Monday, February 28, 2011

Hey Air !!! Poem!

hey air how are you,

did you find any clue,

you run after since year,

some time far, some time near,

did you find sign of,you mad about,

for whom you seem, cry and shout,

when sky hears you,its face gets grey,

its sparking eyes throw, tears all the way,

when you knock at my, half open window,

and i try to open, my eyes very slow ,

your whisper through the ears, give my body new soul,

like a friend tells the friend, that every thing is in control,

i dont know what relation, i have with you ,

but i know i feel good whenever i meet you,

when you play in the fields,i float with joy,

whenever i am low ,you make me fly,

did you hear heartbeat of dead yellow leaves,

are they still alive, do you really believe,

when you move her hair, laying on her face,

she consider you some else,and smile with grace,

can you share your issues you have with the sea,

as one fight without reason,when he is angry,

when you share your secrets with trees they expose,

only with me share heart, as i am not like those,

i am still you are move ,

be with me i can improve ,

hey friend just promise,that you will be visiting me,

no matter how much old and move less i will be,

Thursday, February 24, 2011

sleep less

i cannot sleep ,when i do some wrong,

i cannot sleep,when you are not along,

i cannot sleep, when poor has to cry.

i cannot bear so many what and why.

i cannot sleep when innocent get the pain,

i cannot sleep when cracked roof has the rain,

i cannot sleep ,on the soften bed.

when i think about, so many have no bread,

when i see who spend, much to show ,they are cool,

it reminds me kids who cannot enter the school,

world is beautiful ,but has some worse inside ,

as a union, we can make it bright ,

so i think that, i cannot change whole map ,

but i myself can take some little step ,

if i cannot, spread the joy in mile ,

at least i can, make one face smile ,

at the doors of our hearts, lets knock ,

can you join me, in such wonderful walk ,

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

getting out from the well

some time i think that why we humans are here in such a big and wonderful is here from long time but we got very short time to stay here.when i think of time i think of a very cold and still gate keeper, who let us enter in the beautiful ground of life with a really hard look,which sounds warning that play by rules or i will be watching you.
but we are bound with our nature and just ignore it.mostly we enter and start just running with setting our targets and selecting any direction,so as result we waste our energy and loose our faith.this failure makes us confuse and made so we waste our time in planning that how to make other loose instead thinking that how can we win.
most of us start digging well as they enter and just get in to them,they spend there whole little break of life in well and think of them whole world.

according to my tiny opinion the most important and useful life is of a scientist.they seems true obedient of our creator and do the real worship.they showed us the beautiful face of earth which we got as our first home in this huge universe,and made us realize that we are very tiny part of it .because of them we know that life in universe is just in its beginning process.
i think now we can feel that this short break called life should not be waste in gathering money in banks without thinking that after all how much can we spend in such a little life or can we take it with us when we leave this world.
respecting each moment and getting joy from it is not bind with material it is about giving away the love and spreading the joy by paying our all kind of duties and giving to others their all rights.we should try it at lest for once .it will declare the difference between taking and giving and deliver us the true peace of mind.and peace of mind is the main thing which we run after our whole life ,what if we find it inside us.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

mercy killing

hello dear friends hope every one is enjoying blessing of life.

today is a beautiful bright day. in the deep blue heart of sky sun is shining with all of its grace. its soft rays are falling on the green face of land like rain over flower. it is an amazing morning of early spring. air has soul blooming touch of freshness. birds are playing and singing around. plants in my small garden seems to be awaken by the knocking of spring after long sleep. they are opening their new little eyes and feeling happy to see me here again. my smile is not different then their's.

after being so much busy with marriage ceremony in my in laws and having quite blast with lots of sounds and faces. i am feeling bit lazy but peaceful today.its like i just got down from r
ushy and speedy train suddenly and sat under a tree beside lake having no one around.

life is such a great blessing with lots of different shades,and each shade of it give meaning to the other so beautifully.
this picture is belong to movie guzarish,

all my business could not stop me thinking about the movie i saw about two weeks before
.it was about a magician who loose control on its body and became paralyzed by an accident. so wants to give up his life because he could not bear such painful life. but court did not allow him to kill him self. in this position when no one can help him his nurse who is in love with him offered him that she will help him.before it .
they announce to get married.because she wants to be proud widow of her this point film ends director did not show the scene of mercy killing but i am still there.

before leaving i want to ask this question to my all friends that should court make mercy killing a lawful act. have a blessed life dear friends.

Monday, February 14, 2011

happy valentine day

happy valentine day dear friends ,especially to whom ,who could not received this beautiful message for some reason.

as a human we all make a chain which does not know the distance or difference .it is made up of need and love and no one can break it ever cause it is gift from creator who loves his creations so deep.

we should just remember that we have very short time and for once only so let us live and let live ,and love everything we got from our creator.

god bless you all

Sunday, February 13, 2011

a chair near window

she was sitting on the chair ,near the window.her eyes were moving slightly over the scenes out,which were looking in peace and was raining after long time so every thing was as peaceful as a baby who got feed after quite was like she is sitting here since centuries ,one need moment and a deep look to realize that she is not a part of chair .her weak and old face was looking like a ground where powerful horse of time ran unmercifully so fast and left signs of its feet behind in the shape of wrinkles. her eyes were empty like a dark well, as water of it is drained out by people and left no drop behind.

her thin move less hands were lying on sides of chair ,there were many drops of rain on them as they were trying to remind her that they are same for which she used to spread her arms , but she could not receive the excitement or thrill from them except cold and sense of could see through transparent skin of her wrists that life was trying to pull itself further hardly.

there were so many beautiful scenes lying front of her was not much ago that that she was also part of them.she spent lots of time to swing in arms of those trees which were of her age are little older then her but were still strong and useful for many. she was friendly for families of their nests.there was a time when she thought that this whole beautiful world is designed only for her,every scene passed smile to her,all people seemed strawing for her one look.she used to think that her each single move makes difference in surroundings.
but time ran as fast as blink of an it was never there.

in her present life she found her eyes most precious part of the body.they were only source for her to absorb the sense life from surroundings for her .in spite of they had thick layers of time on them ,still they were last hope for her to feel alive .

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

my past, opened a window

today i dont know why when i was sitting in my front yard after sending my kids to school i felt myself slightly sad and missed my childhood so much.

my family belonged to middle class until my father was running his watch making shop well .those days people used to have watches which had machines inside and my father was one of a quite popular in his skills and business ,we were two sisters with one brother who was quite spoiled due to be a only son in the house,

my parents were most good looking couple i ever saw but they have differences over some issues .my mother always wanted to save for rainy days but father was the man of present day.he liked to spend in a day whatever he earned.

our father was giving us a life which was full of fun.he used to brought us expensive clothing and gifts.we had enough pocket money for school and especially i was very fond of eating and had always some thing in my pocket to eat.mother often said me that i should not run my mouth like a cow all the time ,but i had no any other interest except eating.
my sister was very pretty and since beginning she was curies about her looks.she was naughty and popular.i used to take care of her like a doll.

life was going smooth then my father suddenly left us alone and just disappeared from our lives .
it was like you feel down from the bed got broke your beautiful dream or suddenly some unseen hands pick you up from the garden and just throw in the the beginning it was a great shock for my mother she could not understand that what would she do to give us a normal life because she was not enough educated to get some job.she started sewing the people's clothes for earning ,worked in fields and sold handmade thins door to door .this sudden hard work made her sick and remained hospitalized for almost year.

at this stage of life i became very close to my mother .all the time we both sisters think that how can we make our mom happy and try to give her surprise by doing our house duties very well as earlier we were quite fun loving and almost such situation my brother tried to be dictator and forced mother to pick us from school and merry us with his cousins who were interested in us an in return were offering our brother to merry their sisters.that was the worst time of our life and we were missing our father so day my brother burnt our school bags and books and my poetry notebooks.

that day i cried for whole night .next my mother called the some respectable people from the village and put the situation front of them .they decided that brother will not force us for anything and will marry and live in the same house after throwing a wall between yard ,it made some better and i passed my school ,meanwhile quite well positioned people asked my mother for my hand but i was not interested to have a new man in life because then i thought that men are always selfish and irresponsible .i just wanted to do job and stay with my mother.
luckily i got the best man in my life .he is perfect responsible father and friend .god may keep him in his blessings.
today when i see my kids happy and free of any kind of fear .it makes me frightened some time and i pray deeply to keep them blessed for ever and each child on this earth.amen

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

from the wife's heart

i know you love me but hey ,

say it for me every day ,

it is like you sowed a seed ,

daily water is its need ,

as every day's cleaning is must ,

otherwise things will get much dust ,

then layer will become as thick ,

you could not see real pic ,

if you don't have the whole day ,

few moment will be ok ,

sit beside ,have cup of tea ,

it will turn the day for me ,

if you don't want to open your heart ,

there are many other things to talk ,

in the desert plant a tree ,

give me a hug before you leave ,

cant relate with things around ,

its your love ,which keep us bound ,

i can cross the endless sea ,

just make me feel ,you are with me
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