Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Kind Weather Made Our Journey Enchanting

Hello  dear  friends 

Sorry  for  being  absent  without  clue!

When  few days  back It came to our knowledge  that educational institutions will remain  closed  till 15th  of September  ,Me and  hubby  decided after  some hours  of confusion  that  we are going  to islamabad  to avoid  this extreme  heat. Despite  of knowing that everything  entertaining is  shut down we  wanted  to leave our area because  heat was so exhausting  and  specially kids  seemed  to be needing  change  of place. 

In short  we managed to wrap up necessary stuff  at home  and prepared for abrupt  trip appropriately  .It  

I am posting this through  my phone while  sitting  in balcony  of a flat In Islamabad. What refreshing  soothing  air and no need  to turn on fan even :)
Train  journey was beyond  beautiful because  of constant  cloudy  rainy weather  throughout the way  :)))

Sharing images below that i choose among so many crazy clicks hope won't be disappointing .

     train tracks  laying  on  ground  travel  just  like  dreams  move in still eyes care freely  

     an elegant  house  looked  gorgeous  bathing in light rain 

     loved   cute  camels ,they were looking at train with such a lovely  curiosity 

    lush  meadows  seemed so serene under the shower just like my heart feels peace when close to nature 

   life  looks  fast and busy more when look it from above and how interesting such distance helps to understand it better 

    we saw so many small and big industries  on the way ,found these heavy machines intriguing  
    cattle grazing  everywhere looked  so nice ,it fills heart with peace when all goes the way it suppose to be  

as eid uladha is near (less than two weeks) saw so many kids holding their goats proudly and cheering them up by taking out 
   joy and beauty were all about that journey that strikingly turn into enchanting one when it was cloudy and rainy throughout the way ,unforgettable because views were absorbing and heart were happy to see that 

 kindness  is tool that builds bridge between  hearts ,i think we are meant to be kind and nothing else 

Stay blessed with  kind heart that makes you special


Monday, July 13, 2020

Rain , Blooms, Faith And The Eye Of Soul

It  rained here last night . Despite of all concerns about date harvest i could not help to feel serene :(

Am i selfish ? when i complained about myself to hubby he said Allah (God) knows best of all! So it's okay to be happy when it rained specially after more than months .

So i am happy and praying for those who were harvesting  their dates ,hope nothing bad happened and all was warped up before rain started .

Rain did magic to views specially plants and my neem tree  look transformed .Green color of nature is symbol of life. And when it is bathed and refreshed  under rain ,looks  divine and soothing !

We live near desert so our sky looks weirdly hazy most of the time. Rain cleans haze away and i feel more connected to my Creator when look at sky :)  It is extraterrestrial  experience believe me . Seems like my soul fly in the sky while  my body walk on the ground captured in daily routine . I wonder what would i have done without this magical power of mine :) So lets call the imagination  EYE  OF  SOUL  :)

i envy how finely my younger son's phone take photos :) sharing with you so you can see the difference as i shared same flowers in my post previous than last one ,but here they look more visible and vibrant 

life is short and unpredictable so LIVE AND SPREAD  ALL THE BEAUTY OF LOVE WITHIN :) flowers are PERFECT display of this message delivered by Nature 

 beauty  is hidden  within souls who fill views with it where ever they see , i think happiness is also form of beauty that grow within  peaceful hearts ,peacefulness that belong to freedom of conscience  and piety of consciousness :) (my opinion )

Our  search for scholarship has not stopped completely though we have accepted that it is almost impossible to get it this year specially when reopening of academic institutions has been delayed by authorities once again . New date is announced which is 15th of September. As parent i am worried about my youngest son who just got in ninth grade . His books are  tough and since school are closed i am helping him in his studies .We are also taking help from online .But it has made my days busier and more tiring .Which means less time for blogging :(

I could not even come near to my lap top for last three days .It was quite a coincidence that we were having guests each day. Actually rain in surroundings has brought temps little down so it is obvious that  better weather conditions make moods light and people like to visit each other .If it was cloudy today we too have visited to Sukkur city so kids can have change of scenery for while but  clouds disappeared till 11 am and sun started to  shower  his warth with bit lightness though .

I hope all is going great in your beautiful world dear friends.And you all are enjoying delightful summers as well :)

Stay blessed and keep spirits high because loosing hope means we lost Faith in Lord. And nothing is more unfortunate than this loss indeed.

Take care God bless you all!

Wednesday, July 8, 2020

Dates Harvest Season And Can't pray For Rain

I  am happy that it is cloudy  today . But i can't pray for rain as rain will spoil date gardens that are ready  to harvest in a week .I hope it won't rain until farmers are done with their date harvesting process .
They need sunlight so that harvested  half ripen fruit can be laid down under sun and  reach to it's state where it's color and taste is perfect  to eat and farmers will be rewarded for their long hard work .  Some images that might help you to get it

youtube .com

                           i could not locate source once i missed mistakenly 

                                 dates are harvested when they look half ripen like this 


there were numerous dishes  made by dates when i searched for date dishes but i found this one so tempting :)

Two sisters of hubby are married in villages near our city .They have date gardens and mango gardens as well. mangoes season is on peak as mangoes are in market already .It is monsoon season and it has been raining in almost whole country . We would love it but after date harvest of course . Monsoon season comes with clouds and rains though one thing i don't like about it .Air disappears completely .It only appears in shape of wind storm  otherwise everything stays still  as lifeless :(

I can see  bundle of air in my imagination moving through atmosphere .Performing her jobs so well. Moving clouds ,spreading seeds, drawing on heart of lakes and pouring life in scenes.I can't count her duties though i am glad she helps birds to fly ,branches to knock on strictly closed windows and fly away umbrella so one can feel how touch of rain  transform soul :)

Stay amazing guys ,sending tons of positive energy and lots of love and best wishes!
God Bless You All!

Saturday, July 4, 2020

Mechanism Of Life And Yard Garden

Reel  of life seems to run in fast forward  these days .A  day has become like a small bag pack in which bundle of business is hard to fit.
 We moms  may often have thought in life that once children are grown no worries anymore but  then we learn that problems grow with children and require far more attention than mere to change diaper . 

Time standing still  within the universe since centuries is playing with us like a child play with toys.He  seems impatient  and curious more than ever. His passion for learning is way to spoil and break us away  with assurance that  supply  of new toys  to him is never  ending. For him we are subjects only .So hopping for sympathetic  attitude is folly .

All we can do is to keep trying  to fit in the mechanism called  "routine of life". And try to do it safely .  

Sometimes i think it is unfair to grow wise in age when time ,energy and space remains short for an individual .Life can be astonishingly easy and serene if  one is able to earn insight  in early part of age. I am  fifty i think .Okay i have two date of births. One i read in  mom's diary (father would write it for mom ,special dates and events etc) .Other was written in my school admission card .I was born in 12.11.1969 according to mom's diary  though only year is changed in school card ,it is 1971. So back to point i am fifty and i don't know i will have to leave this world . But to be honest since i felt i am  understanding life more than i did once . It is hard  to accept that i will not be able to spread this goodness further .The goodness that comes along with the understanding of life .Am i being pathetic ?
Forgive me if i am . Actually my last two boys  born bit late.And i feel my energy level lower than require  efforts regarding their current  issues . We  got emails from some universities which show that we have lost to get any scholarship fort this year particularly . We will have to wait for next year now . And i hope i will be living then and with at least same energy level lol.

Okay compensation to avoid my weird words :)

     this image looked fine  in phone but here it looks blurred , summer greenery is overwhelming and enchanting indeed, Bursting beauty of nature  in my small garden brings so much joy in my heart and my eyes get tears of gratitude inevitably 

    seeing  sweet inviting smile of nature  at once in morning brings pleasure to soul ,this is noon flower (translation of  local name) ,we used to have other colors of it as well like white and purple but  only pink  this year  

i do little bit of my yoga right front of this so i observe how it's petals open eyes soothingly as sun rises, like all waters  fall into ocean ,everything  take me to the spiritual connection with my Lord ,including this miracle 

 8 am when i woke up breeze was playing with branches of neem tree exquisitely ,chirping of  birds  and playful noise of leaves connect me to him directly 

embracing sunlight  my neem tree looks majestic  and  cherished and i feel so complete , serene and grateful ,how nature heals us is magical indeed ,a look that long for meaning of life can absorb essence of  love that Lord has for us.

i did not bother hubby or kids to take bike aside as they were in awakening process  i just snapped 
    few sunflowers who are trying to survive through 50 plus C 

  our climber  is flowering heavily though leaves  are unable to achieve their genuine pink color which is gorgeously dark pink 

Stay blessed with hope that grow out of Faith ,Faith that holds you firm and happy through odds.
i wish you lots of joy and peace each day dear friends!
Take care!

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