Tuesday, May 5, 2020

Would Women Have Done Same ? Rainstorm And Conversation

Night  before last night we had  rain storm with really strong gust of winds .Our front yard  turned out in overflowing pond within minutes .Howling winds and heavy rain reminded me times back in my village where such rains were often specially in summers. 

When such storm would come it would get dark as night .Once my husband's niece who was there with us got so frightened with such extreme  weather .After returning she mentioned that day to almost everyone she met  as darkest stormy day of her life .But i was used to it. Missed such adventurous  days here for long .

That storm  dropped swiftly rising temperatures  for few days . Yes it is reliving to get back to 33 from 45 suddenly .I know it is temporary but so the life is .

Last night my eldest son called and while having light chat  once again we caught into a controversial  discussion .It happened when i for some reason said,

" don't you think if there were only women in this world ,our history would have no story of wars and invasion to tell "

 Oooops , i realized soon afterwards that i said to wrong person.My  eldest son since always is Seriously  in  study of  Reason , Science ,History and on and on .He was in school here and it was hard to convince him for anything  without solid reasoning or proof .

He got into serious mood and i was stuck with all my simple basic ideas that i hardly got from any book but only from  "Nature" i observed and believed in only. 

He said " if there were only women and they had to hunt to feed family and  safe place to keep them they would have made all decisions that men did "

I defended women with my favorite tool " but  women are kinder than men because give life to children "

" it  is not proved that being mother makes women gentle though it makes her tougher and alert " he disagreed as usual. " Goodness is never bound to any gender or race ,it can exist in anywhere of it ,Women are forced by the society to shape themselves as kind and giving  and that is the reason behind of their different nature "

Conversation took another turn when i said inevitably (as hubby was nodding not to stretch it ) " don't you think it is good for women to shape themselves for the betterment of future family  so they can rise healthy minds" 

He ended  eventually with " every good comes when everyone has freedom of choice "

We changed topic as  hubby finds it annoying to indulge in serious talks when time is short for happy family chat . Before goodbye my son said he will recommend some sites so i can read more about these topics as he knows i find hardly time for long comfortable reads .

I was left with question that 

" Are we Objecting on the Rules of  Nature "  

If women were meant to live Exactly like men Why they were designed differently ?

Why they were choose to give birth when Nature had power to produce children some other way ?

If we are agree that Nature has designed Everything so Perfectly so human race can live and grow ,Why we are accepting  Some rules of Her and Opposing others ?

I  am not against human or women rights at all .

All  i wonder about ,
" A Balanced Way  Of  Freedom Conceived by all willingly " 

Where everyone can know not just about  his ,her Rights but Duties as well .Because it is Very Very  Important for healthy smooth flow of life here . 

If we  truly  believe that Good comes only when Everybody has freedom of choice 
Then Why Our  eyes cannot see Justice and Inequality In this world on other levels ? 

I  am  an Honest Reader   of  Nature . I don't find any Defect in her  display and functions .I  think Nature provides us Guide Line for all we do in life . If we ignore it it is Totally Loss ?

Note _ i may be sound too childish in my approach but it should not stop you all to share some light of your intellect with me dear friends


  1. That is truly a complicated topic. I used to think there would be no wars, if all the poeple truly believed on God, doesn't matter woman or man. But that is of course a difficult and complex matter just to write a comment on that. I wish we had some rain here too, it is much needed now. Stay safe everyone ☺

  2. "...it was hard to convince him for anything without solid reasoning or proof."

    Baili, your son is a great thinker!

    "...and duties"

    So important to remember this. We have rights, given to us by God, and we have responsibilities too-- do we choose to do what is asked of us?

    Also...women are not always kind.

  3. Baili, I'm sorry to read the dissent between you and your son.
    I believe, even though there are often differences of opinion in your hearts, you will definitely love each other.
    Maybe, it is true that there is a thought of a child or someone whose age difference will be different in one thought of an issue or problem. You better not bring into your mind continuously ..., just live your life with feelings and thoughts of joy.
    A child will certainly have a way of life each.

  4. Politics is another topic to avoid.

  5. I figure God created both men and women for a reason. Women can be evil in their own ways, sometimes their way is crueler than a punch in the face.

  6. I totally agree with your son. Btw my birth mother gave me away, and my adoptive mother was abusive. Not all women are gentle and kind. My adoptive Dad was kind, loyal and very gentle. Your son said "Goodness is never bound to any gender or race ,it can exist in anywhere". So true. :)

  7. I think it is good to talk and exchange ideas and views …

    All the best Jan

  8. It is a fact that if you educate women, the whole family benefits.

  9. I am happy that you and your son can have such a conversation. Intelligent people can have opposing opinions and still love each other. You have raised your sons well.

  10. I think it's great you and son can have these discussions. I've always enjoyed having philosophical or spiritual type discussions with them.

  11. This is a great post and a thought provoking post.

    I am also very much into science and reason. I also look for evidence. It is great that your son thinks like this.

    Across every society in every time, on average, women have been less violent then men. It is important to remember that this is an average and cannot be use to determine how individuals might be. But it seems clear that if only women were around, they would be less violent. Of course, there would still be violence.

    Stay safe!

  12. Our son was intolerant of our diverse opinions through his early years. He still objects to our thoughts, but now being a parent and paying bills has a way clearing his thoughts.

  13. Women and men are the two sides absolutely necessary to nature's balance.
    None more important then the other.

  14. Great discussions with your eldest son.
    Some women are born to rule, others are not.
    Women think differently to men and as you say they are made deferentially for different functions.
    If there were only women in this world, yes they would hunt and some do so I believe.
    It's a topic that can on forever talking about and not coming up with a solution.
    Take care.

  15. Dear Baili - I know well the sudden temperature drop after the down-pouring in summer. I think only rain can soften the heat because air conditioning keeps indoors cool but emission from it makes the outside temperature higher.

    I agree what your son said in the tenth paragraph. Being kind, dominant, or cruel depends on each person not on gender. But men and women are different; we were made so that we make up for each other. In ancient Japan, a woman was the “sun”, could be a ruler, but gradually the society became men-dominant as decision-making was done by men. Thanks for the food for thought. Take care.


  16. Always two sides of the coin.
    I have to let God settle the dispute:)

  17. Oh my goodness, this is a tough topic...and one that hubby and I often have heated discussions about!
    So many roles have become reversed in the last few decades, and I'm sometimes a bit confused in how I perceive the male/female place in society. I mean, there are some men who stay at home with the children while their wives go out to work in high powered jobs...and then, there are still women like myself who were happy to stay at home. In fact, when my son was small, I gave up my career in the Civil Service, in order to educate him myself at home!
    But, in doing so, I did receive a lot of criticism from other women who believe that a woman's role in life is to go out into the workplace and "beat men at their own game!"
    In this part of the world, it seems women are expected to be "tough" and "independent"...and I really dislike it. I am a woman. I want to remain intuitive, nurturing and a peacemaker. I guess I am regarded as old fashioned...but, hey, at least I'm not hiding behind all those peculiar, gender-superiority masks!😉
    Thank you for this wonderful thought provoking post, dearest Baili!😊😊

    Stay safe and happy my beautiful friend!

    Lots of love and hugs ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

    1. thank you for thoughtful sharing dear Ygraine ,i really appreciate your taking time and responding my simple words for which i have care and respect because i don't hesitate from pondering upon things and asking questions because i don't feel ignorant while doing so but Curious :)

      i am surprised to hear your thoughts about topic which are similar to mine almost
      this is sad that you had to leave your career but for the mission you did so was greatest and worth achieving for women (my faith)
      i love freedom ,who doesn't but what is poking my head is thought that freedom like everything else must have balance so life can stay on track of peace and prosperity for all
      i believe that people who criticized you for leaving job was not foresighted enough to see what were you going to achieve in return
      I STRONGLY BELIEVE that women are here in this world for certain duty just like men and MOST IMPORTANT part of their duty is to give society a healthy intuitive progressive mind ,children raised by wise caring mothers form society ahead ,so if they are less flawless and have healthy approach for life ,they can contribute for better future ,future with far less mental issues that provide base for so many social problems
      i used to see man as threat for woman (may be i still do inside) but i never felt comparative because i was more than happy to be a woman in other means i was satisfied to be gender which has less capability to harm others
      i loved your word Peacemaker ,yes when a child grows in lap of mother who is peacemaker he is certainly more kind and cooperative
      i can imagine the strength and credibility of child that you raised my wonderful friend!

  18. This is a complicated topic indeed. It's good to have an exchange of ideas. I think both men and women are capable of goodness and kindness. Unfortunately, I think both men and women are also capable of wrongdoing and evilness. If only there was a way to make all people good all the time.

  19. Baili, it is always interesting to read about these exchanges between you and your oldest son. Whether or not you agree with each other is immaterial because opinions are just that and can differ. But what is more essential that you each feel comfortable enough to raise such issues.

    1. dear Dorothy i am his mother but i am not well read like him as he is passionate reader and learner
      i have my observations and experiences and some certain beliefs which i actually want to find out about whether are solid or raw ,beliefs that i hold throughout my life and witnessed how they WORKED for me miraculously ,it can be coincidence but i can't believe it until i find someone else who did the same but got different consequences
      we both love each other and my son knows i start such discussions out f curiosity instead of else so no question that we be angry on that :)

  20. Tanto as mulheres como os homens são igualmente importantes para o equilíbrio do mundo.
    Uma troca de ideias com seu filho enriquecedora e a mostrar-lhe quanto é importante o papel das mulheres na sociedade. Gostei da sua opinião.
    Muita saúde.
    Um beijo.

  21. "Goodness is never bound to any gender or race ,it can exist in anywhere". Very wise words! So true, Baili. What an interesting exchange of ideas.

  22. I have no wisdom to impart, Baili! This is one big conundrum. I long for a world in which each of us can achieve our dreams and fulfill our potential. I believe in freedom of choice and equality. We all have unique gifts and can contribute to our world. I have a feeling that you and your son enjoy mental duels!


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