Tuesday, November 2, 2010

i had fight

hello friends hope that everybody is breathing deep and trying to be relax while facing the daily routine problems of life ,let me share with you that i just had a tiny fight with my elder son for the mistake which is not seeming much worthy to fight now when i already made a mistake ,
actually he went to submit his form for entry test but took almost four more hours then the returning time he mentioned before he left ,i was so much worry as i thought if some thing happened to him or what i could not feel easy till he arrived ,and when he came he seemed relax and told that he met his friends they had lunch and chat so he got late ,now i am feeling that it was not a big deal and i wont be as angry if he does same next time but it was first time and i was not ready for such thing.

when i get inside myself i feel really happy that i have very nice and friendly son who has some nice friends too .in over here nice kids mean Away from usual bad habits like taking interest in opposite sex before their right age ,not or less rude to their parents , helpful to family and positive towards life ,we used to be best friends till now ,i always made him share his thoughts and problems with me and tried to give advice for better when ever he asked for ,

but now i know he is moving to the practical life and i have to let him go,today i promised myself that it wont happen again,
thanks for being here for me friends god bless you all.


  1. It's tough raising kids. I was a single mom and I was ultra strict. I felt I had to be for my kids safety. Years later, their in their late 20s and early 30s they tell me I was so hard on them.

    We as parents tend to react to our kids and sometimes not in a positive way but as long as we have the best intentions, and our heart is in the right place our kids will love and respect us for it.

    At least that's what I tell them now when we're all sitting around the table and they're telling me my wrongs. We do the best we can.


  2. Hi Shabana...In my opinion whatever happened was very natural and these thins cannot be avoided once in a while. But I am happy and I congratulate you for the same that you managed to introspect about it and make a resolution for such a situation that might arise next time. You got angry because you were anxious about the well being of your child.... but I think he might be far from understanding your point of view (at this age). If only he understands that he must call you so that you do not get worried (and he does not need to worry about the freedom that you will give him to be with his friends) such a situation might not arise next time..

  3. its hard to let kids grow up :-) God give us both grace ;-)

  4. I know how you feel. I have been through all that too. Guess we as mummy forgets how time flies and our baby has suddenly turn into a young adult. Time to let go. Hope you have a great weekend. Smile

  5. I love the picture of the girl and the sea. Sorry, got so immersed on the picture that I couldn't continue reading....

    Will be back!


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