Saturday, May 16, 2020

Let's Create Sublime Minds

Another beautiful day of life !

How it is always beautiful for me ?

May be i have learnt to be grateful and enjoy what i have ,
Instead of being sad for things i don't have control over .

Sometimes i wonder if we all can be happy with what we have .
Some times i wonder if  before hurting anyone we think at least once that how we will feel if same thing will be done to us.

When i contemplate upon life and people it seems so easy to e happy and peaceful.

But i  don't know how it is possible when people think differently.

Then thought comes in my  mind that "If it is all about  How we Think  ,Why Not  Get Trained  To Think Better .
How ?
Our institutions that are responsible to teach us when we are little and our brain is ready to absorb knowledge  like white  paper. They should  teach us how to shape our thoughts in proper manner and arrange  with certain prioritization which is essential for the general goodness of humanity as whole instead of  only individual profit.

I know it sounds crazy but may be someday some another stupid like me  with better resources will start such school .
If you think carefully it's not new anyway .

Mothers look after their babies and try to teach them basic moral codes .They do it from outside . 

But  in schools like  this technology will help teachers to  observe  What is Going On in the little brains .

They will point out through signals  when a harmful thought will appear . They will provide  better harmless alternative thought . 
Similar constant process will create healthy mind with more Focus and composed approach .
If you still call it brainwash then it is okay because it will save fresh brains from harmful ideas ,like selfishness ,greed and destructive approach .Do we need these dark thoughts to pollute our living ? 

We know robots can do lot better because they don't have emotions.We  don't need to eliminate emotions but  learn to shape them in controlled manner . That will not let our precious mental energy go waste in useless things like lament , regret or vengeance.We know that how some people lost in such dark jungle and never find way out .

Nothing is Impossible .Once we are convinced  and agreed that we need to train our brains to think better it is all easy .
We already read, play, travel ,socialize  meditate and do yoga etc to make it happen right ?

It is even easier  and better to start when minds are fresh and eager to learn .

I don't think  this process will effect people's natural gifts or creative skills at all .
I believe  this process will give  more space to grow these skills with more depth and intensity .

    i think human brain is  biggest miracle of this universe ,if we can learn how to Compose it's strength we can do what we only have begun ti imagine slowly 

It will be proved Wrong that Life is Test. Because our ill thinking makes it so ,not just for us but for others around us.When all individual will have healthy minds and won't contribute to make life miserable we will be able to create heaven on earth !

As i am cursed to write what is currently running in my mind i am again sharing what you may find bit armature .

Take Care friends! 


  1. Thanks for sharing your important thoughts. We must be grateful for what we have, maybe it is human nature to want more.

    1. dear Christine as humans our thoughts are blurred with many twisted ideas that we pursue and regret later
      if our thinking process is more Clear and accurate things can be different for better

  2. O nosso cérebro é maravilhoso. Temos de trata-lo bem. Ainda bem que os robots não têm emoções. Até me faz medo pensar que isso acontecerá algum dia.
    Desejo que esteja bem assim como todos os seus familiares.
    Um bom fim de semana.
    Um beijo.

    1. i agree dear Grace that it is frightening to live without emotions
      emotions differ us from other spices indeed but if we learn to calm and shape them we can avoid their negative affects in life

  3. Another interesting and thought provoking post Baili. I think that there is one other aspect to human nature. It gets to the debate between nature and nurture. Some people just think a certain way because of the way they were born. There have been interesting studies with identical twins who were separated at birth. No mater what their environment was like growing up, many of their traits, many of the ways that they think are still the same. Scientists have really dug into these and similar studies. It seems that about half of who we are is based on the environment, and half is the way we are born. So, better schools and education will make a big difference, but our innate nature will still play a big part.

    1. i totally agree that we are mixture of inherited genes and what we learn from our environment
      but once we initiate this process with each passing generation ,new people will have less of these two influences and then a new society with refined brains will take place

      they will not be robotic humans but humans with least flaws

  4. A school teaching good things. Imagine that! 😃 I hope we see it.

    1. i don't how but there is feeling that some day such technology will be planted in each house for healthier upbringing or may be it is unconscious dream of my future utopia

  5. Thank you for sharing your thoughts.
    It is so important for us to be thankful and enjoy what we have, especially in these uncertain times.

    All the best Jan

  6. Wishing we can keep our brain healthy that leads to spiritually, mentally, psychologically, physically, and socio-cultural health.
    Absolutely, brain is the most important part for the highest cognitive, emotion and judgement as well.

    Stay healthy, Baili!

    1. brain is most miraculous devise of this universe dear Evi

      it is programmed to learn abruptly and in raw manner
      it is upto us
      if we realize it's importance and admit that our all other internal and external body organs are just to support our brain
      brain can perform some specific functions automatically but to perform them in better way we have to take charge of our brain and try to keep it less interrupted by our illusions and flaws
      if we can do it we can live healthier life

  7. thanks for sharing.. nice article :)

  8. You've done your homework. You've done your thinking about life.Many people are shallow thinkers and don't think much about life.

    1. that is what i listen most about me dear Red
      people close to me say YOU THINK SO MUCH

      i do it mindlessly may be i am made to do so
      but it is bit hesitation when i have to share it with friends
      i don't want to loose friends if they think of me fool or mad :)
      people who don't think much they keep breathing and illusion themselves with things that don't matter at all
      i think think or not think ,balance is must to keep it healthy

  9. Yes, when we are preoccupied with thinking about things we do not have, we don't allow ourselves to be grateful for what we DO have. People forget there is so much to relish in the "ordinary." And as far as schooling goes - what a different world this could be:)

    1. isn't it therapeutic to even think about that dear Chris :)

  10. Might I point out that being a happy person is so good for your innards.

  11. Always enjoy your thoughts, it's good to be happy and not worry about things you can't change as their is no point really.
    Take care.

  12. Being happy and grateful is a wonderful way to go through life!

  13. The world would be a much better place indeed if we could exchange negative thoughts for positive ones. Hope you have a wonderful week, Baili.

  14. As difficult as these times are for so many and in so many different ways, it seems there has been some positive results. Many people are saying that they are grateful for what they have and not what they want. Personally, I have not ordered anything online so perhaps it is true of many others. When we allow ourselves to really stop and think about what makes us happy, it is surely not things. Baili, you are always thinking about life and what it means and this gets me to thinking more as well and I'm sure many others too.

  15. In Macau I see a lot of schools that don't teach, indoctrinate.
    And it's revolting.
    Have a great week

  16. Hello Baili, I am happy and grateful for all I have. You are right on, parents should teach their children basic moral codes. Being kind and grateful. Thank for sharing your thoughts. Take care, enjoy your day. Have a happy new week!

  17. I agree, Baili! The human brain is the biggest miracle in the universe (that we know of). But I also think that our big brains make us us arrogant ~ We underestimate the feelings, thoughts, intelligence of the animals around us. I was out photographing prairie dogs recently, and I was shocked to learn what a sophisticated "language" they have. I didn't observe this, but learned about it when I was reading about them later. These little rodents have a language that is as developed as that of dolphins, orcas, and chimpanzees. I think that there is so much goodness that we must teach our children ~ love, kindness, compassion, empathy, respect, how to treat each other. I believe that giving children a strong moral framework is really important. They may not always agree with everything we taught them when they grow up, but they at least will have a solid foundation to build a life on. You always make me think!


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