Sunday, February 20, 2011

mercy killing

hello dear friends hope every one is enjoying blessing of life.

today is a beautiful bright day. in the deep blue heart of sky sun is shining with all of its grace. its soft rays are falling on the green face of land like rain over flower. it is an amazing morning of early spring. air has soul blooming touch of freshness. birds are playing and singing around. plants in my small garden seems to be awaken by the knocking of spring after long sleep. they are opening their new little eyes and feeling happy to see me here again. my smile is not different then their's.

after being so much busy with marriage ceremony in my in laws and having quite blast with lots of sounds and faces. i am feeling bit lazy but peaceful today.its like i just got down from r
ushy and speedy train suddenly and sat under a tree beside lake having no one around.

life is such a great blessing with lots of different shades,and each shade of it give meaning to the other so beautifully.
this picture is belong to movie guzarish,

all my business could not stop me thinking about the movie i saw about two weeks before
.it was about a magician who loose control on its body and became paralyzed by an accident. so wants to give up his life because he could not bear such painful life. but court did not allow him to kill him self. in this position when no one can help him his nurse who is in love with him offered him that she will help him.before it .
they announce to get married.because she wants to be proud widow of her this point film ends director did not show the scene of mercy killing but i am still there.

before leaving i want to ask this question to my all friends that should court make mercy killing a lawful act. have a blessed life dear friends.


  1. hi, you are such a good writer...

  2. Spring is always a nice season to start with.

  3. Hello, I am from the Czech Republic and just stumbled across your blog. I think the aćtress pictured is also in a lovely film called Mistress of Spices. This film looks interesting too.
    I make dolls and pretty things. Please visit my blog if you have time. Have a happy day,

  4. Mercy killing in my opinion is a no-no! life is a gift,let a person die on its own course, however we have to do everything medically to let him survive and prolong his life

    visiting you!

    a friend from the Philippines.


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