Saturday, January 29, 2022

Happiest month Of Our Life Is Over But Fireflies Of Magical Memories Lasts Forever !

 Hello Precious Friends!

  Believe it or not miss you all so much!

Sorry for my long absence which was of more twenty days almost but reason that made it happen was worth it !

On second January evening my eldest son called us and informed that he will reach home within two hours as he has left from Karachi few hours ago. That was sudden but a happiest news we were waiting for since three years so our joy and excitement made us leap and start preparing everything which can show our love and care for him. Specially the deep sense of gratitude and serenity calmed my being like long awaited rain does in desert though these words don't have power to show what i felt that day! All i was doing is cooking for him and trying to look at his face as much as possible and pay thanks to Creator who made it possible for us!!!

No month passed as quickly as the January of 2022 believe me as someone pressed fast forward button and 28th of January jumped before us like a genie from bottle :(((

The date when my son was leaving for Karachi from where he will be flying for London on Saturday night hopefully!

As due to apparent company change process my son suppose to present in his new office physically fifteen days of the month at least so when he applied for leave he had condition for keep working online from home during leave so he did so inevitably though he managed to take four leaves to spend some family and friend time.

His weekends spent though attending visitors who were coming to meet him (family members and friends) and visiting some relatives who invited him at lunch or dinner.

 Despite of all the business we had one of the most beautiful time together by the grace of God!

Sharing some photos below to give you idea how lord smiled on us thankfully !

my same front yard looked basket full of joyful smiles and grateful tears (mine) next day of his arrival when my son asked his father to try jacket he brought for him which was loose and they were smiling on this mishap as it was happening second time  though it was fit to my younger son gladly ,my son said he will try to remember the exact measure next time ,he brought so many gifts including some quite expensive laptop for his younger brother ,new tablets for relatives kids and friends ,one new tablet for his youngest brother , Kindle tablet for me so i can read whatever i like :) but our most precious gift was he himself and his presence !!!

 my mother in law who was leaving for village to stay with her daughter visited us to meet her grandson first ,she was really happy to see him ,my eldest son brought a shawl for her but she was happier to see him as my son seated with her for half day almost and they had pleasant chat ,this was sweet scene believe me !

    the eldest brother of  hubby who hardly liked me came with his youngest son ,it was weird to hear good word from his mouth for my son and me anyway though i always like to have family together 

             one of the younger brother of hubby came with his whole family ,he is retired army lieutenant  

                                              one of the lunches my son attended ,it was by one of my niece 

after lunch she took us on roof to show the surroundings ,i found light good to take photo there 

 it seemed like my eldest son was also missing us as he seemed to enjoy every single moment with his parents and siblings ,he kept hugging us all specially me and father throughout the his stay  like we really wanted to and it was really amazing that he realized our desire !!! he would get up during his break time and start playing with his brothers ,listen them and take part in their conversation ,everything was like dream come true and we almost forgot the time when he was away !

           each breath i take is prayer for him ! he is an ideal son and brother and ideal in his all relationships! 

  some of things my younger son could capture ,in the middle the blue one is my kindle and i am so thankful and happy for this gift :)

Precious friends signing out now because so late for lunch ,could not wait for the evening and posted after right after  meditation . 
Stay blessed with faith and hope and the divine creator will do miracle for you eventually! 
God bless you all!

Monday, January 10, 2022

The Grace Of God Finally We Met Our Eldest Son!


Me and hubby were having our evening tea when hubby's phone rang and he left his cup on the desk and went inside to receive the call ,guess what ?
my eldest son was on the phone he told he is about to reach home within two hours or less !!!

I think you can imagine how we felt yes next it was forecast of rain for whole one week but the moment we heard this we realized that "Grace of lord " started to pour down on our thirsty souls like a shower of peace and joy!
Yes we had our eldest son finally with us after three years! 
if i am missing your posts please forgive me i will be back soon hopefully to read and comment !

sharing photos from my son's visit to France Paris where he also went to a town situated on the border of Italy and France for skiing for one week.but today 's images belong to city trip only.

Thinking of you all with heart filled with prays and best wishes!

please take great care and be kind to you and all around you!

hugs and blessings!

Saturday, January 1, 2022

Happy New year


Happy new year dear friends !

may be i confused many of you with my previous post last day.

Actually i was kind of confined in many small and big things recently and on such haphazard occasions i become more forgetful then usual.

I though i had flu more than two weeks back but then almost eight or nine days ago doctor revealed that i have pneumonia.

The medication i have been taking kept my brain pretty occupied  with drowsiness which i dislike most .

A little before this  Hubby accompanied my younger son for Karachi where he went for an entry test. It was my younger son's first trip to  Karachi alone so hubby wanted to be with him . Later my son was called twice for interview and he went alone as he knew how and where to etc.

While hubby  had to stay in other city i got my very first night alone at home ,not completely alone i mean .Our youngest son was with me but it was literally first time when hubby was absent at night time. Human brain is creature of habit and we develop habit of being together because of long  companionship . 

Let me share my phobia that  my one of the biggest fear was living at home alone specially at night. So when hubby and my son were leaving i tried to look brave but i still have some doubts about what i can feel later when i have to go to the bedroom after switching off the tv in living room.

But can you imagine my joy when next morning i got up and relaized that i was slept soundly whole night .It was because i prepared myself mentally slowly and each time when my brain tried to take notice of this loneliness after darkness fall i shifted my focus successfully towards positive stuff specially after laying down i found my self in the lap of mother Nature who loves every creation of it equally and provides care when needed and asked for . So when time came to put my head on pillow and say prayer before sleep my head was crystal clear. I saw myself from above from where i could see the earth floating among all other planets ,it looked small round ball where places does not seem much distant from  each other as they seem to us as physical restricted conditions on ground . It was great help and relief ,hubby and my son were little away from me and we all were resting in the chest of universe who was ready to answer of any call coming from us for help. Does this sound mad ? okay but i am being honest here right .

I was being honest when i wrote my last day post too . Yes i know it can be burden or boring for many readers who can't handle my wild imagination but again i had to write what i feel to so i can keep track what i was thinking during these times of my life if i look back in case so please you can skip and can avoid even commenting .There is no condition ,you guys are my great support and inspiration and i want to thank you all for being so generous and encouraging always!

Okay a happy news that my nephew who was trying to go to Saudi Arabia and my son helped him on large scale to manage this move is finally leaving for the Saudi Arabia in first week of January by the grace of Lord !

Actually for three months his parents (my brother and his wife) tried to manage the remaining part of money ,they could but really small portion after selling their cattle .The handsome amount of money for ticket and quarantine package was still pending which my eldest son offered few days back willingly and now the family of my brother and we too are happy that it is going to happen finally!

Most happy news as mother that my eldest son called today and we could chat and look at him for more than an hour ,what a relief ! He was spending Christmas holidays in France Paris with his friend where they traveled to a small town situated on the border of France and Italy .They stayed there for a week and had great fun while skiing . He told they took lots of pics and he will sent link in a day or two.

He will be back to London in next two days .It was so reliving to see him after week or more . The medication seemed to sent me for hibernation and after exiting from that sleepy dizzy condition i am feeling "alive" and active again thankfully .

Okay that is all for now .

Wishing you all a Happy new year filled with grace of lord ,love of the family ,health ,peace and happiness amen!

Stay blessed with faith which gives you wings of hope so you can keep flying on the sky no matter how hard the storm is !

God Bless you all! 


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