Monday, October 5, 2009

God that busyness ...

i am sorry for not posting two days .let me ex plane ,i am the only one who look after the whole house actually my husband often advices me to have paying help ,i dont no why but i am not comfortable with idea .any way our yearly festival eid passed recently
social gatherings are main part of it .so it take lot of effort to manage all this alone .being house wife is a full time job without any break or holidays .some time when i think of desires for having a career and earning by myself baili memorizes me that it is ok to not have career , She tells that i am doing most important job in the world, helping my children to grow up with complete physical and mental health , supporting my husband when he needs me from the depth of my heart ... i'll carry on later i got to get my child get asleep or he 'll be late to School tomorrow.


  1. How can we go wrong if we choose to be at our kids side all the time?
    It's a choice that you will never ever regret.
    You're doing the right thing.


  2. *Sighhhh...* Same here my fren... ^_^

  3. You are great! There are a lot of wives and mothers who choose to have careers and yet their family life suffers. They become absentee mothers. Mothers who are physically present at what children needs. Children having mothers physically on their side are more emotionally strong and more successful in the adult life. Be proud of yourself.

    be blessed, bless others and live life blissfully!



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