Friday, November 25, 2022

Thankful To Have My Space Back My Coulrful House

Hey lovely people! 

Our construction work has finished finally  :) So I can have my space back thankfully! 
Despite we knew that painting house won't be a  good idea as  walls still seems drenched from inside and for long lasting paint Walls must be dried fully but as you know that we are expecting our kids in December so it seemed necessary to refine the environment of our house so they can feel at home instead in some old hunted place . Because of hubby 's choice of different colours for each room house looks like dollhouse more than mine lol but I am happy to have little different theme as well.  

    This was light purple colour for whole house (boring ,I know)  but it remained to veranda only. 

      I found this beautiful and comforting to eyes

Hubby agreed for painting light purple in living room as well but afterwards he found it too light and switch to oil paint from distemper which is darker . This image is taken around 1 pm so sunlight sharpening it as pink 

   These two photos are captured at night so you can see  it is looking elegant and tranquil. I liked it and I think my younger son will be happier to find paint he recommended once


Today  when  I went up saw some intriguing patterns at the sky .I stared at them while taking evening walk  (missed my walk most) 

    And when sky dimmed after while I said my evening pray. This is priceless sense to have some divine force along. We have choice of life with or without faith. I feel utterly grateful that i choose faith because none of the other can give true piece of mind and soul! 

Thank you for kindness you all share! 

See you soon. God bless you All!

Sunday, November 20, 2022

Why Would Bride Hide Face In Olden Days


Hey Sweet Souls!

Hope trying to make existence beautiful in the light of your wisdom:)

Few of you may be felt curious why bride looks serious and why she had to hide her face in veil ?

I just while ago asked same to the Google. There were many replies but I cancelled  the search due to lack of time before I check further details. 

Let me tell you through my personal  observations and  experience as i belong to era when the tradition was followed regularly in my village. 

There were many interesting customs for all wedding events that would display enthusiasm ,humour and happiness of both parties. I will leave rest for another time and talk about the  "face hiding " tradition by the bride only. Among all I found this most fascinating and intriguing. I had many girl cousins to whom I got chance to be a wedding friend.  Bride and Groom had to be  put on rest  weeks before their wedding start. For two weeks groom and bride would be treated by family and friends as "special " people. Both would be given seven wedding friends that would stay with them until the last day of the wedding. Those friends could be their same old friends. But if old friends are less than seven more wedding friends would be added to complete course.  Those friends of bride and groom would assist them in each work .In other words the friends would try hard to save both parties from exposure or tiredness or any mental stress that common routine of life can bring. 

Bride would be separated from common portion of the house under excessive use and is kept in some corner room where only seven of her friends can see her including female family members.  I remember how much I enjoyed those long fun nights when we all girls would talk and laugh, beat drum ,sing and dance when party was over late night in other parts of house  one of friend would accompany the bride even to bathroom (outside of course). Meanwhile bride would mostly keep her face behind long veil of her shawl. 

Back then I just enjoyed all that never thought what and why. Bride 's face would remain hidden until she would join her husband. Thought female family would see her glimpse once she is ready to leave. 

But now when I try to ponder on this I feel that behind all these traditions was purpose to give both parties time to take break from usual daily chores and relax so they can revive their mental energy to face new journey of life.

I miss how specially girl was treated back in olden times. She was not mere piece of flesh or body but her personality reflected purity, divinity ,grace ,dignity ,live ,patience and sacrifice. A chain in which whole family is beaded so beautifully. Her wisdom was light for all living around her.Her strength was source that would empower whoever got close to her. Yes I consider myself lucky that i could witness some beauty of old lifestyle. A girl when was supposed to leave her parents house in orderto join new family and a new man as husband. She is given time to secure all her inner strength beauty and purity before.  To achieve the certain level of this bride is kept in comparatively dark room where even sun hesitate to look at her as he may not dim the sacred glow of her face . I think old people believed that such dwelling would create a   exceptional glory around her personality that would charm the groom when he would remove the veil first time. Just like a halo around moon add fantasy and little mystery to the beauty of moon.

I hope I could share what I wanted to dear friends. 

See you soon.  Blessings to you and to all you love precious people! 

Wednesday, November 16, 2022

Staying Up For A While and Photos From Wedding Ceremony

Hey kind people! 
Hope enjoying the each moment in hands by the grace of your creator!

Sitting in the room above I mean upper story I am trying to pass my hours here in some things that have become my regular hobbies throughout the years. Colour men are working in all rooms now except veranda so I moved  up here to spend my day. Needless to say that moving closer to sky makes me happier  :)
Vastness of sky is edged by colony houses spread so far. On one hand dates garden that go till my eyesight can travel. 
I do my meditation and recitation  in broad roof yard here .After lunch I take little nap (20 mins) and then read book or blogs for two hours.  It is hard to sit inside after 4:30 so after making evening tea I get out of room and take my tea in yard that seems transformed when sun is set away. Sipping tea while bearing the soothing breeze on face and eyes stuck in the sky is divine and spiritual experience indeed! 
See how our upper yard look after many layers of cement ,pebble, clay and marble at the last.
Hubby made every possible precaution to avoid roof trembling again  .let's see if it works 

Here I place chairs for recitation ,in  one and a half hour shad moves to the wall and i get up after pray.divine sense of closeness to my maker delivers absolute peace of mind meanwhile! 

      Hubby is wise that despite all things putting       here and there in hurry while shifting from            below he could remember to place family          pictures front of my resting place so I must not feel alone up here:)  and it worked so well 

Sharing few photos from wedding ceremony I attended few days back.

It was wedding of dear sister of Munir Bhai a kind man who is former student of hubby now friend too (Well mentioned in previous post)  .they are four brothers and two sisters. Eldest sister is married long ago. Their mother raised them as single since her husband died when kids were little. It was her wisdom and courage so all the children got decent upbringing and nice education. All brothers are well settled with good job and family. This youngest sister was precious to all of them. She got higher education and wanted to have career as professor in university but her mother wanted her to settle down first.  Here  the bride is entering the stage in support of friends. 

                   The friends of bride setting her shawl 

   When  I went to take photos after her arrival I    found  her face covered like olden times of ours when bride would stay like this until she reaches to her future house . 

    In green on left is mother of bride talking to sister in law of her daughter. I took these two shots and got down from the stage and moved towards my table .i got pretty amazing company there. Two families and couple of friends who were colleagues too. But they didn't allow to publish their pics due to strict husbands and in laws. Because of interesting conversation I couldn't realised where the three hours go

             Isn't she gorgeous!  I adore her for her                        intelligence and smartness as according to her sister in law the wife of Munir bhai the kind man she is amazing skills of house management. I hope she will have the career of her likening soon. 

The pretty lady who is holding the bride in the picture is Sweet lady I mentioned in previous post. She is wife of Munir bhai and sister in law of bride. She came to me to invite to take photos of the bride if I want. This time bride uncovered her face and let the family and friends take photos including wedding movie maker. 
Tried hard to bring photos of food that she used to send us during our stay in Islamabad but couldn't. Posting via phone is bad :(

Okay dear friends that is it for now. See you soon. 
Keep shining and keep sharing your light as world needs it .
Health peace and happiness to you and to all you love 


Saturday, November 12, 2022

The Stuff Of My Heart

Our ranovation work is moving to it's final round thankfully. Painters are painting the rooms for now . It can take one and half or two weeks to paint whole hous. My younger son long ago has suggested the purple colour which I have found elegant after little googling. But hubby is against of one colour theme for whole residence so we chose middle way so purple is for living room and veranda, green for bedroom and blue for study room. I will show pictures once everything is done.

Weather is mild and absolutely beautiful! A little coolness is felt after midnight which makes us replace covering sheet with blanket though it doesn't happen if we eat fish in dinner. It reminds me a question that i want to ask from long time but forget once start typing my mind.

 Do you guys eat river fish or sea fish?  Or both ? Which one do you find tastier? Or which one you think is healthier? 

 Hubby has trimmed down whole Neem tree and few plants that have got thick layer of dust due to construction work and it  makes me sad little bit as we used to trim it in mid December mostly. 

 November is month of hope for me as a mother as my kids living far away  promise that they will visit  and we will be able to spend some family time together by the grace of God! 

For a person of faith Hope is everything as it has infinite  sense of peace! 

Sitting on the sofa in living room I can't look at my joyful Neem tree across the window right now though it is still there in my imagination. This is astonishing that things we see in our imagination look more vivid than reality.

 Soothing glow of sunlight showering over freshly washed plants feel perfect glory of the season and comfort to the eyes . Listening to the birds chirping gives  feel of village in winters. In summers fan running in full speed snatch away these soulful sounds but silence of winter retrieves them. 

We have to attend a marriage ceremony tonight. A beloved sister of one of the hubby's friends is being married. A kind former student of hubby who made us stay in his personal residence few times when we had started to visit Islamabad regularly 7 to 8 years ago. We rent our house now though but it is possible because that kind man find the place for us already and try to support us necessary furnishings too. His wife and four children joined him this year and i felt so happy that family is living together now as his wife seemed sad as she was living with her in laws for ten years while her husband had job in Islamabad. Finally she is with him and looked happy and satisfied when came to invite us for the ceremony. She just like her husband is very sweet lady with big heart as she had hardly let us cook our food during our stay in their neighbourhood in Islamabad. She would send us delicious dishes every day almost. I have photos few of dishes but they are in Google photos and i don't know how to bring here when using phone. 

Posting via phone so avoid mistakes if any please.

Wishing you all health peace and happiness in each day of life dear friends. 

Nobody knows perfect way to lead happy life but everyone is agreed that what we do comes around so why not doing good and being kind to all we encounter as this is only thing that we leave behind and it matters most! 

Sunday, November 6, 2022

Living With Positive Energy

Happy  days lovely people! 

 The only laptop In the house that belonged to my youngest son is down too so informing you via my smart  phone less older than me though far smarter than me lol . Sharing this tiny video which speak my heart nicely but shortly unlike me: )

Will be visiting you through my phone dear friends. 

Blessings to all of you! 

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