Thursday, May 28, 2020

Eid Day Out With Friends By My Eldest Son

It's been five days since Eid . It was dimmest Eid of my life not just gloomy situation created by corona thing but airplane accident added more sorrow to it .

Life is weird but beautiful inspite of all it's  ups and downs. We all know that all drama belong to life is because of  "Breathing" that we call inhale and exhale .It is stopped once and everything will go mute and still for us forever .And Nothing will matter for us anymore.
So each time when we inhale we must inhale the  grace of  lord  and glory of life he has showered upon us. And each time when we exhale  we must exhale all the dark thoughts  grown by negative energy within us .This is best thing we can do for ourselves .

With breaths we left we have to cherish courageously whatever comes next.We have to try our Best to face it with positivity  and except consequences without being complainant or regretful. Because None of these will make any difference. 
Except ,our Attitude .If we accept it with dare and determination that and have Faith that we can do it ,we can try and turn these unpleasant circumstances into out favor ,things will be different certainly .When we cannot stop storm we invent ways of protection. We brings changes in our lifestyle to make them work.It is not defeat but wisdom.Similarly to save ourselves from invasion of  negativity and despair risen  by odds of the life we must Invent shields and weapons that can help us to survive. Positivity is Best shield  against disappointing  times.     
Miracles ask for Faith to be happen.Faith in ultimate force called creator and Faith in ourselves because we are part of his miracles  too.

Sharing some images sent by my eldest son from Germany Munich.He spent some hours with his friends on Eid evening .He told it was nice gathering and they had pleasant time together .

 it is peaceful to know that he has some old friends there .They were in university together before leaving Karachi .they have passed more than half decade together and i believe they have so many good memories upon which can last forever ,my son cold he could not get appointment for haircut in salon near his residence and he did not try farther one as last time he was not satisfied with result .

taking break from busy lonely routine and spending time out with friends while participating in cooking must be fun for youngsters

including bbq they made some other dishes ,food was plenty so they had even dinner after returning  from long walk along stream afterwards
finding joy in small things is blessing indeed. i bet this refreshing togetherness brought them lots of happiness .

It is 6:35 evening here , after few days air lock it was pleasure to see waving branches of trees with  gentle gusts of wind. I wish we can have some rain as sky looks smoky due to dust.

Stay blessed with faith ,hope and positivity dear friends!
wishing you all more peace joy and health!
take care


  1. Beautiful and sensible thoughts.

    The younger people are having fun. It is nice to see.

    God bless you all.


  2. I liked seeing your son's photos from his time with his friends. It looks like they had a fun time with each other and a nice, sunny day to do it in.

  3. Mmmm, looks tasty! What a cute little barbecue!

  4. Your son is more handsome with every photo. It is good to see them enjoying a nice day.

  5. Sorry to hear that things are a little dim for you. That plane crash was terrible. So is the virus. Hopefully things will look up soon

  6. I meant to say -The food looks great.

  7. So glad your son celebrated with that delicious barbecue!

  8. First off, i heard about the plane crash - so sad. I enjoyed the photos of your son and wow he is such a good looking young man. Looks like he had a great time with friends and what looks like delicious food.

  9. Such a marvelous picnic all together!

    "sky looks smoky due to dust." Here in Calif, we had a fire to beat all fires. But the sky had a unique hue.

  10. Oh the carefree lives of youth! Glad they could celebrate together.

  11. I just love your attitude about faith! Yes, it makes the biggest difference:)
    And your son looks so happy! Doesn't that mean everything to a mother?
    Blessings & hugs!

  12. Coronavirus made us alter the things we supposed were guaranteed.
    Have a nice weekend

  13. Take in the positive and exhale the negative.
    Your son did well with his words.
    Your eldest son, well at least he could celebrate with friends and their food looks lovely.

  14. Dearest Baili...I was so saddened to hear of that tragic air crash.😢 My heart truly goes out to all those poor people who were involved.
    It would be so easy to lose our faith when these dreadful things happen, but as you so rightly precisely those times, we need our faith more than ever.
    It was wonderful to read that you breathe in the positive and exhale the negativity...I have been learning to do exactly that recently too. What a coincidence! It really helps me to put all the sadness around me into perspective.😊😊
    So good to see your son spending time with his friends!! And I had to smile when you mentioned his haircut problem. I usually cut my son's hair, but due to the lockdown I haven't been able to. He has very similar hair to your son's, very thick and now it has grown so much that it resembles a bush!! Lol
    I can see I will have a huge challenge on my hands when all this is finally over!!

    Have a super weekend, my wonderful friend...and stay safe!

    Much love and hugs ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  15. I enjoyed seeing your sons photographs, it's nice to see younger people having fun.

    All the best Jan

  16. We all need to inhale the good and exhale the bad and that is the best advice, Baili, but sometimes with all the things going on -- virus and rashes -- it is harder to do, but we keep trying. Your son has good friends and nice to see their celebrations outside with good food and good company.

  17. I an glad your son has friends around him Baili.

  18. Beautiful pictures full of joy and wonderful friendship! So glad your son stays safe and has a good time☺ Hope for pandemia to end!

  19. It's nice to see your son and his friends happy to be together.

  20. Hi Baili :))) So nice to be back reading your blog!! :) Your son and his friends look like they are having a nice time together. The food looks awesome! I'm sorry your Eid was the dimmest...but you are right, life is also very beautiful! xxx

  21. What a wonderful gathering they had. I'm so pleased to see that your son is doing well and enjoying time with friends.

  22. É como diz, a vida é estranha, mas bonita, apesar de todos os seus altos e baixos…
    Tem uma família muito bonita. Muita saúde para todos.
    Uma boa semana.
    Um beijo.

  23. You have such a clear and lovely way of saying important things, my dear friend. Positivity is like a shield against harm - yes! I had never thought of it like that before.

    All the food your son and his friends shared looks so delicious! I think it was also cold there, was it not? Everyone is dressed in layers of clothing! They were brave to picnic in cold weather, but now they have even more good memories to put in their memory banks :)

  24. Your thoughts and photos always lift my spirits :-)

    Thank you xx

  25. Adorei ter vindo aqui. Um beijo.
    Estou seguindo o seu blog. siga
    o meu também, vai!

  26. I remember that tragic airplane crash. I panicked for a moment thinking it was your city, and then I realized that I was wrong. Not that that makes it any less tragic. Every human life is important, but because you are my friend things seem much more real, and when I think of Pakistan, I think of you and your family. I'm glad that your eldest son had a fun Eid celebration with his friends. I love the pictures that he shares always. Take care!


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