Sunday, February 13, 2011

a chair near window

she was sitting on the chair ,near the window.her eyes were moving slightly over the scenes out,which were looking in peace and was raining after long time so every thing was as peaceful as a baby who got feed after quite was like she is sitting here since centuries ,one need moment and a deep look to realize that she is not a part of chair .her weak and old face was looking like a ground where powerful horse of time ran unmercifully so fast and left signs of its feet behind in the shape of wrinkles. her eyes were empty like a dark well, as water of it is drained out by people and left no drop behind.

her thin move less hands were lying on sides of chair ,there were many drops of rain on them as they were trying to remind her that they are same for which she used to spread her arms , but she could not receive the excitement or thrill from them except cold and sense of could see through transparent skin of her wrists that life was trying to pull itself further hardly.

there were so many beautiful scenes lying front of her was not much ago that that she was also part of them.she spent lots of time to swing in arms of those trees which were of her age are little older then her but were still strong and useful for many. she was friendly for families of their nests.there was a time when she thought that this whole beautiful world is designed only for her,every scene passed smile to her,all people seemed strawing for her one look.she used to think that her each single move makes difference in surroundings.
but time ran as fast as blink of an it was never there.

in her present life she found her eyes most precious part of the body.they were only source for her to absorb the sense life from surroundings for her .in spite of they had thick layers of time on them ,still they were last hope for her to feel alive .


  1. profound thoughts... That was really sad.

    Happy Valentine's Shabana!

  2. Oh so melancholy but really beautiful

  3. Happy Valentine's Day Shabana...:)


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