly that no one in this world should sleep hungry , and every child goes to its school.They have spread their man all over the world not to look for other's weakness but to make sure that every one is alright and has food ,shelter and peace , they arrange all over equal opportunities of jobs by planting industries ,developing agriculture and social works ,so everyone their bread easily.They know that without
providing basic needs no body can live happily .

In this world their is no country without food because there are no countries which waste their food on a large scale and find food fighting funny.people of this land are so lucky ,i feel happy for them and i really desire that our world also becomes like this.


  1. It was so fine to read your dream, to find oneself in your vision. Your hearty article healed my spirit. Thank you for the honest words. They transfered me into the reality of the dreams and the miracle happened: I looked around and faced my dreams alive - I am not dreaming but witting to you now.

    I will spend November in the hospital. So I would have lots of time to share your message with other patients.
    I will be relatively free here, yet my blogging will slow significantly due to the medical treatments I should undergo. However, I would like you knew that your comments on my blog make my twilight the hot sunlight. Thank you.

    My last picture was quite sad, yet I hope to return back the colors with your help. Thank you once again.

  2. I know how you feel....

    I am living in a third world country where poverty, terrorism, and poor law system have extremely been a problem, but so proud to say that in times of crisis, people really move as one..Everyone contributes, even the poorest.


  3. It's amazing how society is shaped and how influential people can be in each country.


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