Thursday, November 11, 2010

Internet disturbance and a poem (eyes)

hello dear friends hope every one is welcoming the new beautiful changes in your beautiful lives
and saying goodbye the bitter memories of past because real life is hidden in your running breath and in present moment which we usually waste in regrets and crying on past or our previous mistakes . making mistakes in life makes us learn more then avoid mistakes but i should not be mistaking by slipping away from the topic that its been more then a week that i cannot even sit for while front of the computer and visit to my own blog or my friend's blogs,actually in our area internet and land-line service is getting worse by the time and complains get no response.

once in a while ,

when she smile ,

i see moon light in the day ,

i feel fragrance,

in the sun ray ,

looking in her eyes ,

melting like a ice ,

having whole life ,

in one breath,

thinking about the treasure,

black rocks have beneath ,


  1. hey dear happy to see you here again . Learn from past .:)

  2. I like the word "melting like ice" so deep expression :)

  3. Oh, yes I have internet line problem too from time to time. That is why sometime others would think that I had stop blogging. Anyway, nice pictures


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