Sunday, November 28, 2010

whats the difference

hello friends hope and pray that every one is trying to locate the answers of strange question which we face often in daily life .
i was watching a drama serial last night in which a husband was married with three women to have a child but could not have it due to he is the one who has problem ,but he and his family dont want to take man for check up because it will be embarrassing for that man and family that he is not able to be a father .so they are putting the all blame on women married with that man.i think for woman sharing his man is most painful experience but it happens in life often ,as a human being i truly consider both equal and want equal place in life for them,

in history books or movies we read about kings who used to have hundreds of wives and even female servants too,it seems there is no end if a man has financial power to support such life style ,we read and take it as a normal thing ,but what if we find out such facts about a woman ,we will definitely feel
uncomfortable and will not call her a modest person ,

these things makes me uncomfortable and so many questions stick around my head ,i wiil appreciate if you guys will help me to find out answers for them.

god bless you all.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Be Conqueror poem

feeling light ,like a feather ,
flying up in the air ,
its so easy ,get your heart ,

Into love and don't think what got ,
sow the pleasure ,cut the joy ,

forget about  what and why ,

get treasure by giving away ,

have peace ,remain in pray ,

come on get up ,look in the mirror ,

there is no wold that you can't conquer ,

want to taste ruling the world ,

then first learn ,ruling
over yourself ,

Friday, November 19, 2010

life is beautiful any way

sun just slipped away behind the hill , light and darkness were mixing in each other in a very beautiful way . sky was changing its colors every moment , voices of the birds who seemed in pretty hurry were making slight waves in the deep and still sea of silence ,

i was almost laying on my chair putting my head against the chair as still as the sea of silence ,eyes are stuck on the highest branch of my neem tree which seemed to receive a good news from air and could not hide its joy .
previous some days were quiet busy for me as we celebrated our yearly Eid ul zuha festival on Wednesday and shopping ,cooking and serving guests were the main tasks to face ,today when guest left my kids reminded us our promise that we have to take them out for visit but i was so tired and asked for one day rest. thank god that they are agreed, in my business i just forgot about invitation attending a marriage ceremony , which received from my staff teacher from my previous job where she became a good friend of mine .thank god she accept my apology and i promised to visit her soon.i just love this life when i breath i take it as a precious gift and feel deep joy and undefinable peace ,my health condition is trying to get me down but it still could not make me feel low .i think life is beautiful in any ,any way ,god bless you all dear friends ,take care

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Internet disturbance and a poem (eyes)

hello dear friends hope every one is welcoming the new beautiful changes in your beautiful lives
and saying goodbye the bitter memories of past because real life is hidden in your running breath and in present moment which we usually waste in regrets and crying on past or our previous mistakes . making mistakes in life makes us learn more then avoid mistakes but i should not be mistaking by slipping away from the topic that its been more then a week that i cannot even sit for while front of the computer and visit to my own blog or my friend's blogs,actually in our area internet and land-line service is getting worse by the time and complains get no response.

once in a while ,

when she smile ,

i see moon light in the day ,

i feel fragrance,

in the sun ray ,

looking in her eyes ,

melting like a ice ,

having whole life ,

in one breath,

thinking about the treasure,

black rocks have beneath ,

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

i had fight

hello friends hope that everybody is breathing deep and trying to be relax while facing the daily routine problems of life ,let me share with you that i just had a tiny fight with my elder son for the mistake which is not seeming much worthy to fight now when i already made a mistake ,
actually he went to submit his form for entry test but took almost four more hours then the returning time he mentioned before he left ,i was so much worry as i thought if some thing happened to him or what i could not feel easy till he arrived ,and when he came he seemed relax and told that he met his friends they had lunch and chat so he got late ,now i am feeling that it was not a big deal and i wont be as angry if he does same next time but it was first time and i was not ready for such thing.

when i get inside myself i feel really happy that i have very nice and friendly son who has some nice friends too .in over here nice kids mean Away from usual bad habits like taking interest in opposite sex before their right age ,not or less rude to their parents , helpful to family and positive towards life ,we used to be best friends till now ,i always made him share his thoughts and problems with me and tried to give advice for better when ever he asked for ,

but now i know he is moving to the practical life and i have to let him go,today i promised myself that it wont happen again,
thanks for being here for me friends god bless you all.
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