Monday, May 25, 2020

Plane Crash And Happy (sad) Eid 2020

Hello  Precious  Hearts !

Hope   life  is beautiful because  you find  it  so due to  all the gratitude filled within you  and  all the positivity  illuminating  in your soul :)

If  the  fields  of  our  being are  cropped  with  Faith  densely ,no  drought  or storm  has power to ruin  delightful Harvest . 

Unlike  any  material  Love  has  different  rules .The  more  you  give  it  away  the  richer  your  soul  will be .

Right  two  days before Eid a plane of national airline crashed. Trauma and sorrow we felt  is beyond imagination and undefinable. Specially  when such crucial news crush hearts  that authorities of national were informed about technical problem in air plane by management but was no response. Question is if it was so then why plane was allowed to take 99 living being and fly???
No one lives forever ,people die and we all will either but it does not allow anyone to murder innocent people with their irresponsibility and carelessness !

Two people who survived this accident miraculously told that pilot tried hard to land plane but he could not.All passengers started to recite holy verses  loudly .Plane was flying so close to ground so no one had clue it was going to crash .They told that it suddenly hit ground and all they could see was darkness ,flames screams all over ,they felt light at one side and moved towards it .Both were injured but not seriously fortunately .
But other 97 were not as fortunate .They were killed by some heartless cold blooded murderer without giving second thought.Thought about them as human being who had beating hearts and loving families,that were waiting for them on airport .
People who forced to leave this world as painfully just left  after all the  suffering they faced  within last minutes of their lives.What about those waiting fro them ? and those who were home  looking for their arrival desperately ?
Will they ever be able to forget this piercing pain caused by this horrible accident ? 
We have to face consequences of  our  actions whether  right or wrong  sooner or later. This is how nature works. And nature does not need our acknowledgement at all. 
I think we should care for others so we can stay well.All this need is foresightedness to avoid  such cruelties against humanity.
May be affect of aging i am becoming practical about death .I was since almost always but i am more now .Though of leaving this world does not upset me .But when such accidents happen all my happy let go nature go ups and down .No one should leave this world this dreadful way.This is unbearable pain!

 Night before Eid morning my eldest son called for more than hour so our heart were bit light , he  called on Eid evening too but he was in hurry as he had to join his friends for Eid party ,this is relief he was not alone at such special day

as you know my younger son is fond of spicy food so i made for him and his friends "Chaat" mixture of boiled chick peas ,potatoes ,raw onion tomatoes ,green chili mint leaves and lots of yogurt 

as hotel and parks are closed he remained at home with us and later with his friends ,he also made two days back "Kachoriya" fried food once again with potato and split gram 

 i washed these artificial flowers during  whole house cleaning (yearly)for  Eid ,i was feverish with tiredness on Eid day as i started late 

 we finally put transparent  plastic sheet  on dining table and now i am convinced that it's look better than colorful one i used to put previously , this  object keeps me poking about absence of my eldest baba in home :(

 On Eid evening hubby took me to the bike ride , it was beautiful evening although day was
 hotter and air was disappeared completely , though it felt airy when bike was moving which made journey pleasant ,after existing colony we took this rangers road
 next turn was to playground road (on left),both sides have govt property ,on right is old palace Khairpur  before it included into Pakistan ,i have share images of palace in one of my previous post but could not find at the moment ,(i have to serve lunch as it is almost 3pm)

 ground was empty due to virus thing since many months otherwise it is always filled with young enthusiastic team players 

 this road leads to newly made park which was closed unfortunately ,during normal days this road was hard task to drive due to heavy traffic ,most of people who want to go to park would take this one ,

 gate of park of closed ,no one outside but when we returned after almost hour many youngsters were standing around gate while  buzzing horns of vehicles stress fully ,may be they were from surrounding villages and were disappointed to see their journey was useless 

 next turn led to university road ,as it goes further landscape gets calmer and beautiful

 i asked hubby to which city it leads he replied "|Ghotki|" i found familiar as i used to read signboard from train window
 new building was altered in university compound ,looked pretty 

 ahead was an old abandoned flour mill ,how it was filled with life and activities once made reminded me about unpredictability of life ,we stayed there ,wandered blt but absence of air was sweltering so it was good to stay riding to feel good 

 a serene field was filled with water and mirroring the trees around him cheerfully ,inspiring view it was

 this lush inviting date garden looked divine , trees seemed contemplating over some hot topics of the day though grass was calm and earful
 sights looked prettier when we were returning as sun turned into a soothing golden ball from harsh cruel monster and everything laying under seemed thankful for this positive change
 stream flowing through the city always keeps me connected to song of nature within noise of city life
 street lights opened their cute eyes and started to illuminate paths for travelers
when we turned in to colony this view mad me sad ,few days back owner of huge mansion on right died with sudden heart attack ,he was hardly fifty ,the building you can see at front was under construction since more than one year ,he was richest man of colony and it was another mansion which he wanted to gift his sons as wedding gift . He could not see it completed .This is sad reality of life !
i got late for serving lunch dear friends!
stay well and positive!
Blessings to you all!


  1. Thanks for the tour! Happy Eid but so awful about the plane crash.

    1. i am glad you enjoyed dear Christine

      plane crash sadness was overwhelming indeed

  2. I heard of the crash and thought of you and your family Baili, hoping you were not directly impacted by the tragedy. Such a sad event.

    1. this is kind of you dear Marie !

      i don't know what to say about directly or indirectly my friend but i am absolutely sure that no heart within our country felt normal or happy on Eid day because of this terrible accident
      yet it is indeed true that when such things happen we first of all call our loved ones and ask if they are fine and if it is yes we feel better despite of all as it is human nature

  3. I read of the plane crash and wondered how you were all faring with such terrible news so close to home, baili. It shakes a person up, doesn't it? And how sad that the warnings about trouble with the plane went unheeded. I am so sorry for this turmoil in the lives of so many.

    Beautiful pictures. When you describe the cool breeze while riding on the bike, I can feel it in my face too.

    I hope your Eid had happy moments despite the tragedy which I am sure overshadowed everything in your beautiful country.

    1. that makes the fear and terror double even triple dear Jenny
      we still in awe that there is no news about people who were at homes when plane fell down ,is it possible that there was no life damage at all ? but no clue ,may be only those knew it who live in same area
      such sudden disasters bring fear that lasts for years ,i could not forget the terror i felt the moment when i had heard about earthquake in 2005 in northern areas near to my native town ,it was one of the biggest in history and took almost 100,000 lives ,how people sleeping in their homes were gone within seconds and how city standing tall was plain ground within moment is not something can be forgotten easily
      corruption of few officers killed 97 peoples and it is not first time ,we all are waiting for justice and hopping that may be this time supreme court take notice and ask for transparent investigation,may be this time justice can be served without going under political influences may be

      oh this is pleasure to hear my words about breeze made you felt nice my friend
      i can imagine how beautiful must be being weather at your part in this time of the year :)
      Eid was good as whole we tried to enjoy it despite of all sorrow it has brought along

  4. Sad reality of life, yes. those poor people! I hope they did not die with fear around them. I pray that they knew God and Jesus Christ as their Savior.

    You have an amazing family. Precious. And the places you shared! Wow.

    1. it is lovely to hear from you dear Susan

      i always wondered about such sudden deaths ,how people would have felt and what they would have thought in their inevitable last moments
      what i will do when it will come to me
      each time vehicle i ride cross the bridge i wonder how would it feel if we just fall in the water ,these thoughts follow me nonstop and this is how i keep my spirit high so can wait for my turn and enjoy the break before within

  5. This might be the nicest little trip you have taken us on. The plane crash was awful. So many disasters these days. It is frightening.

    1. hubby and me were talking similarly dear Emma

      that virus has already shaken the world and now this accident ,what is happening and how we all are going to deal with it ?

  6. So sorry about the tragic plane crash, Baili. Such a sad thing on top of all the grieving in the world right now. I enjoyed seeing all the sights on your bicycle tour and the delicious foods you shared for your holiday. Blessings to you and your family on this special day. Hugs xo Karen

    1. thank you dear Karen
      it is always pleasure to hear from you !

  7. What a nice tour of your area. Thanks for taking us along.

    1. it was nice dear Kathy
      i got out of the house after few months :)

  8. The crash was indeed a terrible tragedy. I also think of the family left behind.

    Bike rides are nice.

    Happy Eid!

    1. and this is most crucial thought dear Brain!

  9. I saw the (terrible) news.
    May they rest in peace.

  10. Such an incredible tragedy, my heart breaks for the family members who are mourning their loved ones. So thankful that you had such a special holiday, what a lovely tour your husband took you on! I'm amazed you were able to take pictures while you were on the bike! Such a sweet picture of you all, and your food looks amazing! What a blessing you are to your family.

    1. Thank you dear Marilyn for kind words

      may be i did not put it right ,we have motorcycle and hubby took me on it for trip ,at least two people can sit on it comfortably except driver ,i was only one behind him so it was so easy to take photos while hubby was driving it

  11. Heard about the tragedy of the plane, just devastating also saw photos of the wreckage.
    Read where the black-box was found and that's all I knew, but that was enough as it was ever so sad for everyone.
    Loved your photos as you took us on your journey...the food looks nice.
    Enjoy and take care.

    1. it is in news since then dear Margaret

      heart of Pakistani people were burdened with grief of this loss and specially shock and pain of families left behind sadden everyone here

      according to black box we can knew only one thing until now that pilot told that engine has failed ,no further news
      we all hope that responsible receive punishment they deserve

  12. I b not heard about the plane cush-terrible news:(

    1. on 22 May a Pakistan International Airplane crashed right before landing in Karachi dear Ola
      it had 99 passengers ,only two survived

  13. While I heard about this crash, Baili, you have really offered a new perspective, and it is indeed so sad that people’s lives were lost due to apparent negligence. Thank you for including happier news about the family video visit with your oldest son. It was wonderful to see the photo of you and your husband and 2 younger sons. And a bike ride can be a fun adventure and your husband had a great idea. Sad ending to learn about the man who died and the unfinished home for his son.

    1. thank you so much for sweet insightful comments always dear Dorothy

      i wonder how people dare to avoid their responsibilities and be source to hurt and destroy many lives in order to gain worldly profits ,this is biggest stupidity indeed because being wise makes us aware that we will have to face consequences of our actions sooner or later though not by some worldly mean but by Lord him self who has absolute authority over creating situations that mirror us what we do to others

      On Eid day we tried so hard to keep eyes on filled part of glass and family is something that help us to heal most

  14. It is terrible news about the plane crash.

    Your cycle ride looks lovely.

    1. it is indeed my friend!

      it overshadowed everything else related to Eid day

  15. Thank you for the lovely tour. Such sad news about the airplane crash. My heart goes out to the loved ones of those lost.

    1. thought of families left behind crushes my soul either dear Martha

      time can heal after years may be but marks of sorrows from souls can never be erased !

  16. Yes, consequences are coming in this world or in the next; this is certain. Prayers for those experiencing unimaginable grief.
    Thank you for balancing this tragic news with photos of your happy family and delicious food in celebration of your religious holiday. I enjoyed the tour, too:)
    Blessings upon you and your family, my friend!

    1. i wish we can see them coming dear Chris!

      it was not possible to post normally so i simply followed my heart and shared what was going in my head and soul
      glad you enjoyed it

  17. Hello Baili, I am so sorry for the sadness of the plane crash, we heard of it on UK news but I also watch Al Jaziera news where you get a much better feel for the region and the people. When I went to church the question people asked most was 'why' does God let suffering happen and I have never had a satisfactory answer. I worry that the souls of those who pass unexpectedly or badly cannot rest. Eid is usually more noticeable within our towns as we have many muslims here but with lockdown no sign of any celebration. At work they have nice foods brought in but not this year as office is closed. It is good to see such a beautiful picture of you with your hubby and boys - bless you all. Betty x

    1. dear Betty

      i think LORD HAS CREATED US AS ONE BODY OR AS WHOLE BUNDLE OF ENERGY ,no matter how scattered we have become because of our worldly illusions we still are AS ONE BUNDLE OF ENERGY MEANT TO TAKE CARE OF AND TO BE TAKEN CARE OF INTERDEPENDENTLY

      our safety and progress depends on our successful ,healthy and harmless connection with each other
      we survive and thrive until we follow the pattern of nature's laws designed for us to observe ,adopt and apply
      when we oppose and break these laws due to our stupid selfishness all goes wrong and healthy pattern of life is disturbed badly
      Lord has created us with mind and freedom of choice and allowed us to choose our paths
      If Lord has to interfere and stop or correct us by appearing from somewhere this life would not be the one we are meant to live by "free will"

      Whoever he is wants us to contemplate and learn that how simple and easy is to live harmlessly and make our existence "SUCCESSFUL "

      we are actually failing our existence and to extreme and blaming Creator to make it right for us despite of all our intentional wrongs

      it's not possible
      except we step inwardly and connect to him truly ask for guidance and correct and rearrange our mess proper way

    2. What a beautiful ride, wish I was there.

  18. When I heard the news about the plane crash, the first thing I thought of was you and your family. I am so sorry to hear the details of how this happened. Such a tragedy.
    I'm glad you got to talk to your son and that the conversation cheered you up some.

  19. Thanks for taking us on the bike ride with you - ...I always love your photos and what a great photo of the family! ...

  20. That plane crash was just terrible, my thoughts and prayers are with all those families who have been affected.

    Many thanks for sharing your photographs here, I love the one of the family :)

    All the best Jan

  21. I had to laugh when you wrote that you were late serving lunch, Baili! Sometimes when I'm madly working on my computer, I'm late making meals. I always know when Terry is hungry because he wanders around the kitchen opening and closing the fridge and cupboard doors. I'm always working at the kitchen counter.

    Terry went out and got a pizza tonight. We were supposed to meet our best friends for a pizza in the nearby park tonight. But a thunder and lightning storm sprang up accompanied by very strong winds. All the trees were furiously whipping about. We had to cancel our plans. We would have been sitting at different tables in the park yelling back and forth to each other ~ not even able to hug each other.

    That plane crash was horrible, Baili, and it's amazing that two people survived. I watched all the news with horror. Those poor people, but even worse is the loved ones left behind who have to think about how their loved ones died. I agree with you about the murderers. So often dollars or other things are valued above human life.

    Life is very cheap here in the US right now, and I get furiously angry at the selfishness and heartlessness of some people. I think of the workers who are sick and dying in our meat processing plants across the country. The meat they produce is more valuable than their lives. There was a big public push to keep the meat supply chains functioning in the US. It turned out that we were experiencing shortages while some companies were selling meat for a big profit to China at the height of the shortages! Did anyone care about the many workers who were sick and dying and forced to work without proper protection? That's one example of things that are making me crazy right now.

    I am grateful for you, Baili. You are so wise and give me hope. I LOVE that photo of you, Ali, and sons. Your food looks scrumptious. Tomorrow is July 4th. I'm preparing spare ribs, baked beans, and a pineapple upside down cake. I have to put the beans on to soak overnight, By the way, I made my first loaves of homemade bread in decades about a week ago. It turned out fabulously. I remembered the lessons from when I was a girl making bread with my mother. I've been grumbling about not being able to find yeast. My youngest sister Bertie sent me two pounds, about .9 kilograms! I am becoming quite the housewife ~ LOL

    Hugs to you, my friend!


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