Thursday, May 28, 2020

Eid Day Out With Friends By My Eldest Son

It's been five days since Eid . It was dimmest Eid of my life not just gloomy situation created by corona thing but airplane accident added more sorrow to it .

Life is weird but beautiful inspite of all it's  ups and downs. We all know that all drama belong to life is because of  "Breathing" that we call inhale and exhale .It is stopped once and everything will go mute and still for us forever .And Nothing will matter for us anymore.
So each time when we inhale we must inhale the  grace of  lord  and glory of life he has showered upon us. And each time when we exhale  we must exhale all the dark thoughts  grown by negative energy within us .This is best thing we can do for ourselves .

With breaths we left we have to cherish courageously whatever comes next.We have to try our Best to face it with positivity  and except consequences without being complainant or regretful. Because None of these will make any difference. 
Except ,our Attitude .If we accept it with dare and determination that and have Faith that we can do it ,we can try and turn these unpleasant circumstances into out favor ,things will be different certainly .When we cannot stop storm we invent ways of protection. We brings changes in our lifestyle to make them work.It is not defeat but wisdom.Similarly to save ourselves from invasion of  negativity and despair risen  by odds of the life we must Invent shields and weapons that can help us to survive. Positivity is Best shield  against disappointing  times.     
Miracles ask for Faith to be happen.Faith in ultimate force called creator and Faith in ourselves because we are part of his miracles  too.

Sharing some images sent by my eldest son from Germany Munich.He spent some hours with his friends on Eid evening .He told it was nice gathering and they had pleasant time together .

 it is peaceful to know that he has some old friends there .They were in university together before leaving Karachi .they have passed more than half decade together and i believe they have so many good memories upon which can last forever ,my son cold he could not get appointment for haircut in salon near his residence and he did not try farther one as last time he was not satisfied with result .

taking break from busy lonely routine and spending time out with friends while participating in cooking must be fun for youngsters

including bbq they made some other dishes ,food was plenty so they had even dinner after returning  from long walk along stream afterwards
finding joy in small things is blessing indeed. i bet this refreshing togetherness brought them lots of happiness .

It is 6:35 evening here , after few days air lock it was pleasure to see waving branches of trees with  gentle gusts of wind. I wish we can have some rain as sky looks smoky due to dust.

Stay blessed with faith ,hope and positivity dear friends!
wishing you all more peace joy and health!
take care

Monday, May 25, 2020

Plane Crash And Happy (sad) Eid 2020

Hello  Precious  Hearts !

Hope   life  is beautiful because  you find  it  so due to  all the gratitude filled within you  and  all the positivity  illuminating  in your soul :)

If  the  fields  of  our  being are  cropped  with  Faith  densely ,no  drought  or storm  has power to ruin  delightful Harvest . 

Unlike  any  material  Love  has  different  rules .The  more  you  give  it  away  the  richer  your  soul  will be .

Right  two  days before Eid a plane of national airline crashed. Trauma and sorrow we felt  is beyond imagination and undefinable. Specially  when such crucial news crush hearts  that authorities of national were informed about technical problem in air plane by management but was no response. Question is if it was so then why plane was allowed to take 99 living being and fly???
No one lives forever ,people die and we all will either but it does not allow anyone to murder innocent people with their irresponsibility and carelessness !

Two people who survived this accident miraculously told that pilot tried hard to land plane but he could not.All passengers started to recite holy verses  loudly .Plane was flying so close to ground so no one had clue it was going to crash .They told that it suddenly hit ground and all they could see was darkness ,flames screams all over ,they felt light at one side and moved towards it .Both were injured but not seriously fortunately .
But other 97 were not as fortunate .They were killed by some heartless cold blooded murderer without giving second thought.Thought about them as human being who had beating hearts and loving families,that were waiting for them on airport .
People who forced to leave this world as painfully just left  after all the  suffering they faced  within last minutes of their lives.What about those waiting fro them ? and those who were home  looking for their arrival desperately ?
Will they ever be able to forget this piercing pain caused by this horrible accident ? 
We have to face consequences of  our  actions whether  right or wrong  sooner or later. This is how nature works. And nature does not need our acknowledgement at all. 
I think we should care for others so we can stay well.All this need is foresightedness to avoid  such cruelties against humanity.
May be affect of aging i am becoming practical about death .I was since almost always but i am more now .Though of leaving this world does not upset me .But when such accidents happen all my happy let go nature go ups and down .No one should leave this world this dreadful way.This is unbearable pain!

 Night before Eid morning my eldest son called for more than hour so our heart were bit light , he  called on Eid evening too but he was in hurry as he had to join his friends for Eid party ,this is relief he was not alone at such special day

as you know my younger son is fond of spicy food so i made for him and his friends "Chaat" mixture of boiled chick peas ,potatoes ,raw onion tomatoes ,green chili mint leaves and lots of yogurt 

as hotel and parks are closed he remained at home with us and later with his friends ,he also made two days back "Kachoriya" fried food once again with potato and split gram 

 i washed these artificial flowers during  whole house cleaning (yearly)for  Eid ,i was feverish with tiredness on Eid day as i started late 

 we finally put transparent  plastic sheet  on dining table and now i am convinced that it's look better than colorful one i used to put previously , this  object keeps me poking about absence of my eldest baba in home :(

 On Eid evening hubby took me to the bike ride , it was beautiful evening although day was
 hotter and air was disappeared completely , though it felt airy when bike was moving which made journey pleasant ,after existing colony we took this rangers road
 next turn was to playground road (on left),both sides have govt property ,on right is old palace Khairpur  before it included into Pakistan ,i have share images of palace in one of my previous post but could not find at the moment ,(i have to serve lunch as it is almost 3pm)

 ground was empty due to virus thing since many months otherwise it is always filled with young enthusiastic team players 

 this road leads to newly made park which was closed unfortunately ,during normal days this road was hard task to drive due to heavy traffic ,most of people who want to go to park would take this one ,

 gate of park of closed ,no one outside but when we returned after almost hour many youngsters were standing around gate while  buzzing horns of vehicles stress fully ,may be they were from surrounding villages and were disappointed to see their journey was useless 

 next turn led to university road ,as it goes further landscape gets calmer and beautiful

 i asked hubby to which city it leads he replied "|Ghotki|" i found familiar as i used to read signboard from train window
 new building was altered in university compound ,looked pretty 

 ahead was an old abandoned flour mill ,how it was filled with life and activities once made reminded me about unpredictability of life ,we stayed there ,wandered blt but absence of air was sweltering so it was good to stay riding to feel good 

 a serene field was filled with water and mirroring the trees around him cheerfully ,inspiring view it was

 this lush inviting date garden looked divine , trees seemed contemplating over some hot topics of the day though grass was calm and earful
 sights looked prettier when we were returning as sun turned into a soothing golden ball from harsh cruel monster and everything laying under seemed thankful for this positive change
 stream flowing through the city always keeps me connected to song of nature within noise of city life
 street lights opened their cute eyes and started to illuminate paths for travelers
when we turned in to colony this view mad me sad ,few days back owner of huge mansion on right died with sudden heart attack ,he was hardly fifty ,the building you can see at front was under construction since more than one year ,he was richest man of colony and it was another mansion which he wanted to gift his sons as wedding gift . He could not see it completed .This is sad reality of life !
i got late for serving lunch dear friends!
stay well and positive!
Blessings to you all!

Thursday, May 21, 2020

Sun Connection And Let The People Decide Now

Hey  Beautiful Hearts 

Hope beating with positivity and gratitude :)

5 pm ,Sun is moving towards west slowly.His anger seems fine when i understand how increased his duty hours are in long summer days .Probably his lack of sleep  cause him anxiety which makes his temps rise and we have to face his harsh mood :(

Despite of  it i love sun. I know i know question is what is that i don't love :) 

If love is disease i am seriously ill. And with age it is growing faster .So i love being within nature ,Feeling my bond to her and deepening it by contemplating on phenomena before my eyes. 
When i was little girl in my early teens i would stand in our native yard and try to stare straight into sun's eyes (well he might have one) Mom would bang on my shoulder if pass closely or shout from far,
 "what  are you doing girl are you mad?  Stop or you will loose your eye sight " sharp shine of sun would hurt my eyes and i would rub them for while or mom would wash them cold water. That may sound mad .But i did it many times in my childhood and early youth. What would make me do so i cannot say accurately but it could be some kind of curiosity
 "What is inside this brightest world" ?

When i grew young my habit changed little bit ,i would not try to see right into sun but i would look at glow of his calming rays coming across the tree branches .I would do it often ,at certain point sun rays glow would burst into colorful blaze .My eyes would spread wide to find out "What is this " ? "miracle "?  

After many years i still do it sometimes .While sipping my tea when i look above i find same sun rays peak through my neem tree branches . I inevitably look at them and it seems they tied my eyes with their delicate golden ropes .Look turn into stare and this time when rays burst int illuminating colorful blaze i do not wonder what it is anymore .A strange strong and deep  sense of Connection  touches my soul powerfully .
Like my Creator had left tiny window opened for me  so i can see him . Peace grabbed in such moment is undefinable ! It strengthens me alot!
Oh i am sharing my silly adventures  here and sun has left my yard meanwhile.yes ,5 :45 ,almost evening as sun will set within one hour now. Marble installed in our yard gets so warm during day.After sunset it will start to loose heat it absorbed during day.
When i take my evening walk as i will after finishing this post i feel heat rising up from yard. Though when we sleep in yard at night it is cool ( around11pm) .
We don't have air conditioning system in our house .Reason behind it is that we both hubby and me prefer natural environment .Me more than hubby :) Actually when relatives or friends ask him why you did not buy air conditioner until now? he replies because my wife does not like it . 
I feel guilty when he say so .Then i ask children if they want it but both my sons at home unlike eldest one say No .
They repeat my words about side affects of ac instead. And i do not agree except with one thing that we live in big house and it is not possible to install conditioning system at once ,before doing so we have to shut down our whole house and turn into a mouse hole.Oh even thought makes me sick . Having one air conditioner in single room is useless because none of us is going to sit at one room for whole day as we are have different routine and various business which keep us run from here to there .
So let's see ,
Evening is stepping down in my yard outside.I can see how walls ,tree and plants  felt relived since sun curved from corner house .Temp is 43 right now . Our govt has allowed markets to open fully as Eid festival is 3 days ahead .Trains and transport is also opened except our Sindh province .I don't know what is the logic but it is still kind of word war between transport owners and govt authorities .Hotels and parks are still closed though i agree with many others that governments has informed and taught well people already .It is unfair to keep industries closed which is not just causing harm to national economy but also spreading restlessness among people who relay on daily vegges.

So let the people decide for themselves now instead! They have to Behave and stay cautious if they want to stay healthy .

alright dear friends ,6:15 now ,time for 25 minutes walk and then evening tea followed by evening prayer .
Take good care everyone!stay well and healthy!
God Bless You All!

Monday, May 18, 2020

Summer Nights Charm ,Images And Starlink

We sleep in our front yard during  summers . Last night when we laid down on our beds power went off  suddenly .Within a moment sky  appeared  in it's most magical manner. Dark sheet of sky beaded with countless shining stars seemed  so  low and close.Like some lady was carrying a basket of illuminating pearls and it slipped from her hands ,numerous stars spilled all over and were seemingly  about to  fall  on us .
Did you ever felt like this ? 
being caught in such moment is enchanting believe me :)
I have been experiencing it  since when we used to sleep in our yard in my native village. Stars were  brighter and moon was bigger there thought.
I miss those nights  specially in summers .
During day when i cook i recall noon times of my village when clay oven placed in each yard would burn and ladies would cook (actually slap) their tortillas in them, rising smoke from each yard would  take it's direction where wind would push . Sometimes if some lady is busy in laundry or some other piece of work  would send her dough to another house ,to her girlfriend or relative so she can cook her bread for her family.
Love,trust and connection between families was inspirational. I am glad i have these treasures in my memory box.

I feel more content and peaceful when close to nature :)

 won't wait for reaching  the  sky , i will grab  whatever  it's portion peaks  into my yard :)
 i won't wait for garden and parks to open up ,i will pick up each smile of nature that is nurturing my soul :)

 each  drop  has ocean within ,   insight  of my thirst  gives meaning to it's existence

 captive in my physique i often find my soul swinging and waving to me from those glorious clouds :)

I won't  wait for big mountains of happiness to climb ,i will pick up  each  tiny  crystal  laying in my way and carve my own sun out of it :)

Last night  hubby and me woke up with  little noise by my younger  son who might woke up for toilet but was surprised to see many stars moving on the sky at once.just in image above .He woke us up and said see  i don't know what is happening as many stars are travelling in one direction .
We were puzzled  , quite shocked  actually as sight seemed  mysterious and scary at first until after few seconds we got into our senses and comprehend that  they must be some kind of satellites. 
Satellites and as many ?
It was hard to get back to sleep with wondering mind tough we fall asleep .
My younger son did first thing when got up to google and found out they were satellite indeed ,it was relief to know .

               Elon Musk an engineer and technology entrepreneur  of spacex has launched  thousand of satellites for better internet access. This is great news indeed .but was new for me :)

It is all for now precious people
keep being kind to yourself ,stay healthy and positive!
blessings to you all!

Saturday, May 16, 2020

Let's Create Sublime Minds

Another beautiful day of life !

How it is always beautiful for me ?

May be i have learnt to be grateful and enjoy what i have ,
Instead of being sad for things i don't have control over .

Sometimes i wonder if we all can be happy with what we have .
Some times i wonder if  before hurting anyone we think at least once that how we will feel if same thing will be done to us.

When i contemplate upon life and people it seems so easy to e happy and peaceful.

But i  don't know how it is possible when people think differently.

Then thought comes in my  mind that "If it is all about  How we Think  ,Why Not  Get Trained  To Think Better .
How ?
Our institutions that are responsible to teach us when we are little and our brain is ready to absorb knowledge  like white  paper. They should  teach us how to shape our thoughts in proper manner and arrange  with certain prioritization which is essential for the general goodness of humanity as whole instead of  only individual profit.

I know it sounds crazy but may be someday some another stupid like me  with better resources will start such school .
If you think carefully it's not new anyway .

Mothers look after their babies and try to teach them basic moral codes .They do it from outside . 

But  in schools like  this technology will help teachers to  observe  What is Going On in the little brains .

They will point out through signals  when a harmful thought will appear . They will provide  better harmless alternative thought . 
Similar constant process will create healthy mind with more Focus and composed approach .
If you still call it brainwash then it is okay because it will save fresh brains from harmful ideas ,like selfishness ,greed and destructive approach .Do we need these dark thoughts to pollute our living ? 

We know robots can do lot better because they don't have emotions.We  don't need to eliminate emotions but  learn to shape them in controlled manner . That will not let our precious mental energy go waste in useless things like lament , regret or vengeance.We know that how some people lost in such dark jungle and never find way out .

Nothing is Impossible .Once we are convinced  and agreed that we need to train our brains to think better it is all easy .
We already read, play, travel ,socialize  meditate and do yoga etc to make it happen right ?

It is even easier  and better to start when minds are fresh and eager to learn .

I don't think  this process will effect people's natural gifts or creative skills at all .
I believe  this process will give  more space to grow these skills with more depth and intensity .

    i think human brain is  biggest miracle of this universe ,if we can learn how to Compose it's strength we can do what we only have begun ti imagine slowly 

It will be proved Wrong that Life is Test. Because our ill thinking makes it so ,not just for us but for others around us.When all individual will have healthy minds and won't contribute to make life miserable we will be able to create heaven on earth !

As i am cursed to write what is currently running in my mind i am again sharing what you may find bit armature .

Take Care friends! 

Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Weather Voice Messages And Bit Of Miracle Again !

1:45 noon ,i just came from kitchen ,Trying to save keyboard from downpour of my sweat .What a heat .Still feeling happier due to cool winds that started last night .It rained in areas near probably so weather is being bit gentle. Temps seems to drop few points too. I like mild weather to keep smooth flow of life.When it comes to extreme i will choose summer.They make my mind work better than winters.Cold weather jams  not just my joints but also my tools of thoughts, though i always enjoyed winters more when i was young .Being from sunny part of land where rains are rare .I find cloudy grey weather fascinating. Rains drive me crazy with  excitement and smell of firstly wet ground inspire more.

 taken last evening while having  tea ,some friends  comfort you without saying a word ,they directly connect you to whom you look for in false temptations for a long part of your life,once your soul window is opened and you are able to see the truth berries between you and him are taken away by your insight

with each sip my eyes explore wonders of life within ordinary sights ,sometimes hubby and me have little chat ,sometimes it is silence who's lap is filled with countless memories of times we had together an unseen circle of peace hold us close and connected

 last evening was dramatic with soothing strokes of clouds who were changing shapes swiftly
    my eyes were reading their changing expressions carefully and heart was wondering about winds who\s efforts was involved in diversity of display 

I think people living in both extreme weather learn to survive through them somehow.As you cannot think of  temperature of 50 plus .It is hard for me to think of life in  temps below zero :) I think i can visit such areas once in a while but living there seems impossible .

I  am missing  my native village these days .We suppose to be there in this time of year.Since kids are grown and other concerns regarding their further studies  have occupied our minds we have decided to visit there after each two year instead of one .We are thinking about buying house in Islamabad when hubby retires.This decision is part of  saving plan .Hope Lord will help us to fulfill this one either .
 My brother's wife who lives in my native village and native home often sends voice messages .Actually she is fasting these days so she record messages when she feels comfortable instead of making long calls. She told they got plenty of rain yesterday which lasted for hours and it was still cloudy . More cities of my country are having rains  and therefore our weather is behaving nicely .

My eldest son called two days back and wished me happy mother's day :)  Despite of all the crazy business he never forgets to do so:) He always calls though sometimes a day later still it is his love and care that matters not timing :)

Miraculously he got appointment letter of his very first proper job. This makes my heart more tender and more grateful ! In my heart i want him to choose partner and settle but he says he has to struggle for dreams who made him go so far .All i can do is wish him luck and pray for him. He is inspiration for his siblings and peace for our souls!May lord keep him in his blessings always amen!

Sunday, May 10, 2020

Finding Joys In Lockdown Or Passing Time

Hello Kind  Hearts 

Hope  beating with gratitude and strength that comes from unshaken faith in Creator and in yourself  :)

This is 1:35 noon .I just came from kitchen after turning  of one of the stoves. My  chicken karahi is ready  though hubby 's gourd onion is still on stove.It seems i just came from shower but i's sweat of May .
Our  typical  summer has started since few days. Temperature have risen to 48 . Non stop shower of sweat has begun  and will continue till mid of the September .I can bear present temps but i fear when it crosses 50 .That makes me sick.
 Lockdown is fully on here.We hopped  for some flexible smart lockdown so trains can be available and we can travel to our native town for less hot weather. But authorities are confused to loose it for people. Because  there is concern that  people will not be able to keep social distance. 
Actually  this is mid of Ramadan month and people are desperate to go for shopping .In such circumstances there is possibility  that they can  avoid the instructions,And this  can be dangerous not just for themselves  but for health care centers that seems to don't have enough resources for critical  emergency situation.  

 Despite of all this we are enjoying our days together .In busy modern era it is miracle  to have plenty of time  for each other.Honestly i  am grateful for these days. We all are together whole day. For person like me it is like dream come true .Staying close to each other can untie many knots between relationships. 

When i was newly married hubby would stay home most of the time .Our conversations about our lives and circumstances we been through were endless. One of my sister in law would ask sometime "what are the topics that never finish between you tow  as when ever i pass by your room it is always noisy inside " May be we both were looking for someone to whom we can share heart and we did it whenever we got time in coming years too. There was not a single  move or thought in my day i would not share with him .

I know when  you are as open to someone you can loose  your charm. But i was compelled by my weird nature . If he would got bore he did not tell me .Though i was not happy when hubby would go with his friends for hours daily . I would complain with typical wifey words " okay it is hardly one week and you started to rejoin your old routine ". He would listen smilingly and try to explain. 

Now i understand it was hard to keep out of routine set since years.
He lessened his outing gradually .When we moved to this house he almost quit  hanging out with friends because he knew that leaving family alone in new colony can be upsetting. All of his friends changed their routine as they got tangled in their family business probably. Because now they would call hubby to join them once or twice in a month and they would go for lunch or dinner at their favorite place .
In recent past  i have been missing such days for so long and used to long for them secretly .I know kids are going to leave us to make their future sooner or later and this is pleasurable  indeed. So  meanwhile having them along is gift which i am thankful for this.My eldest son calls twice a week since lockdown started .He told that  thee is some relief from lockdown curfew in Munich now.But  traveling meanwhile is quite expensive than normal days. Luckily despite of all ups and downs he got joining letter of his first proper job.But to come home he has to wait for few months .I am happy for him and it is peaceful that he has some really good friend there.

My younger son made chicken karahi two days ago .It looked great ,tasted even better .I don't think  anyone could have convince for being chief except lockdown lol

                                                         he foloowed recipe online

i  was surprised and envious to find out that he cooked better than me , mine includes just few basic spices but lady online hardly left any on earth 

                       mint and yogurt sausage 

When i started writing it was noon ,then i took break for lunch.Now it is 6 pm evening. Time for walk and then tea and then prayer. How quickly madly time is running.With very first breath life start to run towards death .How  blindly we are compelled to follow the routine of life.  We know that life will end eventually still what not we do to fill the space of time it provides us. It seems , all that matter is " Passing Time" :) 
Have happy time precious friends! stay healthy stay positive!

Thursday, May 7, 2020

Some Sketches By My Younger Son

When i was little i wanted to do good in my drawing period . I wanted to draw as good as few of my classmates would do. But it seemed most difficult thing to do.  

There were many times when i desperately tried to draw landscape , tree , lake hill or hut .But when  after finishing i would look at it, it would look disappointing . The thought that i can not draw or paint would hurt lot .When i was young I even cried little sometimes  over this tragedy .I would see my fingers helplessly and angrily after failing.
 I found this longing of mine for painting ridiculous .Sometimes i would complain to God "why did you put this wish to paint in my heart if you did not give me skill to do so" ? He did not answer,not until now .But when it comes to believing in him my inner voice always says "answer will come sooner or latter"  

I was born poet with no clue of  drawing skills .Unlike me my younger sister was good in her drawings .If she would have tried to polish her skills she could have done lot better. But she was not serious about this gift . She was also good in sculpture making though she did not develop it too.

My father had great sketching skills .But there were literally few times in life when i saw him sketching. My eldest brother in law is wonderful sketcher.Though  his art sustained till his school days. Few months back i visited one of my sister in law and i was surprised to see drawing on her wall .She told her daughter made it.Her daughter studies in grade fifth and is hardly eleven  years.It is always pleasure to learn that there are some blessed people in my relationship .We  all  born with different gifts .But people who can comprehend game of lines and shades and how to draw them to depict  actual figure seems extraordinary  to me.
I  mean picking blocks of words and  building imaginary castles  is another thing .People read your words and shape them according to their own perceptions .But job of a painter  seems more tough ,he she has to be more specific  and careful in display of his expressions so people can find it more authentic and flawless and can relate well.

It makes me happy that my eldest and elder both son can draw Lot better than me :) I have shared some art by them in one of my previous post sorry i could not locate it for you. Today i am sharing my younger son's some sketches as you know he is home due to lockdown thing .He keeps himself busy with reading ,sketching and cooking but all after at least four hours study of course .He will be giving his final  examination for collage (12th grade) when reopening occurs (hopefully). hope you will like it 

If i got privilege to grow old and get free times then i will learn painting someday .Until then  keep try to understand raw paintings of my torn words dear friends :)
stay strong ,healthy and blessed always!
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